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  1. The choice is yours. And don't forget your total abuse of your Admin privileges of posting my personal details publicly on here despite me warning you against doing so before you did. I suggest you take legal advice on such data misuse to clarify the position you have put yourself in. I have, and you really have over stepped the mark. You have an opportunity to recognise your misdemeanours and show some remorse by resigning. Otherwise you will pay the price.
  2. You are an insignificant imbecile. Nothing more. Now listen carefully David. You as an administrator, have on more than one occasion wished me dead, you as an administrator allow other posters on here to make posts wishing me (and others) dead. This is totally and wholly irresponsible behaviour not befitting an Administrator of media of any description. You throw verbal abuse and threats around in a manner that reasonable individuals would not, and encourage the same behaviour from others. This cannot be denied, neither can it be erased, I have made sure of that. Now, I would suggest you start your rehabilitation by resigning from your post as an Administrator on here. I will afford you a grace period of 3 days to do so. Please ensure you are no longer an administrator here after Friday this week. I don't believe your employers would be overly impressed by your disgraceful misdemeanours.
  3. Do I ? don't think so. You sir are a chlorinated chicken. And a prize wanker into the bargain.
  4. Shoot

    What Movies Are You Watching Right Now?

    Once Upon a Time in London Tripe, pure tripe.
  5. It's some coincidence, which surely couldn't have been foreseen when the great Liverpudlian singer songwriter Ronnie Hilton wrote and had a hit with "A Windmill in Old Amsterdam" which contained the chorus:- I saw a mouse, where! There on the stair, right there. A little mouse with clogs on, well I declare. Going clip - clippety - Klopp
  6. Not a bad summary that. However, it is either someone else's summary that you found on the net or you know more about Liverpool than is healthy.
  7. If you actually know what trolling is here is the list of the top trolls on here 1. TFIA 2. Piazza 3." O" peterswellman…….. he isn't even worthy of a number, he must be a first. A trolling cunt posing as an administrator. No wonder there is only a dozen or so regular posters here. And no wonder (as another poster pointed out) new members seem to join but then think better of posting.
  8. Shoot

    Champions League 18/19

    It never sat well with me that any club other than the champions of their country could compete for champions of Europe, but I eventually accepted that it was necessary to make it a league. But only 1st and 2nd. Obviously we benefited from that in 99. Its gone too far now though. Top 4 FFS...……... Regarding the penalty, I'm convinced Sane played the ball to hit his arm.
  9. Shoot

    Champions League 18/19

    Here was me thinking ye were an auld bastard. Liverpool winning the Champions League to me is just an insignificant event. How folk can describe it as unbearable is beyond me. Life must generally treat you well.
  10. Shoot

    Champions League 18/19

    No idea why you would make such a comment, I never made reference to Liverpool on here. They won. They are champions of Europe. Get fucking over it and stop bleating like scousers!!!!!
  11. Message to Admin Hi Admin, how do I go about applying for a Moderator role on here? I would like to take up the role of encouraging others to try and keep threads on topic, some topics here turn into such a mish mash you wouldn't know what they are about. I am a strong candidate for such a role as I used to run my own forum on Pro Boards and I possess a range of social skills second to none. Kind regards in anticipation of your earliest response and (hopefully) approval.
  12. Shoot

    Jesse Lingard 2018/19

    It has to be said. Its a good watch that.
  13. Shoot

    Marcus Rashford 2018/19

    But here is the thing. You are not, and never will be considered much of a judge. If most of your posts on here were analysed the general opinion formed would be that they have been made by a juvenile delinquent.
  14. Shoot

    Marcus Rashford 2018/19

    Maybe so, but the post box collection times play a part in forecasting the delivery time