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  1. Burns92

    Mr Robot

    Not spoiling anything but the ending was meh. Episode 7 is peak television though. Ozymandias level of writing, probably better if you ask me. Really depends on what you look for in TV though. I'd rate it on par with Justified's final episode of the show.
  2. Burns92

    2020 Transfer Targets

    Lingard is the one pushing their wheelchairs I hope.
  3. Burns92

    Juan Mata 2019/20

    Genuinely forgot that he existed. Nice assist though.
  4. Burns92

    Ashley Young 2019/20

    Got new found respect for Young. Anyone else in that position would take the new contract and continue to steal a wage out of this club. Not Young though, he knows he is on his last legs and still decides to uproot to a new country from his home. The conspiracist in me believes that he is doing it to force the club to make a signing or two in January. With him out and Shaw injured, they gotta do something right? Maybe he is just taking the fall so we can move forward. He is the hero we don't deserve.
  5. Burns92

    Jesse Lingard 2019/20

    Probably make him a better at his job.
  6. Burns92

    Jesse Lingard 2019/20

    Not to mention Park could actually use his brain and feet at the same time.
  7. Haha the definition of "one of those days" now is when we play good football, so I guess that still applies to this game.
  8. So that's how it feels to actually finish a game without conceding an equalizer.
  9. So the same then? Exactly what I remember happening the last 6 or 7 times.
  10. Is it just me or is every single game against Burnley literally the same for us?
  11. Stupid cunt Lindelof almost costing us a goal.
  12. Burns92

    David De Gea 2019/20

    Hard to beat Lingard, but I don't consider him a professional footballer so yeah.
  13. Well Boxing Day could be the day where they win the league. Might as well end up smashing City's 100 point record by May. Sad times ahead for United fans.
  14. You forgot at least one hamstring pulled. This is the typical game for that type of shit.
  15. Burns92

    Paul Pogba 2019/20

    I agree on the Mourinho point you have made; that has undoubtedly created a bias in most United fans' subconscious when it comes to judging Pogba but I'd say it isn't completely unwarranted. He was our best player in terms of numbers last season, but was he really as good as the numbers show us? Rooney got 19 goals and 22 assists in 13/14, yet the majority of this forum slagged him off for being washed up. He also happened to cover the most ground if I remember correctly, yet we all knew it wasn't the old Wayne Rooney. I wish I could explain what I feel here, but because of English not being my first language I'm not able to put it into words. I'll try my best though. Pogba may not be washed up but he certainly played like someone who was. Every single thing he did was just something that was masking a flaw in his play. Most of his goals and assists last season were just useful in papering over how many times he lost possession in dangerous areas. He does/did the same thing as Rooney when it comes to passing, i.e, he chose the Hollywood pass over simple options. More often than not it ended up failing though. Leaving that aside, I think the reason why the majority of our fan base doesn't want Pogba anymore is because of how he runs his mouth at the media every few months once. A fine example of this is when we were on our winning spree during Ole's honeymoon period last season. Soon as there was an international break, he starts talking about Real Madrid and Zidane. And right after the break we started falling apart. It may sound like conjecture but that's what most things in football are when you are an outsider. When your manager is constantly praising you, giving you the arm band and saying that you aren't going anywhere in front of the media. don't you think it has an effect on the team morale when you then talk about another team and manager? This wasn't the only instance though, but just one I was able to recall. I do remember a couple of other times when this has happened in the past. Forget about his agent, what about his brother talking smack and telling how he needs to move? You think he'd do that with Pogba's consent?