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  1. The Jose Mourinho Thread

    Lads, he played Pogba in a midfield 3 next to Matic and Lingard. Clearly Lingard was busting that gut to help Matic and free up Pogba. Whats your issue here? Bullshit media. Pogba should be able to deal with 2 man pivots, and Mou should know better than to talk of Lingard being a useful CM next to Matic.
  2. Summer clearance

    Have you seen Smalling defending in the box? He excels.
  3. Summer clearance

    Sometimes you've got to burn it all down to make sure the virus doesn't spread. Liquidize the club, and rebuild from the ashes. This time we can build the club with a massive "No nerds allowed" sign on the front door. That'll deter Smalling.
  4. Eric Bailly 2017/18

    We'll only be able to tell for sure when he loses the ball between his legs and subsequently does a 360 jump spin and sticks it in the top row.
  5. Do you trust Mourinho?

    There is no shame in paying for love. There's shame in finding joy in it.
  6. He definitely is, but i've laid 50% of the blame around that on Mourinho himself. He's stubborn to what Pogba needs to perform, and Pogba's stubborn to change.
  7. Well after this week Smalling is in the bin with Mou, so expect Carrick at CB.
  8. Its okay, we've still got Rojo and Lindelof to play central instead of that jokester.
  9. Paul Pogba 2017/18

    Cant be a defensive liability from the bench! Unless you're Chris Smalling - just being in the squad makes him a defensive liability.
  10. Paul Pogba 2017/18

    Seen you commented, half expected something along the lines of "90m fraud. Sell". I think we should all start thinking of Pogba as a mix between Yaya and De Bruyne and stop thinking of him in any aspect of Yaya's defensive qualities or.. anybodies defensive qualities for that matter. He should be our main man in terms of vision and control in the final 3rd. But he'll need to be completely freed up for that to be the case, which means a midfield 3 at all times and the players to do it. Currently, i dont think we have good enough midfielders other than Matic who's fucking knackered.
  11. Paul Pogba 2017/18

    I think we really need to just come to terms with the fact hes not gonna track back and hes not going to defend like a fuckin beast. We need to realise that hes a fantastic passer, and can create some serious chances for us and carry the ball forward better than most others. We can judge him harshly when played out of his preferred positions and asked to do things he doesnt excel at. Or we can blame Mou for persisting with something thats so clearly broken. I wouldnt rage at O'Shea when he played shit in the midfield, that was Sir Alex's fault for fucking playing him there. Your lives would be much simpler if you did this too. You'll get a lot less angry at Pogba and the team playing like shit as a whole.
  12. Summer clearance

    Because you had Mata, Valencia, Lindelof and Jones. We dont have any other RB, Jones is our best CB on his day, Mata has just signed another year and we only just signed Lindelof.
  13. Summer clearance

    Chongs hair is ridiculous. Fellaini's hair looks tame compared to Tadith's.
  14. Summer clearance

    I would generally agree with this list. We've got Tuanzebe and TFM for CB and RB next season when they return from their loans. So i'd also agree CM and RW are priority. Can Griezmann play on the right side of a front 3?
  15. Six Nations 2018

    The first choice Ireland side pretty much strolled over Italy. We only conceded when we lost two of our best players to Injury, and then took off pretty much all of our key players for younger players. Larmour and Carbery didnt play very well at all. We're pretty light in the center positions too which is shit because we dont have Ringrose and Henshaw is vital to us. Hopefully Furlong isnt out for long as hes probably the best in his position currently. Stockdale can be quite lazy at the back too, so he needs to sort that out. Leavy lost a step or two late into the game too. Better to concede 19 vs Italy playing Youth and protecting our remaining key players than risk them and win by another 20 points.