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  1. He'll be gone after the next 2 games against City and Fulham
  2. I still think he's playing out of his skin for that contract renewal, but credit where its due I guess.
  3. Kinda excited about this guy. Think he'll be pretty good up front and we can stop relying on Martial to get himself fit. Would love it if he gets us a few shithouse wins along the way, that's the only way I love football.
  4. Abo must be in shambles, wherever he is right now.
  5. Holy shit, I didn't realize his tally was that awful? Where is he on assists? He's a COVID criminal. Used the pandemic to make himself look better than he was, can't believe United fans were saying he was our De Bruyne at one point. He's more like Rooney post 2014. It's going to be so hard to get rid of these last few cunts from the squad.
  6. What a goal though, fuck me! Edit - Shame.
  7. Love it, hahaha. Another funny thing I read recently was that he will be playing in the AFC Champions League, and that means there is a chance he'll be facing against one Indian club from the ISL. My mates are hoping it'll be Chennaiyin FC, which is where I am from, and if that happens I might fly back home just to boo this cunt in my home stadium. Would be glorious.
  8. Top analysis from Tifo as usual, but the comments in this video make me want to plunge a knife down my own throat. Most United supporters make me almost wish we'd never be successful again.
  9. Michael Jordan is a good example of someone who loves the smell of his own farts. That's the only way you get to the level these guys operate at, so nothing against that. You cannot be self-critical, at least in the public sphere, Ronaldo is the prime example of that. He refuses to admit that it's over for him and will only have to play a part-time role at any top club he goes to. I don't think Ronaldo is at the risk of going down the same path as Maradona or Best by sliding into alcoholism and drug abuse, but he could very well be like Brady, in that he'll be shilling for the next big NF
  10. Am I crazy to think he's going to be the next Kanye West? He's on his way to have a full blown meltdown soon.
  11. Exactly, LOL. Same shit with reddit too, I guess it's mostly the same crowd. Can't wait till the cunt gets skinned alive against City, so then we can go back to being serious about defense.
  12. That's a relief! You just know otherwise it was a 10/10 performance.
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