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  1. Great to see that buck toothed cunt sent packing back to Uruguay.
  2. Trippier should of been subbed, he had a lot of possession on the right, but did very little positive.
  3. Weird substitutions! Good to get our shit performance out of the Way before embarrassing the Welsh.
  4. What a shambles football is in, when the financial worth of potential owners is all anyone is bothered about! I want someone to come in and give this club it's dignity back, to put people in charge who have a fuckin clue about running a successful club.
  5. He's fucked his status with the fan's Thank you piers Morgan, you've done more for United than some of our manager's have over the last decade.
  6. Don't lower yourself! you know Erikson is not a long-term solution and won't play every game, you also know we need more depth and competition for places.
  7. Every time I've seen Maddison play, he's been excellent, an upgrade on McFred, links midfield and attack very well and knows where the goal is.
  8. I'm only interested in what I see on the pitch, he isn't good enough and needs to go, simpl as that.
  9. Fulham are there for the taking, we score next and it's all over, they score and suddenly become Barcelona 6 years ago.
  10. If talking shit was an Olympic discipline, you would be disqualified for having an unfair advantage!
  11. Doubt you've ever seen a cunt close up, but plenty of cocks.
  12. Fans are in good voice, they deserve something to celebrate.
  13. He should go along with Maguire, AWB and Sancho, if he doesn't turn it around, but I'm sure there is a great player in Sancho!
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