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  1. dodgy dave

    David De Gea 2019/20

    he`s a £50m rated goalkeeper,(thats what he would have got from another team at seasons end) what weve done is basically bought his contract from him and his agent and got him wage free for 4 years.I remember roy keane doing this "so too did sanches" thats if he signs and the wage is correct. and we then also have the power to sell him if we want.
  2. I`m not giving up yet on OLE neither am i giving up on Woodlouse. Both have really bad track records, but both have the capabillity to learn. Woody has done a good house clearing job over the last few months, but as my teacher always wrote "could do better" more should have gone. I think theres no money in the pot "plain and simple we have a £70m budget left each year as the yanks and shareholders take the rest". Now with a reduction of about £1m a week in the wage bill and £10m a year off luckys sale (as its in installments) we should have now the £70m yearly budget + £52m wage reductions + £10m for luckys sale = £130m ish a year to spend for the next 4 seasons.He seems to have imposed a ridgid wage policy,and not opt for shirt salesmen but time will tell if he reverts. or whether the yanks take this windfall. As for OLE , He has to be accountable for his bad choice of starters, and for woofull substitutions/timing , he should be raiding the acadamy every week, instead of playing the well known shite. Gomes, Chong, and Garner should all be at least on the bench and if it fails at least he`s tried.Instead of serving up last seasons slops.
  3. dodgy dave

    Neville interviewed by Stan Collymore

    funny how he said the worse thing he could have done at Valencia was to give all the players a (clean slate approach ) he knew 3 players were overweight,and 2 others were toxic, and said any manager thats says this is naive mistake made because he was new to management. he also said he`d phoned fergie for advise,and got told you know what to do. where else have we seen this clean slate approach ?
  4. the problem is the deadwood we were supposed to rid ourselves of are still here, weve got rid of none starters or they just left.
  5. dodgy dave

    David De Gea 2019/20

    hes` going on a free at the end of the season thats why he`s not signed
  6. dodgy dave


    I bet fred wakes up this morning full of dread, Ole has come out and said yesterday that he will get plenty of games this season,
  7. dodgy dave

    Ole Sack Watch

    lucky and smalling were the only starters against everton that he has alledgally got rid of, so much for the (many of those players wont be here next season). the amount of spin i see about how he`s got rid of 7 players is better delivered than boris and his brexit strategy. Valencia (was retiring), Herra (was quitting).and even Lucky wanted a transfer,Felony had gone, Smalling on loan and even Sanches will both be back next year, after Ole has probaly gone. I dont see the 7 deadwood players ?, unless Darmian goes too. (but this spin was a released week ago) by the club to support Ole. we tried pereira/mc,sauce also in that game and they were pointless. but the books are looking good (nearly £50m off the yearly wage bill) rumour is woodward has been investigated by the police over alledged racist tweets to a player,and the police are analysing some red paint found in his garage over some graffiti scandal, in a attempt to move some further players on in these last days of the window, so saving a further £130m and £10 m a year off the budget. after all we cant sell them (fans would burn stadium down) but if they left for there own safety because of the fans (who would blame em) would make us ripe for a takeover, a bit like that cunt at bury strip all the assets and get rid, we can only hope. Jokeing apart we hear all stories of £500m a year pre tax profit, with the yanks taking $400m out of the club each year but the wage bill alone was $300m+ give the taxman his cut and its more like $100m they get with £70m for new players. simple fact is we dont have the money, weve over payed for mediocre players, and given them inflated contracts and have done so for the last 6 years so woody capped the salary and cut the squad, he`s hoping some acadamy players will fill the gaps, Not he`s a supporter of youth, just there wage bills and selling potential. A bit like Ole he probaly the lowest paid manager in the prem, and earns every penny of it in those press conferences, (ive looked more calmer being interviewed by the local oddlot) pity he`s clueless on tactics.
  8. dodgy dave

    Ole Sack Watch

    you cannot play a counter attacking team,by counter attacking ,i know this why doesn`t ole, there is no space to run in behind. So you either have a messi (skill and ball control) or a bogbrush (felony a big donkey to get on crosses) to break em down. Our starting squad cannot do this. Now every1 has started to notice how bad our line-up is, against southampton i see matic returning to replace Mcsause, young to replace shaw, and mata for martial,all pointless players unless you wanna grind out a draw. his love child limpdick will also start but his cards have been marked by the fans. OLE could be in real trouble if after these (assumed changes) as he`s not got any faith in youth.
  9. thats your argument grammer (hows the sand) ive more chance of getting 4th with this lot than fergie, his time has gone (long gone) busby was in and out after retirement more times than a £10 prossie ,we slagged off mou for being outdated, do you realise that as we decended down the slope, tactics were declining, even fergie realised that new assistant managers kept us in the hunt. If you couldn`t see that (i cant help you). Heres a simple question you can ask yourself, how many fergie ex players have suceeded in management. this is a fact ,time has moved on,tactics have also. i was hopeful that Ole was playing the correct way, but with wolves and then palace,he has only 1 way counter football. your hero also stated the jones and smalling are the future + he started lingards career.
  10. dodgy dave

    Are we playing to our strengths?

    we dont have a midfield so were bypassing it on the break, speed and space. We should look good against top 6 opponants but ugly defensive line-ups we are gonna struggle as there is no space. Unless we score a worldly and the opposition have to come out we are gonna look bad
  11. and your in that egyptian river if you cant look past some ex manager who did wonders for the club ,but like all things in life , declined with age. the team he left us with was shite, winning the title that year with them even Steve Mcqueen would have been proud.
  12. where did i say fergie wasn`t the greatest manager thats ever been, this is the red mist/sand fans sink there heads in . get your head out of the sand YES he WAS great but dare you actually think for yourself you may even get to know he brought the glazers in, and not for love, for HIMSELF as magner was after sacking him. SO am i wrong has he fucked us now by doing this. Did he propose moyse, yes he did. did he sack stam out of meglomania spite and doing so lost us the title yes he did . same with becks same with keane and many more his way or the highway, didn`t matter if its uniteds way hence i say all about himself.
  13. nice comment what did you disagree with, or should i get you a sandpit
  14. he did send out a counter attacking team to play a bus parking team,(the board didn`t) he should have raided the youth gomez,garner, tuanabe for the like of lingard, Mctominay and rashford, even james was clueless to beat his man and get any form of cross in. we all can see Mc T is failing so move him down to reserves before his career is ruined, the amount of times pogba was double teamed because his partner was nowhere near him was woefull, i would play axel at cdm and pogs further upfield to create. I would drop rashford maybe the swagger will leave him,and he will realise he`s not made it yet, and play sanches or play gomes instead, and i would not let jessie in the ground again and play garner and play pereira with james coming on if needed. 3 games in and weve created 9 attempts on target in total, Ive said if we had CR7 he would struggle here with the lack of service we have. we have a backroom team of losers and a soon to be loser manager. we cant take a freekick or corner,whats training about ? do they practice moves or just keep running, ahh but there all happy and smileing together, who gives a fuck, i seen an interview with carra on this subject, he says he didn`t even like the players he played with, they were there for work not to be freinds and he hasn`t kept in touch with anyone since retireing so the camp fire singing and marshmallows does fuckall but deflect the fact that there not good enough. the backroom staff all need sacking starting with phelan,then carrick we have had many years of failure with these and they get away with this because the manager takes the stick off the press. Its hard to explain the indemic faults that have lead us to where we are now, and i seen the same under busby,and i know some peeps will have there head in the sand and blinkers on, but here`s what ive seen since 1999. In 1999 we played attacking football and were the best in the world at it, and did the unthinkable won the treble. this was a team win not individuals winning it for us. In 2000 we changed tactics being reactive instead of being positive but still managed to win the title the next 2 seasons, but the team spirit was breaking up, mostly caused by fergie. I think the fact we won the treble ruined him, and he like all in power beleived he was all powerful (a bit like the cunt running america at the moment). I know and heard storeys of how like a father figure he was with many players,but a good manager gets the best out of all the players not just the ass lickers.and he had a strange fixation on scottish talent (he still says to this day brian Mc clair was his best signing) we had a World class CB stam who wrote about hairdryer in a book and he sacked him,(stating bringing club into disrepute) we lost the title because of this, He didnt like becks girlfriend so he dropped him and replaced him with another scot fletcher, who was raped on the right wing so he had to put becks back, but it didnt sit well with fergie (as i said great guy or mr hyde) and he physically had a fight with becks in the dressing room and becks knocked him down in retaliation (anywhere else a manager punches you he`s sacked) but its becks that is sold. The next episode happened when we were getting beat by boro i think and fergie laid it on keane your captain sort it out,so he laid into fletcher saying your shit, LETS GET THE FACTS CLEAR GUYS FLETCHER WAS SHITE i dont give a fuck what fergie says 1.02 goals per season is absolutly shite, So keane is sacked, and we get carrick ANOTHER USELESS CUNT who most on here think is a legend with wait for it 1.04 goals per season thats 37 goals in 13 years between the pair of em when most of league midfielders do 10 a season. in the background the ROG horse fiasco was simmering the club owners were after fergies blood for ripping them off ,(stam was sacked for far less) His days were numbered so he brokered a deal for minority shareholder glazer to take the club over and secure his position. HE BROUGHT THIS PLAGUE ON US TO KEEP HIS JOB, and i can never forgive or forget this. but from around this time we became a 1 player team we still had scholes ,ferdinand,giggs but it was world class strikers that were carrying us to success RVN,RVP,ROONEY and CR7 but the core of the team is ageing and sentimentality for fergie (same with busby) he didn`t drop the old dogs, neville quit midseason after he knew time was up,giggs played 6 years too long ,ferdinand never recoved fully from injury,scholes retired and unretired,only to retire again,by 2011 we were individuals but the first chuckle bro`s fletch and garlick were still entertaining us with there 1 goal a season but now giggs had joined em. In 2013 there was a power struggle between fergie and woodward and woodward won fergie was sacked,let go,retired but really was sacked. As much as i hate woodward this was his best moment at OT. but like the romans poisioning the wells he got the final say on his replacement as a gesture of goodwill, he fucked us there with another scot. So its 2014 were league champs and we just bought the bog brush for 10m more than we could of last week (good start moyse) the midfield is full over never beens and the rest are has beens moyse appoints giggs takes over as manager and is shite,So we get old louis,he appoints giggs as assistant a bad idea as he`s already failed last season, 2 years later were on the same roundabout with mou and now giggs mark2 OLE, but the same shit players who played like crabs with sidewards passing are now training our players how to be shit. When OLE stated last season at everton a lot of these players wont be here next season and you wont beleive who wants to join us i think he needs to be brought to task over that stupid comment. we really need to chop out the deadwood but its actually the backroom boys first.
  15. Its the fact that OLE still beleives in certain players that worries me, every man and his dog knows lingard is shite, now 3 games in we see ronald Mcdonald is not up to the task, sadly danny j its also to soon a first teamstarter (even though he scored) this was all evident at wolves. Ive never been a lindelof fan (a bad expensive buy) i think Axel needs a run, but if i`m correct about OLE being in over his head, he will start young,matic and lingard against southampton and we will lose again. the last 2 games we played were against counter attacking teams,and OLE failed us (not the players on the pitch) OLE He picks the team.