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  1. There is no next season.. Post corona the world will have a different context
  2. I say corona to him and his fans.. Fake the lot of em. Just like him. No passion or grit.. Without due diligence.. Passion and grit.. Your just a hyped up league one player. Saf got it right.. He called it.. As it really was.. He saw through his arrogance and bullshit.. A few tricks don't make you a great footballer.. This ain't keep uppies.. Its a job. A career. You work and serve others.. Either do it with passion or you know where the door is.. I'd pay to get rid of the virus.. United are cured without him.. All hail Ole... the anointed one.. .
  3. They could postpone the rest of the season yet. News is still growing.
  4. Self destructing Qoute.. Pool to get knocked out.
  5. To sustain this midfield and too take it to the next level.. Sell at 60 Mill and save the club.. the midfield... and the money.. in the log run.
  6. No more 400k pw players ever. shoot Alexis someone. before he returns.. Its about United and not the players.. Beckham got to understand that and uptil now respects Saf and club more than life.. even Ronaldo new the song.. But they were and are still class.
  7. Your a wise man.. You recognise change.. unlike some..
  8. It's always good to weed and rotate stock.. You know what they say. One bad apple and all that.
  9. One of his standouts.. Agreed
  10. Still makes childish errors in the final third when it comes to the key pass. needs to overcome that hurdle to make it big time.
  11. Robbed himself of an assist.. by denying himself to pass to Bruno..
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