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  1. He's stagnated, time to move him on.
  2. Him and Joe Jordan were fukin hard as nails, that was when I first got into Football, Gary Bailey was another Hero, Sad to hear about Gordon.
  3. Yep, and whatever happened to playing on the break, we look like we're playing on mogodon!
  4. Judging by that starting 11, we're in for a slog.
  5. This season we've struggled against relegation fodder, let's hope we can smash the " we deserve to win trophies because we're huge, yawn yawn Geordie perennial relegation fighters"
  6. Cheating twat, if only our players put in the amount of effort during the match as trying to con the ref!
  7. The Man in the high castle is excellent, Rufus Sewell is amazing in it, the first series is a bit slow and filmed in near dark, but then it explodes into a must watch, although the final series could have been down in fewer episodes, but like loads of shows i think they didn't know how to end it.
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