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  1. I got caught in the CL final in 99,i said to the dragon I was going to watch the game, never told her where ? my m8 had 2 sleazy jet one way tickets, they wanted £400 each for return flights, so we trained it back took until Monday afternoon, my mates will not come round my gaff anymore, (she pays more interest in games now if I ever go on a CL night) :{
  2. well this is not quite true, they have complied with FFP since 2016, this damage/cheating was done 2010-2015 but the nucleus of the squad was built then, making them more appealing for prospective signings. but the truth of the matter is ,who set up FFP ? was it the top clubs ? is it unfair to sparsely supported clubs like cidy, as they will never attract the top players, or is it to stop debacles like leeds in the early ninetys
  3. Stimpy your fucked in the head, there is no plan, no improvement , no chance of Ole being here after CL qualification is gone. I`m at a loss as to where your mindset is coming from, have you actually watched a game this season (even on tv). as the amount of chances created each game is self evident . or are you a PR plant from woodys backroom boys. For sure your not a true fan , following a piper over the cliff is not loyalty, its suicide (lemmings) I hope Ole when sacked never comes to the uk in my lifetime again, he`s a traitor for cash.
  4. would you want to renew your ST basty I gave mine up 3 years back, there's always some1 waiting in the wings to take your ticket (but in really is there)
  5. Its all smoke and mirrors (spin of the lowest order) player bonus`s saved by not qualifying etc, outweigh the sponsorship reduction shortfalls, plus the player bonus`s are paid in May in a lump sum, sponsors pay over a year. the games win bonus must be pennies alone. we have become an Austerity motivated Football club, everything on the cheap, I smile every time I hear Sancho rumours, forget Sancho we cant even affors a Mojo
  6. Maybe a masterplan here from dodgy Ed. Maybe he has coronavirus or has a better chance of having it than scoreing. and Woodys bunking him up with Jones, Limpdick ,Pieira and sanches,seeing this as the only option of getting them out of the club perminantly
  7. If we start him we will win (sounds like fields of dreams spin off) HE WILL START otherwise anyone know where I can buy some flares
  8. IVE Got a Ticket if Bruno doesn`t come on before I walk out will be a shame!
  9. I suppose there's no chance haland can be prised away from Dortmond on loan ? at least he will be a guaranteed starter here for 4 months
  10. it seems a ex player Veron wanted him, and made this deal happen. He is still 1 of our better defenders TRUELY COMMITED (we all held our breath when he challenged for the ball) Maybe VAR and the fact he will slow down with age and stack up red cards (when fit) made woody agree to Verons request. We couldn`t sell him like most of our players, because woody paid them too much and couldn`t leave because they would lose over £50k per week, so we will be paying him most of his salary
  11. I see a future midfield 3 of Bruno ,Grealish and Pogba, this is the foundation of a challenging worthy squad, we have a great defence (if protected) and a great attack (if fed ) its all down to the yanks !. the signing of grealish and the staying of Pogba will show where the owners are, my heart says there selling pogs to recuperate outgoings, but in all honesty Jackie boy would complete the jigsaw.
  12. are you shitting me Burnley are fighting for prem survival you think there gonna play kids ????????????????????
  13. I know he`s actually useless as a manager, but he`s still not actually the problem. he`s a pawn, all the coaching staff are , from the Geordie gurner to phelan, but being a wage stealer (or traitor ) as I posted, he doesn't see these guys are useless. In all honesty he needs to put a bullet in his brain, but he has to have one to do so, 1999 has gone now I hate this cunt for his participation in this scam.
  14. I work every day in burnley and love your optimism, I just don't see it. without rashford the game is up, ask me on thursday
  15. Looks like we`ve broken the bank to sign a new team player, Not a Striker, Not a Midfielder, but a spin doctor who used to work at the Sun. all a bit late if you wanted to piss off the scouser's woody m8 you cretin.