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  1. I feel like if he had more pace he'd be great. But its looking like hes better centrally for a lesser team. Wont get that here though. I hate this VIP fan shit on the pitch side.
  2. Wonder if we'll do a full XI swap for second half? Wouldnt be surpised if Heaton continues in goal or Bruno play more. Vitek, Dalot, Maguire, Lindelof, Fernandez, Casemiro, Eriksen, VDB, Amad, Rashford, Pellistri Second half Heaton, Dalot, Maguire, Lindelof, Williams, Casemiro, McTom, Eriksen, Amad, Rashford, Forsan
  3. I bet its actually a tactic. "Ok you're shit and useless on the wing. So if you're not defending just run in behind centrally." Noticed Mainoo keeps dropping back to RB too.
  4. Everytime i look up AWB is making a dart inbehind the Arsenal defense. What the hell have we been drilling in preseason training.
  5. Mainoo looking clean and confident. More excited about him than Garnacho at this stage.
  6. Timber just out here fouling nonstop. That wont cut it in the prem (unless you play for City). CAPITÃO BRUNO Shades of former captain Maguire with the cut in and shot.
  7. We've re-signed Jonny Evans for pre season. He's gonna play vs Lyon and Wrexham probably
  8. talk of us trying to use him to get Hojlund from Atalanta
  9. Mount, Onana and Hojlund. I expect very much the same type of issues next season. Squad size issues, rotational issues, scoring issues. Its gonna be another stressful season. HOWEVER. If we get the Glazers out, we might actually go on a mad one in January.
  10. Good. This whole "Chelsea willing to discuss other fee's" and constantly dropping their asking price slighty each time. Suck a nut. Keep your wantaway on a year contract. We'll be back in January if hes still there. Caicedo is much much better for us. He'll also cost about 30m more than Mount. Caicedo (if even possible), a goalkeeper.. Raya, Onana, Costa.. whoever., and a decent striker who can get us 20 goals a season minimum. We'd be much better all round if we could manage that. We'd still need another striker option, CB, maybe RB in time. Another CM perhaps.
  11. All the chat of United giving Rashford a massive contract worth 375k a week. I'd sell him sooner than that. Free up that left wing for Garnacho.
  12. I swear we're good for a 2-1 loss against anyone at this point. Im sure theres someone better than Kenny we can get for 500k a year, at International level. We've a lot of good youth players to hopefully look forward to, but i look at Idah as an example of how most of them turn out. Still time for Ferguson to do the same sadly, but hopefully not. Its just been a sad few years really. All this talk of improved footballing ability and a willingness to play good football, and we're still only able to score from set pieces and mostly with defenders.
  13. 3 years on from my first Kenny out, still one of the worst managers ive seen for Ireland, worst record, worst winning percentage and he's still not done fuck all with these young players. Sack the useless prick already. The amount of Irish fans whiffing that copium. Its not gonna improve, hes not gonna get better.
  14. And his stats and individual awards back up those years in the mids 10's. Then there was 21/22 when he got players player, probably because our team absolutely shit themselves from like feb onward and he was made to work every single game nonstop and not one outfield player deserved it. Hopefully he moves onto the middle east somewhere for 3-4 years and makes double his wage here and we can just sign someone.. anyone. Raya, Costa, Onana, Maignan .. i really dont give a fuck.
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