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  1. Ole talking shit. Absolutely no way it’s news to him!
  2. Cavani back stonking it clear! What a guy!
  3. If he was a better finisher we’d be fucked.
  4. I’d give anything to punch that dumb look off Maguire’s face
  5. Brilliant goal! Please give Bruno the assist
  6. Gaz just about held it together on commentary.
  7. Still weird I drove past OT 45 mins ago and you wouldn’t even know there’s a game on
  8. Movement. Movement. Movement. Hope I’m wrong but I can’t help feeling those holding Henderson up as the saviour are in line for disappointment....
  9. Cavani benched is a sick joke. Far and away our best / only centre forward at the moment.
  10. 9 goals in 2 games is a decent start to the weekend
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