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  1. Don't fancy england's fuckin chances! Doubt it, he's far wiser than that. Think his record speaks volumes!
  2. Listening to Cantona, Fergies ( President of Football ) He's telling us all of the German stature. No outsider can completely own a football club. It must be 51% only. This philosophy is a must. We can't let any fuckin morons come in and own MUFC! He puts it perfectly, do we want our stadium known as fuckin Woolworths OT? The fans have a major say, if you want to sit back and whinge over the Glazrers, so be it. If you want to get rid of they bastards ( and others like them ) then serìous action is required. Haven't seen anything happening from MUFC fans, so I'd suggest only cowardice,
  3. Face it pal, he's a disgrace to our gender, let alone football club. A despicable wee bastard, who's still being paid 75k per week. How many of us earn that in a year. Absosulute piece of trash!!! Time was, I'd wash hands of football. He obviously won't be allowed anywhere near OT. But I totally agree, if this is what it's sunk to, I'll look elsewhere ( the Newcastle deal was bad enuff )
  4. Being Scottish, I was delighted when I heard that Totally agree comrade!
  5. Intelligent? I'm amazed you can spell it?
  6. Yeah, he might be, but unfortunately left the rest of us far from it!
  7. Far surpasses McFred, who play as though they are in their 90's!
  8. Then again, think of where it might take us when he has the opportunity to link up again with Martial? Dread the thought!
  9. The guy's world class. An absolute steal for us. Watched Modric against Glasgow Celtic the other night, similar case, when you've got it, you never lose it. But then again, CR and Casemiro better sharpen up their acts!
  10. Major gulf between him and laurel/hardy
  11. Don't how he was allowed back on the pitch after 45. Showed an almost telepathic understanding with Fred on how not to bother the opponent's defence, or win a game! Dire
  12. Like him a lot. Great tenacity, technical ability and defensive know how!
  13. Still disillusioned that we never signed Ruben Neves for that position. Knows the English game so well and is only 25 yrs old. Pity!
  14. Put it this way bruv, he couldn't have got any worse. What a diabolical performance, almost on a par with the Brentford game!
  15. Quite correct bruv. Total waste of money. Another ' master-stroke ' from OGS!
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