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  1. The VAR refs need to be just that VAR nothing else, non of this taking your turn to sit in the big chair after doing a few matches bollocks. They need to be trained to ref games using a Video Assistance system whilst having little relationship with the on field refs other than work based. I still believe the refs don't really want it.
  2. Delighted to see VAR being a fantastic waste of time yet again. I didn't even mention that horror 'tackle' on Greenwood, its hardly a tackle the ball was passed away about 2 seconds before. The fact a VAR didn't over turn the decision beats me, what were they looking at that we weren't? Was it dangerous? yes. Was there intent? yes. Does there exactly need to be intent when its dangerous play regardless? Nah there doesn't his studs were up on his standing leg and his full weight went down on Greenwood's ankle, that Arsenal player (name escapes me) got sent off for less dangerous tackle last week and i still think that was a red. We've not even finished a season with VAR and its no longer sorting out some of the teething issues, its ripped all its teeth out spat them all over the floor and is laughing maniacally with a bloody mouth.
  3. Dejected after that, could and should have finished them off earlier on in the game with some better finishing from Martial and Rashford. We couldn't handle the press, they didn't allow us to work our way out and we resorted to hoofing it long which isn't going to be ideal with our forward line not exactly being target men. In the last twenty minutes we just got deeper and deeper, changes didn't really make much of a difference and of course the injury to Shaw and then Williams didn't help. I think we all considered this to be the toughest game before Leicester and i kinda think even given the form a draw would have been acceptable beforehand given their good form but to mess it up like that especially when we had the chance toe cement our place in 3rd. Now we're still in 5th which does fuck all for us.
  4. Makes perfect sense that. My initial assumption was because they'd used hacked or to use cities lawyers most likely term 'illegally obtained' information that UFEA couldn't put that info forward thus causing them to have no evidence but to find out the info is apparently valid but the timescale is too far gone is ridiculous. It's not exactly like they don't have players playing in that team today who they brought with the money doped 5 years ago, its not exactly like they didn't win stuff between then and now thus using that doped money to earn more money and benefit from it. I've not read the ins and outs but it sounds like a bit of a farce to me and opens up all sorts of opportunities for clubs to finically dope, ourselves included.
  5. I don't think it's exactly a coincidence we have pacy players who run aren't afraid to run with the ball at pace into the box. Mix that in with a bit of clever diving, VAR being a clusterfuck of shite where nobody in really has a clue what they can and can't overturn and this happens. Mind you i wish we'd have scored all of them.
  6. Hello. I've been away, whats changed do we all still hate one another and think Ole is a PE Teacher? Cool. Good. Class. Anyway, it's nice to enjoy and look forward to watching United play again aint it? Either way, i still have that nagging feeling we'll slip up against a team we probably shouldn't be slipping up against but perhaps thats a kinda feeling ingrained inside a United fan when Fergie got a bit softer post 08 Champions League. Southampton have been much improved post lockdown and our defence still doesn't seem like the most stable especially De Gea who seems to be a bit less focused when he has less to do (i mean come on Dave you've deserved these lazy days at work for years now the least you could do is put in a bit of effort when you're needed) Ings will probably target Lindeloff who seems like a bit of a weak link when ran at, Bournemouth targeted him effectively. However they're not as good as us, they don't have our from and they probably wont be able to hang with our midfield and forward dominance. I think we'll win but we'll also concede, monday honestly can't come soon enough!!
  7. Erm, *clears throat* i don't wanna over hype him BUT, erm.... O Fenômeno MKII. Protect his knees at all costs.
  8. Is a real person and we've just signed him. Frankly i'm amazed. Someone else can do the whole stats thing.
  9. I mean if we were asked to stop singing that Lukaku song..
  10. ALF

    PES 2020

    Its Official lads, no more Liverpool and more United.
  11. Everyone ready for the best hot-take, world revolves around them and weird attempt to subvert the racism conversation the Sterling incident brought to light? Of course you are.
  12. They're wanking themselves stupid over this save tonight. I can't deny its a good save he got out nice and quick to lessen the space but fuck me its really not the amazing world class wonder save the cultists are making it out to be, its literally hit at his chest.
  13. It's been one hundred and ninety two days..