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  1. I know how to close what actually isnt and never should be up for debate. Hyped beyond belief before he signed and bombed badly. And managed to be even worse at Arsenal.
  2. Look, he was bobbins. Simple as.
  3. Be hard pressed to be any worse that Mykhatarian. Absolute bag 'o' wank.
  4. Just watched the highlights. Ighalo took his goal well. As did Greenwood. LASK looked fuckin terrible.
  5. Only got to see Ighalo's goal because Mrs BASTARD was throwing pictures of new kitchens in my cuntin face. I assume they were a pack of shelf stackers.
  6. Should be getting a hat full tonight.
  7. Just been on TalkSport that LASK stands for Laggers. Arc welders. Scaffolders and Kit men. Didnt know that.
  8. Both last years finalists out at the same stage.
  9. Me too 'O' to be fair. As much as Athletico are not a spectacle to watch they somehow deserved that. THE BASTARD is extremely happy. Thatnk you our Spanish freinds.
  10. Jao Felix and Correa look decent players.
  11. Thats errr...thats a big shout Tee-Eff.
  12. The Dirties to do it comfortably unfortunately.
  13. What a fuckin carry on. There's 270.000 people attending the Cheltenham festival and fuck all gets said. Its a load 'o' bollocks.