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  1. Casemiro, getting serious Varane/Schweinstieger vibes. They're all to happy to let him go. He's 30, and we're already shit. I expect him to arrive, have a lot of media behind him and for him to either be injured or just not perform. But eitherway, no more McFred. LOL jk. McFred is endless.
  2. He's probably the only CM we could actually sell Probably our most expensive at this minute too.
  3. Why sign Malacia if you're not even gonna play him when your fullbacks are garbage?
  4. We were linked to him weeks ago, seems its looped back. Honestly, i cant say ive seen much of him, but his stats arent jumping out at me.
  5. De Gea Malacia Varane Martinez Shaw Huddlestone Garner Eriksen Sancho Ronaldo Bruno
  6. Realistically if the club were smart, we'd bin the idea of FDJ, and use our money to try sign a forward, 2 mids and a right back. We dont need to keep going for these fuckin star players who always disappoint. Just find players that are better than Dalot, McTominay/Fred. How difficult could that be?
  7. Playing without a striker, 2 wingers, 2 attacking mids, nobody to ever collect the ball in the box or get onto a header. We had fuck all attempts in the first half, the usual possession stats and no output.
  8. The constant reminder when i watch us play in the prem. We're going to take about 3 or 4 years to replace the deadwood. ETH will get sacked by then and the process will start over again.
  9. Ah yes, my mental health dwindling already
  10. Dalot, the last man back. Fuckin sell him at half time.
  11. Maybe we should enquire about this Welbeck fella
  12. We cant attack down the right, cause Dalot is a coward
  13. We havent even worked the keeper.
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