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  1. Cheers but i guess Salford Red did not have the difficult upbringing i did. My farther , and i loved him dearly, was and it is to my undying shame. A bloody City supporter….. i know its so shameful!!
  2. PVAD I agree, i have watched my beloved team over 57 years I’m 60 now. I have seen the greats Charlton, Law , Best and Kidd play . Then came the wilderness years when i had to watch the Scousers winning (they were good though). But even when it was bad the team had pride and played for each other and the club. We have players now who see it as a tick on the CV, some do care but are not good enough or have yet to learn the craft ( out on loan). But plain and simple Fred needs to go and McT, well a loan period might get him sorted but he is not up to it either. It is hard to watch such lack lust
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