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  1. JJtheRed

    Ryan Sessegnon

  2. JJtheRed

    Paul Pogba

    There’s a reason why better teams than us would take him in a heartbeat. The problem is; Pogba is a modern-day footballer and we’re just not equipped to deal with the modern-day game, hence being so far behind on the pitch.
  3. JJtheRed


    Canelo would destroy BJS
  4. JJtheRed

    Ryan Sessegnon

    Won’t be displacing Robertson or any of the front 3
  5. JJtheRed


    I think Wilder wins but it doesn’t go ALL his own way.... I was kinda right....
  6. JJtheRed

    Ryan Sessegnon

    Fulham owe us for Smalling, tbf.
  7. JJtheRed

    Will we pick up a few City fans?

    You’ll get that big promotion one day
  8. JJtheRed

    The FA Cup thread

    Doin it for the ‘gram
  9. JJtheRed

    Ole Sack Watch

    @Shoot If you can get clients to entrust their IT systems to a guy with a grey mohawk, you truly are an astute businessman. I wouldn’t trust anyone with a Mohawk, grey or otherwise, with a calculator....
  10. JJtheRed

    Director of Football

  11. JJtheRed

    Throw out the rubbish now

    Crack. Definitely.
  12. JJtheRed

    Paul Pogba

    Caught offside.....
  13. JJtheRed

    FA Premier League 2018/2019

    Sané looks ready to kill a man.
  14. JJtheRed

    PL Matchday 38: Man Utd vs Cardiff City

    Looking out of his depth.