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  1. Pogba only tries when wearing blue!
  2. The Scot's thought they just had to turn up, the build up to their game was like the World cup final, but some things never change!
  3. Great to see the Dutch, the comp is truly underway.
  4. OK, only 36 minutes in, Depay looks OK, his end product needs to improve, think he'd get similar stick as Martial.
  5. Think all his confidence is drained, and he just plays it safe, would like to see him express himself, but if he can't step up, he has to go!
  6. A player who looks good when others around him are working hard, think he's taken the piss out of our club for too long.
  7. Shhh, no one knows we're after him!
  8. What we need is an oil rich dictatorship with poor human rights to take control of the club.
  9. Tidy international player, depth of squad is required.
  10. Never been properly linked with us, so don't see it happening, think we'll get Sancho and a CB.
  11. Lot's of paper talk about Ronaldo being swapped for Pogba, I'm not buying it!
  12. Takes our pain away for five minutes, now back to the harsh reality.
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