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  1. Haven't been this excited about something in a long long time!!!
  2. That's a lot of fucking money, lol. But then again Lingard is on something like 130k pw, so I wound't really be shocked if Ighalo gets what you say he probably gets.
  3. Whoa, holup... 150k per week? Is that really the wage he's on? I read somewhere that he's on 80k pw or something and took a pay cut to join United? Got any sources for this? i'd be against it too if that's what he's on.
  4. I'd like him to stay here. He'll come cheap and is a very good option to have when you are desperate. He loves the club enough to not complain if he doesn't get playing time, so it's a win-win for both the sides. Plus he is capable of scoring some sick, sick goals.
  5. My favorite film of all time! You should read the Aubrey Maturin series of books if you haven't, amazing stuff. You can blame Pirates of the Caribbean for there being no sequel to it, haha.
  6. He retired. It is good to know that The Way Back was the last film he was part of. What a legacy!
  7. He showed so much promise in his first season, especially towards the end when sorta became unstoppable in that 6 game winning streak. We were pretty fucking good until Leicester demolished us too, ADM turned out to be a dud but he had a brilliant start to United playing as an LCM in a 4-3-3 system. I do wonder if things would've been drastically better for LVG had Carrick stayed completely fit and played one more season. Both the 6 game win streaks that we had in 14/15 was when Carrick was fit; soon as he was injured we couldn't hold the same intensity and struggled to break down teams. We actually had the potential to finish second in 14/15 when you think about it, but only dropped plenty of points towards the end of the season when we lost to West Brom, Everton and Bournemouth in quick succession. I wish he had stuck to this plan in 15/16 as well. My main gripe with LVG was that he was too afraid to take risks, even during the worst period of football in his time here (December 2015). He was too stubborn to experiment and refused to drop certain players even whilst under performing. Rooney being the main example and Memphis a close second. To think that Mourinho had to work in an environment where Woodward was his boss and he had to unfuck the mess left behind by LVG all the while trying to get us back in the champions league. I'd say 16/17 was the best season for us post Fergie. We won Europa and the Community Shield, played some exciting football but failed to score on many occasions. The final point tally did not really reflect the football that we played on the pitch, it was way better than 17/18 in my opinion.
  8. It's harsh I know, but that's a price you should be willing to pay considering the lifestyle you get to experience. Zlatan tore his ligament too, but given a choice not many people would decline experiencing what he has had. I mean this could be a bit anecdotal but if you think about it, the number of top, top players who have had serious career threatening injuries is more than them who have not had one.
  9. Del Piero. Grew up idolizing him. Won everything there is to win, stayed in the same club for 19 years, been with the same woman since 1999 and from what I've seen he's an extremely down to earth and humble dude. He wore the #10 jersey at Juventus while playing with Zidane, I mean that's the level of talent the dude possessed on top scoring a ton of important goals in his career. Also, what an extremely good looking dude as well... Fucking hell.
  10. They did, yes. Very little possession though, we couldn't break them down with Giggs and Park in the midfield. I remember how bad most of us were crying for a midfielder back then, lol. That's brilliant. Thanks!
  11. Well Boxing Day could be the day where they win the league. Might as well end up smashing City's 100 point record by May. Sad times ahead for United fans.
  12. How come these fools haven't lost a single game in the league so far? One shot in 90 minutes, from a penalty not to mention, with a squad like that.
  13. Haha, their current form should read LLL if Sturridge hadn't scored that banger against Chelsea. Would be LDLL if Pep gets his tactics spot on this weekend.
  14. Haha, I love your confidence. Hopefully you are right. I'm really looking forward to their game at Stamford Bridge. If we are not going to do anything this year, then I'm entirely supporting Chelsea for the title. I'd watch Chelsea win a 1000 titles before Liverpool or City win another. If they lose that and then again to City at home, then I'll be convinced they aren't special. The thing that works to their advantage is that almost every pundit on television is a Liverpool supporter, and so they are subjected to little or no scrutiny after a draw or a defeat. I think that's a very important advantage to have in this day and age. I always complain about the ABU bias, but you have to admit that the constant attention from the media does play a big part in squad morale. Liverpool get fuck all criticism other than from fans of the opposition.
  15. There are too many signs that suggest they'll win something big this year. One being their new found confidence in defending against smaller clubs. I find similarities in their approach to how City did things last season. During Pep's first season it was evident that they'd struggle and not win the league outright, but at the start of last season pretty much everyone knew it by GW6 or GW7 that City will walk the league. Of course, we had to wait till the derby in December, but my point is that I'm seeing the same signs with Pool this season. They have fixed a lot of gaps and the confidence seems sky high. If they maintain the same level of commitment, then they really don't have to worry about results against the big clubs away from home. They just have to beat the mid table and bottom clubs to eventually win the title. I'm pretty sure they'll comfortably beat the big clubs at Anfield too, can't really see any club other than Chelsea picking up points there this season. City would get battered by Liverpool if they cross paths again in the knockout stages. Klopp's gameplan is Pep's kryptonite. It's a mental block for City to go to Anfield and not come home without a defeat. Juve, Real, Atletico and Bayern are comfortably better, but I'm not sure if PSG's midfield would be able to handle Pool if they meet them again the knockouts. Unless they lose one of their front 3 to a major injury, it's hard not to see them winning anything again.