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  1. Does anyone really know if ETH really wants Him. most players on the market coming from big teams or upgrading to a bigger team are looking for Ucl first
  2. Il take a punt on the Europa for now...that's without any official signings as of yet ,with signings mentioned,if they gel,then a top 3 might be doable,but might sacrifice the Europa in later stages,if it will hinder a top 3 finish..that's a dream btw.
  3. After a third of the games you can average out where most teams will finish,and where Utd will be. But Utd will have to win 25 of their games to finish in a competitive place,so Utd will need to do much better than this season gone.
  4. It’s going to take a season of fresh players ,a fresh playing identity with the new coach to get rid of the prior remnants.
  5. Maybe Erik could use/train Him as a defensive midfielder,just to do all the clearing up,by constantly chasing the ball,but does He have the energy.
  6. Spurs are linked with everyone bar Jones
  7. No doubt Utd broke every negative record relating to football. Let's hope it ends...now.
  8. Starting 11 for the 1st Match. David, Cristiano and 9 others
  9. 'PSG close in on Galtier | Al-Khelaifi wants all-Parisian team' http://www.skysports.com/share/12638118 I enjoyed reading the vision,hope Utd adapt some of that
  10. Did you ever think the same about Zinedine
  11. He’s the future manager,fuck the guessers
  12. Still a week away from arriving,and the usual suspects are buying like there will no players left.
  13. @free Christian is the best imo.
  14. 1Day

    Paul Pogba

    Thank you Pogisgoneback
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