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  1. Price of doing business in this world. I'll take it.
  2. Probably the best signing we have made in the last decade.
  3. 16/17 truly was our best season post Fergie. Just so, so unlucky with those draws - When you factor in everything, you just have to realize that it doesn't get as good as it did back then. Herrera had so many brilliant games that year, it's not even comparable. That 2-0 win against Conte's title winning Chelsea (who were undefeatable) was where you saw how he shined. In hindsight, we should've paid him exactly what he wanted honestly, and it wasn't even that much if I remember right. Something like 200kpw, it's insane when you think we are paying DDG 300+ a week.
  4. At this rate, I wouldn't be surprised if we are back for Pogba again in January. #PogbackAgain
  5. I'm talking about the whole finale in general. It was a total letdown when you compare it with the direction the show was headed until the 7th episode. It's like they toyed around with some ideas and then couldn't commit to it because of the fan backlash it may receive. Every single prediction you could've made prior to the 8th episode was subverted using preposterous twists that had no place being there. I know SB is still alive but I'm thinking the show's jumped the shark.
  6. Ackles stole the fucking show. Shame what they did in the finale though, absolutely undeserving to his character. The writers dropped the ball so hard on this, I'm debating if I should come back and watch S4 now.
  7. Drinkwater was a beast though.
  8. Nothing good will come off it. Get off your high hopes.
  9. Hahaha, love it!! I couldn't fathom the idea that not only do I have to live through this nightmarish reality of Liverpool doing a quadruple, I also had to witness Arsenal fans talk about getting back in the CL. Just when I thought I couldn't love Conte anymore, he proves me wrong.
  10. The Northman - 8.5/10 Another hit for Eggers after The Lighthouse. It's a relatively simplistic plot about revenge, but the way it was executed made it so engaging. The dialogues, soundtrack, camera and acting were all on point. I didn't feel the length that much but maybe I had already made up my mind that I will like this movie solely based on the trailers and the people that were involved in this, I don't know. I haven't seen any of the other garbage made by DC tbh, so I'm with you on that. I thought the dialogues were pretty good, which parts are you referring to specific
  11. Three in is fine as long as it is going to be eight out, at least. One can dream, but that would be a great summer.
  12. The cinematography was enthralling enough to justify the runtime but I guess the stadium scenes were a bit over the top and could've been cut short a bit. The detective stuff was a slow burner which is exactly how I like Batman to be. If you were to cut short the movie by, say, 30-45 minutes then we would miss out on a lot of character building and tension. Nolan's Batman movies also had similar runtime, right? I may be remembering it wrong though.
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