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  1. Over acting, mixed with woeful football, both teams playing like they've been on the piss.
  2. Don't know, as I don't watch it, it's a weird concept, but I don't give opinions on matters I know little about!
  3. Next season is is when we can asses his management skills with a clearer understanding of what he's about, especially if he signs players he thinks will improve the squad, on a personal level, O doesn't like him, probably means he's a likeable individual.
  4. Or add a Striker, we create and waste too many chances.
  5. Your addiction to Xg has clouded your judgement. Brentford allowed Citeh all the possession they wanted Infront of the back five, and citeh barely penetrated through, their best chances coming in the last minutes, but great defending and keeping kept them out, fully deserved 3 points.
  6. Surely Bailey for Stepney. Don't forget that Brentford were without Toney and Jensen, but yes Citeh rested some players, but Rico Henry totally bossed Walker and Pinnock and Mee had Foden so frustrated that he was wondering what was going on. ETH should be on the phone to Thomas Frank for advice.
  7. He's far more competent along side Varane than slab head, but who wouldn't be!
  8. Two teams needing a striker, with better finishing Chelsea should be ahead, but that's stating the obvious.
  9. Couldn't disagree more, you speak as though We're a few seasons from winning the title! Kane's influence world probably push others on. With Kane in our team this season, we'd probably be 9-12 points better off. Apart from Harland, he's the safest bet on the planet.
  10. Don't get it! It's not your money, and he's as guaranteed to be a success as you can get.
  11. Totally agree. Who wouldn't want Kane? and why wouldn't you want him, premier league proven, and a hard worker, FFS that's exactly what we need. Our ownership debacle could result in a crap transfer window!
  12. Probably a boring draw, as both teams will be on the beach, and both are capable of some exciting play mixed with utter dross.
  13. If Rice was interested in coming to United, it would be headline news, in fact, he's about the only player on the planet not linked to us.
  14. Everton have been on the cusp of relegation a few times, but have managed to stay up by the skin of their teeth, I'm hoping Leicester find form (miracle needed) and the scoucer's join Leeds, although I'm highly doubtful.
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