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  1. Posturing to get a better deal - maybe in part basing it on the Werner price, conveniently ignoring the fact it was a clause. We won’t go full Mayweather but I’m sure we’ll find a figure that works all round. We’ll get our man and be wise to grab others while we’re in a privileged position.
  2. Bournemouth won’t beat Leicester but every little helps!
  3. Reckon Sheffield will get something? No, me neither.
  4. City have tried and arguably failed the same thing with Fullbacks. Shows a dangerous attack can gloss over any number of cracks. Sign all the players and win 4-2 weekly!
  5. Obsession / complacency with the starting 11 has fucked many teams. We need depth and quality - don’t want to end up in the position where one injury buttfucks our whole season. We also run the risk of letting a rival strengthen at our expense: fuck no!
  6. Antonio attacking Project Restart like it owes him money!
  7. Bang on the protein shake soon as he came off. Bruno / Traore hybrid incoming.
  8. Slightly off topic: Watching the game back from last night - a lot was made of the fight to win the ball back from Mings but there was also genuine joy with the assist; which was nice to see.
  9. True but at 18-20 I don’t think you’ve set the bar unreachably high... If you were to ask more than that, there could be issues. Goes without saying he’s got the ability to slap those numbers - is it a mentality thing?