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  1. Just be happy the rat is gone! Glazers have to be hounded out next, need to take a leaf out of the Chelsea fans book and start protesting outside Old Trafford.
  2. Lot of United fans I know are ceasing supporting the club forever if United go ahead with this. It’s some act of shit- housery from Woodward and the Glazers, that United fans want to bail from the club. Don’t blame them either. Go watch your local team rather than billionaire American owners jacking each other off in this ridiculous league.
  3. I’m sure most of you saw Gary Neville on Sky earlier, I’ve never seen him as livid as that. As others have said, football is over if this goes through. I’m fuming to be honest, this has Ed and the Glazers grubby hands all over it, alongside the likes of Kroneke. Well, they can pretty much get fucked as far as I’m concerned.
  4. So 8 points behind the Berties with 6 games remaining. Realistically, the title has been pretty much out of reach for most of the season but if City decided to self destruct we could be in win a shout ? Wasn’t pretty but Mason is just different class.
  5. Henderson has to get that, or Maguire has at least got to win that in the air. Disappointing to concede in that way.
  6. Okay, I’m new here so I have no idea what that means! If you’re referring to here (having a laugh) fair enough!
  7. Hi lads, 51 year old United fan from Dublin, great to be aboard. I used to post regularly on the Republik of Mancunia forum but it got so toxic there, I had to leave as it was literally the worst United forum on the internet. So much negativity. Glad to be here ??
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