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  1. Alright, I'll wind my neck in just as long as you promise to stick yours up you're arse, where it so obviously belongs! Think McT is putting himself in EtH's window. 4 in 2 games, 6ft 4in tall, ideal height for a CF, and only recieved 1 yellow card in the 94th minute against the Spaniards. Who needs Lewandowski, Halaand, Kane, Weghorst ( just a typo) when we have McT?
  2. Only in the hope upstairs the OGS could somehow ' manage' to secure the signing of Halaand?
  3. No concerns this side of Hadrian's. We'll let the the Spanish & Norwegians fight it out for the left overs.
  4. Martial possibly back? Now I'm really concerned!
  5. He's looking at over 1 billion Utd supporters globally therefore a stake of only 3 quid each matches his 50%?
  6. I reckon you could could extend that to 24 years. Just curious, does anyone really give a fuck what's happening with CPFC? I certainly don't!
  7. Just read briefly about this Finnish dude considering throwing his hat in the ring with a refreshing bid that involves Utd fans globally having an input. Nearly chocked on my cornflakes ( well it is 5am down under) Any truth to this wildcard?
  8. Or goes near any linesman in a fit of anger, or fuckin petulance!
  9. Can't go with you on Lindeof comrade. Always appeared as the proverbial ' rabbit in the headlights ' to me. Nowhere near the class which would be required to play in this (or any) position for Utd. Can't handle the thought of going with any of Ole's dependables!
  10. I'm hoping EtH goes for wee Lisandro in as defending midfielder. He's proven before that he's like fuckin brick wall for opponents to overcome. Shaw as CB on left with Malacia taking over LB position. Really can't see any other viable options
  11. I think now it's bloody obvious Utd are going to get nothing from him (remember Memphis) he has to go asap. We won't recoup anything like the money we paid for him but to think of the ridiculous money he's being paid is a travesty. See quite a few wingers in the EPL who far surpass him, fuck it, I see many in the Championship that do likewise. Just can't believe why EtH has him in the starting IX?
  12. What's that you're referring to? Starting Wout and McT? Would be my ideal transfer action but I don't think Dortmund are that fuckin daft Can't agree with you on that one. Bellingham playing alongside Casemiro would make a tremendous midfield pairing. The lad has so much talent plus the fact he's so young makes him the most sought after player in Euro football at the moment. If we could possibly win the FA and or the Europa it might put Utd in the reckoning. No matter where he goes that club have an outstanding talent for many years to come.
  13. Reckon it will be a pretty tough game. But it's the type of game I want to start winning. Losing away to City, Arsenal and that disgrace at Anfield, shows a very vivid picture. We definitely need someone , somewhere to show real gumption to help carry us thru these games ( can't rely on Casemiro alone ) A draw might prove a result favouring us, but I would only settle for that if we really gave a performance that shows we're up for these games. Still want to beat these cunts cause 3rd place recieves a more favourable path for next season's ECL.
  14. Any news on the bids lads?
  15. The day Utd stole wee Macari from Celtic. My boyhood idol. Went to the same school, tho the wee man was a few years before me. When he got the time he'd come to help out at our training and a few times he'd come and watch us play. Aye, wee Lou, an absolute steal, so a lot of Celtic fans became Utd fans also. Geordies, can't stand the cunts!
  16. Don't forget the loads that travel from the East end of Glasgow, and have done since the 8th of January 1972. You mention ratbag, imo that ' title ' goes to the fuckin geordies. The wealthiest football club on the planet?
  17. I'm puzzled, I'm perplexed, I'm totally taken aback Albert. I took you for a man who would never cast eyes on that fascist rag. Printed by idiots, read by fools!
  18. Easily? After our performance against Betis the other night, I reckon you may be a little over optimistic my friend?
  19. Whereas, Carrick doing a decent job in the Championship
  20. Yeah, looks like lady luck has shined upon us
  21. After watching the ' stand ins ' this evening shows what a dire situation we are in. Think wee Tyrell is the only 1 who could walk off with his head held high
  22. Only ever seen him play around 30mins decent football for Utd. Kinda difficult to regress from that nir?
  23. Christ, after watching this kinda performance against the mighty Real Betis, shows just what we're gonna be capable of when he's out. The blind leading the dumb as fuck. What a disjointed performance
  24. Don't worry pal, we'll, maybe you should!
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