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  1. Has anyone thought to check his bank records? He may be taking bribes from Liverpool.
  2. He was also at fault. He should have been in position and focused on Salah; every time Liverpool scored Maguire was nowhere to be seen. The entire left side of the pitch was empty except for Liverpool. If he has any sense of accountability he should resign as captain.
  3. Okay, I was wrong - Ole out but Maguire also needs to be held accountable. Salah was running into his position completely unopposed. Further, as captain it was his responsability to whip them into shape on the field. There was a complete lack of leadership from high to low.
  4. Maru

    Daniel James

    I have a feeling this one is going to bite us in the ass down the line. It's the potential that worries me. The kid is aggressive and fearless. Once the skill develops with age...well, I'd hate to see it turned against us. As for the thirty million, never sneer at money! Me, I'd gladly take it. Hell, sell them a couple of invisible bridges - fork over the cash, boys!
  5. I'm wondering, generally, if this is a good or bad thing. Ronaldo is in the twilight of his career - but he is still Ronaldo. The fact that City passed on him makes me curious if there are factors here that are not being discussed. I'm curious how people feel about his rejoining United: trepidation? Relief? Until the goals start manifesting I'm all conflicted.
  6. Thanks to hdcantona for the thread. The article softened my staunch support of Ole. I'm not an all out hater of the man (I think the relegation scare of Moyes is still to fresh for me), but for the supporters a little more transparency of just what the hell is going on would be not only appropriate but wise. In looking at the current line up my first reaction was "Oh, no". Hopefully I am wrong - I pray that I'm wrong - but there is no one there that makes me eager to watch them play. Trumpeting Sancho may be good for a short burst of enthusiasm but they still seem to be lacking anything t
  7. Injured or not, bad or not; the simple fact is that strikers strike. He doesn't; or at least hasn't in quite a while. When I think back to Rooney and Van Persie the consistent and driving fact was that they were driven to attack the goal. People may give Cavani crap for his age but he - unlike others - looks to bury the ball. They may not always score, it may not even be pretty but so long as some United player is looking to terrorize a goal keeper I'm happy. I prefer to see goalkeepers as candidates for twelve step programs after playing United and Rashford is not providing that stress. Let h
  8. I agree absolutely - for all the crap thrown at Sokskjaer this is on point. I still don't think this would necessarily demand his removal but let's see if he learns from his mistakes.
  9. While Ole got the team into the final, and second in the league, I do have to question the rational of not replacing Rashford. I am a huge Rashford fan but he was off his game. By the time the sixtieth minute rolled around it should have been self-evident that someone more focused filled his slot. If they had born down on the strikes I don't think it would have ended that way. I absolutely agree about de Gea. Go in peace, go with God and - sincerely - you will be fondly remembered but it's time to go to MLS.
  10. Freakin' YES! Manchester United is back! Into 3rd and aggressive! If Ole keeps this up people need to stop with the "Firing Ole" stuff. This was magnificent and they're doing well.
  11. I agree that it is a harsh, but fair, topic. However, it may still be a bit premature. What differentiates Ole from the others is that he was present when this club was functioning at it's highest and I do believe that he must have absorbed some lessons from that experience. The thing that makes me curious is about the successive series of strikers who, once they join United, suddenly stop running for the box. However, once they're passed onto another club suddenly start scoring goals again as if there were laser sights strapped to their boots. This bizarre repetition predated Ole an
  12. Being in the US I could only watch this in Spanish (and I don't speak Spanish) so not only could I not understand what the commentators were saying but they were giving me a headache. Having to watch this on a slightly accelerated rate what I noticed was that, while United had decent possession not one of them put any real pressure on the goalie. While partial responsibility lays in Ole's formation the other part of success derives from the forwards imagination and determination. It seemed like the whole front half of United was waiting around for someone else to create the opportunity instead
  13. I think the problem is larger than Ole; it seems that he's being hamstrung from above. The distribution of assets is not allowing the club to thrive. Whether or not you're pro-Pogba what has to be calculated is that he is not delivering when it comes to his salary. For what this man is being paid United could get four players to provide the same results, just as an example. Moyes basically sucked the heart out of United with the purging he began and, whether or they were competent or not, the subsequent managers have not been allowed to rebuild the "killer instinct" of former squads. To return
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