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  1. Ok we have all heard fellow reds say we should Boycott a game, hit the glazers in the pocket, at the same time sending a message to Woodward to eff off!! Well that idea has its merits but it would really do our club damage, SO if a game boycott wont happen we should all stand up and turn our backs to the game at a specified time, to show we are united in our contempt for the owners and the CEO, a minutes protest say! I remember being in the united road standing area in 1990 at a game against crystal palace, where we ALL sat down in protest at Martin Edward's and (ashamed to say this!!) To sack fergie!!!. Ok that protest turned out to be ignored THANK GOD , but non the less it was a powerfull show of solidarity, and that we were all united in our aim. Yes I know it could be construed as turning our back on the team, but I think it's pretty obvious the football isnt manchester united football , nobody wants to watch at the moment anyway, it would be a powerfull message, and no it isnt the poznan !!!! Thoughts??? Something needs doing, I'm destroyed inside, like I'm sure you are.
  2. The Law

    Ole Sack Watch

    Yeah we have become everything united fans hate , a team full of game raisers, just like west ham were with us , when we were good!
  3. The Law

    Ole Sack Watch

    Can you imagine what its gonna be like at Anfield?? How bad are we, Ole has NO clue, I keep checking my phone in the hope he might have been sacked , but no still there he sits the Boss of our beloved club, do you no something I have a theory as to why he is unsackable! Right just hear me out. We all know what beedy little eyes woodwards got, and he does look pure crimewatch if you was to create an e-fit of an.. operation yewtree suspect his face would show up!!! Well what if Ole had a USB stick full of woodwards errrr,, bad habits, hey ?? Now that would explain everything , especially the smiles on oles face after every post match interview when we have been hammered !! The bizarre substitutions the even more baffling match day squads!! Its all making sense,, who's with me ??? You see I'm that upset and frustrated, I'm turning into alex jones !!!
  4. The Law

    Jesse Lingard 2019/20

    At last, would love to see lingard move on, his exit cant come quick enough.