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  1. Zlatan is travelling. .so I hear.
  2. Romelu Lukaku 2017/18

    I still say it's down too our midfield,given him a Matic/Carrick and a Herrera /Mctominay, with Pogba on the left, I'm sure we would see more of the Lukaku ,we all want too see. He's shite
  3. VAR - yes or no?

    While we wait for a VAR decision. .bring on the cheerleaders. .
  4. That shit is blasphemous. . You'll get crucified for it.
  5. The FA Cup thread

    I can proudly say. I can name all of the Wigan team. Fcuk your quad.
  6. The FA Cup thread

    feels great..ha ha. Walton..Walton..have good have Wigan been as a unit.
  7. The FA Cup thread

    I'm going for Wigan 5-0
  8. Our 2nd position,when you look at it by points behind 1st,then it's equivalent to abut 4th 5th not that long back . So in reality,Chelsea,Tottenham, Arsenal,have dropped more points than they should/would in a normal season,so as good as city are,the ones below them have been a shambles . Not one team has given them a run for their money this season,I certainly hope this won't be the case next season,otherwise we will become the new Scottish league..
  9. This lot..are living the dream Let's hope it stays a dream ..
  10. VAR - yes or no?

    I still say. . It's a bridge too VAR.. 5 offsides in a game can set you back 10 minutes,plus take the momentum, and enthusiasm away from the game . Just rubbing it in a little.. We know it's here for the long run either way.
  11. Plus they got Jesus on their side.
  12. VAR - yes or no?

    All I can I say, is this to cater for the upper middle to high class eastern fans,like every transfer is. Money has certainly come too light in football ,over the last 10/15 years. Why I say that is ,with no malice,football in the UK is ,or was for the low working class fan.,it's changing here also,and now we have quite a lot of working class ,middle to high class type of fan also,but in the middle east and even easter it takes money to indulge in football,and for the working class and middle to high class,the economy is good,so asides from booze and women,they need to impress their colleagues, what Football team they support, and which world class footballer plays for them, how much he cost more than others,Arsenal, Chelsea,Real,Barcelona obviously Us,and other teams also,are supported passionately there,and merchandise, advertising, and TV rights are sold for vast sums of money,this football interest easily quadruples the amount of money that is gambled.. This summer we will get a £200m player. How about sensors,on their heads ,and legs,that would stand out ,or /could trigger a light ,that can attest the player is offside,when replaying Btw..I'm not pissed off truly with Var, in time it will grow on me ..like it has in cricket.
  13. VAR - yes or no?

    Offside ,has not been a problem throughout football. .it's the penalty decisions that kill you,the vital corner given that should not have been,or not given when it should have been...the 2nd yellow not given when it should be,the list is endless. .if your trying to fix one problem ,then fix the lot, if not..then leave it be.
  14. VAR - yes or no?

    So exactly at what point do they judge the offside from,is it from when the crosser,brings his feet towards the ball,when he touches the ball, or when he kicks the ball,and in them 3 stages,which will consist of about 30 frames , (pure guess) or so,does Mata (in this case)become onside at some point,in order for Var to really work,it should be deployed in the same way as it is in cricket, where a replay is played many times over ,in order to see if a catch is legit,or did the ball touch the ground. Lines are only good from a camera angle at head height,in that case the linesman, would have it on his forehead. Any other angle can lead to discrepancies. Slow motion replay will show,where each player is at time of the ball being released ,for the record,I'm interested in knowing,why is it not at the point of receiving ,that would be fair. My campaign. Off side ..rule. .should it be when the ball is ,Released or Received, that's the million dollar question. At present Var shows when it's about to be released ,contact with ball in most cases is not made,but about to be made..