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  1. This Southampton team (atleast the u17's anyway) was the last team to beat City. The run of the game was very similar too.
  2. Anyone got the Mtu squad just saw that they're off again.
  3. United have a partnership with this school in the south west. Interestingly found an article that suggests Paul Scholes recommended a player to come on trial from there. http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/ivybridgefootballacademy
  4. O'connor has been very impressive for the u18's I am a very big fan of him versatile and equally good in all areas of the pitch.
  5. No, his name is Sean Brennan. As for Campbell I don't know what the scoop is with him.
  6. They also signed the Irish fella who was on trial with all those clubs can't remember his name. Who is very good. And as for their own 16s they have Vokins, Cull (GK) and I think it's Smallbone and Siu who are quite handy as well.
  7. came across this news http://www.dailyecho.co.uk/sport/saints/news/14576117.Southampton_set_to_sign_starlet They have a very good batch of scholars for next year one to watch out for if they all play together. Although City will probably walk the league if they keep Francis Bashiru and Campbell.
  8. Bit of an unwritten rule that you extend the scholar or offer a 1 year pro to an academy player who has been injured a lot. Even smaller clubs do it - Burnley did it to a lad who recently signed for a non league club near me. If you look on the united website on his profile it says he signed a 4 year deal at 16, maths doesn't add up, if he was let go poor form. Maybe he wanted to leave I don't know for sure but unlikely.
  9. I know they trimmed the 14s down. And you probably know Dunne got screwed over - he's not good enough but that's not his fault it's the clubs for signing him. Especially releasing him after he was injured for so long, bad form.
  10. Elanga is full time from this season I missed that. And Allardyce doesn't play much but I'm pretty sure he's still there.
  11. Mambuene has played a bit in midfield Dolan wide right Williams right back Garner central midfield Allardyce midfield Mellor plays all over Thompson #10 Dean GK presumably is a mistake Whoever Osbourne is probably got released