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  1. Shoot

    Nathan Collins

    Get him signed. Pronto.
  2. Shoot

    What TV Show are you watching?

    Question Time - Fiona Bruce - Fucked !! Get a proper host back on to this pronto.
  3. Shoot

    Ryan Sessegnon

    Is that because they are black?
  4. Shoot

    Chris Wilder

    Don't waste yer breath. Ole is here for the long haul. He will sort the cunts oot. You watch!
  5. Shoot

    Ole Sack Watch

    Just remind me what age you are?
  6. Shoot

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    Noo yer talking
  7. Shoot

    Ole Sack Watch

    I had little interest in that cup final to be honest. But I did watch it intermittently in a Glasgow bar whilst chatting to Neil Lennon. He couldn’t be fucked with it himself. We only looked up at the telly now and then and groaned.
  8. Shoot

    The FA Cup thread

    That’s what few of these cunts are like on here. There is a few who think they are football purists and sadly, very fucking sadly, were happy for City to do the quad and emulate our treble. Shame on them.
  9. Shoot

    Ole Sack Watch

    Yer a good judge. Neither would I.
  10. Shoot

    Ole Sack Watch

    1. I am not stupid 2. I am not fat. I’m a fit cunt that climbs mountains in record time 3. I am not City Noo fuck off ya daft cunt. Yer boring noo.
  11. Shoot

    Ole Sack Watch

    I don’t think anybody is interested in all yer shite anymore. They been waiting for you to provide yer evidence and you provided fuck all.
  12. Shoot

    Ole Sack Watch

    Well in that case you shouldn’t offer response to my posts. Are you fucking thick or something.
  13. Shoot

    Ole Sack Watch

    No, your a trolling cunt. That’s it. tell you another thing you try to portray me as a thick cunt, but it is you that is the thick cunt. I am actually an astute businessman and Director, I will prove it when I am ready, not when you are ready. I have my own websites, In fact, I am easily found on the net for the above reasons but you being a thick cunt haven’t found me. You should just fuck off with all your shite talk and allegations. You are embarrassing yourself. Provide some fucking evidence for all your shite talk, you keep saying you will then bottle it Post the fucking link!
  14. Shoot

    Ole Sack Watch

    And I should say, this cunt Peter Falk is totally out of order with all this shite talk. It is trolling at its best.
  15. Shoot

    Ole Sack Watch

    Be assured I am not a City fan, anyone who has been reading my posts would be fully aware that I actually dislike City more than Liverpool. And as for the accusation that I have some sort of affinity with Aguero, I hate that little cunt more than anyone on the planet since 2012