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  1. We should of scored four, not very often we think that, urinated all over them 2nd half, opening 30 was wired.
  2. This was up for the most boring game of all time until they hit the post, or the Mogodon is wearing off!
  3. Do we have to go a goal behind to wake up??!!
  4. Got the feeling this will end in a draw.
  5. Quite a feat, especially as he's not playing for a glamour club, can't beat the stats, well done that man.
  6. Jeez, if we mess this up! Given tonight's results we should be biting at the heels of a top four finish.
  7. Bruno and Pogba are only two players, we need class in every position if we're to challenge, if we can only get 2 or three players per season it's gonna be a long haul, as long as we head in the right direction. What i would like my crystal ball to tell me, is how much more another manager could get from our current squad!
  8. He's carried us in the past, give the kid a break, ffs were hardly blessed with class players.