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  1. Phil Jones 2017/18

    To be honest he has played the most minute as a defender for us this season. Perhaps his best ever after his debut season, in terms of minutes played. He also happens to be our best player in defense alongside Bailly, so one injury in a season is not something we should be fussed about. I'm sure he'll return in a short duration if he's injured, we should be pairing him with Bailly for the rest of the season if we have any hopes of still getting something.
  2. 3-1 I think. Banega is going to make us his bitch.
  3. Scott McTominay Thread 2017/18

    Fletcher eventually became a beast though. All the quotes and high praises for Scott from within the club remind me of the hype around James Wilson.
  4. Summer clearance

    If Wenger ready to take him then I think it's only right if we pay them money.
  5. I hope so too, would be nice if it's offside like Ibra's equalizer last season. Can't imagine how over the moon the dippers would be if they beat us soundly at OT. Bet they'll trade a CL victory over that any day.
  6. At this rate they will fuck us up at OT in a couple of weeks time. Kinda scary how good their attack is.
  7. Chris Smalling 2017/18

    Time to find a Chris Smalling forum then.
  8. Chris Smalling 2017/18

    Where is @Loublaze?
  9. Paul Pogba 2017/18

    That cunt Robbie from AFTV is trying to spin the tale too using Daily Mail as a source. Fucking ABUs.
  10. Mr Robot

    My favorite scene with him. Cannavale really deserves an emmy for his performance. Edit - The last scene with Grant was intense as fuck, jesus. I keep revisiting it from time to time just because of how insanely well shot the whole sequence was.
  11. Juan Mata 2017/18

    He's absolutely wasted on the right in matches like this. I don't know how no manager can see that, a team like Burnley who are physical and play a bit of long ball are totally the anti-Mata. His 0/10 performance was down on management than just him. Mata thrives in games like Leicester away who try to play quick counter attacking football. Play him in an attacking formation against Liverpool away and he'll be our best playmaker, but instead we put him up against the likes of Mee and see him get bullied.
  12. PL Matchday 24: Burnley vs Man Utd

    Our passing accuracy has to be less than 65%
  13. PL Matchday 24: Burnley vs Man Utd

    I can't believe these guys are professional footballers. This is how our I-league matches usually are, just add more hoofball.
  14. PL Matchday 24: Burnley vs Man Utd

    1-1 written all over this.