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  1. http://www.josimar.no/artikler/the-men-behind-manchester-city-the-dark-side/5040/
  2. Just highlight what has been wrong is that the three of four players most wanted out during last years of Fergie are the only players left in the squad that played under Ferguson..
  3. Mickey Mouse

    Juan Mata 2018/19

    I wish Cantona came form retirement and Mata retired insteed.
  4. Mickey Mouse

    At what point is Mourinho at risk of being sacked?

    I think Mourinho is at huge risk at the sack. But it remains to be seen if the board will take the risk now or wait until its to late to save the season....feck us possible for next year also.
  5. You can moan all you want about today's results, transfers, city yadda yadda yadda...the reason why United has been unrecognizable since summer 2013 is because this great man retired and United had no plan in place on how to replace him. So United has made one poor decision after another... poor signings and and almost equally poor manager appointments... You can say what you want about Moyes, Louis van Gaal and Mourinho and argue who's best and who's the worst of the three stooges,...but the facts remains none of them . have been fit to follow in Fergie's footsteps...all of them have managed to convince some fans that attacking football and winning are mutually exclusive....so United will continue to stay fucked until we manage to ether convince Fergie to come back (i doubt that is realistic consider his resent illness) or we figure out to employ manager that don't believe attacking football and winning are mutually exclusive. But when you think about it all title winners post 2013 have had it very easy...why do you ask? they are not competing any more against Manchester United managed by Sir Alex Ferguson.
  6. Mickey Mouse

    Even TFIA doesn't trust Mourinho

  7. Mickey Mouse

    Even TFIA doesn't trust Mourinho

    The next question should be do we traust our board to sack him. Mourinho so far at Manchester United the club: The 1st season the 3rd season:the prequel the 3rd season.
  8. Mickey Mouse

    Would Guardiola do any better?

    Don't want Gurdiola. Want Zizu
  9. Mickey Mouse

    PL Matchday 2: Brighton vs Man Utd

    Then if we want have legimate shot at winning the league, then we need to learn to keep clean sheet.
  10. Mickey Mouse

    PL Matchday 2: Brighton vs Man Utd

    Based on the other 2 goals they scored i'm not seeing this so called best keeper in the world.
  11. Mickey Mouse

    Paul Pogba 2018/19

    Fake News
  12. Mickey Mouse

    Woodward turning us into a laughing stock

    Laughing stock? to late for that United without Sir Matt Busby and Sir Alex Ferguson: pretty ugly reading isin't it?
  13. Mickey Mouse

    La Liga 2018/19

    Because some Dutch moron felt that to find UEFA's ultimate finest team CL/EC winners should play the CWC winners. But they left out EL/UC altoghether for various of reason until CWC was abolished in 1999. The game is basically that UEFA version of the FA Charity/Community shield.
  14. Mickey Mouse

    Juan Mata 2018/19

    The guy has never won league Trophy in his entry career.
  15. and people wonder why I dislike City more than Liverpool. But UK government are here to blame first for allowing the take over to happen if they only had the balls 10 years ago to block it. The worst part , that they continue to allow it while PL is completive nature is slowly being turned into laughing stock. I wonder what will it take for UK government realize that its not good for England that English sport clubs are owned by foreign countries and investors..... But regarding City supporters, they turn into Trump supporters soon as you bring this up to them.... But you know the discontent between them and what is happening on pitch/within the club...live of CIty fans revolves around doing one over United... so they are happy with the Arabs because that enables them to do one over United...and City fans used to complain lot about United finances before the Arabs came long...which makes them hypocrites. Considering when we beat them at Emptyhad last season.I suspect last years title win was ruined for many of them.. because they were denied the ultimate change of life time...vs United at home. ..all the crying etc...it just confirms that. But the arabs don't see it that way...they see them as plaything and nice profile image in the west...