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  1. ALF

    Manchester United Financial Thread

    Heads up folks, a lot of green and gold accounts are getting their cocks out cause of some unsubstantiated rumours from random Saudi linked account tweeting in native text saying the MSB is about to buy the club followed by screen shots of share holders with the Glazers names missing, this is apparently the 'A shares' which hold little to no voting rights and the 'B shares' are the ones the Glazers own which hold all the power (i've probably explained that totally wrong)
  2. ALF

    Ole Sack Watch

    Exactly this, he needs to more sure he pushes on but not only that adapts and learns how to beat teams that aren't gonna allow us space to run into. He's gave himself into January, lets see what he can do, if anything, in the market. I'm still hesitant about his long term ability to execute his plan which i do believe is the right one for the club.
  3. Rashford can stay on the left where he looks like he's on the verge of becoming a talisman for us, his stint up front did nothing for him, us and his confidence. Greenwood i thought was excellent against Spurs albeit not in the match all too often but he was tidy with the ball, trapped it held it up and waited for the give and go, but it'll be up's and down's for him until he's a starter but i do believe he's a generational talent. Martial will be deadly for us when we can play on the break, without doubt he's perfect for games like City he has all the tools in his locker however against teams like Villa he was anaemic, he did nothing with the ball, came deep and didn't move after giving his pass, he doesn't suit the game when the team are playing the low block and not letting us run at them. So with that all yes and even before Rashfords form i think its quite obvious we need an out and out striker, a poacher but also a bully. We have no threat what so ever from set plays, our only real danger from them is Maguire who just gets ganged up on and rarely finds the ball when peeling to the back post, having another big bullish body in there to aim at would be lovely, even if it doesn't get to his head he'll unsettle them and make more intelligent movements and runs than Maguire. In games where we can break them down having someone who can get us goals from set players or aiming cross into is vital, at the moment we don't have that we have one style of player and if it doesn't work we seldom win, if Ole is going to make it he needs to add the right players to win him the games against lesser teams defending for their lives (in some cases just defending well against us).
  4. Nah mate he was clearly just trying to put his hands in his pocket while curling his mouth in such a way that would make it look as if he was doing a monkey sound but in fact he just had a coldsore and he was trying to loosen the skin a little bit... I can't believe he tried to use the Wenger defence of being unable to get your hands in our pockets.
  5. No problem with the cunt losing everything, deserves it glad he's getting publicly shamed and exposed. Kier have suspended him pending investigation... but it seemed pretty clear to me.
  6. ALF

    2020 Transfer Targets

    This might explain a lot if true.
  7. Excellent committed performance from United. If only we could figure out a way to turn over teams who sit back against us. To a man everyone was excellent, stand outs being Fred, McT and Rashford. I also thought Greenwood dropped deep, held up and move the ball on well, tidily without really having a major impact on the game but if you compare that to what Martial did at the weekend i'd prefer Greenwood in there. I still think Ole is out of his depth and theres far better managers we can get in tomorrow but credit where credit is due his teams turn up in the bigger games but as i said at the start of my post we need to figure out how to turn over teams who play deeper and allow us to have the ball. There was clearly a game plan last night, Target Spurs' right flank and it worked. Also on a side note i thought Spurs looked like Classic Mourinho United, wait around and hope one of your talented players does something special, not quite the tactical revolution the press were going on about but i suppose he needs time, as always.
  8. With Martial out i'd love to see Greenwood get a game but i don't think Ole will risk him in such an important game, which is a shame as he seemingly has the best goal finisher instinct in our team which is something we lacked against Villa. Suspect because of Martial's absence Pereira will start again, oh joy.
  9. ALF

    Ole Sack Watch

    Honestly believe this is part of the reason theres less scrutiny on Ole from the higher ups (from what we know of) he knows the shit he's gonna have to take and answer too for getting it wrong AGAIN, 3 managers now (i take Moyes out of that cause he wasn't hired by Woodward but Gill). Problem is take the press and fans out of it, his Goodwill with the latter is pretty much gone and the press are starting to call him out i do wonder how much credit he's got with the owners. I get the impression the actual Football isn't what really matters as long as he brings in money for the club which he can do seemingly very easily.
  10. ALF

    Ole Sack Watch

    Screamed of Andy Mitten before i even looked at the link. Yes a good read, nothing in there we didn't already know/suspect. It's interesting to see the contrasting view of Ole, some mainly the elder fans feel time and patience is needed other want rid now. I see and feel both arguments are correct, fence sitter perhaps, if he's sacked after losing to spurs and city or even just one or other its totally justified, in fact it was totally justified for him to be sacked today. Theres also a certain former Spurs manager who today has been reporting in the press is 'enchanted by the idea of United' or something along those line... once in a lifetime manager maybe not but a man who's already proven to get the best out of players and build with minimal backing and working with what he's got... absolutely. My honest believe is this group of players with a few correct additions should be floating in the top four, i'm pretty sure Poch's high press is what Ole is trying to do but he aint really going to achieve that is he? But then also managers deserve time, well they did back in the day anyway. If we don't want to be the new Liverpool of the 90s then time isn't something we've got and Woodwards 3 players in a season isn't going to cut it either.
  11. ALF

    2020 Transfer Targets

    I mean he did a few nice turns yesterday and looked strong on the ball but he isn't exactly their stand out player and the one if anyone i'd buy from them..
  12. ALF

    2020 Transfer Targets

    Seems like smart business... if only we could do that.
  13. ALF

    Ole Sack Watch

    With Woodward saying in United We Stand that realistically we're only going to get 3 players in every window (he means summer we're not buying fuck all in Jan) you have to have a manager in place who is going to get the best out of the players he has. Can anyone honestly turn round to me and tell me he's doing that, cause he isn't. Results on paper would be sackable for a club like West Ham let alone United. Woodward probably isn't moving because again question marks would fall on him and the fact another managerial hire hasn't got us anywhere near where we should be and the money spent isn't doing anything. Everything Ole says and has in mind i firmly believe is the right thing for the club and i believe he has nothing but the best intentions for the club however his actual ability to get the players to do what he thinks works isn't happening, this also falls on the players of course. Lets put it this way every successful 'long term' manager in the top 6 right now came in and didn't do so well at first but within the first 6 months you started to see what they were trying to do. I remember seeing Liverpool look terrible under Klopp but you could see his plan he just didn't have the right players, Pep took a season to really get his team playing his way but there were signs as things progressed of what he wanted and both after time got that. Same with Poch despite what has gone on this season i remember at first Spurs didn't look too good but you could see what he was doing. Rodgers has come in and revolutionised Leicester into an actual title Challenger in less time than Ole (right?). My point is the so called long term style and game plan isnt there and its not coming. Every fibre in my being wants Ole to be the man, but every game my head tells me that it isn't the case and i've accepted that, begrudgingly. I also get the sense that those who sit around me, some who have watched from the Busby days feel the same way, i think if you start to lose them you're done for, it wont go toxic but yesterday i noticed less and less fans sticking around toe applaud the team off and more so applaud Ole.