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  1. Agreed on Spurs. While I think your point on DM is correct, I still think Liverpool will play way better than last season. Nunez will probably have his breakout season; with Jota and Diaz being fully fit, I guess they'll just outscore their opponents. They just need VVD and Allison to stay fit, and I think they'll finish top 4 easy.
  2. My top 6 predictions: 1. Arsenal 2. City 3. Liverpool 4. United 5. Chelsea 6. Spurs
  3. Yeah, I read that after I posted yesterday. Arsenal are also linked with FDJ, which if they pull off would be a guaranteed silverware you'd assume. Fuck me, how did they go from being the laughing stock in the transfer market for well over a decade to being one of the best run clubs in the EPL is beyond shocking... They didn't even have to change owners.
  4. It's going to be a three way fight between Arsenal, Pool and City this season. All the signs of Arsenal winning it this time are there, they have filled in the gaps which caused their collapse last season. @OYou missed Partey in your squad line-up. Signing Trossard and Jorginho in January were great moves in hindsight now, shows you how well planned all this is. I don't think I'll ever see us be able to pull off something like or what Liverpool did between 16/17 to 18/19 where they built the title winning squads.
  5. @hdcantonaHope you are watching this one, mate. I actually take back what I said earlier. This tactic is a complete dice roll, haha. It's great if it works out, but if not it would be another complete disaster for England.
  6. 'Bazball' in simple terms is a very aggressive approach to the game, named after England's current head coach, Brendon McCullum who has the nickname 'Baz'. His playstyle was pretty aggressive, because he was the wicketkeeper for the Kiwis for the longest time and would usually come to bat in the lower middle order, so he has always been a bit of a T20 style of player. He is a legend of the sport in his own way I guess, certainly a legend for the Kiwi national team, but his stats aren't all that impressive - Has rescued New Zealand ample times in clutch situations and has had many memorabl
  7. Test is the purest form of cricket to me, in that you get the full spectacle of what's possible in the sport. It can definitely seem boring to a lot of people given that you could play all 5 days and end up with a draw, haha, but that's what is so exciting as well to someone like me because it's extremely tactical and requires you to have players that have an insane amount of patience and grit - good examples of this are Rahul Dravid, Kumar Sangakkara, Labuschange and Steve Smith. Compared to ODI's and T20's, the thing that's different about Test cricket is that you won't see one pla
  8. I don't think there's going to be any draws if this is how they are going to play it, haha. I reckon it's close but 3-2 to England is where I have my money.
  9. Anyone watching The Ashes here? @PVAD Bazball makes me very, very afraid.
  10. He'd have been an injury prone major flop at United, just like Sancho would've been a successful transfer for City. We just cannot extract talent out of players anywhere near the level of City and Liverpool.
  11. Burns92


    I don't know if anyone watches Succession here, but this was funny.
  12. I think you are spot on. I actually think Liverpool will win it all next season, they will be back on the caffeine supplements too after having an off season. Title fight is going to be between City and Liverpool with pool edging it. I think 21/22 was one of the best seasons I have seen by a club, they were inches away from doing a quadruple.
  13. Probably fighting for the title tbh. Allison's distribution is no joke, only reason why Liverpool are still in top 4 race is because of his form earlier this season when all their players had seemingly fallen off a cliff. I genuinely believe we were contending for the title up until we beat City in January. Allison wouldn't have allowed the 3-2 at Emirates to happen, which could've changed the course entirely.
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