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  1. gav81

    Manchester United's new manger

    Ok, fuck ya then. Roy Keane for United manager! Bye.
  2. gav81

    Manchester United's new manger

    Working under a vastly experienced manager in Martin O'Neill at International level and next in line to take the hotseat - doing well then? Roy is probably at the second best place in the world so far as he's concerned, with Ireland only behind his love of United.
  3. gav81

    Manchester United's new manger

    Ferguson; a manager not appointed for having the best record around but, according to Martin Edwards, his "firebrand" character. Of course there won't be another. The best we can aim for is a manager in his image... "When I look at Roy Keane I often see myself, I equate this to his passion, desire and striving for perfection. He cares. He's a born winner. He is the driving force, the inspiration, the best reader of the game, the best talker of the game, the biggest winner.” ~Alex Ferguson "Roy has the wherewithal to be a top-class manager. "Some people can’t make decisions. Roy can. He is a good decision maker. I spoke to him several times about being a manager and when he started to take his coaching badges I felt he was doing things in the right way. "I always felt there was a bit of myself in Roy." ~Alex Ferguson "Me and Alex Ferguson, we had the same type of traits, of what Manchester United was about." ~Roy Keane “Keaney, just similar to the manager in his desire and hunger.” ~Ryan Giggs “Ferguson and Keane are kindred spirits, and what he saw in Keane, I think was something he had in himself, which was his hunger, his appetite, his complete and utter single-minded desire to win.” ~Andrew Longmore, Senior Sports Writer, Sunday Times Roy Keane; the second coming and natural heir.
  4. 6 voters so far and 4 different explanations voted - maybe it's all of the above reasons
  5. gav81

    The Jose Mourinho Thread

    He had a look on his face I haven't seen before after the full time whistle, a kind of shock or fear. I would have felt sorry for him.. but it just reminded me of Moyes. I heard before and after the game yesterday that United and Chelsea fans were singing "fuck off Mourinho" in unison.. nothing like football to bring people together
  6. gav81

    Full-back play

    @O all you want It's no coincidence that whichever full backs and wide men we play they will always cross from deep or cut in towards the area.
  7. gav81

    Phil Jones 2017/18

    Pssst.. it would if we had Roy Keane.. Roy Keane: Chris Smalling and Phil Jones aren't good enough He's said it more than once.
  8. gav81

    No-one trusts Mourinho

    I obviously haven't been obsessive enough about it I made you a post here.
  9. gav81

    Roy Keane Thread

    @RedDevilDazzy Keane should take over Ferguson backs Keane for hot-seat Ferguson: Keane's my number one Keane a contender for Fergie's job - Cantona Schmeichel says Hughes or Keane should succeed Alex Ferguson Ferguson backs old pupil Keane to be top boss Roy: I'd boss United Roy Keane says he and Alex Ferguson were on same wavelength at United Keane: I enjoyed every minute at United Paul Ince: Roy Keane would make a fantastic boss of Ireland or Man United Keane will be a No.1 again says Robson Van Gaal would consider Roy Keane as his assistant Roy Keane should be Manchester United boss after Van Gaal Four reasons why Roy Keane should be the next Manchester United manager Roy Keane in running to replace Louis Van Gaal Roy Keane - the next United manager? Roy Keane is the boss needed to sort out Man United
  10. gav81

    No-one trusts Mourinho

    I can't tell if you're seriously asking me that question
  11. gav81

    Phil Jones 2017/18

    I think Jones and Smalling did ok in the final. Even the penalty/goal - mistake by Jones or simply world class by Hazard?
  12. Did more in his cameo yesterday, in the way of getting hold of the ball and trying to make something happen, than anyone else.
  13. gav81

    No-one trusts Mourinho

    It's just not good enough - not the performances, not the results, not the mentality - why would anyone persist with it further? We need a manager who will restore our identity and launch us to the top, not after another rebuild or half a billion pounds, but right now.
  14. gav81

    The Jose Mourinho Thread

    I missed that. I did wonder why De Gea wasn't up for that late corner. *win
  15. gav81

    Memphis Depay Thread

    Depay would be no good under Mourinho.