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  1. Basically what HD said. Konami have once again been guilty of 'Bait & Switch', although I'm not sure what I was expecting at this point. They promised the fans that 2021 was going to be a season update for a small and fair price, whilst 2022 will be made ground up using the UE5 engine for next gen. They just dropped a trailer this week which was basically a fuck you to anyone who was invested in this series. It's going to be a F2P mobile friendly piece of shit, as Konami have found a lot of success in the mobile market as I'm lead to believe. It makes sense coz you need the atten
  2. 18 years I've been playing pes. It's all over now. Feels like an old friend just died. Fuck Konami.
  3. He didn't mean to kill him, sure, but at least he could've not celebrated the way he did. That is just disrespectful and tasteless in my opinion. He was asked whether he felt sorry and he said he didn't. This isn't his first time, mind you, he did something similar to Albon not that long ago. Toto informing Massi to check his email was funny, LOL. I can only imagine the look of disbelief on Massi's face when he got that message. That's just an awful, awful thing to do. Lewis being one of the most successful sportsman on the planet, probably faces a lot more of it t
  4. What a despicable cunt Hamilton is. After endangering Verstappen's life and taking him out of the life, he goes on to wave the flag and celebrate like a complete bellend in the end. Any last bit of respect I had for him is now gone after last night's GP. Fuck Lewis Hamilton.
  5. He shouted "It's coming Rome" in front of the camera, bahahahah
  6. Southgate deserves to be drawn and quartered for his management. Lmfao, this is such a great start to the day!
  7. I dislike George too but can't say he isn't elite. The things he is doing with Williams this year cements his place amongst the best drivers on the grid. Mercedes will really miss Bottas when they fire him. They took his reliability for granted and will probably run into another Lewis/Nico situation when they get another driver.
  8. Norris is an absolute monster. Lewis is going to be here at least for 2-3 more seasons, so it will be interesting on who replaces him at Mercedes.
  9. I thought Mercedes would do it too but after yesterday's GP at Styria I'm feeling confident that Red Bull can pull away this year because of how much superior their car is. I'm more interested in McLaren vs Ferrari though, which is looking very tight so far. All in all this is a great season of F1!
  10. Shame no one is posting in this thread. Watching that prick Hamilton try and catch Max unsuccessfully every race brings me a lot of joy. Baku this year was one of the best grand prix' in a long, long time Mercedes absolutely have no answer to Checo as the second driver in RB. I can't believe it took RB this long to get a reliable second driver in their team but getting Perez was one of the best decisions they have made. Anyone else following it here?
  11. Whoever buys him should be given Martial too for free. Get rid.
  12. First time I'm watching a game live in fucking forever. It looks like a completely different team out there, whoa! It's a very tight game, absolutely no space. Dan James being there is no help.
  13. We are destined to be stuck on this loop forever boys.
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