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  1. Think you may be a little optimistic on your dates there comrade. EtH has a full rebuild on his hands. Is he good enough? I think he is but will he have the support and backing that's required? That's what really concerns me!
  2. I was really hoping for 8th spot. No need to give a fuck about Euro Mickey Mouse Cup. Could've sent the kids away and have our superstars concentrate on comps at home! Stalwarts of the Enish national side, one and all !
  3. Conte taking the job would've meant us playing in ECL next season. There's no way he'd have taken any bullshit from upstairs, that's why I admire him. January signings? Spurs- Bentancour, Kuslevski Arsenal- Odegaard, Liverpool-Luis Diaz, MUFC- fuckin none, even when it was blatantly obvious we were going nowhere. Martial off to Seville, Greenwood off to jail and Rashford off to Peterborough next season I hope!
  4. Just enlighten me. What say does RR have on who the fuck stays and who goes???
  5. Mate, I'm 58 yrs old and I'm still better than the rest of the shit Utd have. Don't want to see Sancho in a Utd shirt ever again. Total fuckin bottle merchant
  6. Agree with 1 part of that E. Glimpses, that's all we got!
  7. Uses umbellas mor often as well
  8. Need to make sure there's a fair supply of brollies in the dugout for McLaren's sake! Dare say a few of you have seen the new ten Hag chant being belted out in a boozers buy a few Utd supporters? Jeezus, hope they don't start singing that at OT. Something along the lines of " 1 Hag, 2 Hag, 3 Hag etc etc, all the way up to 10 Hag 10 Hag 10 Hag " Pretty excruciating to listen to. They could have sang only the even numbers, would have made it only half as excruciating, mathematically speaking that is!!!
  9. My sincere hope is for West Ham to pip us for a place in the Europa Mickey Mouse Cup which leaves us embarrassingly in the Euro Minnie Mouse Conference which would allow EtH to send his reserve team out to play these games. That then offers him the opportunity to focus entirely on the 3 domestic trophies. Not to try for success there, that would never happen, but at least to try improve on the humiliating, disgraceful and pathetic shambles we've seen for the last few seasons. The Theatre of Dreams has now became the Theatre of Screams. Good old Ole!
  10. Gary

    Paul Pogba

    His agent, thee fuckin agent from hell is dead. Couldn't happen to a more worthy guy. Fuckin sleazebag. May his soul (not that he had one) rot in Hades for eternity or at least till we win the EPL, whichever happens first?
  11. Can't be taught class and he's always had it in abundance
  12. Don't tell me he's moving up to Scotland ffs
  13. Club comedian, tho he's not produced much to laff about! I know it's on a different vein but I'm curious as to how many Southgate will include in WC squad out of McGuire, Shaw, Rashford and Sancho ( and, dare I say it, Greenwood)
  14. Every time I've seen him come on, all 2 of them recently, I see a whole new dimension that we've being sadly lacking. Fuckin shame to see him go!
  15. He's the biggest embarrassment at MUFC at the moment and that takes a bit of doing considering the other shit on the field.
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