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  1. Heaton AWB Maguire Lindelof Malacia Casemiro McTominay Mainoo Elanga Sancho Garnacho The only reason Case keeps his place is because we have nobody else. And out of the 11, hes the only one i'd trust to not show up like a sack of shit again. Cant justify a single player from that starting XI starting against Betis.
  2. Well our lads had the weekend off, so they should be fresh for Betis
  3. People say "nothing better than a quick turnaround to make things right" But after that performance today, i'd be ok with 2-3 weeks off.
  4. And to think, at first, i thought we got Schweinsteiger'd. What a man.
  5. Of course they awarded it, it goes with the current Rashford narrative. The same when Kane literally lodged an appeal to be given a goal that was awarded to his teammate Eriksen. That was the Kane narrative when he was up against Salah for golden boot.
  6. The Sabitzer one was red all day. The Martinez one with Bamford was acceptable, cause Bamfords a knob. The good thing about playing so many Spanish clubs though is that we dont have to deal with English OR Spanish refs in europe.
  7. They love a red card. 11 this season, compared to just Casemiros red for us. Not sure if its them or Spanish refs though. Will be tough, hopefully we can get a highscore win in the first leg and just ease the pressure.
  8. He was pretty much invisible until we moved him into CM after Garnacho came on. He was brilliant from there on. Winning balls in midfield, blocking and clearing in our box and got an assist for Garnachos goal. Wellaini
  9. The Duality of Fred. Sometimes maybe good, sometimes maybe shit.
  10. He said he'd cut ME! Find your own fetish!
  11. 1st strike as Man United manager. Playing Rashford on the right wing, in this form. Dont ever let it happen again Erik.
  12. Fred lacks foot-eye coordination. A modern day Anderson.
  13. My thought was he's getting back with her to first get himself out of this case. Once its done, i doubt he'll stick with her long term. Whether he can salvage a career or not.
  14. What a weird scenario. She gets back with him after he assaults/rapes her. He gets back with her after she outs him to the public as being a scumbag. Ending his career (hopefully). Thats such a strong relationship right there, I'm sure now that the case has been dropped im sure they'll both live happily ever after. At least for a few months more.. Club need to check all legal avenues, and if theres no way we can terminate the contract, we buy him out and let him go. Cant accept him back.
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