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  1. Tomos Ayres

    What Are You Listening To?

    banger. One more tour would be HUGELY appreciated from the younger fans
  2. Tomos Ayres


    Potentially the most pointless thing I'll ever see. Like shooting the sun boys
  3. Tomos Ayres

    delete my account

    as it turns out, i'm retarded.
  4. Tomos Ayres


  5. Tomos Ayres


    is that a website? My computer cant reach it if it is. got it don't worry
  6. Tomos Ayres


    Where's the atmosphere at at OT? Watching games recently and the Stretty atmosphere was shite. Looking to buy tickets, where's the singing at?
  7. Wouldn't mind bringing in a right winger. Sanchez is shite and mata is much better in CAM, we have the money and I we should be bringing in Robben as we lack experience.
  8. Tomos Ayres

    Stretford End

    Where’s that at? That will be good because I’m sat here watching United vs huddersfield thinking “why’s the singing coming from the east stand not stretford?” All of stretfords sat down right now...
  9. Tomos Ayres


    Watching United vs Huddersfield and I’m seeing that most of the singing is coming from the United fans opposite Stretford (east stand). Is this because the signings from the topper tiers of stretford ?
  10. Tomos Ayres

    PL Matchday 18: Cardiff City vs Man Utd

    I'll be sitting in the Red Stand at Cardiff. Can't find any tickets in the away end and given as I live in Cardiff it was easy to get tickets through my dads season ticket. Reckon we could get a draw here as Cardiff are very strong at home. Atmospheres gonna be shite in the family stand so make sure to have ur "your support is fucking shit" chant on the ready
  11. Tomos Ayres

    Stretford End

    I've been looking on StubHub for tickets in Stretford End for a few years and I can only find tickets towards the middle tier of the stand. Is the atmosphere better towards the top or bottom of the stand? If so how do I get tickets?
  12. Tomos Ayres

    The Jose Mourinho Thread

    Can’t say that. Loyalty was a big issue for Mourinho with the dressing room and fans overreacting after one bad start. We were shit in the 70s and shit in the 80s but we didn’t have 3 different managers in the space of 5 years. I think this a massive over reaction to ONE poor season. We’re 11 points of fourth and ye that’s dreadful but we’re still in Europe and we’re still in the F.A. Cup which are two trophies I’d Ben happy with doing well in. Who guided us through a dodgy start to the season? Jose. But then who got us back into the UCL and who got us back in the top 3? Jose. I’d be damn happy if he goes back to Porto and wins the treble over there (Europa League not UCL) as for United, we need stability. NOW.
  13. Tomos Ayres

    The Jose Mourinho Thread

    After a disappointing start to our campaign Jose Mourinho has been sacked. Even though I think this is a BIG mistake we can't dwell on it. We have to move on and look for a replacement, only this time it has to be a long term one. Eddie Howe is the first man that comes to mind when you think of a young manager with a lot of potential. I think we're one world class center back of being a title challenging team and with the financial backing we have I reckon we should scrap this season and concentrate on Europe. I think not making the UCL next season is a good thing as our players will be rested for weekends games rather than tired after travel back from eastern Europe mid-week. Big summer transfer window coming