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  1. I mean, hes been just about above-garbage. He doesnt take his chances and when Jesse Lingard puts you to shame you have no place complaining.
  2. Even at 36, nearly 37. He's proving we should sell Martial immediately. He's a definite stopgap for a season or 2 but we should really push for someone like Haaland when available.
  3. Between this and Wolves he's pretty much saved us 4 points. Nevermind the deflected goals he's conceded too.
  4. 7% of each shirt sale. So we've got about 3m.
  5. Shut your fucking mouth. Dont talk about my country that way. I agree. 100% completely. But only we can say it. Fuckin horrendous. "But but but, did you see the football we were playing before going 1-0 to Azerbaijan at home? Great stuff! We're going in the right direction!!" Sack this Kenny cunt. Even if he wins today. He'll have a win vs Azerbaijan and Andorra ffs. Are we San Marino now?
  6. de Gea AWB Varane Maguire Shaw Matic Pogba Greenwood Bruno Sancho Ronaldo Greenwoods better off the right, Sancho is better off the left and Ronaldo needs to just camp in the box.
  7. At this rate these qualifiers are fucked anyways. Let him finish the group, if it continues this way sack him before the next ones. Its nice saying we have youth coming through, or we're playing good football etc. But i'd like to win a game here and there. We've bottled enough games with him so far, the team seems to panic or just cant be resilient like previous teams.
  8. Ref was only delighted Ronaldo scored. Laughing and joking with him afterwards. Refused to give him a red for swinging a hand out at a player, refused to give us a pen yet took 4 mins to watch the one he gave to Portugal. I dont care if people think we looked good or this that and the other. Kenny now has 1 win in a year and a half. A fuckin 7% win rate. How long are we gonna let this shambolic experiment go? We'll still be talking about this when we lose to Azerbaijan and Serbia.
  9. His age means nothing, if he'll score 30 goals means nothing. His mentality, and the types of games he'll score in will make the difference. Look at Zlatan, we won multiple trophies because hes a big game player. As is Ronaldo. Bask in the nostalgia boys, lets just enjoy this one.
  10. One of the big reasons why most other countries couldnt fathom even remotely supporting England. Even if the whole squad was United players from 1 to 11. Type of cunts make me delighted when they lose. Angrily typing one letter at a time on his phone with his index finger ready to blast every player on social media, when 5 minutes prior he was ready to act like he's loved them all along.
  11. He's looked lively in the first two games, but what is he like defensively?
  12. I'd rather give Mata a wage increase and a new 5 year contract and never play him once. Ramos is a cunt and used us for a bigger contract. He's now coming off an injury, he's old and hes not what we need. Enjoy PSG you cunt.
  13. Yeah and it wouldnt surprise me if Ole and the coaches have told him not to press or win back possession to hard because he is actually playing injured. Which is probably even worse. Sometimes you need players to be smart enough to say "No, i cant play, I'm injured and need surgery" instead of being top lads and playing no matter what.It hasnt helped him or us.
  14. I've given Martial a lot of shit for his attitude and his application during matches. But fuck me, Rashford has taken it to another level in the last 3-4 months, he's consistently been a 0/10. He cant dribble past players and he doesnt even try win the ball back when his shit dribbling loses possession.
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