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  1. Can you get a more typical United performance!
  2. They all push out so quick, that they leave space behind, unfortunately our players play the wrong pass or play too many passes, giving them time to get into position.
  3. We haven't been that bad, they've just been deadly when it's mattered
  4. That get bodies back quick don't they.
  5. We've been dreadful with every squad member, let's not field a team at all!
  6. As bad as everyone thinks mcFred are, they know each other and might close that open door that Leicester exploited.
  7. I hope people don't think a new manager is the final piece of the puzzle, if they do they are likely to be disappointed, But the next step in our evolution is over due. A manager with pedigree has to get our players playing as a team with a defined style.
  8. "Old" a bit weird and slightly claustrophobic! 6.5/10
  9. Pogba's body language when being interviewed after the Leicester game, looked "I'm off" and he reiterated that the same mistakes are being made. Ex united player Derek Brazil said on Talk sport that Ole isn't the right man. It's not just the supporters that are speaking out. How long it takes the owners etc to make a change remains to be seen, but I'll bet no matter how dire, Ole will still be in charge at Christmas.
  10. It's surely the beginning of the end, don't hold your breath, this is united!
  11. Are we now guaranteed that people will die during any renavations to SJP!
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