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  1. The Iranian team celebrated for ages..only too be told..nope.. Spain were shit..Iran was energetic..but can they put in that type of performance the next match.
  2. Nothing doing til after the world cup. Plus..if United have made more money,in failing since Saf,then i can just see the trend continuing..
  3. butler

    David De Gea 2017/18

    His stocks have gone down..lets hope for United's sake they don't get any lower..pre this match ,I had him at about 75mill..but,in the last 45 minutes ,it's come down too about 35mill.. He great at reactionary saves..but his overall control off the penalty area,and his presence,along with his corner defending skills,have not really improved,as you would expect with age and experience,maybe he needs a different kind off coaching skills too take him too that next level..
  4. butler

    Gareth Bale (yes really)

    It's all wishful thinking from my side mukka .take no notice off my posts..
  5. butler

    Let's All Laugh At Real Madrid

    This, will be interesting.
  6. Be strong..have a reason and a belief..keep active..busy..read..write..contemplate,prayer..we all have weaknesses..they get triggered by certain events ..and they overtake our emotions ..this cause can your thought process too go in pause mode..its sad too hear that word,In young people..it must just be sign off times..there was never so much information or so much off anything to digest in pre 80s..in this day and age..too much pressure is oput upon the outside..the visual side off the human..rather than work more on the inside and look into strengthing that..and how too deal with our shortcomings..and what do we really expect from this life..what we can get out off this life..and what We really should be getting out off this life.. I wish Alf all the best..and others who are experiencing this at present..but there is away out..but you will have too do it yourself.. but just by trying to find a way..50% off the problem is solved
  7. butler

    Harry Kane

    Has too be..no way he's gonna be at spurs next season..or even Eriksson..otherwise as O said..he will Shearer his career..
  8. Fellaini is Sunderland bound..its a match made in hoffan
  9. butler


    Enjoy the money Fred..but you must also learn to play crap
  10. butler

    Gareth Bale (yes really)

    I think we can all gather..Bale along with a few more ..will be on the market..it only makes sense ..a new manager..with a few new players..
  11. butler

    International Friendlies Thread

    It's a friendly..only England take friendlies seriously
  12. butler

    Zinedine Zidane

    Any chance this legend could end up at Psg..although I'd like him here
  13. butler

    Do you trust Mourinho?

    Football is secondary..theres big money too be made..
  14. butler

    Summer - 2018 Transfer Targets

    He's a pain the arse of type player..but will he end up being a pain in the arse to United...like few others have..id rather we build properly ,than try to cover cracks.,for cover id rather bank on Ings or Austin