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  1. JaimeL

    Jesse Lingard 2019/20

    Also stolen from Reddit - Adam Johnson has more Premier Legaue assists (11) than Jesse Lingard (10) in the last 6 years. Adam Johnson has been in jail for the last 3 years. https://1xbet.whoscored.com/Players/109000/History/Jesse-Lingard https://1xbet.whoscored.com/Players/14269/History/Adam-Johnson
  2. JaimeL

    James Garner 2019/20

    Two stunning goals and an absolute screamer of the pass to set up the assist for the first. Keep this up, and he'll be in Greenwood/Gomes territory for game time this season. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bN4Ym0Y5ovo Brandon Williams looks a serious player at left back, too.
  3. Lingard was very good, especially given his performances last season. Drove forward with the ball with purpose, and wasn't afraid to demand possession. Hopefully he continues his improvement into the season.
  4. JaimeL

    Aaron Wan-Bissaka 2019/20

    Great mention from Football365 - Love him already, such a solid unit at right back.
  5. “The fitter you are, the more you can do. It’s as simple as that. The boys have been working hard but this is still the start, we can still get some hard work in.” Great to hear that from Ole. Onwards and upwards for the season.
  6. JaimeL

    Aaron Wan-Bissaka 2019/20

    I've never seen a player before whose tackling is genuinely mesmerising - it's like he's 8 feet tall, he's just so dominant with those long legs. Hope he never accidentally injures himself (or an opponent) with his insane reach, delighted with the signing.
  7. James will be huge for us in bigger games - that pace on the counter is sensational, especially with Pogba's passing range. Against the smaller teams - do we have the creativity to break them down? We certainly have the backline to eke out 1-0 victories, but we can be very flat up front against a team with 10 behind the ball.
  8. JaimeL

    Aaron Wan-Bissaka 2019/20

    He plays with the brain of a 35 year old and the body of a 21 year old. Such an intelligent, acrobatic player. Love having a decent right back again - helps us immensely in stretching play and giving the attackers more space to roam in.
  9. This is huge, we really should be putting most of the lower league teams to the sword but they'll be lining up 10 behind the ball from the get-go - how will our new look team fare against that? Hopefully Gomes can force himself into the team this season, far too good for reserve football and with less than a year left on his contract, Barcelona will be sniffing around. He loves the club, but the club needs to show him that they're willing to let talented players have their chance.
  10. Brilliant result, but Chelsea outplayed us in the first half and could easily have gone in ahead. At times our attackers were taking far too much time and touches, as if waiting for space to magically appear for them. We seriously lack creativity. We only started to dominate once we went three up, but the fact that we were ultimately able to dominate Chelsea (albeit a heavily depleted Chelsea) at home is hugely encouraging. Our backline looks far more secure than last season. De Gea looks back to his best. Hugely encouraging that Tuanzebe made the bench ahead of Smalling and Jones. We lack technical ability, the amount of times our forwards, McTominay and Pogba in particular lost the ball was worrying. Sensational assist from Pogba though, and our main (only?) creative outlet. Keeping him in form will be key to a good season. Rashford had some great finishes, really hope he can step up for us this season and grab 25+ goals. Martial looked sharper than last season too, looks hungry which is important for a moody player like him. AWB is a phenomenal talent - at 21, he was an absolute bargain at £50m. So secure at the back. Maguire made a great start to life at Old Trafford too. Delighted for Greenwood to make a (brief) appearance - hopefully there's much more signs of him, Gomes et al. this season. Great for McTominay to play ahead of Matic too - he really seems a warrior in the centre of the park, though needs to improve technically. Great for James to score on his debut, @hdcantona's day is made lol.
  11. 10 seconds after that 3rd goal goes in, McTominay is demanding everyone to stay calm. Born leader, future captain. Pogba's been dire but that pass was absolutely world class
  12. JaimeL

    What are we doing as a club?

    The Glazers will be happy as long as they're making money. We're still a financial behemoth with a monstrous fanbase. For all his problems, Woodwards seems an excellent sponsorship negotiator. It would cost the Glazers more money to invest and have us challenging than it does to keep going the way we are. We're actually extremely lucky to have such good talents coming through our academy, hopefully they're given the time to flourish. If we stay a Europa team for a few years and fan revenue drops, the Glazers will look to invest/sell. Until then, they're happy to leech. The morbid question is - does it have to get worse to eventually get better?
  13. JaimeL

    La Liga: 2019/2020

    It'll be really interesting to see how Atlético Madrid do, they've gutted a lot of their team and gone young which will be an interesting prospect under the safety-first Simeone. João Félix will be a fascinating watch over the season; seeing how Simeone uses him will be one of the most interesting tactical observations of the season. Real Madrid have spent big too, I can't wait to see how Zidane does minus Ronaldo. Assuming he ran the purchases/sales for the window, it'll be intriguing to see how he does minus Ronaldo with his own signings. Was he just lucky in his first stint in charge, or is he truly one of the best around? How will Hazard do in a new league? Barcelona are surely going to win La Liga again this season, but have really gone for a scatter gun approach to the transfer window in recent years, signing Griezmann and chasing Neymar this summer in spite of glaring deficiencies elsewhere. Losing Messi for them will be worse than us losing Ferguson IMO (our main fuck up was hiring 3 dinosaurs who all wanted to splash out madly; Barca need an intelligent contingency plan to survive at the top level).
  14. JaimeL

    The Jose Mourinho Thread

    I hated him as our manager with the dour football and short-termism, but he's a fantastic pundit - interesting insights and loads of top level experience. It'll be fascinating to see what he makes of United-Chelsea tomorrow.