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  1. dodgy dave

    2019/2020: PL Matchday 24 - Man Utd vs Burnley

    are you shitting me Burnley are fighting for prem survival you think there gonna play kids ????????????????????
  2. dodgy dave

    Ole Sack Watch

    I know he`s actually useless as a manager, but he`s still not actually the problem. he`s a pawn, all the coaching staff are , from the Geordie gurner to phelan, but being a wage stealer (or traitor ) as I posted, he doesn't see these guys are useless. In all honesty he needs to put a bullet in his brain, but he has to have one to do so, 1999 has gone now I hate this cunt for his participation in this scam.
  3. dodgy dave

    2019/2020: PL Matchday 24 - Man Utd vs Burnley

    I work every day in burnley and love your optimism, I just don't see it. without rashford the game is up, ask me on thursday
  4. dodgy dave

    2020 Transfer Targets

    Looks like we`ve broken the bank to sign a new team player, Not a Striker, Not a Midfielder, but a spin doctor who used to work at the Sun. all a bit late if you wanted to piss off the scouser's woody m8 you cretin.
  5. dodgy dave

    Andreas Pereira 2019/20

    He`s shit (end of)
  6. dodgy dave

    Marcus Rashford 2019/20

    That was Nasty basty m8, I see mankini coming from Juve to our rescue should have gone to spec savers
  7. dodgy dave

    David De Gea 2019/20

    Didn't have a bad game, we know he's always been a pussy when challenged in the air. he was not at fault for any of the goals.
  8. dodgy dave

    2019/2020: PL Matchday 24 - Man Utd vs Burnley

    again the cats lives come into play, but his nine have gone. we wont win this, if we get smashed he`s gone. he should really quit and come clean on the fact there's no money, and he`s been coached into his storeys but management, this is the only way the traitor can ever regain anything in my eyes.
  9. dodgy dave

    Ole Sack Watch

    Ross is an Ole man, (that's his opinion and we should honour that) but you shouldn't` call people dicks for not agreeing with your mindset Ross you should come back with a rebuttal. if you cant find 1 to defend your idol, you should just be quiet
  10. dodgy dave

    2020 Transfer Targets

    The Joke is on the transfer team, Surely when they approached Sporting about the availability of fernandes they did ask the question HOW MUCH, ? I assume they said 80m, they can not even talk to the player until the basic price has been agreed ? maybe we need better translators because the difference between 43m and 80m is not a negotiable target , its oceans apart. maybe Sporting are dodgy and pulling a fast one knowing we are desperate, but in all honesty the negotiating team should have packed up if this was the case. the green and gold scarf vendors are in for a bumper month.
  11. when we were world beaters for over 10 years Liverpool games were always the banana skin, no matter how bad there season was going they strained every fibre when they played us, This was also the case when Liverpool were on top in the late 70,s and 80`s we raised our game against them, I expect every one of our players to play out of there skin for the shirt for this 1, and if they do the result is unknown. This will not be about tactical/setup I will be about commitment, not only doing your job,but the man next to you`s job.
  12. dodgy dave

    FAC - 3rd Round (Replay) - Man Utd vs Wolves

    BORING at least we kept a clean sheet
  13. dodgy dave

    FAC - 3rd Round (Replay) - Man Utd vs Wolves

    ask the crowd in the stands, its very quiet . had a chance of a ticket £55.00 bought enough cider to see me through the next 2 games instead
  14. dodgy dave

    FAC - 3rd Round (Replay) - Man Utd vs Wolves

    kinda boring up till now
  15. dodgy dave

    FAC - 3rd Round (Replay) - Man Utd vs Wolves

    We are going to get buttfucked again, this isn`t norwich