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  1. Billing him as a “Pogba replacement” (yawwwn) which from what you’ve said could be viable, positionally at least...
  2. @O Highly unlikely, given the numbers thrown about... But Valverde and Niguez ? I’ve seen Saul mentioned a lot on here and probably seen him play twice but there’s nothing memorable...
  3. No doubt Boredom’s grasp will pull me back to it at some point...
  4. Still got a decent chunk to watch. Maybe I was subconsciously preparing for this day...
  5. Picking Ray Donavan back up...
  6. Tried to start S2 and got all of 12s into it
  7. Been watching it a while - weirdly hooked after one episode. I watch Forged with Steele, too. Never seen such an irritating cunt but the boy got skillz.
  8. Remember putting Upamecano in a draft ages ago...
  9. Plus West Ham have just bought Bowen
  10. Self-isolation in mansions. It’s no life.