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  1. Belting little player, at least on that showing.
  2. I'd argue that Chelsea have showed a little more ambition than United have. Theyve signed up one of the most exciting players in Europe already for next season, and at a very good price. Whilst we did our last minute shopping at a car booty in fuckin China. Theyve been forced to use youth like we have only for very different reasons. They had to because of their transfer ban. We had to because we had to make major cut backs to save money. I think that is why the club are fluttering their eyelashes at Poch. His reputation will help secure the right quality at the right price. If Ole was to remain Woodworm would be looking to get rinsed for anyone we go in for.
  3. It did irritate him. But they wasted no time in securing Zyech's signature. Superb player. I can see them spending north of £200 million.
  4. He'll get more than that at Chelsea, and a number of quality signings along side him. They'll be ambitious when we are selling our best player.
  5. Sancho is a self confessed Chelsea nut. Their transfer ban is over and Abramovic will out bid anybody else with money he drops down the back of his couch. Chelsea will buy big in the summer. We cant and wont compete.
  6. Of course its two years old Aards. The content is borderline prophetic. Thats the point.
  7. Coming up on tonights show.....A disaster special. "WHEN A UNITED FAN GETS SERIOUSLY OWNED" ++Warning++. This footage contains evidence of a Manchester United fan being destroyed by a Dirty. Therefore it is advised that the seriously deluded and misguided do not click on this link. (Should any fans suffer from post link stress disorder, you contact us for advice at HUMBLEPIE.COM
  8. WELCOME SLABHEAD. No pressure son with that transfer fee. The saving grace is your not going to have to be too special to keep Chris Smalldini or Phil Baresi out of the team.
  9. Its hard to believe just how insignificant we've become.
  10. Deadwood wont break the current pay structure for failing to qualify for the champions league. So its a no go.
  11. Dyabala deal off.
  12. All the serious clubs are shopping in Harrods. While Deadwood is in Asda trawling through the Whoopsy section. Bissaka, James, Longstaff.
  13. And will we ever forget this little cherub.
  14. Always the victims Alf. Its never their fault.
  15. Big Dave has kept dickheads like Smalling and Jones in a job for years doing that shit. But its typical Dippers. It wasn't long ago Jon-Jo Shelvey was the only world class midfielder in the league. Fuck I hate them fuckin mouthy gobshites.