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  1. Lots of memorable games at Chelsea over the years, remember 1966 with John Aston coming in for Denis Law, injured I think, and scoring 2 goals.
  2. 247 United apps, and he was 24/7 in all regards, RIP.
  3. United v. Wolves was the first game postponed after the Munich air crash, meant to be played on Sat 8 Feb 1958, eventually played in Apl.
  4. United 1 Walthamstow Avenue 1 on 31/1/53 in the FAC, just as well the internet hadn't been invented.
  5. Yes, that home first half was awful, trying to look on the bright side over the 2 games as a whole !
  6. Honour fairly even over the 2 games, City in the final, now for Wolves and Chelsea.
  7. Investor considering United. Would last night make a takeover more or less likely. Slightly less prob.
  8. United at City all time, P 87, W 32, D 25, L 30.
  9. Shankly was only kidding !
  10. City 2 United 0 in the FAC otd in1955, hope for better tonight.
  11. The main issue is how to accommodate 4 extra CL fixtures in an already congested calendar.
  12. They've scrapped FAC replays from R5 onwards, suspect R4 will be next...... The fixtures problem shows no sign of letting up. Reports that the CL will feature 4 additional games from 2024, said that teams in europe may quit the LC, but they often play reserves in that comp so don't see how that helps.
  13. Correct. Think though that the away goals rule no longer applies, so a 2 goal advantage to United would lead to penalties, you never know !