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  1. Probably fighting for the title tbh. Allison's distribution is no joke, only reason why Liverpool are still in top 4 race is because of his form earlier this season when all their players had seemingly fallen off a cliff. I genuinely believe we were contending for the title up until we beat City in January. Allison wouldn't have allowed the 3-2 at Emirates to happen, which could've changed the course entirely.
  2. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing tbh. Just getting rid of the pit of snakes who have infested the club would mean it's addition by subtraction. Players of his caliber haven't been a success at United for the past 10 years at least. I'd love if we sign players like Jota and Diaz instead.
  3. Good. As long as he's not going to Liverpool. He would have flopped at United anyway.
  4. So what's the verdict on this dude? I think he'll be a cheap option to have as a backup, could allow us to get rid of McT too without looking too hard for a replacement.
  5. Perez is the king of streets, so I wouldn't get carried away just yet. Plus I don't think modern F1 teams are going to allow their drivers to compete against each other, which takes away a lot from what makes the sport entertaining. I think we are in for another dull season with Max running away once again.
  6. They are going to win the treble like this
  7. All I can say is that @Mickey Mouse was a prophet.
  8. Love that Newcastle got smashed today.
  9. Conte and Mourinho have the right idea when it comes to Anfield. Even Fergie used to go there and shut shop and try to play out for the draw. It's been proven time and again that it's never a good idea to play them at their game. Makes me sick to the stomach that we have never managed a win of that magnitude against Pool in my lifetime. Two years in a row now we have been humbled, home and away, and it doesn't look to be changing anytime.
  10. I'm genuinely impressed with how good Shaw's crosses are. Jesus Christ Fred you fuckwit....
  11. Even the players are bored by the looks of it, KDB is barely interested in showing up most of the time and I'm sure there are others too. Klopp already has one foot out of the door, so it'll be awful if we don't at least win one title in the next 3 seasons.
  12. What are the odds on Pep running away at the end of the season?
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