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  1. Nine years after Ferguson left, have we finally landed a manager that will play attacking, pressing football? I'm not confident - look how bad we've been for years, with money flung left, right, and centre - but I'm hopeful. There's loads of brainless, low-effort players like Pogba and Martial (could list 80 % of the squad tbh) on monster wages that need to be cleared out, but hopefully Ten Hag and Rangnick will work together and clear out the rubbish while bringing through/buying in quality, hardworking youth.
  2. In fairness, they've spent very, very well. The likes of De Bruyne, Dias, Cancelo, Silva, and before them Kompany, Yaya Toure, Silva, Aguero, paid for themselves over and over again. They only need to top up their squad each transfer window (and they do with hefty fees, though not as high as our own). We need a revolution each transfer window, and we keep bringing in people with terrible mentalities and massive fees like Martial, Sancho, and AWB that perpetuate our crisis state. The amount of money Rashford, Martial, Sancho alone earn is parodical. How many top 10 teams do they get
  3. I'm absolutely Ole out now BUT we have to get in a manager that's going bring a coherent system to Old Trafford. We look shite atm but Pogba, VDB, Fernandes, Rashford, Greenwood and Martial are genuinely good attacking players and would look far better under a manager like Klopp, Erik ten Hag etc. If we go after another past-their-best manager like LVG/Jose we'll continue circling the drain and spending money on dross. Maguire for £80m was absolutely criminal too, that's on Ole
  4. I've been a big Ole fan, but a lot of this has to go on his shoulders. We actually look like a Jose team again - reliant on the individual brilliance of our stars to get us over the line, with no coherent game plan or strategy. Worked brilliantly post-lockdown with Bruno as the orchestrator, but right now we look devoid of confidence and ideas. Obviously the lack of recruitment is a massive handicap, but look at what Ole's been doing - wants to play a high line, signs Maguire. James and Ighalo - irrelevant, to put it mildly. AWB - great defender, poor going forward.
  5. Man will be in jail come October. On a serious note - I'm guessing he'll be stripped of captaincy, come out with an apology, there'll be a ton of memes and we'll (hopefully) move on from it. It's embarrassing for all concerned
  6. Kind of mad what went on with José. Fair enough, don't back him for going after geriatric players, but surely you sack him and bring in the manager you want then, as opposed to waiting 6 months and allowing him to ruin us further? If Ole isn't backed as we're Champions League this season, falls out of top 4 and is sacked for a manager who's given a bigger budget, it'd be absolute madness. It would show we're a club that just cares about the financial aspect of top 4 (I mean, we all know that already). I don't think Ole's one of the best on the planet, far from it, but h
  7. That'll be really interesting to see, much like Leicester and 4-4-2. I'm still delighted that we're out of the dourball era - Ole mightn't be the greatest manager to have, but he does at least want to attack teams and is letting our best players play with some bit of freedom. What went on under Mourinho...
  8. Holy shit. Interesting to see where things go. Some amazing young players coming through - Sancho, Mbappé, Greenwood, Foden, many others across many leagues. Wonder how they'll compare to the likes of Rooney, Ronaldo and Messi in 10 years. Even all the big teams seem to be in a state of flux; only Bayern seem to be powering on (they did fantastically well managing their transition from Robbery). Unlimited funds City have many of their best players in their 30s/gone already, Liverpool are at their peak but seem unable to strengthen in the transfer window with heavy fundi
  9. I agree with this, Ole's not tactically the most astute. At times, we've set up well against the big sides (especially City this season and Arsenal (FA Cup) and Spurs away last season), but against a low block (even last night), we struggle. The reliance on moments of brilliance is very obvious - how many times have our front three and Bruno come to the rescue in a dire performance? As I already said, Ole's done brilliantly moulding the squad, shipping out the deadwood and getting our great young strikers firing. Seriously, the work with the front three has been absolutely brilliant. I don
  10. I'm all for getting a DoF in, and they don't necessarily have to be this amazing, legendary figure in football - just someone who'll keep the club tipping in the right direction with a long term plan. The best part about Ole's management is his long term planning. If we can get in a director of football that keeps us moving in a modern direction with attacking football and investment in youth no matter who the manager is, brilliant - and look at how we've been doing that recently with all of our promoting from within and the big-money signing of Mejbri. Butt's apparently doing brilliant work b
  11. Really looking forward to the slick interplay from our front line next season. Greenwood will profit massively off the quick minds of Bruno and Sancho. Buzzing for next season
  12. I think Ole's done a decent job this season. When you look at the absolute mess Mourinho left us in, there was serious work to be done. There was an awful lot of deadwood (Fellaini, Rojo, Jones, Mata, Sanchez, Lukaku) on massive wages to get out, and so far we're phasing them out of the squad and club quite well (it was Ole who signed on Jones and Lingard, but our squad was so thin we couldn't just get rid of everyone in one go. I really wouldn't have extended Jones given his injury issues, though). We went from a geriatric lineup of Sanchez-Lukaku-Mata up top to the exciting trio
  13. Also stolen from Reddit - Adam Johnson has more Premier Legaue assists (11) than Jesse Lingard (10) in the last 6 years. Adam Johnson has been in jail for the last 3 years. https://1xbet.whoscored.com/Players/109000/History/Jesse-Lingard https://1xbet.whoscored.com/Players/14269/History/Adam-Johnson
  14. Two stunning goals and an absolute screamer of the pass to set up the assist for the first. Keep this up, and he'll be in Greenwood/Gomes territory for game time this season. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bN4Ym0Y5ovo Brandon Williams looks a serious player at left back, too.
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