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  1. If Alaba is available we should be all over it!
  2. David Cartwright (@MUFCReloaded) Tweeted: Alex Telles. Total agreement. Welcome to Manchester United #MUFC https://t.co/N7jBEwSeYK
  3. JJtheRed


    Izzy is just toooo good! Absolutely clinical in taking Costa apart!
  4. I’ve only had BT Sport a couple months and this is the first of our games I’ve took any real notice of the build-up - so in a word: nope.
  5. Mostly. Only a really good challenge from White stopped him scoring, though.
  6. Yeah, sack him - then wake up looking like this..... #juju
  7. I have their app on my tv but it’s a minute or so behind Betfair notifications....
  8. Hoping it’s more of a turning point....
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