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  1. Mee was never recovering. If Cavani isnt taken out, its 2v1 vs the keeper. Also, cleanest header Maguire will ever hit. The fact he only put hands on Peters AFTER he head it says a lot about the shit officials.
  2. Kevin Friend is such a shit ref. Shaw deserved his yellow, but Friend only gave it cause he didnt wanna send off Brady. That was it. He would have left it as it was if it was only a yellow card offense from Brady. Also, Maguire was robbed of his one header on target. He wont get another for months. He's French, with a Manc twang... Arnie is Austrian, with an Arnie twang.
  3. Tell that to Romero who played once in a blue moon and still impressed every time. Its almost like you dont have to play every week to at least look promising.
  4. The long overdue appointment of Big Sam or Steve Bruce. Brucey has United DNA.
  5. If we wait till the end of the season, who knows what managers could be available. Hasenhuttl is one everyones like currently, but could change by seasons end. Ancelotti is wasted on Everton. ten Hag is still available. Who knows. It'll probably be Carrick or some shit. Or Worse, Conte.
  6. Seeing as we played most of our first team today, and we're gonna either want the same ones or a rotation of players for Liverpool We're gonna rest a bunch. Every chance Watford gets something from us. Especially since its at OT.
  7. I'll hold out till the end of the season. But its honestly telling of where we are and where we can get to. Theres a serious mental block in the team and Ole cant seem to get the lads motivated enough to win a semi. Not in the way LVG or Mou could. We're gonna need a stronger coach mentally to get us back to winning a cup.
  8. He's getting praise, but he's honestly a coward. He'll take the ball when it suits him, but he wont put himself out there to receive a pass to help the team. Countless time he has space around him but he wont move into it to receive a pass from Maguire or Lindelof, instead, he leaves them sweating on the halfway line looking for a pass. The reason we hover around the midfield/defense for so long, until Fred or Shaw decide to try carry the ball forward.
  9. For like the 3rd or 4th time this season he lets the ball run across his body in our box which we concede from. Lindelof/Bailly for the rest of the season please.
  10. We still have to get knocked out of the FA Cup first. Pogba is a coward. Refuses to show for a pass in the midfield. Will just let our CB struggle on the halfway line looking for a pass.
  11. Like, i still remember us bottling it against West Ham in the LVG days. Bottling the chance for top 4. Same forward line surprisingly.
  12. Id love to see us with a forward line that can actually perform in an important game.
  13. Hardly. Genuinely unimpressed by Henderson this season. He's not what i was expecting. Which is a worry since de Gea is clearly not the player he was and we're gonna need someone to replace him soon.
  14. Sadly Hendo has done nothing of note whenever he's played for us. Very average all round.
  15. de Gea saves that Fernandinho goal btw.
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