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  1. The FA Cup thread

    But they've already shown the line that BT sport used which was much clearer and cleaner so it wasn't them who put them up.
  2. The FA Cup thread

    So VAR will be totally scrapped for the next round and United will get an official apology from the FA. Weirdly i think it was Offside BUT the VAR wasn't in line correctly at all, it was embarrassingly poor and from what i've seen no reason has been given as to why the lines were wonky and off line with the actual pitch. Reckon they lined it up with the TV camera angle which is stupid as fuck.
  3. West Brom - Pardiola era

    To be fair the thief probably did him a favour, stop his wife from going through his phone when he got back..
  4. The Jose Mourinho Thread

    Honestly lads i don't know what were going to do anymore.. Football is dead to me now.
  5. I take it we've recalled him then? How long does it take to get from Central Birmingham to Huddersfield? 😜
  6. Didn't watch the match, was playing football myself came off with about 15 minutes left in the United game. Looked at the line up, Smalling and Jones in the back 4, knew it wouldn't be pretty and knew one of them would be at fault. Don't care for our back four what so ever, Young is on borrowed time and Jose seems to only trust Shaw at home despite his position comments about him. Valencia is hot and cold at best and slowly becoming a spent force sadly. I don't even think theres anything to say about Jones and Smalling that hasn't already been said. The fact our back four are players who weren't exactly fantastic for Fergie or his most trusted players says a lot. Each of the 4 have had stand out performances in the time since Fergie left but non besides maybe Valencia have really become a true first choice stand out player.
  7. Patrice Evra

    This isn't going to go well for anyone.
  8. 60th Anniversary Of Munich Air Disaster

    Excellent article about Real Madrids frankly amazing generosity after the disaster.
  9. It was routine, however they set up to defend and break up our play. Frankly the ref was shocking, should have given out cards far earlier they were kicking the shit out of Sanchez all game, the fact there was only 7 fouls given against him, which is a joint league record, is actually shocking there must have been about 10 if not more. I wont even go into the clear beheading of McTominay, it wasn't just a penalty it was a red card every day of the week I heard the impact from the other side of the ground, surprised the lad played on and did so well. The ref was terrible. Second half it was all us we just needed to find a way to break them down and we eventually did, Sanchez was running the show, the man never stops chirping and point out positions and play, it might come across a bit bossy and mardy but i see it as more of a leadership quality, although he did have a bit of a row with Lukaku towards the end of the game. It was a standard win against a team with no intention to attack, i don't think De Gea made a single save i can remember, he barely even touched the ball all game. It certainly wasnt the same Huddersfield who rolled over for Wagners best mate Klopp's Liverpool.
  10. Moyes Sack Watch

    Moyes now defending a sacked racist.
  11. Premier League Transfers 2017/18

    How do you sack an asset like that, they'd be potentially losing over 60m in transfer revenue. Its a weird situation for Leicester really, City have come in at the last minute for a player who desperately wants his big move. They've chosen not to pay the price that the selling club demand so they've unsettled him. Of course City are well within their rights to not pay what Leicester demand and Leicester can demand that price given contract and current market. So now you've got a situation where Leicester have to suffer by missing a unhappy player unsettled by a bigger club. Although a lot of the blame should be put on Mahrez himself, other pro's would get on with their job whereas he's acting like an absolute tit and its not like theres anything anyone can do about it now, the transfer and registration window is closed, he's a Leicester player until the summer.
  12. If you had the power

    Personally i just think its so blatant, I'm talking like the Dembele one against us on Weds, sure it was early on and the play hadn't quite developed past the half way line but it just kills everything and its such a cheap no attempt to play the ball, just kicking the man down its violent play. I'd rather see that type of stuff stamped out and the attackers allowed to attack. I fully understand why you can't punish it with a red but in my hypothetical world i'd absolutely implement that. You're only allowed one, god who are you Sepp Blatter..
  13. If you had the power

    If i was ref i'd have you off ;)
  14. If you had the power

    Yes you dirty slow bastard ;)