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  1. Mata dropping deep to receive the ball and Ashley Young flailing his arms to ask for the ball and giving instructions is giving me PTSD. Honestly I'd watch us get thrashed in the league with these new kids than with those old fools who have been ensuring the rot at United for years. Greenwood looks good but I hope he doesn't take the same route as Rashford.
  2. Mata is an abomination. How did he get a 3 year contract ffs...
  3. The thing you gotta appreciate is his dedication to the profession. At this point it's cliched to say it, but I have a feeling it's Haggler.
  4. Burns92


    Hot damn, that has to be one of the greatest games ever played in any sport ever. England were so lucky throughout the game, but can't say it wasn't well deserved.
  5. Yeah that's him.
  6. Oh no, it's not Carroll hahaha. I was referring to Voronin, remember him?
  7. Burns92

    Stranger things

    Can we post without spoilers? It's been a week since it came out so it is expected that most people on here who watch the show have caught up with it.
  8. Burns92

    Player Threads 2019/20

    Sorry I'm not doing one this year. Anytime I pick a player, he instantly transforms into a reserve side wanker.
  9. No Borini? What about that pony tail guy who used to play for Liverpool? Forgot his name.
  10. Burns92

    Stranger things

  11. Burns92

    Stranger things

    Yeah I had some trouble getting up till episode 5 tbh. I gotta admit that I was wrong earlier. This season was the best one till date, the later episodes are a treat for any fan. Episodes 1-4 had some good moments but Netflix's tendency to induce current day politics in all their shows (I'm talking even the ones set in medieval age, like The Outlaw King) was getting in my way of enjoying them. From episode 5 it gets better and better, looks like the Duffer Brothers' had total creative control after that point which really shows in the quality of each episode. Also, Cara Buono is love! She was a total bombshell in Mad Men and Person of Interest.
  12. Burns92

    Paul Pogba

    I don't think anyone is going to pay his asking price, not with Madrid having spent so much already. I have a feeling it'll be 80 million + Bale or some bullshit. He's a world cup winner and is coming off his best season statistically. In a market where Atletico just paid 120m for Joao Felix, we shouldn't be selling Pogba for anything less than 150.
  13. Burns92

    Cobra Kai

    Yeah season one was amazing. Two? Not so much. It gets cheesier by the episode. YouTube music's library is amazing, but the Android music player is god awful. I can't believe how a company like Google cannot design a simple application for music and have all the right features available. Adblock for YouTube wasn't available in Android unless you rooted your phone, so I always hated watching adverts there. I'd pay for the premium subscription just for that alone tbh.
  14. Burns92

    PES 2020

    Sometimes I feel sad for ever becoming a fan of football. I have to choose between cat shit and dog shit for video games, and that's why I have to settle for PES every year. The ML changes are about as real as bigfoot. Older fans of the series know that they have been peddling the same crap since 2009. I find that each passing year the scripting in this game gets worse and worse. Both the games are designed to hold back the better player, so that the newer ones can enjoy it without getting consistently humiliated. I haven't seen Konami talk about the latency issues and lag cheaters in the game, or even try to address it in years.
  15. Burns92

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    United's transfer strategy in the last 18 odd months: Wait for the media to speculate on players linked with City. Immediately pay 15 million more than the asking price. ???? Rinse and repeat. It happened with Sanchez, it happened with Fred and now it's Harry fucking Maguire.