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  1. rezzy

    Scott McTominay 2019/20

    He's got a good turn in his step. For a big lad he can take the ball and dribble past people. If he'd just shave his stupid head and grow a beard he'd be a scary guy to come against. Still looks like a kid. Probably our best player so far this season. One of the best things Mou did in his time here.
  2. rezzy

    EFL Cup: Round 4 - Chelsea vs Man Utd

    Are you sure? I'm confident it's not.
  3. rezzy

    EFL Cup: Round 4 - Chelsea vs Man Utd

    de gea Jones Maguire Rojo AWB Fred McTominay Williams Linagrd Martial Young
  4. rezzy

    Daniel James 2019/20

    Hopefully we dont burn him out by being so overly reliant on him so quick.
  5. rezzy

    Harry Maguire 2019/20

    Look, i get what you're saying. And i dont like it. So fuck you. bitch.
  6. rezzy

    2020 Transfer Targets

    Piatek, Maddison and Son.
  7. rezzy

    Harry Maguire 2019/20

    To be fair to the slab, he committed to the block which i've no issues with. His foot slipped out from under him too, otherwise he might have been able to get up and turn. Had he not committed, and Soumah got a shot off or scored we'd all be complaining that he didnt block it.
  8. ref blowing 10 seconds early haha
  9. Our issue right now is we have Williams, whos playing well but hes playing up the left side with fuckin Lingard and Rashford who havent done anything. James has looked bright but has Jones as his support
  10. Get James more involved, his pace will worry them and they're so stupid with fouls.
  11. that Sadiq lad seems to cause us issues. The Partizan lads are too eager and too emotional. They've given away a lot of simple freekicks.
  12. Under the new rules? Two lads jump for a header, one heads it down directly into your hand. Thats not the new rules. You cant jump like a penguin.
  13. These lads are losing it hahaha
  14. He usually offers a lot more going forward, but he's at least attempting through balls and playing some cross field.
  15. Fuck it, just start Williams and Garner every game. Put Lingard in the bin, he's shite.