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  1. If they call this off I’m gonna wreck some shit!
  2. 4 really well taken goals! Matic needs to be packed off to Serie A immediately! There’s times when he’s not even got the legs to catch up with his own touch. He’s done! Dalot did himself absolutely no favours. Wasn’t even close to stopping their second goal. Brilliant finish, though.
  3. PES literally would’ve been the only reason I’d get back into buying consoles… RIP
  4. @ £41m we’ve done well! I know last year of contract blah blah, but we’ve still got one of the best in the game for less than Ben White!
  5. If I hear the word “imminent” one more time, I’m going to lose my shit!
  6. I’m stuck with this shitshow, now. To paraphrase Airplane; bad time to stop drinking and vow to get to more home games to watch the bullshit unfold live….
  7. It’s getting tedious, now - I’m all saga’d out after Sancho and my tolerance isn’t what it was. Bombardment of recycled “news”
  8. You’re most gracious - not like that cunt, @TheManc
  9. You just know Lingard’s gonna get a new contract….
  10. I’m not sure which is which - the last two black kits have slapped, so I don’t know why they didn’t just carry on?
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