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  1. This club will drive you drugs; hard, nasty drugs.
  2. ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY SEVEN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE GOALS Theres decent strikers who’ve not done that in their domestic leagues… He’s not human.
  3. Linda….. DDG comfortably POTS so far That was insane from Pogba Cometh the slab
  4. Bless ya… We had a decent first 5 mins - downhill from there.
  5. Maguire thought it was a Rugby line-out, clearly
  6. Doesn’t look good that McScott was closer to the scorer than either of our CBS…
  7. I know he could always shift - but Rashford looks a yard or two quicker (?)
  8. He’s literally Football’s Deontay Wilder - soon as he’s under pressure he reverts to type, which is basic as fuck.
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