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  1. This team knows how to win. It's like Fergie's United, so if the title fight is between us and them, I expect them to get their 20th quite easily. Our only hope this season is Chelsea who haven't put a foot wrong until now. I wouldn't be surprised if they fade out though in typical Chelsea manner, because historically they have had underwhelming seasons follow one where they won a major trophy.
  2. What a race, haha. I'm so happy for the honey badger! McLaren 1-2 is a historic moment in Monza and is a testimony to Zak Brown. First 1-2 of the season btw. Also, 3 place grid penalty for Max LOL. FIA will do anything to help their boy, eh?
  3. Should have stopped right there. Then S2 happened where they spent 8 episodes searching for the little girl. That's where I stopped and I'm glad I did.
  4. So everything I have come to learn about this transfer lead me to indicate that Biesla is a massive fanboy of James. A day before the transfer window closes, we inform him that he is surplus to our requirements which then make him reach out to Leeds by himself and they submit 3 bids within hours. This is after the last transfer fiasco involving them and Swansea of course, so what's really going on here? Are Leeds really under the impression that their entire system functions better with James? Imagine if Biesla transforms him completely into a different player. It's highly unlik
  5. His mere presence in the squad is a hindrance to progress. Should've been released but Ole is a coward.
  6. I had a long day at work so I didn't stay up for the race, haha. I guess I didn't miss much. I feel sorry for Perez, he's been having a mare since Styria.
  7. We should be leading 2-1 all things considered, fucking rain had to ruin the first game. Watch us lose this series 2-1 now . Anderson retiring would not just be hard for England but the sport itself. They don't make them like him anymore, the last of his line. Archer showed promise during the WC but has since fizzled. Shashtri is a puppet and should now be more than clear. That prick Kohli couldn't stand Kumble and used his influence to get him out. As long as he is around, we will never get a competent coach in the team. Like Messi running his own show, Kohli does the sam
  8. I don't really believe it yet but imagine we signed another flop from Dortmund
  9. The ironic thing about it all is that they snubbed Kimi after he got them the title that year. Refused to build a car to his needs and focused on Massa instead due to internal politics. Alonso being the A+++ driver he is, dragged them in 2010 and 12 by almost winning the title. They really need new strategists.
  10. But should he really take it though? I'd hate to see this guy play second fiddle to Hamilton, plus Mercedes would be making a big gamble with him if they decide to announce it. They won't find someone as reliable as Bottas for no 2, who doesn't make much of a fuss about being asked to play support. I know the deal is all but done, so I guess this is just wishful thinking.
  11. Russell with an incredible P2 @O. Absolutely insane qualifying session from Williams. Latifi was a bit unlucky but still did good all things considered. I'm so happy for Ricciardo, but it's a shame the win had to come at Lando's expense.
  12. @PVAD Did you watch that shitshow? Kohli needs to be sacked. He clearly needs time off the sport to recover his form. God what an embarrassing loss. All out for 78 in the first innings which should have resulted in the entire team being benched.
  13. Should terminate his contract ideally.
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