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  1. I'm still totally baffled as to what type of player RR rates ' ideal ' to fit into his system? And just what system he wants his team to play???
  2. Yeah mate, baffles me as well ???
  3. Has wee Mason got a twin? Is Varane injured( again)
  4. Not sure about that. I think that wee ballboy usually at the Stretty End could teach him a few tricks!
  5. No, us Scots r not biased in who we'd like to see at OT. There r a few midfielders I'd luv Utd to sign but McGinn would definitely be my 1st choice! Then sign his young brother from Hibs. There's also Cal MacGreggor at Celtic, who should surely be given the armband. Hearts have got a brilliant young lad, no wait a minute, I might just be getting a wee bit biased after all?
  6. I look at McGinn in midfield, box to box, scores a few, assists r plenty but no, we'll stick with McFred & Matic? Absolute bollocks!
  7. Gary

    Likeable squad?

    Yeah, go along with most of them except Sancho, haven't seen enough of him ( live in Oz and don't get much Budesliga ) but he's yet to impress. For me, Rashford is a big concern!
  8. How right u were! Dont think you're gonna be absolutely amazed Kev Ole's Legacy Glad to hear that McGuire's total lack of ability has not been overlooked. 80 mill? Thanks Ole!
  9. Agree on all bruv, I'm afraid. We all know the talent the guy has but we only get the rare chance to watch and admire it. With the state of this team/club at present, I think I'd rather walk around totally clouded as opposed to face the facts at the moment!
  10. Think I'd rather have Morecambe & Wise than they 2!
  11. Pochettino has obviously been mentioned as the frontrunner but when u think of his options, who would u rather have in you're charge. Sancho, Rashford & Martial or Mbappe, Neymar & Messi?
  12. That is my thoughts exactly brother. Last 10mins of 1st half they took control. After restart RR should have given it 10-15 max and worked out the fu kin obvious, need hanges immediately. 1 of OGS's old traits Fuckin disgraceful
  13. Better still, pay some cunt to take him!
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