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  1. Mickey Mouse

    Transfers since SAF retired

    When Scholes retired first time around there were early signs that United would turn to crap with him permanently gone. Haven't had midfielder of his constant quality since then. Some would say Pogba...but Pogba only does so in flashes.
  2. Mickey Mouse

    The Jose Mourinho Thread

    The cunt owe us for 2004 still.
  3. Mickey Mouse

    Manchester City cheated onf FFP

    Hopefully their trophy room look something like this when its all said and done: https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Manchester_City_F.C.&oldid=868663334
  4. Mickey Mouse

    Sir Alex - 5 years on...

    In my books its a disgrace when some so called United fans start dragging one of two greatest mangers of all time through the mud because of clubs current plight. United will rise again.. I want to remind other fans United has seen darker times... One of the most stupid thing I just read on twitter is that SAF should have retired in 2002. Well then fuck me United would then just have fallen of the cliff sooner if that had happened. Unless we had replaced him with Wenger...Then of course we are then assuming football never goes the rabbit whole with all those foreign owners. Ferguson was simply a master of low budgets transfers...you just need to look at his Aberdeen records. Most managers today are checkbook managers that will only throw money at the problem and then wait and see what sticks. Considering the leaks about the Arabs funded Manchester City, they had to go on extra length to cheat....yet only manage to fluke the league once when they faced him on GD, as we took the foot of the gas...that season should never have boiled down to Aguerooooo...As it was the only time we have lost vs Wigan in total of 19 matches. In respond made 1 signing in RVP and we walked the league the following season and we were indeed favorites in my books for 2013/14 until that announcement came on 8. maí 2013.
  5. Mickey Mouse

    Manchester City cheated onf FFP

    Spot on article: http://www.punditarena.com/features/emackenna/mackenna-monday-class-one-thing-man-city-cannot-buy/ in other words fuck Lance Amstrong:
  6. Mickey Mouse

    Manchester City cheated onf FFP

    The Glazer should of course fuck of but Saudis shouldn't be the one to replace them.
  7. Mickey Mouse

    David de Gea 2018/19

    100% spot on. Mourinho should beach him that is so obvious. Reminder SAF signed at least 10-20 keepers in his 26 years only two of them were World Class in my books Peter Schmichel and Edwin Van Der Sar (wanted Van Der Sar in 1999) so in my books De Gea has always been a big step down from Van Der Sar. I have called him that, and I don't like Shy Given.
  8. Mickey Mouse

    Manchester City cheated onf FFP

    Probably highlights the issue with football fans. Win at all cost no matter what.. Got to wonder how many were/are serious about wanting the saudis in. But we don't know how advanced those talks are, could be these were just rumors to get stock rise for the glaziers. But also changes that the interest real but Saudis are holding back on making bid, then I suspect the Kaggasogi murder to be the case as that was huge political own goal by the Saudis. SO they have to short that shit out before getting in bed with United. As some one said one mans death is tragedy but death of millions is statistic. But it would go against everything United as club stands for but If that the way to level the play field with City some United fans will happily take it and then PL becomes the oil version of the Scottish League. Of course that would make those United fans hypocrites specially those that have been hating on the arabs at City since day one of that take over. But PL is now in this rabbit whole considering that they allowed the City takover in first place that alone should be investigated since its still as blaffing now as it was 10 years ago. (But when you have no proper rules who owns football clubs this what you get; all those foreign owners in English football are actually baffling). But as some one said PL has been too successful for its own good. So if this continues on the same path I think all that money in PL might end up killing it
  9. Mickey Mouse

    Manchester City cheated onf FFP

    Seems Amnesty is far from pleased: Hope they can turn up the heat. https://www.theguardian.com/law/2018/nov/11/manchester-city-owners-accused-sportswashing-gulf-image I like the thrid and second last paragraphs: “The Premier League provides an incredible international advertising platform for Abu Dhabi’s state-owned entities,” said Davidson. “And by investing in football, museums and hospitals, or even east Manchester, Abu Dhabi is winning hearts and minds.” “Der Spiegel’s reports have confirmed what many of us have known for some time but this was inevitable once British football allowed a foreign government to buy a team,” Davidson added. “What needs to happen now – before Abu Dhabi’s money kills the competition and makes football boring – is a debate about whether we let a state linked with human rights abuses invest in British football.”
  10. Mickey Mouse

    What are we doing as a club?

    I have no idea.
  11. Mickey Mouse

    PL Matchday 12: Man City vs Man Utd

    Sorry....but its hard to take game of football seriously when one of the teams involved have been accused serious cheating, so hope they end up facing the music and the book being thrown properly at them. Other than that United...played proper Mourinho.
  12. Mickey Mouse

    Manchester City cheated onf FFP

    http://www.spiegel.de/international/world/manchester-city-exposed-chapter-4-a-global-empire-a-1236622.html Part 4 now up, some key parts: The bold part is very interesting... dodgy stuff right there, with shifting the payments to a completely unrelated third party club- wonder how much Guardiola is getting from Girona in a similar vein?
  13. Mickey Mouse

    Manchester City cheated onf FFP

    What an absolute cowards are MEN: If this isn't funded propaganda then I don't know what this is. just look at these: https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/man-city-football-leaks-ffp-15387348 note: also no comments allowed. I think MEN generally allows comments.
  14. Mickey Mouse

    La Liga 2018/19

    Thanks NFL now every one what to do your stupid sh** i.e bring games over seas.
  15. Mickey Mouse

    UCL - Game 3 - Man Utd vs Juventus

    Ronaldo fanboys you can just piss off. https://www.sportskeeda.com/football/ronaldo-manchester-united-did-nothing-to-win-the-game