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  1. butler

    Paul Pogba 2018/19

    Deep down he is a good lad..and with a few additions to his game..he can become a world star for many years to come..but he needs to avoid the media where they are demanding certain quotes for their own agenda.
  2. butler

    Paul Pogba 2018/19

  3. butler

    Ander Herrera 2017/18

    Marca..love to start unsubstantiated little rumours
  4. butler

    Paul Pogba 2018/19

    Race is important for you.thats why ..yet you failed to inject your option into Hagglers thread...youll get nowhere in life without opening up your true self..thats if there is a true version of you
  5. butler

    Paul Pogba 2018/19

    Soz I don't post to order..its only for the ones who didn't back Jose
  6. butler

    Paul Pogba 2018/19

    And Ronaldo was younger..so was Rooney..
  7. butler

    Paul Pogba 2018/19

    I don't gamble..unlike you.. The psg game is fact..that if your boy was playing ..United might have won that 2nd leg .he cannot do containment..or defence over a period ..in attack he fails to find space and always gets crowded..other the the odd Hollywood pass a screamer ..hes just a decent midfield player .. but he lacks maturity that's needed for a midfield player..he lacks patience that's needed for a midfield player..he lacks leadership that's needed from a midfield player..theres more against than for.. Me personally I look at humans..i don't look at colour..he could be my type..and I still vilify him..you need to look past the colour..i detest any player that loves media..bar to showcase their sport..flirting with the media is unmanly..as flirting with your hair colour is..just show you diversity on the pitch... We ain't got 2 years to wait
  8. butler

    Paul Pogba 2018/19

    Prove it..you one liner ..hes no Pirlo no Messi..and no Ronaldo..No Giggs or even Scholes...or even Beckham..not even on par with Drogba..Cole or Yorke...he will always be on the verge of being a great player who wasn't
  9. butler

    Paul Pogba 2018/19

    There's no need to make such idiotic statements..btw he's 26..whats more left to improve of him..hes past peaking time..and this is the best he'll get..
  10. butler

    La Liga 2018/19

    The only thing to go against Messi is Ronaldo..i love Messi.but Ronaldos doing it in 3 leagues..one does it in the centre of the pitch and the other is a lone ranger
  11. butler

    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 2018/19

    What happens if we finish 4th and either Arsenal or Chelsea win the Europa
  12. butler

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    I'd loves us to get Doherty..but I would not knock an experienced Coleman... Maybè Doherty is just playing in this moment..not saying that he can't continue that form with Us.
  13. butler

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    Maybe he's around not so great player's
  14. butler

    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 2018/19

    All I'm asking is for is consistency in the attitude and competitiveness from on the pitch and off it...that should never be missing...for a Club like United not too have that ethos.. of hard work pays.. is not tolerable ..getting beat by being competitive is not as bad as being outplayed in all departments..the Ole Ole chants by the opposition is not good coming from the opposition fans around 80th minute mark..when Wolves players are just knocking the ball around for fun and We are chasing shadows ...when it should be our fans shouting attack attack attack ..Ole is at the wheel....our intent should be too out play or contain the opposition..if you don't treat every game as a battle for survival..then your not in the right frame of mind..
  15. butler

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    Coleman is easily better than what we have at rb.