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  1. Sorry but a world class GK doesn't concede 7 goals.
  2. Sorry but world class GK doesn't concede 7 goals in a game.
  3. Today is the exact reason why I keep saying why United continues to deserve sweet feck all as david de gea aka david de loser was exact reason why United lost vs Arsenal today IF he gets another extension Ten Hag will get the sack at some point in next two seasons. IF he gets extension United trophy drought will extend. United fans that have been backing de gea since day one in 2011, deserved what happened today and everything bad that has happened since 2011. Arsenal finally binned of their line hugging, show botting possession losing GK in favor of Ramsdale, so they
  4. Enjoy the trophy drought while it last. As United is not going to win anything with de gea.
  5. Yes we go again as thats were our actual problems lie we have over the past decade changed everything. apparat from that fucking coward of GK.
  6. IF United changed GK at HT, this game would stay 3-0.
  7. This game played out like 0-0 yet two goals were scored.
  8. Glad we Benched Maguire and still conceded a goal. Maybe there is some one else in the team that actually needs a binning.
  9. Still couldn't keep clean sheet. Ten Hag will not see many of those until he bins him.
  10. You are welcome but I I have been saying this ever before join this forum in 2014, and on pre-cursor to this forum now al but dead manutdtalk (I had different user name on there) when the prick joined in 2011. I Also said this on few other United forums as well (all with diffrent user name of course)
  11. 57 actually with goal difference 0. It isn't as you build your team form the back starting with the GK, no manger that has followed Ferguson over the past years have brought in and started their own goalkeeper. They have all decided for whatever reason to retain de gea so anything they tried to build has ended in failure. Moyes - sacked, Van Gaal - Sacked, Mourinho - Sacked, Ole -Sacked, Ralf - Worst win % of any manager. I have also never seen such mental midget playing as GK until de gea. He refuse to command his box, organize his defense, refuses to deal with crosses, makes h
  12. No De gea is deflecting from his own failure. 56 goals conceded with 1 game to go worst display of any United GK since 1970s. Best performance ? it couldn't be further form the truth de gea has shown the worst GK display since 1970s conceded 56 goals. Maguire didn't play vs Brighton . De gea still conceded 4-0 goals. De gea is the biggest reason United's defense is shit and United are 7th, as his complete refusal to command his area, dealing with crosses, dealing with corners, making himself big in 1vs1 making poor at the near post, not to mention shit distribution is not somet
  13. You want United to sign Jr? when he is now as old as when his dad left in 1999? signing prospect of Signed Kasper has unfortunately sailed at this point me thinks. with that said he would be better than the biggest coward in history of GK.
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