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  1. They could postpone the rest of the season yet. News is still growing.
  2. Even a slightly better side than Bournemouth would have beaten them today.
  3. No team shows respect when you have fallen of your high horse.. Just look at United..
  4. This will kill their supporters.. Invincible to invisible in a space of a few games..
  5. He's fielded some soft line ups to achieve his motive this season.
  6. A depressing team.. Any team with no faults is on drugs.
  7. This thread should always be bumped regardless of Our form.. fouling scumbags.. Fate will see to dick van dyke and matip targeting our youngster.
  8. Them fans and that song ..will get louder and louder..bstds:-)
  9. I love it when they go all out in celebration mode..then only too cry ..come May..
  10. If any one can..he can..but it will be ages before anyone else can ever emulate his career..IF..
  11. Yes..but it's going to be hectic..i thought he had done enough in his career..and maybe a life of leisure and Hollywood would be more for him with mls..but it seems he's true too football..i wish him all the best..
  12. I still can't get over Ronaldo to Juventus..is it just me that finds it odd..if he had gone to America..that would have been more natural....but that's just me..
  13. I cannot see Roma doing a barca on them..it's a big deficit ..but then again..it's football..
  14. They are still in the champions league. .and we can still finish 4th
  15. They're having a better season than us.