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  1. When your love child david de gea leaves and not moment to soon.
  2. World class GK doesn't concede 51 goals with four games to go in the league alone. ITs second time it has happened in past decade this season first was 18/19 where de gea conceded 54, he will break this unwanted record of his, wouldn't put past de poof to concede about 60 goals until the season is over.
  3. Anyone that watched this game and watched Allison vs De Gea, and are still content with de gea as United starting GK, you are lost cause if not I would encore you to watch the game again and compare how they play. These GKs are the biggest reason where these teams are. Allison offers so much more to his team than de gea (shot stopping which as actually none-existence in this game)
  4. Whats wrong with Harry Maguire: David De Gea
  5. I would just change the GK and go form there.
  6. Football is simple game complicated by idiots. Not only would I walk the CL but I would win The Treble every year.
  7. ITs very simple individual awards in team sports are oxymoron there are no I in a team. Wenger is correct on this occasion they all need to be abolished. You don't know that before hand binning de gea might even only thing that club needs to do if they want to be serious title contender. Funny how Arsenal look way better out fit now that they binned Leno with Ramsdale an all round keeper compared to the one trick pony keeper in Leno who is smilar to de gea. As for the CL group stage this season de gea wasn't the reason United qualified from the group and de gea did his best to lose United the
  8. Yes, and they should be stripped of everything they "won" under Abramovich ownership
  9. De gea was never world class or this hot GK prospect many made him out of be. A bluffer and it was evident form day one and I called it in 2011 and he keeps proving my right. Probably worst overrated trash in whole of sports world currently and Most overrated GK in football history.
  10. Another de gea disaster class that is what this game was.
  11. Another de gea disasterclass that United deserve nothing as long as they keeps starting the fraud.
  12. Someone must have stormed the pitch. Unless there is other explaination.
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