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  1. It's hard to believe that the Glazers would risk being charged with stock manipulation but their behavior certainly dictates that's exactly what was happening. The only solution to being rid of this bad management is to deny them what they're after. I personally think they are so far removed from what is actually happening with the club they don't understand this is not the same organization which was under Sir Alex. They believe they have the market strength of the most desirable club in the world. I have read that the Glazers are "thick skinned"; it's more likely they are economic
  2. My skepticism questions why two of the Glazers want to hold on. Their past management of United indicates a lack of interest in the club itself and their bad management has decreased the value. In the end I believe all that matters is what the supporters are willing to suffer; if the proper investment isn't made the powerhouse of a once great team is done. I've said it before and I'll say it again. If you want the Glazers out the fans will have to take the brunt of it and stop spending. Making profit is fine, that's what business is all about. The problem is they are turning into the RCA
  3. What breaks me up about his joining a Saudi club is all the bitching he did about the Champions League. After his season with United, the behavioral problems and his World Cup posturing for other people's achievements (Bruno...) you'd think the buyers would have enough sense to steer clear. But, who knows, they like collecting western women - maybe this is some strange vanity purchase. They'll hand him a walker and send him out to the pitch.
  4. Christiano Ronaldo doesn't believe in Jesus because he's God's gift to the world.
  5. How many Christiano Ronaldos does it take to change a light bulb? None. When you ask them to do it they throw a tantrum and head for the dressing room.
  6. The man has shot himself in the foot. Regardless if he was right or wrong anyone who would hire him is now backing away - who wants that kind of trouble? Blasting your own guys with that much vitriol is a direct attack on your own team. The only thing that makes sense is that he's trying to get fired for a payday and a chance to move on. He will always have supporters - and more power to them - but for retirement he's very likely just damaged his brand. After that kind of temper tantrum I am less likely to get excited over whatever book deal and sneaker deals he gets. He is raising the pr
  7. While I took comfort in the win I have to agree with some of the "naysayers". Bruno scored which was great but the rest of the game it seemed like they were treading water. Rashford isn't the same player as when he started, the hunger and speed seem to be gone - he behaves like a disinterested winger. While I feel a sense of...appreciation(?) - having watched him grow up on the Old Trafford pitch the time seems to have come to re-evaluate what he is capable of. Years of stacking mid-level players is coming home to roost. When the next transfer window opens it's time to piss or get of
  8. Seems to me the truly scary thing is that none of the players appear to want to impress the new boss. Maybe his best tactic at this point - to motivate them - is to start firing guys.
  9. There's an old saying; "Better a hole than an asshole". If the man is that unhappy and it's damaging moral let him go. The plain fact of the matter is most of that squad should follow him but he's the one garnering headlines. You can argue his talent or his age till the end of time - if he's that unhappy it's a detriment to the club and his own reputation.
  10. I have to say that I hated that canary yellow away kit. There was something so non-threatening about it I didn't wonder why there wasn't much pressing going on. It hurt my eyes.
  11. The only way to deal with the owners, people like the Glazers, is to put a whirlpool on their profit margin. It's kind of screwed for the season but no one buys season tickets...no one buys any tickets. Empty seats do not look good on the television; that also sends a direct public message. The shirts, keychains, coolers - whatever - aren't purchased until they're gone. Watch the games in the pubs or have game day parties at home but make sure not one thin coin goes to the Glazers. Relegating M.U. will do nothing; the corporation will simply get cheaper and less talented players, sta
  12. I feel I owe an apology for an old post; I thought De Gea was finished but on closer examination I put his "failures" on Maguire and other weaknesses in the back. Without sufficient support the man is screwed.
  13. Maru

    Paul Pogba

    More than anything else he's boring. I think the only reason broadcasters keep calling him out is they find the name Pogba fun to say. There's no anticipation to see him; a shoulder shrug is the most he elicits when announced on the roster. The only excitement he brings now is when he actually starts engaging.
  14. I was a fan and hopeful for a return to form, but now... Rashford is a detriment; even if he's sold down league he needs to go. Holding on to him, even in the wake of Covid, makes no sense. He's a place filler now at best. If he wants to go, then go; stop bitching and play better or go somewhere else.
  15. Has anyone thought to check his bank records? He may be taking bribes from Liverpool.
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