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  1. dodgy dave

    Ed Woodward

    It's the transfer fee 300k a week is 15m a year over 4 years that's 60m .he was valued far more than that, That lazy cunt rashford wants that or he won't sign a new contract. So as I say it seemed a good deal even to woody, but he never hit it off here.
  2. dodgy dave

    Scott McTominay 2018/19

    Dont see it,league cup player in my eyes. I suppose if your surrounded by shit you'll stand out, but I see another limpdick give him time and people still saying this 10 years later
  3. dodgy dave

    Kalidou Koulibaly

    He's after a paycheck
  4. dodgy dave

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    While I agree with a few points here Come on guys have you all forgot how slow blind is. Against the press it would be carnage. Far more time in the Dutch league. And have you forgot about imports from the Bundy league, I can't think of 1 that managed the transition, and 1 last point second season is always the benchmark after the opposition have had time to study you and work you out, then and only then does the 50m bracket get broken
  5. dodgy dave

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    Zaha looking like he needs more money. Another hot and cold player, an improvement yes, but not a great Improvement, a 90year old arthritic woman would be a improvement over limpdick or mata.
  6. dodgy dave

    Director of Football

    And who ole can fire, if the martial incident is true Ole should resign and name and shame the board for overruling him.
  7. dodgy dave

    Director of Football

    We've an inexperienced manager, a experienced loser as assistant and a inexperienced assistants assistant. We need another novice like I need a boil on my sick. These all seem yes men all appointed by woodlouse. We need a experienced Dof who will say it as it is. FFS this old boys network is Inbred into the squad and the cause of the mess were in,we don't need more shit on longterm contract.
  8. dodgy dave

    Ole Sack Watch

    Maybe you don't sack him But you don't give his assistant a long term contract A week ago,after this shitshow the patients are in charge of the assylem
  9. dodgy dave

    Director of Football

    What part didn't you get. If you don't like the truth you call it trolling. Get your head out your arse and check the facts 20 years playing between the useless geordie and fergied love child has resulted in 730 appearances in total for 40 goals not far off 1 in 20. Every top clubs midfielders should be 20 a season not a decade.
  10. dodgy dave

    Director of Football

    Just when I felt we couldn't stoop any lower now Fletcher been thrown in the mix. I personally think he is the embodiment of all's that's wrong with the club since 2004. If you think Sanchez is corrosive he and his fellow acadamy turds personally destroyed man utd. How many players like Keane and Becks went because of this cunt and his dictatorial step dad . we churned out droves of sidewards playing crabs.he being by far the worse united PLAYER I've ever seen . Doesn't he have Crohn,s or something which fatigued him out after 60 mins or so leaving him the honor of must subbed player Ever here. And he scored around 20 goals in 11 years, like garlick another non productive scammer mid 20 goals player is the reason were where are now .so like garlick there contemplating rewarding him .
  11. dodgy dave

    PL Matchday 38: Man Utd vs Cardiff City

    Most of our signing are championship quality with 4 academy players maybe northern prem quality .no wonder pogba wants away
  12. dodgy dave

    Alexis Sanchez - 2018/2019

    I thought it would have been playing time, but he's even fucked that up.
  13. dodgy dave

    Alexis Sanchez - 2018/2019

    Looked a good deal on paper psg are giving herra 300k a week ,as the GOING RATE FOR A PLAYER plus contract is double.Sanchez was a better player but something has been lost in transition.and he downed tools. And is unsellable because of his wage.
  14. dodgy dave

    Alexis Sanchez - 2018/2019

    If you were offered 300k a week by your boss would you turn it down Woody did this But this attitude must have been a issue at arse nil Venger fucked us over good time
  15. dodgy dave

    PL Matchday 38: Man Utd vs Cardiff City

    Yeah young will be back next season alongside a couple of championship players and these will be high paid second string championship