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  1. dualtamac

    2020 Transfer Targets

    There's only Juan Veron.
  2. dualtamac


    I thought it was gold. Pure Eric gold.
  3. dualtamac


    I'm late to the party but Ben Stokes, oh my word. That was even better than the World Cup final and the World Cup innings was possibly the greatest I'd ever seen before this one. For me, that is undoubtedly the greatest Test innings ever, what an unbelievable performance under that pressure. Knight him now, he deserves it already. I'm not British but even I can see that.
  4. dualtamac

    2019/2020: PL Matchday 2 - Wolves vs Man Utd

    That was absoutely beautiful. We look lacklustre and Wolves have woken up.
  5. dualtamac

    2019/2020: PL Matchday 2 - Wolves vs Man Utd

    This Adama Traoré fella looks like a tank.
  6. dualtamac

    2019/2020: PL Matchday 2 - Wolves vs Man Utd

    We're going to win The Quadruple. No. A Quadruple.
  7. dualtamac


    @Piazza Just to add on what the other said. T20 is the spectator-friendly version of cricket where it's all boom, boom, boom and it is where the big money is, especially the IPL. Cricket purists will always prefer international Test cricket, the matches that last 5 days. They also happen to be the most 'boring' to non-fans. The strategy in T20 is to hit the ball as hard as you can and try to score as much as possible. 50 overs cricket is going the same way in general. Batsmen are the stars of T20 and 50 overs, bowlers would dominate more in test cricket because of fielding restrictions. There are far more restrictions in the formats with less overs for bowlers and fielders. In T20 and 50 overs cricket having a bowler that can make a difference is essential. In Test cricket, having patient batsmen who can build up scores is essential. The basics are the same but the nuances are vastly different. Which is specifically for the entertainment factor and getting bums on seats and tv audiences. There will be a Test World Cup starting soon which personally I can't wait to see. I also follow the T20 and 50 overs World Cups. tl;dr T20 and 50 overs is spectacular with batsmen dominating. Test cricket is far more tactical and usually the bowlers dominate (bar Steve Smith and Virat Kohli). In T20/50 overs, having a deep batting lineup with power-hitters is essential. In Test cricket, having bowlers that can take wickets is essential.
  8. dualtamac

    Player Threads 2019/20

    @MrSwellman Ligue 1 thread up and running.
  9. dualtamac

    Ligue 1: 2019/20

    The thread for all things Ligue 1. Last season's standings: STATS FOR 2019/20 SEASON: Top scorers: Top assists: Table:
  10. dualtamac

    Player Threads 2019/20

    Shit, that's right. Thanks for the heads up. Will tag you when it's done.
  11. Name: Anthony Joran Martial Birthplace: Massy, Essonne, France Date of birth: 5th December 1995 Squad number: 9 Man Utd appearances: 175 Man Utd goals: 48 Wiki - Instagram - Twitter - Facebook - manutd.com http://www.anthonymartial-official.com/ 19/20 Stats: Appearances: 2 Goals: 2 Assists: 0 Time to stop living off potential.
  12. dualtamac

    Player Threads 2019/20

    I'll take Martial's thread. I'll get my stuff done next week as well.
  13. dualtamac

    Player Threads 2019/20

    Just Ligue 1 for now, will see in a week how much time I have and will help out at the end as per.
  14. dualtamac

    If De Gea runs down his contract?

    José sorted this one out already: