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  1. Maybe this season will end up as 2019/21.?
  2. I say cancel this current football season,, its going to same uncomplete bin as 1939/40 unfortunetly. I recon we would have won FA cup and Europa League this season, with EPL, CL out of reach. I cannot see any viable ways to finish the season. EPL for that matter is logistical nightmare there with 20 teams with most teams having 9 games left and some having 10 games thats total of 92 games you have to move around. I don't see any ways to do that football will probably not resume until June at earliest and I cannot see that happen the pandemic might not even be over by then. It would be less of problem if the out break had say happened start of may with maybe 1 or 2 rounds left. Europa League and Champions League - the situation is bleak all over Europe so I cannot see this return this season as even if the pandemic stop in one country it might not slow down at all in another country. So only thing that might be salvaged is the FA cup considering there are only 7 games left to be played in Quarter-Finals - 4 games, Semi finals - 2 games and FA cup final - 1 game. But you still would have to check the teams for the virus and play behind closed doors as you will end with more exponential growth of the virus.
  3. In all fairness, football should have been canceled permanently when Sir Alex Ferguson retired 7 years ago.
  4. Maybe Pogba has Covid-19 thats why we haven't seen him in long time.
  5. Sack Ole Now...he They are probably not even that if the illegal sponsor was removed.
  6. How many subs has ole made? None? James should have been of at least 20 mins ago.
  7. Iss this the batle of the Baunker Hill or Bloddy football matchh?
  8. Speaking of Bruno I'm glad he called out some of the losers in our team that were happy with draw vs Everton We did be neck in neck with Looserpool if we had signed him at the start of the season. .
  9. Martal is such a wanker Igalo looks much better.
  10. oh and don't forget our favorite keeper de gea.
  11. nah just hope he test posetive for Covid-19 and that would be instant cancellation of EPL.