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  1. agur

    David De Gea 2019/20

    Yet another clean sheet for DDG. Can see him coming out to grab crosses now.
  2. agur

    Harry Maguire 2019/20

    Man Utd with Maguire vs Leicester without Maguire. At Old Trafford. Time to crush them!
  3. agur

    David De Gea 2019/20

    Think De Gea needs to grow longer hair. He looks more intimidating that way.
  4. agur

    David De Gea 2019/20

    From a financial standpoint, Man Utd has to get De Gea to sign the contract and pay him 290k per week. It will be around 1.16 mil per month. Then when the time comes can sell De Gea for 50 mil or more. For De Gea, it's also more financially rewarding to get a new contract. This gives him more stability and he can move in the future with more transfer fees cut. So, it's a win-win for both.
  5. agur

    David De Gea 2019/20

    No one can doubt De Gea has quick hands but he also has quick feet. He has the agility of Casilas except that he is much taller. The bane of many short keepers such as Ospina are that they don't have De Gea's reach, meaning they can't even touch some ball's leading to goals while De Gea can. The CP goal may seem like a mistake by De Gea but maybe it was De Gea's quickness that allowed him to at least touch the ball with his feet.
  6. agur

    Chris Smalling 2019/20

    Smalling would have stopped the Southampton header goal because he's taller and he has greater aerial ability too. Anyway, now he's off to Rome. Italian Serie A is getting really exciting this season.
  7. Fcuk Smaldini. But you guys know that Phil Jonesta keeps more clean sheets whenever he plays? Despite playing less football than Smalling, Jones was involved in keeping the most clean sheets, with 15 from his 23 appearances. Smalling helped keep 12, followed by Bailly (eight), Lindelof (six) and Rojo (two).
  8. agur

    David De Gea 2019/20

    De Gea made a great save against Ings. Do people seriously expect anyone to catch that kind of ball? Do you know how fast it was moving? Pinpoint reflexes cannot be trained. All De Gea need to do now is to come out and catch more crosses and he will remain a top keeper. The fault is more on Wan Bissaka who allowed the cross and Lindelof who failed to head it out.
  9. agur


    No. I am agur, not hyuga. Who is hyruga?
  10. agur


    What's wrong with Fred? FRED is RED.
  11. agur

    Luke Shaw 2019/20

    Shaw is injured for 5 weeks too. Isn't it sad we have to rely on Young again?
  12. agur

    Victor Lindelöf 2019/20

    Yes Lindelof was at fault for the first goal. His heading was poor.