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  1. What a fuckin carry on. There's 270.000 people attending the Cheltenham festival and fuck all gets said. Its a load 'o' bollocks.
  2. I think its all bluster. United know his stock has fallen badly this season. And the only way to get it back is a good Euro's with France. He wants away and the club will want the money. I see him gone by mid/late July.
  3. He graduated from McFletcher to McMiller. Now he's border line McGerrard.
  4. The mates laugh when i call him McGerrard. But i think this lad could go all the way. Big and strong, loves a tackle. Wont be bullied. Definite leader in the making and level headed. Not like that horrible little rat faced twat Lingard.
  5. I guess Aards was at the Derby game the other night
  6. Indeed Giggles. He gets himself in some decent positions but like you say he's only played against brickies and Asda trolley collectors. I'd have to question his passport details too, he's clearly bought it off the guy who supplied George Weah coz if he's only 30 i'll eat my fuckin hat. He's at least 42.
  7. Belting little player, at least on that showing.
  8. If we want to be the best club in England again we dont just need a better keeper. We need two strikers. Another midfielder, a winger and a manager.
  9. He's a lightweight. Too easily brushed off the ball. He's got learn to add more to his game than just running.
  10. Obviously looking a bit rusty Juandy but to be fair he looked to be getting in threatening positions. Fair fucks to him.
  11. Flames coming off 'O's keyboard while he's wikiing
  12. I wouldnt get too carried away with chip butty having an ok game against some Belgian outfit. He's stole cash for years and isnt a ptach on young Williams.
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