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  1. Probably hit his head on the Exit sign on his way out!
  2. If United do well, for some it would be despite ETH. For those with intelligence, they'll assess how the team does this coming season.
  3. No room for passengers, you've got to be on top of your game, don't want another Pogba!
  4. What annoys me about Sancho, is that I believe he's got the talent, it's that there seems to be some built in suppressor that stops him using it.
  5. Get well soon Edwin.
  6. According to the BBC, ETH is looking to off load, Telles, Bailly, Williams, McTominay and Maguire to balance the books, they must be cheap shit books!
  7. Extraction 2, 600 people die so the main character can free his miserable ex sister in law and her two ungrateful children.
  8. De Gea signs new £500,000 PW 5 year contract
  9. Pickford and Mount! If that's all we're getting it's the limp dick transfer window.
  10. Nor me, would be different if it was the Scoucer's. I also think we know we're A badly run and the gulf won't be breached until things change at the very top. It's the Gooner's that should be crying that they handed the title to citeh
  11. Talk sport isn't going to be heard in my vehicle for quite some time.
  12. Citeh will be 2-0 up after 60 minutes, then play keep ball, frustrating Inter, they go down to 10 men, easy win for the Citeh.
  13. I don't believe any take over will happen, until it happens.
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