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  1. Jeezus. What side of the park bench did you wake up on? Don't think too many of us 'fucks' thought we were bringing a Lewandowski or Aguero replica to OT on loan from Burnley. Bench warmer maybe, a 6ft 6in figure playing up front to pretend to all and sundry that we possess a striking threat, perhaps, but new Utd cult hero? No pal, reckon you're smoking different shit than the rest of us but at least our choice is legal!
  2. Fuckin hope not Fuckin bore for 70 odd minutes. Antony has become a very big concern
  3. Mate, Albert Tatlock would be an improvement on mcfred and he's been dead for 30 odd years. Time will tell
  4. Yeah, by the legalities of it, he's not guilty. When you go over the case and see what was said by those closest to the whole scenario it's nearly impossible to think of him as " innocent " of all allegations. In the Court of Morality, the wee bastard is as guilty as hell .Hope Utd buy out his contract and send him packing. He'll probably end up in Saudi where he'll be congratulated for his actions. A team-mate of Cunt R7.
  5. Let's hope the latter is OK and playing at OT next season!
  6. Haven't seen much of this kid Mainoo but think he should start the game. Allow him the experience of minutes and also the opportunity for him to show us what he's got. Somehow think the lad won't disappoint?
  7. Can't put too much faith in McFred. They've both been at OT long enuff to show us what they have to offer and , frankly, neither has the qualities to take or contribute to Utd taking the next up to where we belong. I don't expect to see McT at Utd next season, if he is, it'll be as a constant bench warmer, so selling and replacing him in the next window would make sense.
  8. I think his being given the MOTM award was predetermined before kick off. If EtH could afford to keep him on for the 90 then psychologically it would mean so much to him. Mainly confidence wise so overall a very wise move. He's badly in need of that kick up the backside. Hopefully it'll get him going coz realistically, we need to see if he warrants that money spent on him.
  9. Just can't see it. Championship side, maybe, but shouldn't be near any MUFC dressing room, never mind team!
  10. We must have been watching different games Front row? I'd have been more concerned sitting in Row Z
  11. Antony, MOTM. Is it just me coz I'm totally baffled by that. Amount of possession he had, played a beautiful ball thru for Cassie but what else?
  12. Agree on some of it. He was awful in Scotland but think he was rangers best loan signing ever (Glasgow bias obviously) Elanga? Get real man, wouldn't have him sitting on the bench in my reserve team!
  13. Gotta remember that for all the years Moyes has been managing, he's never won a trophy
  14. Off the dial. Heard some ex-pros who've worked with him at youth level describe him as the " complete football player " Even read him being called the " Irish Haaland " Can't remember who said that, probably some mad Irishman? Only seen little of him so far but that was enuff. This lad really is special.
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