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  1. Your so clear with your choice
  2. Japan were shite with them penalties,happy for Modric though.
  3. I’d take the Brentford striker in January,and try out for Nkunku in the summer.
  4. Rotten and selfish to the core,he will have a sad old life.
  5. Sorry but I don’t understand what he brings to the squad
  6. Untied wil get games like this,not the finished article by far,still need quality in depth,as most players are not playing at 100 % every game,exhaustion leads to errors,but having said that ,Villa with a top manager we’re all out to impress,and they did a great job..
  7. I think he found it embarrassing when the through ball never worked,but he will do more of that and more when you the opposition is pinned.,he’s a good worker and very committed,but a tad immature.
  8. But not the same Ronaldo of last week,maybe more humble
  9. Mctominay gets carried away,needs to cut that out,it will make him a better player.yes Sancho and Rashford are the obvious weakness left..
  10. He made ETHs life, so much easier,He was stuck in ETHSs throat,like a knot
  11. Best balanced performance of the season so far,long may it continue.
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