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    Ashley Young 2019/20

    Young getting games is sympomatic of what United have become. A joke club.
  2. Lindalof is officially shite.

    David De Gea 2019/20

    Lets be blunt here. Honestly, does anyone really give a fuck. Big Dave signing a contract....(He's fuckin barmy if he does) Isnt going to make Young, Matic, Lingard, Mata, Shaw, McDogshit any better.
  4. Seen Ole asked the question about Scholseys comment that this team is a country mile behind the Dippers and City and we are at least two years away from getting up there......"But Paul also knows we are going in the right direction"?? We fuckin doomed.
  5. Fuck my miserable lfe.

    The England Thread

    Infinitely Lockster. Quick slick passing, great movement. Ronnie bags another 4 goals for Portugal. Oh the memories.

    Ole Sack Watch

    Now your getting it Buttmiester.

    The England Thread

    Fair play to Kosovo. They carried on playing football. Some decent stuff too.

    The England Thread

    Fuckinell. Who have they played them all against. United??

    Ole Sack Watch

    Why would Erikson leave a decent team in the champions league and come to United?? What kind of guarantees do we have that Longstaff is an improvement on Fred? He was our 4th most expensive signing ever. Nothing doing in January Buttmiester im afraid.

    Ole Sack Watch

    The January window has generally not been a good time for United. The club showed very little appetite to address the issues in an open summer when it should have been ideal to get in some genuine quality. So its extremely unlikely anything of note will happen in January. All the quality players are playing champions league football or fighting for titles. Who of note would leave that behind to come? United are simply not on anyones radar. We need to accept that.

    Ole Sack Watch

    Thats the big problem Haggles. Whilst Ole hasn't exactly helped himself, it wouldnt matter who was in charge. But there's no denying that if Van Gaal or Jose would have finished last season like we did and started this season like we have there would be hell to pay. It has been our worst start to a season in premiership history. That was always going to be the problem with hiring an ex legend of a player. But at the time it suited the board and Ed Deadwood because it kind of got them off the hook from a number of angles. He would be cheap to hire. A yes man that wont complain when a mic is put in front of him. Wouldn't rock the boat. He was the perfect patsy, and of course the fans demanded it. It was absolute gold for the board. And there you have it. Absolutely no long term vision. Minimal ambition. Basically the boards and owners attitude being..."So long as there is a stadium and we have 11 blokes to chase a bag of wind, the suckers will still pay to see it". It may seem a little crude but seriously it is practically on the money. The way the club behaved in the summer just gone was absolutely disgusting. The owners and Deadwood are probably still scratching their heads as to how they have got away with it without any back lash from the fans. The "war chest" didn't happen. Herrera and Felliani had already left months earlier. That area should have been addressed within 3 to 4 weeks of the window. Dan James coming wasn't an issue because that had been sorted before the end of the season and was only meant to be padding the bench out anyway. The Maguire transfer only gathered serious momentum at the end of the window once a deal in principal had been agreed about Lukaku leaving. Yet as soon as the window shut. Lukaku. Darmian. Sanchez. Smalling all miraculously left. But how convenient for the club that they couldn't replace them because the window had shut. It was a Deadwood master stroke. No massive outlay. Got some big numbers off the wage bill. No sign of a backlash from the fans. Jobs a good'un!! You've got to hand it to the guy. He's a cracker. He's done a proper number on Ole and the fans. His spin machine throughout the summer worked like clockwork. He kept the "customers" on the edge of their seats. "Bruno Fernandez deal all but done. James Maddison deal close. Dybala in talks". All total bullshit. The chief exec at Sporting Lisbon Bruno de Carvalho revealed two weeks ago that they never received one single bid from Manchester United regarding Fernandez. Only Tottenham made a bid and that was for £40 million with add ons if they won the premiership or champions league, which they flatly rejected. Were Mourinho was working with one hand tied behind his back. Ole most definitely is being set up for the fall. Dark days brothers. Long dark days.
  13. Ole. 3 wins in 16. Javi Gracia 5 wins in 16. Sacked.

    Neville interviewed by Stan Collymore

    But how many of them learned their trade in lower leagues and went on to manage and be successful at bigger clubs. Most of them were literally gifted a runners up spot at worst. Deschamp won a world cup but at Juve and Marseille he was a disaster. Rijkaard apart from a decent spell at Barca was a failure at Galatasaray and as the Saudi Arabia manager. So I suppose its how and what you gauge "success" on.