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  1. are you the punctuation police! you fuking bell end, wtf is peterswellman ,,, so you peter loves a swollen man,, your fuking strange pillow biter
  2. Agreed! he was fuking awful,,, i was just reading the paper with an article saying arteta has been citys best signing is all,,,,
  3. Hey im ALF a little furry pole smoking, hairy donut eating zoob from the eighties
  4. he,s worked with wenger and now Guardiola mate ,two managers who play attacking football,,,not a bad apprenticeship ,,,knows the league too.. EXTRAPOLATED!
  5. Ay mate hows it going,,, whats a wum?
  6. I reckon he would be a good manager mate
  7. Yelling? Yeah i reckon he,d go alright
  8. I hope solskjaer does brilliantly,, but if he doesnt,,, arteta,s been in the league for a few years now, playing and coaching. ,, also taking him from city would f ing funny too
  9. Too replace solskjaer mate!
  10. What about that new manager bloke at Southampton,, he looks like he knows what he's doing
  11. Bill

    Throw out the rubbish now

    Wtf is this shoot clown on about ,,, im one what mate,,
  12. Bill

    Throw out the rubbish now

    Mate,,if you dont laugh at the the current predicament the club is in ,you,ll cry,,, the state the club is in is an embarrassment and at the moment I would rather watch city play,,,i just cant get that game against Everton out of my head,,,shambles to say the least... i mean solskaer as the manager of the biggest club in the world is a joke,,his singings and style of play for Cardiff were atrocious ,,hence relegated,,,molde,,,he,s playing against pubs teams in the artic ,and his record was so so,,mike phelan run on the curtails of Ferguson,,,probably only job was too put the cones out for training,,he,s been in Australia with the central coast mariners ,another mid table pub team ffs! Now we got these 2 clowns running a behemoth of world football,,,MADNESS! 52 MILLION for freddy,,,should ov threw that money at levy for poch,,,look im just so over the state of this circus ,that id would rather watch city and dare i say liverpool play,,,not win by the way,,i watched an interview with solskaer and g Neville and solskaer was dominated by nev and looked like a timid little boy, almost cowering ,,no authority, probably regressed back too the old days in the changing room sat in the corner pfffffhhh,,, this is BAD,, maybe get KEANE involved,, reserves ? Assistant? To protect solskaer,,thats if they end up keeping the fool and giving him 300mill too waste,,
  13. Bill

    Throw out the rubbish now

    Where's ya wheelie bin?...out on the kerb with the whole 1st team in it,,, no where's ya wheelie bin?,,, arhhh watching city mate!
  14. Time to take the rubbish out...ideas?