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  1. If Glazers had any sense they did sack Ole after tonight.
  2. Hire clown expect circus. He needs to be booted out of the club and the Glazers must go also.
  3. I don't think they will sack him. From rival POV this is far more entertaining.
  4. oh common, Ole's going win us THE Treble, but when he does, he's going to turn of Football manager on his laptop.
  5. Finally its gone, I was getting sick of hearing about it considered it was "set" with probaly 3/4 of the games in empty stadiums because of covid.
  6. Why isn't here massive protest up and down England over this ? Are English so limp that they will allow anyone to own football club? English football slogan should be: We the people of England are too limp to play for our clubs, to limp to manage our clubs, and to limp to own our clubs, we might murder you if you disgree.
  7. In my humble option SAF retired at least 3 years to early.
  8. Maybe SAF wouldn't be hanging around Old Trafford if he didn't have his illesses and there was no pandemic.
  9. organizing a defense is part of GK far as i'm concerned and de gea has allways been failure in that department.
  10. Who's been the GK through all of this?
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