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  1. still remember when i read the news about dunk, maguire, and holding are the best defender at sky championship. can we get dunk unstead?
  2. cool news. maybe what we need right now as a guideline kekeke
  3. nice thread. this is always my mind when think about the solution for manchester united (when i dreaming or playing football manager). Love how Sevilla do this strategy or Lazio when they have money problem and overcome that with this strategy
  4. I just think everybody who is manchester united fan and worried about curent condition should read this
  6. maybe, this is the reason why ole always playing him
  7. I think no point we debated if Ole is wrong manager or not. 3 manager before already a proof if this squad can be worked or not. I will start questioning Ole if he don't use rest of this season for test a whole squad (18, 23, first team) and pick a right player for next season. Because only this, the right thing he can do right now.
  8. this is exactly my point. how to pinpoint this at forum every time someone questioning the manager?
  9. i Hope for the rest of this season, Ole can use young player as much as his wants. TO make it as a selection for next season.