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  1. Him and Sabitzer having a good run at present
  2. Glazers will drag this saga on.
  3. It’s money motivated,the real person can see through the situation,not fit for MUFC any longer.
  4. No Casemiro,Eriksen,Garnacho,Antony,Martial,wrong time of the season for injuries,but United have Fred!
  5. It was a header,the other was not a chip,but tried to pass it ,to Davids left.
  6. A very interesting draw,a goal would have been great..
  7. BBC is run for and by any government that’s in charge at the time,every country has their own media
  8. They should have saved a couple of goals from 7,for this match.
  9. Who would you replace Him with??this guy when on form,covers every blade of grass on that pitch,I’d rather sell Rashford and Sancho,but not before Maguire goes.
  10. A much better performance from all,happy for our Workhorst and Bruno,and the Antony goal has become his trademark.
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