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  1. I was really excited for Fargo season 4 which was going to air from April 20, but it's now delayed. I gotta pick up Better Call Saul from season 3 as well. Lot of shows to catch up with!
  2. Well I don't have a VR headset so I had to watch HL Alyx on YouTube. Did anyone else watch the ending? Motherfuck... They are really teasing it aren't they?
  3. Haha I know what you mean. The beacon scene is just pure adrenaline! I have always ranked them 1 > 2 > 3, but sometimes I like 2 more than 1 tbh. I always think about the reaction of the audience during the Moria bridge scene, especially when Gandalf says 'To the Bridge of Khazad-Dum!' and it is followed by the fellowship theme. Imagine being able to experience that in the cinemas, I wish I could have. Boromir has always been my guy, I didn't like Legolas and Aragorn that much at first because they get too many heroic scenes but it's alright with me now. I love that channel, but if you can then check out Men of the West on too. A lot of lore explored there, and if you aren't into Silmarillion and other extended works then these channels are just your thing. Have you seen the behind the scene video where Christopher Lee teaches Peter Jackson on how someone being stabbed in the back would die? Haha, he just stumps him with his knowledge because he has actually killed someone during the war by stabbing in the back.
  4. The one with Tom Cruise is a bait I tell you. The first time I watched it when I was 13, I had no idea about the historical context and the issues the movie was trying to address so I ended up thinking it was a brilliant fucking movie with a great score from Zimmer (still is). I actually still think that most things in the film are really well made, barring the plot. Once you learn history and read up a little, it pisses you off on how far away from reality these people in Hollywood are sometimes. I'd give one thing though, the director has an exceptional ability to portray love stories like no other; there is no intimacy between the lovers but you can just feel it so good. He did the same thing in Blood Diamond a few years later. I read and watch the movies at least once a year, haha. Once you watch and experience the extended edition, there is no way you can watch the theatrical version of the films, I mean no way. I liked the first one more than the others because it was less action packed and closer to the books, but I can't deny the fact that one of the greatest scenes in film history is when Rohan arrives in RoTK. The camera work and soundtrack in that scene are just something else! I'd say it is way, way better than the scene from Endgame where everyone arrives back on Earth.
  5. You forgot a new contract that he'll pen before getting injured.
  6. Fred is like an Anderson but with a functioning brain. At least this season I'd say.
  7. Would love to beat these cunts but Ancelotti is working his magic. Ole will lose the tactical battle, so it's up to Bruno to do something.
  8. 2-0 guaranteed loss. Back to reality.
  9. Burns92

    Mr Robot

    Not spoiling anything but the ending was meh. Episode 7 is peak television though. Ozymandias level of writing, probably better if you ask me. Really depends on what you look for in TV though. I'd rate it on par with Justified's final episode of the show.
  10. Lingard is the one pushing their wheelchairs I hope.
  11. Genuinely forgot that he existed. Nice assist though.
  12. Got new found respect for Young. Anyone else in that position would take the new contract and continue to steal a wage out of this club. Not Young though, he knows he is on his last legs and still decides to uproot to a new country from his home. The conspiracist in me believes that he is doing it to force the club to make a signing or two in January. With him out and Shaw injured, they gotta do something right? Maybe he is just taking the fall so we can move forward. He is the hero we don't deserve.
  13. Probably make him a better at his job.
  14. Not to mention Park could actually use his brain and feet at the same time.
  15. Haha the definition of "one of those days" now is when we play good football, so I guess that still applies to this game.