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  1. The Glazer's probably paid Ratcliffe to pretend he's interested as it would surely raise the share price!
  2. If a player demand's more than 20% more then their current contract, the club should tell them to fuck off, we should not be held hostage by wankers that want a payday more than wanting to play for the club, if this means we're stuck with the current bunch of shit, then so be it. We should forget this season and buy player's that actually want to play for the club ready for next season... In the Championship at this rate!
  3. I have defended DDG from what I describe as over the top abuse, but his time has come, a replacement is needed ASAP
  4. This group of players can't hide behind the fact that we want the Glazer's out, because when you're on the pitch it's down to you as an individual to play your best.
  5. Wouldn't surprise me if the Glazer's shipped OT to Saudi and franchised the club to the Saudi felafel league!
  6. There defeats in a row, piece of piss for the dippers.
  7. Was the only player who looked willing to fight, good physical presence for a small lad, maybe the new Paul Parker.
  8. Yesterday was one of the worse performance's I have ever seen, it was without doubt relegation standard. Only time will tell if there are three worse teams than us. Let's fuckin hope so! Reading away day anyone
  9. I was there, Firstly I think ETH has underestimated the premiership, secondly, there was no discernible system, no pattern of play, no running into position to receive the ball, just stationary players looking to lay the ball off to someone else. Yes DDG made errors, but Fred and Dalot looked even worse! I thought Maguire was called slab head because of the shape of his head, not because a paving slab has more intelligence! he looked bewildered, maybe his brain leaked out on it's way from the king power to OT. Brentford had another gear to go if needed, boy's this is relegation sta
  10. ETH, the next in a long line of managers to be ignored by the hierarchy...or is a change upon our club....nah
  11. We can fuck this season off already! the desperation in the transfer market stinks, we've got players that don't want be to be at the club, all these issues should be dealt with pre season, but no, our shower of a club do it during the season. FFS, why would any potential great prospect come here! We don't improve player's, they stagnate get frustrated and want to leave. Roll on next season.
  12. Could we not seek a swap, surely they've got someone we could use.
  13. There is the problem right there! no one is interested in playing for the club anymore, we want heart and guts, they want wages and Tik Tok accounts, long gone are the day's of loyal players that grew up loving the club, we now look for foreign imports that don't give a shit, but expect a fukin wage beyond comprehension.
  14. I'm getting to the point where I just don't care who comes in!
  15. Going to this, we'll have to score two, can't see them not scoring.
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