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  1. Said from day 1 that Zinchenko was a liability. How he’s been paid actual money to play for them is amazing.
  2. Fab has endorsed the source
  3. A plus point is the news is coming out of Barca, rather than our usual, planted spin.
  4. Some very strong shouts that a deal is close! It’s a big chunk of the reported budget but one of those players you jump on if they’re available?
  5. It was close for a couple months
  6. Let’s send him to a war-torn country, rife with racism. Bantz.
  7. JJtheRed


    Genuinely surprised Dana didn’t throw a pair of Tomahawks into the middle of the Octagon - liven shit up a bit. That fight needed a stronger ref.
  8. Someone has to use their brain, here His dad and the Parasite wanted at least €20m each as part of the deal - and he wasn’t even as hot a property then as he is now…
  9. See my earlier point. If you think that’s all they paid, I dunno what to tell ya
  10. You’re on Crack if you think that’s all they paid. Dem “fees”
  11. Conte, I’ll give you. Simeone? it’s not even a “playing style” - he actively encourages his team to do literally anything but play football. No thanks. Poch is becoming a serial flop - he’s been sacked from his last 3 or 4 jobs. Maybe he is on a level with ETH, but one has blown his chance(s) and the other has it all in n front of him.
  12. Must be nice to win the lottery…
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