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    Harry Maguire 2019/20

    My suspicions havent changed. I think Woodworm got bummed here. Not the "Galactico's" he'd hoped for. Oh well.

    Ole Sack Watch

    Ole's still nailed on favourite with the bookies to get the chop, he's 8/11 Money flooded on Moyesy today after another Dickin. Could be some value there yet.
  3. Didnt just stand around waiting for some cunt else to do something. He's in for the parry as soon as the shot comes in. Thats what instinctive strikers do. Martial could learn a thing or two. And the second finish, was rude. just very rude.

    The FA Cup thread

    Shane Long.

    Ed Woodward

    Brilliant stuff!! Shame he wasnt there against Burnley to witness it. Unfortunately the fun stops there for the fans and just continues for Ed Deadwood. These same people are handing over at least £700 each, and will next season. He who laughs last laughs longest.
  6. ++UPDATE++ League goals in 2020:Man Utd - 4 in 360 minutesHaaland - 5 in 59 minutes.

    Let's All Laugh At Liverpool - 29 Years

    Of course its two years old Aards. The content is borderline prophetic. Thats the point.

    FAC - 4th Round - Tranmere Rovers vs Man Utd

    I still think we can pull off an upset.

    Let's All Laugh At Liverpool - 29 Years

    Coming up on tonights show.....A disaster special. "WHEN A UNITED FAN GETS SERIOUSLY OWNED" ++Warning++. This footage contains evidence of a Manchester United fan being destroyed by a Dirty. Therefore it is advised that the seriously deluded and misguided do not click on this link. (Should any fans suffer from post link stress disorder, you contact us for advice at HUMBLEPIE.COM

    Ole Sack Watch

    Ed Woodward

    Been saying it for two seasons Tee-Eff. Careful your not accused of being a serial conspiracy theorist by certain giddy gimps who believe everything they hear on MUTV and Antoine Griezmann. Listening to the club it was all but done months earlier. But the reality is he had zero intention of ever coming to United. The gullible plebs who buy into the clubs spin about chasing players like Dybala, Fernandes, Sancho. It was embarrassing to read some of the cocks remarks last summer when the club spewed out some master spin about Dybala demands and how Deadwood wasnt budging because we are not being held to ransom anymore. The cunt was literally hailed as some kind of hero . But the real facts are that the club were desperate to keep under wraps the fact that they couldnt attract anybody. It was extremely embarrassing for them. Pogba a classic example. Pilchards bemoaning..."He wants to play, he wants to play for France in the qualifiers". But what is really happening is that the club are moving hell and high water to actually stop him playing. Its too much of a risk. And his realisation is that to cement the move he wants, its best to sit it out until the end of the season. He will be fit. He will be playing for France in the Euros, and he will no longer be at United. And yet again the same fools are falling for the club spin......"Just pay the extra £10 million for Bruno for fucks sake". Well he wasnt interested last summer and now we are considerably worse. Why the fuck would he come to United? What exactly is the attraction?? Does anyone blame him for dragging his feet. These people need to accept that the quality players out there are seriously not looking at United. Nowhere fuckin near, and certainly not whilst Ole is in charge. And thats why he's toast come May. There is absolutely no other option available to us. Assurances will have to be made to any new players during the summer. And the first one on the list will be "who will i be managed by". followed by " How many others are coming". A lot of hard work to be done. Very hard work.

    Ole Sack Watch

    100% Buttmiester. I believe what is already doing the rounds is a mass walk out after 60 minutes in a game that is live on Sky for maximum effect and coverage. But your right. Playing in an empty stadium would be the end for the Glazers. It would change things literally within a few weeks. Thousands of us have already walked away 10 years ago. But it needs to be more, tens of thousands more. But they keep renewing their season tickets, and do nothing but complain?? Ive never grasped any logic in that. We cared so we did our bit. And handed ours back when we were winning everything. Of course it was a bind for a couple of seasons, bit there's no regrets now. The only way to hurt these horrible cunts is in the pocket. If people keep going, then they wont leave. How do people not see that?

    The FA Cup thread

    I'm not worried about it. I think if we put out our strongest line up we could cause an upset.

    2020 Transfer Targets

    Mendes isnt pushing it because there's a lot more value to the deal when the bidding war starts in the summer.

    Ole Sack Watch

    This Lockster. Its standard to announce "We back the manager". They know they have nowhere to go now so no point is worrying about it. They'll just roll with it. But meanwhile they will absolutely be looking beyond Ole. Poch allegedly has already been approached. The club have form for it, so its a pretty safe bet its happening.