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  1. Mickey Mouse

    FA Premier League Thread 2019/20

    I guess you love playing FIFA or PES or Football manager on cheat mode.
  2. Mickey Mouse

    FA Premier League Thread 2019/20

    So much negativity in this thread....feels like I accidentally logged myself onto Blue Moon. IF you ask me the VAR decision couldn't have happened to nicer bunce of clowns....city as club deserve nothing considering their ILLEGAL funding.
  3. https://www.themeteor.org/2018/12/14/council-in-partnership-with-most-brutal-police-state-in-the-middle-east-says-amnesty-international/ Perhaps if you are English you should write to your PM in Westminster and ask them how they feel about this especially if he or she is there for Manchester
  4. Mickey Mouse

    FA Premier League Thread 2019/20

    And then the mangers wonder why he doesn't get results.
  5. Mickey Mouse

    Can we be serious opponent for gold?

    Is it still not too late for me to pack up and leave?
  6. Mickey Mouse

    Paul Pogba unfair treatment

    unfortunately, football now days is something far removed from what it was in 1990s.
  7. Mickey Mouse

    2019 UEFA Super Cup

    Before anyone goes overboard: This thing didn't even exist when Sir Matt Busby (1945-1971) was the manager so that tells you all you need to know...and the first-ever game was played in 1972 isn't even recognized by UEFA it was friendly between Ajax and Rangers after some dutch newspaper started to cry out about which team was "truly best" in Europe yet they completely ignored the old UEFA cup at the time. After that friendly UEFA then thought that type of game was a good idea so it's been played ever since even this game has no reason to exist. When Cup Winners Cup was abolished in 1999. ((biggest mistake in UEFA history and they are plenty)) the UEFA super cup becomes even more distorted. Now you have the Europa League winners vs Champions league winners but spoiler you can end up in third place in Champions League group and still win UEFA super cup.
  8. Mickey Mouse

    Can we be serious opponent for gold?

    Still maintain that United should have signed Van Der Sar in summer 1999.
  9. Mickey Mouse

    Can we be serious opponent for gold?

    Yet the best keeper in 1999-2000.
  10. Mickey Mouse

    Romelu Lukaku 2018/19

    I take it someone didn't like Lukaku's time here. I wonder if this song is borderline offensive. Btw I didnot make this compalition Something little less offesive:
  11. Mickey Mouse

    Romelu Lukaku 2018/19

    You were saying? Btw I don't think we will miss Lukaku.
  12. Mickey Mouse

    League Cup Thread

    If I couldn't dislike this tourment even more.
  13. Mickey Mouse

    Harry Maguire Thread 2019/20

    You sure you still want up hold this rule?
  14. Mickey Mouse

    The Jose Mourinho Thread

    Probably found his level.