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  1. DM your bank details and i'll get Neil to send you a few kickbacks to speak the word of our lord and savour Sir Edward Woodward.
  2. The Football Manager effect.
  3. As with every conspiracy theres a flaw in the logic. So there was what 10/15 fellas turning up to pretend intimidate someone who wasn't gonna be in. Now i'm not saying this as a fact but 10/15 guys involved in that sorta business surely one of those guys would think 'hang on a sec, i've just been hired by the most prolific and probably well known men in world football to fake an attack on his house, fuck i can sell my story to the press and make even more money than they paid me in the first place' And even if they weren't briefed on who they were attacking it was fucking headline news for about 2 days. I highly doubt as twatty of a human and shitty of a journalist Neil Ashton is he'll have enough underworld contacts and leeway to keep that amount of men quiet. Faking something like that would cost Woodward his job, without a doubt. As for the whole professional photographer, one of the fellas who's heard about it things i'll make a few quid take my DSLR along grab a snap and sell it to the press and what newspaper loves shit like that? The Sun, sure the fee alone brought him and the lads a few rounds down the pub. Also worth noting some of those in balaclava's were teenagers, the most trustworthy and secret keeping of people. Come off it man!
  4. It can hardly be argued against that Ole has at least done a good job at removing deadwood, replacing it hasn't been exactly smooth sailing. I hope i'm wrong but as much as i think King is a steady player this signing feels a bit like he's replaced Lukaku (who i don't consider dead wood) with someone who, if all things goes well in the market (unlikely) will probably be deadwood in 15 months time. I appreciate not every signing can be a world class player but i dunno something about singing a player of his stature just screams of adding a number rather than the kinda player we actually need in that position. Like i said before he's basically a more mature version of Rashford who's ceiling has already been reached or is close to it.
  5. @O What were we saying about some random South American.. MANCHESTER UNITED ON LOAD BY GAICH #FOXRadio | After the failed negotiation with the Bruges of Belgium, the English team led by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer looks for the San Lorenzo striker.
  6. As much as i like Josh King to spunk over 20m on him on the last day of Jan seems frankly madness. He's not exactly the target man we've been screaming out for his forward partner Wilson is more of that IMO and i'm not sure i'd have him either. On loan sounds alright for him but i dunno it just seems a bit nuts, i think he'll score for us and do ok but it doesn't feel like a solution to the lack of presence in the box it just kinda feels like we're getting a more direct and less skilful Rashford..
  7. At least we'd defend and attacking set plays better...
  8. Tbh a target man who can hold up the ball wouldn't go a miss, we missed our chance with Haaland, there aint many younger strikers with that ability right now who we can realistically get so for the rest of the season having him as someone to aim at when teams are low-blocking us doesn't sound too bad. But i agree lacking in ambition for sure.
  9. The right supply and he'll score goals. Always thought he's the sort of striker who would thrive at a bigger club if ever given the chance.
  10. I mean surely our scouts have been all over the world looking for something, perhaps theres a half decent youngish striker in South America we could take a punt on and probably get for a decent buy out fee or even a loan with potential future fee etc.
  11. Failed his medical, turned out he's got a bone in his leg.