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  1. These cunts are long over due lose at anfield, in same maner certain someone in America, is long over due being held accountable for his crimes.
  2. Top of the league with 17 games gone. Sack him.
  3. I think I have never heard Pogba speak he sound very similar to Arnold schwarzenegger
  4. United trying their best now to throw away the win.
  5. yes, thats why its always delgiht to see these cunts go goal down.
  6. I'm delighted for Burnley in that situation.
  7. I don't think we will win anything with Ole but thanks for putting that mental picture into my mind.
  8. We shouldn't be required to play against 12 men.
  9. Whats up with these short corners they never mount to anything. If the ref had done his job properly we did be man up and goal up..
  10. Referee didn't want to give the Burnley player red so he took the cheap way out.
  11. Shaw vs Gudmundson thats nothing Cavani that Burnley player thats red card.
  12. Shaw is unfortunetly one of many players currently at the club that should be booted out of the club. the line up today was full of players that shouldn't play another minute for the club. But United post SAF has had this weird sentimental habbit of keeping underperforming players at all cost and then let better players go.
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