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  1. dodgy dave

    Daniel James 2019/20

    he pressed well ? i even seen that known none presser martial shouting at him to close up you lazy welsh imp on more than 1 occasion. but hey he`s young and will learn only 21 ? the 17 year old greenwood looked like he had worked at johnsons he knew what pressing was. i see another limpdick, when you start any job you should be out to impress chase everything ,and he wasn`t anywhere near chong for impact i think its like last season 1 transfer Fred and a number maker upper that goalkeeping kid i dont know his name and will never know.
  2. dodgy dave

    Pre-season 2019/2020: Inter Milan vs Man Utd

    i think mata is a comfort blanket to keep big dave here after hera`s departure, so he would be a cup starter and bench warmer all season. limpdick useually plays well on tour where theres not much chance of a leg breaking tackle being made on him ,but he`s been as bad as ive ever seen him in freindlies,so he may be dropping down the rota (we can only hope), but i cant see Ole having the stones to bring too many youth players on.
  3. dodgy dave

    Romelu Lukaku 2018/19

    rumour now is he`s staying, like all our shite nobody wants them ,i`m starting to feel were so fucked
  4. dodgy dave

    Ed Woodward

    i reckon the average low wage in the first team is £80k tell me who`s a starter who`s on less,gashly old is on £125k this is actually criminal, jones and smallshit are on above £80k, so i dont see the 16x, the fact sanchez hasn`t worked out isnt down to his wage its maybe he`s lost a yard of pace and surrounded by really poor players, all who think there worth more than they get, take shaw DDg and pogs out of the equation these are championship quality maybe, some even worse. arsenal were offering him the same amount as a buy his contract deal, but he decided its time to go,i think they would have also suffered and we`d all be laughing, theres no guarentee`s in transfers look at veron, sadly we were so determined to put cidy in there place we gave him too long a contract, the amount doesn`t bother me, he was a £60m signing which was his wage over the 5 year deal. If you refuse (down tools) to work because a far more skillful worker gets 4 times your wage you would be sacked,same should have happened to rashford limpdick and all the rest of the whingers. what should have happened is a set wage say £200k a week,then for him a big win bonus and scoring/assist bonus that would push him up to £400k
  5. dodgy dave

    Alexis Sanchez 2019/20

    Its all about his wage and how players perseve his status because of this wage problem is i think he`s hated by many in the team, so wheres his service coming from, and like real life if your toxic word gets around on player to player social media so every player in europe will be up in arms if he`s linked to there club. were never going to offload him, we could give maybe a desperate swop for bale, these cunts in charge are losing transfers by haggling over £5m or £10m, so theres no way there gonna pay £20m a year for 3 years to loan him with wage elsewhere. sadly a perminant injury, looks our only hope. truth is he looks a good player, from what i seen of him here he attempts to beat all to score,a bit like pogs problem knowing its a team game so he gets crowded out by defenders, pogs seems to do this because he doesn`t think the out ball is going to be sucsessful as movement ahead is shite, sanchez does it because they dont even pass it too him so he`s playing alone. i would like to see him in a team without frenchmen and our english players maybe a league cup game with lots of reserve players who are just happy to play, then he may market himself.
  6. will he fall on his sword, or will he be a pushed, if fall at least there may be a hint of the old ole in there ,who may do a scholsy and actually whistle blows to what deals from above really go`s on (we already know but refuse to beleive) and this will finally unseat the yanks as shares and club resale value will plummet, if the latter he`s sacked he will get shut-up money and we get back on the roundabout. though were not that bad i would actually take relegation to oust them.
  7. dodgy dave

    Ladies football

    I see nothing wrong in trolling when were not talking about proper football . also see nothing wrong with trolling yanks i was at work last week when a collegue said isnt the footy great, ? i paused and then replied being a sarchastic cunt what footy the womens world cup he said. again i paused and the replied you dont even watch footy fishing is your forte ,and he has no team he supports (he live near accrington) he spurted then said he found the commitment and skill great from the World cup teams. not being won over by his shit, i stated how many players are on a football team at any 1 time ? 10 he replied well all the lads on the job we were working on pissed there sides laughing, and after 1/2 an hour ribbing he admitted he was watching the women and not the football, This is the diametric opposite reason why i dont watch this shit. also why i dont watch droylsden my local team but if a droylsden player or a women footy player was better than say ashley young and was linked to us, i woudl watch any highlite on them. Does this make me a sexist, a realist or just old.
  8. dodgy dave

    Paul Pogba

    are you serious basty boy, limpdick is a natural coward, have you seen his tackles,pogs is a tuff fucker, seems strange how the club never stopped the footage, are they in some really sad way trying to endear limpy to us by not doing so. that ship sailed 10 years ago and ole not seeing this from many years with him will show his leadership qualities or lack of within 3 months. i think i will apply for the job of tory leadership/pm. after all i once went into a local tory club (i have the same skillset to run the country as ole has to manage united.)
  9. dodgy dave

    How far off are we?

    how much do you think pereira would command, if you think more than 10p your seeing somethink i`m not. Tuan i woudln`t sell.
  10. dodgy dave

    Paul Pogba

    nah you will lose that bet he is actually history, he wont even be on the plane to aussie.
  11. dodgy dave

    Paul Pogba

    the crafty cnut has still not actually asked for a transfer, he`s following the fat portuguese tw@si nstructions, not to actually ask as he loses` £15m in commision. he can never play here again, the door has closed, he`s hated now.
  12. dodgy dave

    How far off are we?

    wasn`t it ole who spurted out the now infamous speach at goodyshed about many who played out there being cleared out. well if he`s being overuled at every turn, dignity and honor should make him speak out,about this, and as a last resort resign. if not he`s worse than all the rest put together.
  13. dodgy dave

    How far off are we?

    Not true we were a PLC in name only, (plc, public limited company) stocks and shares on the stock exchange. 2012 was when we became an actual plc, (shares on the stock market) before that we were fully owned by a select few . (7 at the time of the glaizers takeover), technically we were a limited company. (limited share holders) but with far better personal tax benefits from being named a plc we were so named. its fraud but the awful rich get away with shit like this. this plc the problem. we can`t do anything without shareholder permission and theres millions of them now,
  14. dodgy dave

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    he`s 24 the only thing he`s gonna develop is his wage packet. a £20m player on his best day infact i`d rather mata played. we dont need anymore championship players, weve already got 2 that nobody see`s playing. Tuan and james. a bit like longstreak pointless waste of time doing a transfer (probally not in the top 400 midfielders in europe) 8 games for a shit team is Ole serious. i do hope this shit is all a smokescreen,and fernandez has been secured.