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  1. Really would have liked to see him bring young Ferguson in from Brighton. 1 or 2 seasons at OT and that lad would turn in to the dynamic CF that the fans would love. Boyhood Utd ( and Celtic) fan, we would have 10+ years of him as our 1st choice striker no doubt.
  2. I'd be delighted if he were to remain 1st choice for Engalundd
  3. Far too few "squad" players failed to be offloaded this window. Probably prevented a coupla new guys being brought in due to massive salaries being paid at present. The most concerning aspect for the immediate future is the total lack of investment on our right sided options. Dalot/AWB playing behind Antony will bear no threat whatsoever to any EPL team imo. Fuckin sickening to watch these halfwits pull on the shirt on a consistent basis.
  4. Both FIFA &.EUFA Tax free money
  5. The United way my friend
  6. See you've ignored doctor's orders and ditched the meds already Oliver
  7. Yeah and I can't see anything sensational happening in that department. Should've went all out for Kane.
  8. Playing for which club?
  9. Gotta agree with you on that front P
  10. The longer we wait about, prices as always jump up closer to the end of the window. Really don't want to see Utd slide down that slippery slope yet again. Having to pay an extra 10 mill for players EtH has been chasing for the last month. Get your fingers out your arseholes Glazers, you've embarrassed and degraded us often enuff in the past.
  11. Yeah something must be done about this. Reckon the FIFA or more importantly EUFA must step in to solve this horrendous situation. Just look at what happened to the world golf scenario. Fucking disgraceful. Perhaps placing a ban on players not playing in the Continent where competitions are being held on the international stage may raise some doubt in the minds of younger players from grabbing the obscene money on offer. Shouldn't matter to folk like cunt R7, Benzema, Kante etc who've done their bit for their country. But those who still have a lot to offer their nation, R Neves springs
  12. With what we have to offer up front I'd even consider a Dennis Law recall.
  13. You may have misunderstood me hd. I'm suggesting Utd pay any club just so we can get rid of him. Useless piece of shite Apologies. I think I've already clarified my opinion on that point. Too much Guinness last night!
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