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  1. dualtamac


    Watched Takeover and as always, clearly the best promotion WWE have. Magnificent matches in different ways. I think I could also possibly turn for Velveteen Dream. That Street Fight, holy shit. I was in pain for them, so fucking brutal and great storytelling. Takeover is the bomb and NXT shits all over RAW and Smackdown. Watching MITB now. Elias vs Rollins was really great. Rollins is a machine but Elias is very very good. Women's MITB match was very good, there was a period of 5-7 minutes in the middle that was just brilliant. Skipped Reigns vs Mahal, no surprises there. Next up is Asuka vs Carmella.
  2. dualtamac

    Danny Rose opens up about his depression

    Much respect to everyone who opens up about depression. I hate all the stigma around it. All my thoughts with you @ALF. I know depression, have been there myself and I deal daily with it and the effects it has, so more power to you, my friend. Stay strong, think positive and live life. And we'll always be here if you ever need a pick-me-up.
  3. dualtamac

    Westworld (*SPOILERS*)

    Beginning to see what you guys meant about Dolores' story but I still find all stories interesting because they will inevitably all be interlinked. Maeve becoming God is weird too but I'll be patient. I enjoyed Shogun World. Still loving all these existential questions too (for example, I'm still not convinced that consciousness has been reached by all host protagonists, still think that some of their actions are programmed) and the everlasting life/uploading memories story. Really looking forward to seeing how that pans out. Wh at intrigues me the most is William's "Game". So many theories, not sure what to think.
  4. dualtamac

    Summer Music Festivals

    I'm off to this: http://www.decibulles.com/programmation/ And that's it this year. Glastonbury will be done in the next couple years though. Have to go there before it's too late.
  5. dualtamac

    Westworld (*SPOILERS*)

    Was waiting to see episode four before replying. Shall edit this post later on this evening to share my thoughts.
  6. dualtamac

    Westworld (*SPOILERS*)

    Why? I've loved it though less happy with episode three. It's all about a build-up to something big and I'm enjoying nearly everything about it.
  7. dualtamac

    Ligue 1 2017/18

    Miraculously. Though there were in the semi that had two teams from National. A couple of major upsets on the way but they should get hammered.
  8. dualtamac

    Westworld (*SPOILERS*)

    Who watched episode 1??
  9. dualtamac


    Wanted to post the same thing. Absolutely brillliant. ^^
  10. dualtamac

    FA Cup - Semi-final: Man Utd vs Spurs

    Ridiculous yellow card.
  11. dualtamac

    FA Cup - Semi-final: Man Utd vs Spurs

    Herrera is having a cracker. Where has this Ander been all season? Great tracking back again there.
  12. dualtamac

    The Jose Mourinho Thread

    Credit where it's due, made a tactical change at half-time and I assume get into their heads as well. Excellent second half performance. Thoroughly deserved credit to him.
  13. dualtamac

    Romelu Lukaku 2017/18

    He has been great recently but today was horrendous.
  14. dualtamac

    Ander Herrera 2017/18

    Such an absolute cunt on the pitch but he's our cunt. And today he had super-ultra-mega-cunt mode activated. That touch for Pogba's first was beautiful.
  15. dualtamac

    Paul Pogba 2017/18

    That is exactly what I want to see from him in the big games. He was sensationally good. Hats off.