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  1. I get the feeling Salah is secretly a United fan and doesn't want to score against us. Has he ever gotten a goal vs United? I think not. Credit to Shaw though.
  2. Beautiful stuff. More of the same please.
  3. Wtf... 9 losses in 10 games? LOL They are going to beat Derby's record easily.
  4. Makes me sick but congratulations to him. Can't say none of it was deserved. That record is here to stay.
  5. I still find it hard to believe that people think FIFA is a more accurate representation of real life football than PES. I love this camera angle that comes with the realism mod. You gotta love the PC community.
  6. Seen a few highlights of him, seems like he has a mean cross in him. Would fucking love to watch some trademark Cavani headers, if this dude can deliver.
  7. Hey he's just filling the void left by @ALF
  8. He falls in the same category as Dzeko tbh. I'm really excited about this, seeing we aren't at all that much risk with this deal as we were with the Sanchez signing. Certainly better than Ighalo and if he starts firing, then we know there is a player who can get us 20+ goals in all comps at the very least.
  9. He can play against teams like Leicester and Everton, where the opposition is out to hurt us and not sit back and try to hit us on the counter, which some other teams like Palace and Newcastle do usually. The latter is the type of games where Mata usually starts and stinks the place out, as he is almost always useless when we are trying to break down defenses.
  10. Loved the finish. He needs to be used more in games like this. I always shake my head in disbelief when I see our managers use him for all the wrong reasons.
  11. I changed my stance once I knew he was on mad wages. Not that I give a shit anyway, since no one at the club seems to care so why the fuck should I.
  12. I agree, haha. The show was fun even if absurd at times. Brilliant acting by everyone in the cast though, so that sold the show to me.
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