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  1. Get the first cup out the way,and then finish in the top 3, a semi in ucl and the final in the FA,I’m happy with that,anymore,and I’m in dreamland
  2. You do know that every bid made by Saudi,is really thought over by the players,they find it hard to turn down,as they never know how next season will be
  3. Well,looks like the striker department is sorted,young and hungry.
  4. The title challenger !!! ETH got 5 players in last season plus 2 loanees,will get in 3 this window,that’s 3 players away from a team.This season will tell a lot.
  5. These 3 fresh signings,will get rid of the void,(switching off)United create for themselves during games,hopefully a fully tuned,hardworking team will be present at the start of the season
  6. Mount and this Chap,is the end of McFred,another duo dismantled,the ETH way;-)
  7. It’s spreading its wings,where there’s money to be made,top sports will travel.
  8. Hopefully In future,United will buy a better pedigree of Youngsters.
  9. ETH being a CB was in no way going to stick with waste of space
  10. He so,fucked up at the wrong time,ego can kill your dreams.
  11. Any thoughts on the busy Saudi transfer situation,what impact, could this have,for the future,certainly players will be biased towards money.
  12. Name me a time when Utd ever played from the back,Uniteds mindset was too blaze through the opposition,one touch,all the way,LVG,tried,but the others never,they pretended to,but fell flat on their faces,playing out from the back,with control is an art,so far only Pep has mastered that,and Arteta is trying to follow suit.
  13. He wasn’t required to play from the back,until recently,and yes He was and probably is,still the best shot stopper ever.
  14. https://twitter.com/fabrizioromano/status/1677676377653297153?s=46 not far off now,striker next?
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