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  1. vpatrickd

    2019/2020: PL Matchday 1 - Man Utd vs Chelsea

    Lost some sleep over this match but what an opener. 4-0! And I’m so happy seeing SAF having a laugh. He usually looks so depressed watching from the stands. Not yesterday though!
  2. vpatrickd

    Marcus Rashford 2019/20

    10-15. He's not there yet. But in time with Ole's guidance, for sure.
  3. vpatrickd

    Ed Woodward

    All due respect, I think we have to look at it from the footballing team perspective. Those lower paid players like McSauce could have looked at Sanchez and think “guy earns 350k doing fuckall and gettin injured, while Im here getting paid 20k, contributing more. Might as well not put in an effort”. (I only used McSauce as he was the lowest paid, he did not think this way I believe). Martial would be a prime example of this pay-gap victim. His lazy ass couldn’t be bothered. When your business runs on team cohesion, it’s best that you do not disrupt the balance of the wage structure. It creates jealousy. It demotivates. If we take a look at the 07-08 CL winning team, Cristiano was the highest paid (deservedly so), 4 times higher than Wes Brown who’s the lowest paid. Today, the ratio is 16x.
  4. Full Name - José Diogo Dalot Teixeira Date of Birth - March 18, 1999 Place of Birth - Braga, Portugal Height - 1.84m (6"0) Weight - 71 kg Position - Right Back / Right Wing Number - 20 Date Signed with MUFC - June 8, 2018 for £19,000,000. 5-years contract (expires June 8, 2023) Weekly Wage - £23,000 before tax (£13,750 net) Facebook Twitter Instagram ~That night in Paris~ Diogo Dalot, one of Jose Mourinho's three signings in the summer of 2018, initially signed as a RB but has shown potential in the RW role, running down the wing and putting in crosses better than Ashley Young. Only 20 years of age, he has great technique with the ball, likes to take on defenders beating them with pace, and quite adept at tackling. Looks up to Cristiano Ronaldo as a role model. He's put in 23 appearances for us last season. Hope we see more of him in the coming season. (I think Ole will experiment playing AWB at RB and this guy at RW, with James at LW). There is a rumor that he's been told he's free to leave after the signing of AWB. But I reckon it's just exactly that, a rumor.
  5. vpatrickd

    Alexis Sanchez 2019/20

    I want to see him play as a no. 9, just once, and see what he'll do. Has he ever played in this position for us?
  6. vpatrickd

    Paul Pogba

    https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11667/11760088/man-united-will-not-be-forced-into-paul-pogba-sale-says-ole-gunnar-solskjaer Important quote from Ole: "As far as I'm aware we don't have any bids for any of our players. Most of our players have got long contracts. We are Man United - we do not have to sell players... There is an agenda against Paul but he is a top, top bloke. He is a great professional, there have never been any problems and he has got a heart of gold. For example, Jesse and Paul yesterday walking around and it is portrayed as a fight between the two boys. I know you are here to sell papers and sell stories but that is nothing. No problems between the boys at all. They are all professional."
  7. vpatrickd

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    I still to this day don’t understand why we are approaching Maguire. He’s not worth the price tag Leicester’s put in him. And I’m starting to think that our transfer targets are all British biased. Look at the people we’re in business with: James, AWB, Maguire, Longstaff. I mean where are the Koulibalys and Fernandeses.
  8. vpatrickd

    Paul Pogba

    And a few hours later, he uploaded this photo with Pog to show nothing’s went on. Not smooth.
  9. vpatrickd

    Player Threads 2019/20

    I haven’t done this before but I want to help out by taking Diogo Dalot. Please feedback me when I create the thread if Im lacking. Thank you
  10. vpatrickd

    Paul Pogba

    Both are 26 year olds happy with putting half a shift then dancing about it on social media.
  11. vpatrickd

    Paul Pogba

    That shit probably happens everyday in training during Jose Mourinho's era.
  12. vpatrickd

    Ladies football

    @THE BASTARD @Piazza Come on lads. Obviously there are cultural differences in the sports that your two nations play. US plays a lot of basketball, baseball, and "football". The UK plays football, rugby, netball. There's no need for verbal fights. I do agree though that America had it easy, because as mentioned, there are over 300 million people there, easier to find talent and opportunities to excel everywhere vs. England's 55 million. Hell, my country has over 200 million people and we excel at nothing except Badminton (again, it's cultural. My people grow up playing this shit).
  13. vpatrickd

    Daniel James 2019/20

    I'm pumped seeing him perform for us in the PL. He really looks like a humble kid who works hard. There was a mention that he started pre-season training (in Dubai if I remember correctly) way earlier than the other players, coaches paid for by himself.
  14. vpatrickd

    Real Madrid 2019/2020: The Rebuild

    Real signing superstars and wonderkids.. and we're pursuing Sean Longstaff... good God help us. Honestly though, if Zidane wins another CL next year he'll be the greatest manager ever.