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  1. rezzy

    Ole Sack Watch

    If we make top 4 and or win a trophy, Ed better not give Ole a new fuckin contract. Its never worked out for us to give managers new contracts after one small success. It barely worked for Ole the first time..
  2. 15 months on since his last goal league goal. Did not feel like it was that long. Jesus.
  3. That doesnt make any sense. I've already said use him next season, rotate the following, then get rid. If any of the above happens, its Woodward and the manager.
  4. Nah, and really its only Di Marzio mentioning it. And he's pretty shite outeside of Italy. Romano is king. We dont tend to do flat contracts anymore it seems, so i doubt if we weren't willing to do a deal with him before christmas, we wont just give him a 3 year now.
  5. He's 32 in August, he already had 1 year left to run on his contract. We've effectively extended that to another year and assuming an option for a 3rd. We have him next season, we sign a new DM, and we have Matic as rotation or cover for another full season. Its smart business. If we dont take the year extention, it'll expire June 2022 and he's out the door before his 34th before.
  6. The only people in the football world that hate Roy Keane, are the predominant losers of the sport. (Sir Alex excluded.) Keane was a winner, and if you were also a winner you had no issues with Keane and he you.
  7. Yeah? And Ireland would have won the WC in 2002 had they supplied us with good enough training gear and proper footballs as to not piss off Roy Keane. Mines definitely more realistic than your attempt.
  8. I also said we'd concede 2. We did. Checkmate.
  9. Fuckin told you two cunts that Arsenal would beat those shower of budget Benfica wank-stains.
  10. Watching Klopp lose his mind in the postmatch interview when the reporter is asking the bog standard postmatch questions. Pure joy. Cunt.
  11. Setting up the commentators mentioning this multiple times before we drop points. Fury ensues.
  12. I predicted a 2-2. We're due an infuriating match soon.
  13. DDG - 7.5 AWB - 7 Maguire - 7.5 Lindelöf - 7 Shaw - 7 Matic - 8.5 Pogba - 7 Bruno - 8 Rashford - 2 Greenwood - 8 Martial - 4 -------- McTomminay - 7 Williams - 6 James - 1 Andreas - 1 Ighao - NULL