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  1. ALF

    Manchester United Financial Thread

    They're not exactly common place. I was given a chevvy Spark on a TV show i worked on, for some reason out of a crew of about 30 myself and the director were the only people able to handle the clutch which was built by someone who's clearly never used a clutch before (i drive a lot of vans so my clutch game is on point) i remember taking it on the motorway managing to get the fucker upto 70 and deciding to go back to about 60 cause i was pretty sure that car was going to rattle itself to bits and i didn't wanna have to explain that one to my production manager. I think what i'm trying to say is they're kinda considered shitty cars and you really don't see a lot knocking about.
  2. ALF

    Manchester United Financial Thread

    And this is why success on the pitch doesn't truly matter.
  3. ALF

    Director of Football

    It may not be a DOF but it appears they are already making some changes to the backroom staff which i think is essential. Plus given the fact our injury room looks like the background extras after a 'incident' on causality we need a to shake up the fitness department.
  4. ALF

    2020 Transfer Targets

    Dunno if the slaphead Jose apologist knows much but this would be nice.
  5. ALF

    Ole Sack Watch

    I'm ok with it.
  6. ALF

    Ole Sack Watch

    You're literally saying back to me what i've said, like talking to a mimic. We don't have presidents nor would that work when the owners have little interest other than making money, go look at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Your idea that anything will structurally change at United is pointless, things won't change not for a very long time i assue you. I suspect they're probably sounding out managers as we speak. At least Zidane isn't on the cards, right now.. Suspect they'll be looking at Allegri especially as he wont cost us any get out of contract fee although i'm wondering if we'll hold out until Poch decides to leave or gets pushed. Personally i'd prefer Poch simply because of his ability in this league and with a limited budget however he seems completely jaded with his job, players and especially owner and if he thinks Levy is a twat good lord he clearly not met Woodward. I also think he may need a bit of a sabbatical. Simone would be nice, his football isn't the prettiest but the players wouldn't be allowed to under perform like they are now, however he's got too much of a good thing going right now.
  7. ALF

    Ole Sack Watch

    I've lost all notion of what the fuck you are talking about. Regardless of United's quality there will be plenty of shitty people who have a lot of money who are happy to use United to push their name and agenda. Once Western and Far Eastern money to dry's up don't be surprised to see some tours in the middle east and UAE alongside new partnerships with companies in that area, we have some already (not to say everyone is bad in this area but sportswashing is a huge thing these days)
  8. ALF

    Ole Sack Watch

    I think you under estimate Woodwards ability to make money. Whatever you might think of his ability to sign players and run a Football club theres no way you can question how he makes the club money. He'll only see this as an opportunity to shop around, i'm sure theres a sportswear manufacturer state funded in China or the Middle East who would fucking love to use United to further their brand and will pay big bucks to do so. It is next to impossible to change anything at this club as long as the opportunity is around for money to be made, you'd be mad to think otherwise.
  9. ALF

    Ole Sack Watch

    You said the owners should act accordingly, the owners care nothing about the club other than its ability to make money and were not making money winning things but we for sure make money when it comes to commercial partnerships. The Glazers will not sack anyone especially not Woodward. Non of the top officials will be moved on and the transfers will be in the hands of Woodward.
  10. ALF

    Ole Sack Watch

    You've not been following anything thats going on, have you?
  11. ALF

    Ole Sack Watch

    Right message wrong man, unfortunately. I'm sick saying this but its looking more than unlikely he's going to turn this around he can bemoan his luck with injuries and a couple of half dodgy calls but when it comes down to it its just not good enough. We seem to be stuck in a rut and there doesn't seem to be a way out, we continuously repeat the same set play routines over and over, continuously play the same Football against teams who just play the low block. I said before the Newcastle game if Ole was to go EVERYONE in the backroom staff needs to go, this isn't all on him its the players too of course but theres also the fact our players don't run, can't string a decent couple of forward passes together, can't delivery set plays, can't score to free kicks, don't have any imagination or creativity, constantly getting injured, failing to communicate.. the list is endless. These players are a bag of shite but they're better than the bag of shite they played yesterday and we never looked like scoring. We have no intensity, our conditioning seems to only allow us to apply pressure in spells rather than throughout and my god can we not talk about set plays. I'm fairly sure Ole will make it to the Liverpool game we'll get beat and then the noises will get louder. We'll wait for Poch to leave Spurs and hire a man who probably needs to step away for a while. Meanwhile we'll keep hearing briefs about this 'Technical Director' appointment and how they're 'looking for the right person' etc and even if we get one his job won't be anything like it should be, he'll be hamstrung by Woodward so that won't work out anyway, meanwhile United slump to their lowest position in 30 years.
  12. ALF

    Ole Sack Watch

    I'm not suggesting sack Ole, however if its going to go down that route i hope we sack pretty much the entirety of the background staff when it comes to training and injury. We can talk about the Glazers and board all we want they will always take the brunt of any blame and rightly so but it appears to me theres also something broken on the training field, we've seen this with LVG, Jose and now Ole. Slow lethargic Football played by unfit unimaginative players who pass the ball on and just stand still. Forwards who never get to the near post when a cross is coming in, midfielders who barely ever dribble the ball never help fill the box with players during an attack. A non existent set play strategy or at least different ideas to our current one which is aim for Maguire on the back post and hope Young hasn't over hit it. History seems to be repeating itself, the players of course can take a portion of blame but there's good players in that side, players who can absolutely perform better than they are, who can do things they're not doing, who can be taught and made into better players but its not happening and theres clearly something wrong on the training ground. Lets not even get started on our current injury issues, whoever made the plan that was talked about in the summer to end muscle injuries and non-impact injures must have read the guide backwards cause it aint helped at all, i'd almost argue its worse than its been for years. I do think Ole deserves time with a fully fit team but i read someone mention that Ole is the wrong man with the right plan and i feel i'm falling into that way of thinking too. But i do feel theres something fundamentally wrong with the club from the top down, we all feel and know that but i honestly think theres something not right about staff maybe its complacency, old ideas and a lack of pressure from higher up. Much like a lot of the players it feels like some of the longer term staff can see a manager come and go and not fear for their position or weekly salary.
  13. Well when you could see what they were trying to do yes, at the moment its no fucking different.
  14. Neither of the teams on display last night deserves to be gracing Europes premier club competition, United were slow and methodical alongside very predictable, as i've seen happen a lot against United if Young is playing they allow him to have the ball and predictably mess up his cross. Arsenal just played for time, happily took a draw against a side they should have gone at and probably got something. Going back to our friend Ashley Young, I'd argue his decline in ability in an attacking sense is quite possibly faster and more impactful on his game than Wayne Rooney's decline was, we looked far more dangerous from Arsenals corners than we did from our own. I suspect Scott's missed header wasn't out of lack of ability but more from shock that the ball didn't fly a mile over his head. I've also got a huge fucking moan about what we do on set plays, just how many times are we gonna float it to the back post in an attempt to get Maguire's huge shed head on it to head it back across goal, i'd rather we mix things up a little bit, but instead we repeat the same shit over and over. Our goal was a great moment of counter attacking football and players not giving up on lost causes, Rashford should have bagged one earlier but the lad looks a yard slower and absolutely devoid of confidence, i suspect injury is still bugging him but also perhaps at his age the pressure is a bit too much. Arsenals goal was one of the most infuriating things i've seen at a game. I've no problem with VAR correcting the officials call, VAR is there to get things correct and it's a good thing that the goal stood cause he was clearly a mile onside. Axel will have to take fault for it sadly, but he's young and playing out of position he didn't put a foot wrong besides that. However my frustration comes from the fact when United players saw the flag they stopped, perhaps non of them would have got a block in or cleared the ball off the line but the fact the players stopped shows how messed up the rule for VAR is. At least 5/6 occasions afterwards when the flag was up players all stopped no question, i say you go put the ball in the net, just in case, let VAR decide instead. Apparently the whistle was blown as well, so the whole 'play to the whistle' argument doesn't work. Honestly it was a mess and highlighted the flaws in VAR and how it effects the game, weirdly as much as its frustrating the way they use the offside in Europe where the linesman flags later on is clearly the only way to make sure events such as Arsenals goal last night don't happen again. I also now believe VAR has somehow made refs worse, the ref last night was shocking for both teams, every game i've been too they've been shocking far worse than last season. Wasn't there a handball in the box too? One other note, United put the fear of god into Arsenal every time they ran at them, not sure why we didn't do it more, even if we lost the ball every now and then their defence are absolutely prone to silly fouls, opportunity missed tbh.