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  1. I'm so bored and tired of everyone living in this perpetually negative mind set, theres always going to be ups and downs. We're a club of former glories, we're a club thats been left behind for the last ten years by clubs far better ran than us. I'm not saying Ole is the future, i'm not saying that he's gonna recreate the golden era but fuck me if there hasn't been some signs of some actual progress, some actual style and some actual ideas. I shite loss, we've had plenty of them throughout the years but fucking hell the reaction of a lot is shocking.
  2. Thats fine, still not sure it justified his sacking.
  3. Ya'll calling for the managers head after a 19 game unbeaten run. Cunts. We didn't deserve to win that, it shouldn't have been 3-1 but our keeper decided to throw 2 balls in the net, felt like he had money on Chelsea or something. Everything is resting on how we respond, we've been worse and lower than this during this season. Ole will have some hard decisions to make when it comes to the final two games, frankly De Gea doesn't deserve to start them, his place is not guaranteed anymore.
  4. Can't even do anything with free headers. Just aint our day. Hope unlike we've been in the past we're angry and we punish West Ham midweek.
  5. No way we'll even score here. Theres just no cutting edge Chelsea have pressured us really well in fairness
  6. Henderson should be firmly in Ole thoughts for next season De Gea needs some actual competition rather than knowing he's a guaranteed starter.
  7. An actual disgrace by De Gea.
  8. Hmmm well thats a line up. Looks like we're hoping to counter which is understandable i suppose. I think Champions League qualification takes precedent unfortunately but it will allow us to do what Ole thinks we need to do in the market so i understand why, if we manage to get into the FA Cup final then excellent but lets be honest 3rd even 4th place seemed unlikely in Jan, now its more than a possibility watching Leicester right now if Spurs score another i think we go above Leicester.
  9. Frame rates and image clarity our my biggest issues. For this one the FR might not have been an issue as both were quite close in the frame but something from a pass further out could be considered questionable. And you're also trying to find something in MM that you can't zoom in clearly and accurately and making a judgement from there. So yeah the offside rule doesn't quite work but either way thats a debate for another time, we won i'm happy.
  10. Honestly i think the way the offside rule works with VAR is fucked up, it was off according to the current reading of the rule but really it shouldn't have been an offside. I don't care we won i'm happy, on to West Ham, i'm sad we can't send Moyes down but hopefully we can screw them over.
  11. What on earth are you lot on about fucking hell. We won 2-0 played like shite but grind the result out with a little bit of thanks to the absolutely ridiculous VAR offside rules, not our fault they're terrible. Anyway, feels like doom and gloom in here despite the fact we won.
  12. Honestly i think we win this and at least draw one of our remaining fixtures then we'll get at least 4th place. Of course i'd rather just win all 3 remaining games but i think Leicester's run in just fills them with dread and Rodgers is a manager who's incapable of lifting players once they slip in form. Hope i've not spoke too soon there but yeah we must win tonight.
  13. The VAR refs need to be just that VAR nothing else, non of this taking your turn to sit in the big chair after doing a few matches bollocks. They need to be trained to ref games using a Video Assistance system whilst having little relationship with the on field refs other than work based. I still believe the refs don't really want it.
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