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  1. ALF

    What Are You Listening To?

    Thanks for the heads up, i'll be checking it out for sure!!
  2. ALF


    Rumours suggesting it'll be announced today as all the paperwork and permits cleared. So we'll see.
  3. ALF

    What Are You Listening To?

    Feel like i've came on the scene a bit late with band but i just love everything about them. Getting into them so late means you have a nice long back catalogue to explore. I adore this acoustic set and unplugged performance.
  4. If you ever wanna chat about our reflective situations you're more than welcome to DM pal. A few on here have and it means the world! Personally this thread has been somewhat therapeutic for me. Knowing you're not alone, even though you tell yourself you aren't but someones just explaining the stuff you're battling helps. Against thanks to everyone, its not about me its a bigger issue and conversation but its helped sooth me and take a small tiny bit of control.
  5. ALF

    Summer - 2018 Transfer Targets

    Theres a reason Arsenal aren't fussed about losing him despite him offering to take a pay cut..
  6. He looks like he's just really enjoying himself as well, which is really nice to see.
  7. ALF

    VAR - yes or no?

    Before i ever saw VAR in use i was all for it, refs make some horrendous mistakes so having technology to help them along always seemed very logical to me. However the first time i ever saw it used i believe was in Portugal maybe?!? Heres how it went: Foul in the box ref unsure, allows play on, other team go on and counter and narrowly miss a chance, once ball goes out of play ref blows up and checks the footage and gives penalty' I still to this day don't know what would happen if the countering team had scored, would the goal stand or be chalked off? I believe something similar happened the other day in the WC and the ref blew up when the ball was in the middle of the pitch despite a team countering. Which makes more sense but fuck i'd be pissed if he stopped play and then didn't give the penalty especially when you were building a good counter.. Honestly i don't know where the play stands for things like that, its too reliant on the ball going dead. The problem is do you set a time limit for something to be looked at, 5/10 seconds? Surely another team can't get up the pitch in that time right? And if the blokes in their full ref kit (which is ridiculous btw) in their office think it needs a second look the ref is told and blows up right away. Problem is does the VAR guys have time to make that call? Probably not. I get why its there, i understand the need for it but I don't think its close to being refined enough to work properly, plus its still based on judgement calls from humans, which of course can be wrong, Kane being Rock Bottomed as an example, how that was missed i'll never know.
  8. ALF

    The England Thread

    I mean i'm sure i'd be bothered about this if i cared for either of the Tory sports.
  9. ALF

    The England Thread

    Was that a egg chasing reference?
  10. ALF

    The England Thread

    Most likely. We need something to get excited about this summer, i mean as bad as we are non of the other home nations managed to deliver..
  11. ALF

    The England Thread

    Firstly theres clearly a positive feeling around the squad, the fighting spirit within the squad shone through last night. The first 20 was brilliant i thought we'd really set out to attack and stun them, our finishing let us down annoyingly. Once we scored they seemed to step off a little bit annoyingly and allow them onto us, then the goal came and it was the typical England heads dropping but to the team and Southgate's credit we dominated the second half but again our finishing wasn't quite there. Also credit to Southgate his changes had a positive impact on the game. Delighted we look so strong from set plays, reckon that could be vital in tournament football, hopefully the goals from open play will come. Sterling seemed very nervous, certainly not the same as his city form, Lingard buzzed about as did Delle nothing spectacular but both caused Tunisia problems. Nice comfortable win against Panama and we go into the Belgium game nice and relaxed.
  12. Sadly i feel this ignorance all too often, my own father doesn't believe in mental illness. He just believes you need to 'get up and get on with it' the bad two days i had the other week was partly down to him, saying to me 'when do you have to be down about you've got so much theres so many people in a worse situation than you' I'm fully aware of my privileged position and how people are in much worse position than me but it changes nothing in my mind and in fact it troubles me even more thinking that i 'shouldn't be feeling this way because i've got so much' Its a constant struggle when he's my boss as well. This is partly why i think Danny Rose doing what he did made me feel more comfortable, the position and privilege he's in yet he can still suffer, makes me feel a bit more ok with talking i guess. I sincerely hope for you that you can find that stable ground to move forward on you're relationships if you haven't already.
  13. Thank you dearly. All power and positive thoughts to you with your struggles, i'm very much hoping your using your own advice and finding people to talk to and whatever help is appropriate to you. Aye it might help if we played something a little more entertaining I've started taking my jogging seriously in the past 2 weeks, for me its about taking back control so losing weight and feeling better about how i look is very important. I'm pleased to hear you are finding ways to counter any negative thoughts. Nothing but positive thoughts
  14. ALF

    David De Gea 2017/18

    Fuck me, lad makes a mistake all be it a bad one and people are quick as fuck to jump down his throat and why? Because they have this weird fucking theory that they know better. Fuck me, he's the standout keeper in the world, we'd be retarded to let him go. Spoilt cunts don't see whats in front of them. Please come and name a better keeper we can realistically bring in..