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  1. The fact is Pogba is an employee of Man Utd and should do his best on the field regardless, he should shut his brother and agent up, because they make him seem a twat, if he wants to stay, he should come out and say so, and get on with his rehab and do his best on the pitch, if he wants to leave, he ain't doing himself any favours.
  2. It sounds like champions league is the be all and end all, it isn't, I would still like one more season to improve the squad, which OGS has appeared capable of doing, we need strength on the bench to adapt to different styles of play, next season is when I believe we should be achieving a top four place and comprehensively beating bottom half teams.
  3. We all know that we are far from the finished article, but we don't look the woeful side we were before Christmas, and we now have a side that we can build on without terrible rash transfers.
  4. Yet again this squad surprise me, well done, proper team effort.
  5. On a law of averages, we are due a beating, and they're better than us. Away win... Lindelof to have a stinker!
  6. He was clearly offside, he goes down looking for a penalty, that's the reason he's on the ground, it's his shot that De Gea sends skywards, and he moves his legs OUT OF THE WAY, how can you not be interfering with play if you have to move your legs to stop blocking the ball, soz Basters, but i have to disagree.
  7. Where in any offside ruling does the keepers vision come into it? You are either offside or not.
  8. From what little i've seen of Traore, he looks a beast, a bit more presence than James and he can cross.
  9. Heard it on the Radio and it sounded like we got knackered second half, I think we need to replace Lindelof, he's ok against mediocre, but he's far from top drawer, with someone more capable alongside Maguire we would ooze more confidence How was Mc Tomas on his return?
  10. Think i'll watch Match of the day tonight.
  11. this will be tough, boy's will have to dig deep, but hopefully we have the momentum.
  12. James has time on his side, wouldn't throw him under the bus yet, he's at the age where one season can bring maturity, maybe he's not being coached properly.