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  1. What Movies Are You Watching Right Now?

    Black Panther Of course....
  2. Boxing

    Decent scrap. Eubank’s technique let him down big time - throwing wild hooks like a pub brawler. Right result. CEJ needs to go right back to the drawing board - has a decent dig but definitely not the one-shot power to try and fight in the style he did tonight.
  3. FAC - 5th Round - Huddersfield vs Man Utd

    We’ve hit the dizzy heights of “Meh...” for spells of the game
  4. Paul Pogba 2017/18

    Had your pants down, there
  5. Paul Pogba 2017/18

    I’m getting the impression that people would much rather be “right” than see him do well for us.... Truely sad state of affairs.
  6. Champions League 2017/18

    I told you! (Maybe not YOU, but you know...)
  7. La Liga 2017/18.

    Fucked my bet. Cunts.
  8. La Liga 2017/18.

    How’ve Barca had ONE shot on target in an hour? At home??
  9. PL Matchday 27: Newcastle United vs Man Utd

    Definitely not our day
  10. PL Matchday 27: Newcastle United vs Man Utd

    Pogba sneaking back into it
  11. PL Matchday 27: Newcastle United vs Man Utd

    Solid 1/10 from Pogba so far
  12. FA Premier League 2017/18

    Need 3 goals 🙈