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  1. I've been thinking a lot about City lately and what rival fans used to say about United when we were utterly dominant. We were this big evil empire, had all the refs and FA in our pocket and bullied them, spent loads of money on the best players, paid bungs and did dodgy dealings to bring youth players in. Of course the majority of that if not all of that is not true, however it you put some of it up in context of Man City it does actually ring more true especially if the information in the football leaks is to be believed. They really are the evil empire club and they'll probably only get worse as they become more dominant. Theres also this. Dystopia here we come.
  2. ALF

    Can we be serious opponent for gold?

    And we wonder why we don't get many new posters sticking around.
  3. ALF

    What Are You Listening To?

    Never Fight A Man With a Perm!
  4. ALF

    Can we be serious opponent for gold?

    You're not wrong, think Fergie said as much.
  5. ALF

    James Garner 2019/20

    Sounds like good news for that lad and us.
  6. ALF

    Can we be serious opponent for gold?

    Gouw was an adequate back up for Schmeichel but never a no 1.
  7. Also on further reflecting and being reminded by a Podcast, did anyone else find the sentient VAR voice really disconcerting and creepy? Felt like our new robot overlords are coming to take our joy away, fucking dystopia mate.
  8. ALF

    Player ratings : Man utd vs Chelsea

    De Gea - 8 - Made saves you'd expect him to save although those would have gone in towards the end of last season, i'm glad his head seems clear and focused again. AWB - 8 - holy shit we have a fucking right back who can defend properly, his timing and reading of the game is fantastic Lindelöf - 7 - Solid and composed. Played like a man relieved that the two players next to him are also solid and composed. That confidence is vital this season. Maguire - 9 - Fantastic debut. Just commanded the back 4, covered Shaw well, headed everything away well out of danger but also passed the ball around and lead from the back. Shaw - 6 - His flaws in positioning were exposed in the diamond formation, other teams will pick up on that if we're not careful he's lucky he had Maguire next to him. Pogba - 7 - Some of his runs forward were unbelievable he exploited Chelsea's suicidal high line with an amazing through ball and later a run that both lead to goals. However he made some absolute terrible attempted passes straight to Chelsea players, almost as if he was expect Matic to be there, he needs to cut that out big time. McTominay - 7 - Grew into the game and took a few rough challenges but provides so much more than Matic in that position. Could be a real breakthrough year for the kid. Andreas - 7 - Would have been lower if not for his brilliant assist. He closed down well but he was sloppy on the ball and in the tackle, the game passed him by a little bit. Lingard - 8 - Vital on the counter and in the high press, his running and movement shouldn't be overlooked. He didn't really see the ball much but when he did it felt like something was going to happen. I'll take that all day from him. Rashford - 8.5 - Can we just talk about his touch for his second goal, my god it was a thing of beauty, finish was lovely too. Weirdly like Lingard he didn't really see the ball as much as he maybe should but he bagged two goals and looked likely for a hattrick had he stayed on. He also ended up going to the left to help cover Shaw and did it well. Martial - 7 - Played well on the turn, looked to take players on and create things.Took his goal well, tried to link up with Shaw which rarely worked but more due to Shaw than him. Think he'll grow and become a monster in this system. James - 8 - Fucking made up for the lad, it really rounded the day off brilliantly seeing him bag a goal. Also noticed that full backs are terrified of him, there was a run he made when he first came on, it wasn't spotted by the midfielder but the Chelsea left back didn't know what to do and ended up just stumbling and almost falling over caught him in the two minds. He'll win us a lot of free kicks this season.
  9. ALF

    Harry Maguire Thread 2019/20

    It wasn't just his willingness to head the ball in dangerous places, it wasn't the sensibleness of his defending but it was also the leadership he was showing. Continuously from goal kicks he was shouting and pointing towards players further up as to where they need to be for the kick. He was De Gea general out there. There was one situation where he let the ball roll across him while a forward was right on his back, you know for a fact Smalling and Jones would have either taken a touch and tried to clear, badly, or would have dived to the floor, Maguire wasn't having any of it, he shielded the ball and just let it roll out. Honestly i know thats bread and butter stuff but there was just something about how he did it and made it look so simple. My only gripe is why we're floating the ball to him at the back post to head back across goal, i just wish we'd allow him to attack the ball on goal, we did the whole back post thing with Fellaini and Ibra i can't remember it being exactly fruitful.
  10. Couldn't have put this better myself, thought he was the weakest player on the pitch for us the game was passing him by someone and then once he got his assist which was a great ball btw he stepped up and was in the game more. I thought all he really did beforehand was close down, which was great but when in possession he did little with it. But besides that i enjoyed the fuck out of that game, early on i was thinking how are we being dominated by this weak as fuck Chelsea team, it was poor but we seemed composed and stuck to the game plan. After the penalty i started to sense the feeling that everyone in the ground was feeling the counter attack, every time we started breaking there was a huge buzz, everyone standing up knowing/hoping something good was gonna come from it. We rarely had that last season if at all, was a different but brilliant experience. Our finishing was strong too, we'd have wasted some of those chances in the past, we didn't need to keep the ball to destroy a team we just had to trust our defence and keeper and make sure you take the chances you create from the counter. Speaking about the defence, Shaw aside who still has some hand ups its really nice to have a defence that isn't scared of defending and in fact welcomes teams to try and break them down. It wasn't a perfect display from them but fuck me it was a huge improvement on anything we've had for the last 6 years. More of the same please.
  11. ALF

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    By the way i just want to shoot a big 'I Told you So' to no one in-particular but i was saying throughout the window that Bruno Fernandes was never a thing. Perhaps not so much on here but on Twitter he somehow gained Jesus like status, some sort of god who was going to score every goal in every game, never seen anything like it talk about falling hook, line and sinker for nothing more than an agent trying to force a move to a mid table club in a big league by using United's name. By far the most manic its ever been over a player.
  12. ALF

    Chris Smalling 2019/20

    Amazed we still have to have a thread on him.