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  1. The aboltion of Cup Winners Cup continues to rears it ugly head.
  2. When are the English going to man up and ban foreigners from owning football clubs?
  3. United should have walked off the pitch the moement it was made. IF clubs are serous about getting better refereeing then they need to force the issue.
  4. If I told you how I truthly feel about SON after that VAR incident you would have to ban me. But if this ends up deciding the the game then Ole needs to Unload on the refere I don't care if he gets touchline ban. Shock horrror another unfit referee.
  5. The Greenwood special = Martial Special = Rashford special
  6. When other teams drug up its in order to artifacial improve the quality of team when United drugs up its to help the other team.
  7. Maybe we could ask Covid to last that long then, so no one would have the misfortune of witness this in the stand.
  8. Moyes=Van Gaal=Mourinho=Solskjaer = NOT GOOD ENOUGH.
  9. United would deserve to be lower in the EPL if we are being honest, many had their doubts about Ole after his Cardiff exercise and they are correct. Or we could sack the manager and get in someone who know how to line up and when to sub and doesn't have favorites in the squad.
  10. Had bad feeling for this game for some reason. when en I found out I couldn´t watch the game live. Got even worse feeeling when finally saw the line up without checking the score, watched the first 25 min United looked very poor, so I had to stop the game and check the score, turned out the feeling was 100% correct now I dislike the Norway cunt more than I did erlier. Ole just took that fine win vs Liverpool 3-2 and tossed that win into the trash bin with that lineup, considering there were internationals comming up.
  11. They must be failing a sleep very quickly then and dream some entertaining stuff.
  12. They better start digging up oil in norway then.
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