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  1. Burns92

    Paul Pogba 2019/20

    We might actually have a chance of beating them now.
  2. So that would've been 2-1 to us then.
  3. Wish they still had Skrtel so we know there was at least 1 own goal in it.
  4. Burns92

    Ole Sack Watch

    Pretty sure we are beating Liverpool after the break. It's just so predictable at this point.
  5. Burns92

    Eric Bailly 2019/20

    New Year's... What the fuck? What happened to him?
  6. Burns92

    Marcus Rashford 2019/20

    My anger management progress goes straight to the bin when I watch him play.
  7. You can absolutely bet your house on United conceding between 55-60 in every game this season. Quite a bit of money to be made there.
  8. Burns92

    Ole Sack Watch

    What about Allegri? He's available and if we are indeed going to sack Ole, it makes sense to act on it sooner.
  9. Guess I'll just hit the bed then since I already know the outcome.
  10. Burns92

    FA Premier League Thread 2019/20

    We should achieve this goal tally in the next 7 games easily. No sweat.
  11. I'm going for 1-1 too. It's going to be so frustrating to watch. Bring it on.
  12. Burns92

    Fifa 20

    Haha, just kidding. I'm not that good either, I just play occasionally with my cousin but mostly it's offline for me. These newer iterations have far too much script, so it's really unpredictable. Speaking of scripting, have you played against the AI in the full version on Superstar difficulty? Seems I was right about it before; they have brought out full scale scripting and sped up the gameplay. Can't believe I fell for this again from the demo, I think I'll stop playing demos from now on and just wait till they fix this thing.
  13. Sorry I saw your reply on my phone, but I don't like posting through it. Pogba is good for France because their attackers aren't brain dead cunts like ours. They make smart runs, have better finishing, better technique, less selfish and better all round consistency than anyone we have currently have up front. His chance creation to goal conversion ratio for France should be light years ahead compared to us. This easily masks his other short comings I'd say. The Chelsea game is a perfect example of it; Rashford converted the best chance of the game and it made Pogba look like a boss. In reality, he was struggling to find his feet in the first half and was bouncing off their forwards trying to win possession back. He created a couple of really good chances against Soton and CP too, just that Rashford was too fucking shit to make anything out of it. Had those gone in, no one will be complaining about Pogba in the double pivot. The point is, we don't good enough forwards to mask Pogba's weakness in a midfield two. When he is LCM, he can drift out wide and deliver some nice crosses at least, something we saw a lot during the initial weeks after Ole took over.
  14. You'd be surprised how many tickets are out there for the grab. When I was at the game, there were at least a few hundred seats that were empty. The guy I spoke with told me that our home games against teams outside of the top 6 are easy to attend if you know what to ask. Of course the second time I was around, it was around the time when we played Spurs at home. I was told I'd have to enter a ballot and wait for a call if it goes through. Didn't think it was worth it. Not sure about the mid season sale. Come to think of it, I guess I have seen something like that once on the united website, the old version haha. Yeah, games against lesser teams will have tickets open 6 weeks prior. I got mine against West Ham at home a week before the game along with a forced 20 quid membership, which was fucking bullshit.
  15. Burns92

    Fifa 20

    If you are on PC, then I'll be happy to kick your ass! Hahaha