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  1. Yes, players get injured, Rashford will go through a quiet spell, and Martial can go missing, also we could do with more competition for places, and we could do with a fox in the box.
  2. Great team effort, two good performances on the bounce, let's see what the next few games will bring, but revel in this victory, I owe Rashford an apology, I said earlier in the season that I didn't think he was bright enough to lead the line, hope his great form continues. Guess we'll both be happy
  3. Guess we'll both be happy
  4. Ok, we won't hear you moan after shit performance then!
  5. I'm more interested in our performance than just the result. if we are competitive for the whole game and are still in it up to the final whistle, i'll be content.
  6. Deez Nutz

    2019/2020: PL Matchday 15 - Man Utd vs Spurs

    1-3, no hiding place for Ole of we don't win.
  7. Not quite the same squad. I'm not against a better manager like poch coming in, what I don't want is another knee jerk appointment that doesn't improve us.
  8. We don't have the players yet, or do you really think our squad is good enough for top 4?
  9. For me Rashford, AWB and James were the best United players by far, two of which were Ole's signings, our midfield makes dogshit looks good, do you choose shit or shit? if he signs midfielders that prove as successful as James and AWB, the pieces of the jigsaw will begin to take shape, i'm not interested in style at this stage, we are playing poorly, but still scoring, if we get a decent defensive midfielder to protect the defenders and a creative midfielder along with a target striker, we'll be on our way, some people are stupid enough to think there is a manager who can get this squad to win chance.
  10. To all those who want Ole sacked, ensure you include who you want to replace him with, and their availability and proof they could do better with that squad.
  11. At home that just ain't good enough, but I get the feeling we're only a couple of class players away from being 6-10 points better off, defence and attack are OK, but midfield is cac, a better defensive and attacking midfielder and we'd be far more potent.
  12. Villa ain't all that, we can't beat mediocre
  13. This game is anyone's
  14. Are you seriously questioning de Gea, over that!