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  1. rezzy

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    If we somehow managed to pull De Ligt into our shitshow and buy a good rightback i might actually be satisfied with our defense for the first time since Vidic ruptured his knee. Very very very very unlikely though.
  2. rezzy

    La Liga 2018/19

    I do believe this is called match fixing and is frowned upon universally.
  3. rezzy

    La Liga 2018/19

    Replacing that donkey Suarez i imagine. How the fuck are Barca paying all these wages?
  4. rezzy

    Game Of Thrones

    The best way i've heard this is we went from S8 Episode 3, to S11 Episode 5 in the space of 2 weeks. She's jumped to complete opposite over night. If it was done over the span of a season, it would feel much better. Euron/Jamie thing was just a way to kill Euron. He stabbed Jamie twice and said "i killed Jamie Lannister" but Jamie floats around for 30 minutes not a bother. Davos should have been the one running around the red keep trying to save people, he's from there and you might actually have some sort of fear that he's going to die.. The idea that this season was made into a 6 parter is the reason this season is getting battered by fans and critic. They should have planned it all much better.
  5. rezzy

    Game Of Thrones

    Showery bunch of arse crackers.
  6. rezzy

    Director of Football

    Ban this cunt. Cant spell garlic.
  7. rezzy

    Who will leave? - Summer 2019

    Honestly, it would be cheaper for us to just leave Sanchez on the side of the road and not look back. Just getting him off the wage bill is better than waiting for a possible transfer of any sort.
  8. rezzy

    Daniel James

  9. rezzy

    Daniel James

    United fans apparently bombarded him on twitter about deleting a tweet with him praising Salah. He deleted it. Confirmed.
  10. rezzy

    Daniel James

    If hes not the next Ryan Giggs or he doesnt last 20 years and close to 1000 appearances he's a flop.
  11. Shane Duffy is gonna hammer in a header vs City to hand liverpool a final day win. The commentators and pundits will all praise them to the moon and then they batter whoever they play in the final. They're gonna snatch a double at the last fuckin second. This is now looking to become, without a doubt, the worst year for our club in my existence.
  12. rezzy

    Our next captain....

    This thread has taken off. Harry Maguire is destroying this forum and we havent even signed him yet.
  13. rezzy

    Our next captain....

    Harry Maguire looks like he puts IKEA together with his face. A level up from Jones in that aspect.
  14. rezzy

    Our next captain....

    Give it to Lindelof. Hes one of the only cunts in this team that doesnt drop his head when shit hits the fan.
  15. rezzy

    Europa League 2019/20

    Stop talking to yourself. We dont buy it.