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  1. Mou - "I don't understand these words of entertaining. Do you think 6-0 is entertaining? I don't think so. "I think entertaining is emotional until the end, an open result until the end, everybody on their seats until the end, both dug-outs nervous and tense with the unpredictability of the result. "For me as a football lover, not as a manager, that's entertaining. I think it willl be entertaining." From yesterday. Biggest load of shite.
  2. Yeah but you're a football hipster. At least your favorite team Leinster managed to win today.
  3. There's genuinely not a single player bar de gea left in this squad that I give any fucks about. A squad with no fight or heart. Legit LVG got sacked for less.
  4. rezzy

    Summer - 2018 Transfer Targets

    League title over everything. Couldnt care if we lost in the quarters next year, once we win the league.
  5. rezzy

    The Jose Mourinho Thread

    I do look forward to the post match interview when we lose the match and he reminds us that "Manchester United have lost cup finals before, this is not the first time." Then reminds us all about all the times he won cup finals in England and Spain and Italy. Everyone will tilt off the face of the earth in this thread. 😂
  6. rezzy

    Summer - 2018 Transfer Targets

    Edward Woodward (just realise this cunts names both end in ward) is his bitch. He'll do half decent next season again, with another 200m spending and then he'll be given a new improved contract all while still living in a hotel.
  7. rezzy

    Summer - 2018 Transfer Targets

    You're going to be so sad when Mou is still in charge come 2020/21 season. 😂
  8. rezzy

    Summer - 2018 Transfer Targets

    Half those players would need replacing in 2-3 years. Especially because Sanchez would be in ahead of Martial. Ander, Matic, Toby, Willian, Sanchez
  9. rezzy

    Summer - 2018 Transfer Targets

    Alderweireld, Sandro, Fred, Malinkovic-Savic, Sessegnon, a right winger. All would be great improvements. bonus if we sell Fellaini.
  10. rezzy

    Republic of Ireland

    Lol. Gonna enforce this rule that nobody cares about. Lol. Gonna make a 16 year old cry. HAHA Smelly dirty gypsy whoer. If a decision is down to the point where you have to stop at a certain time in a replay to closely determine whether a keeper has moved off his line or if the ball was hit first; then you're just a cunt. He had no way of knowing in real time, and just decided "nah he defo moved (which isnt illegal) before the ball was kicked".
  11. rezzy

    Republic of Ireland

    Oh yeah. Defo a yellow. Whoer.
  12. Kinda salty that a 1-0 win doesnt count as a win if its an aggregate 1-1 and then the other team score in extra time. Its counted as a 1-1 and 2-1 on aggregate.
  13. The only top 6 team thats actually looked shitter than us in recent months. Average defense, midfield is good, and if they dont play Giroud they look hopeless in attack. This could go either way depending on how we turn up to play.
  14. rezzy

    Rugby Champions Cup 2016/17

    And the boys managed to squeeze the win. Tough game, came down to who made the least mistakes in their own half. Ireland grand slam, and Leinster European cup. Good year for me in terms of rugby! Chance for Leinster to win the league too, playing Munster in the semi's next weekend. Then the final the weekend after. 2 more BIG games of rugby potentially for Leinster still. (Or Munster).