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  1. The FA Cup thread

    Apparently the VAR contractor supplied BT Sport with the wrong graphic... 😳
  2. Martial Rashford Sanchez Pogba Lingard Carrick Shaw Jones Bailly Valencia De Gea With Roy Keane on the touchline shouting, "Attack, attack, attack attack attack!"
  3. Their form was up and down at the start of the season and they lost 5-0 to Madrid. They're looking a bit more consistent recently and have won their last three games. Last month they beat Atletico in both legs in the Copa del Rey and have now reached the final. Their current form is better than ours but overall I don't think they face the same quality of teams that we do week in week out.
  4. I think there's a good chance we will win, though the only real surety at present is that we will be outplayed again as we sit back, defend and concede possession. Jose Mourin... 💤
  5. Not only did FA Cup weekend interupt the league action, we didn't even have the decency to put in a performance worth watching. It says something when a VAR decision that made no difference to the outcome of the game is the main talking point. We are a big club with top players but the tactics were like we were underdogs up against Barcelona at the Nou Camp. We were comprehensively out possessed, out passed and out shot by Huddersfield. Classic Jose - defend, smash and grab. Yeah we won, we're in the next round, but I'm a bit fed up with the persistently negative performances to be honest. I'm longing for the days when, aside from the result, United would provide some entertainment and never fail to lift me for those 90 minutes.
  6. Boo Keano, you boo the puppies... How could you?? There's probably a lot of truth in that at the youth level. Though if we could get a batch of players winning like the Class of '92 all the better.
  7. What are you on about we're winning? You nearly gave me a bleedin' heart attack making me think we kicked off at 15:00! 😆
  8. Doesn't matter - we need Keane men at the club! “Great leader and a massive presence." ~Butt on Keano 👍
  9. Paul Pogba 2017/18

    I think "or something".
  10. Lost 4-0 at home to Chelsea last night. Bring back Nicky Butt!
  11. I hope not. It's already getting to the point where FA Cup weekends are like the international breaks - it's a bit of a chore and I just want to get back to the league action. If we play shite it could push me over the edge.
  12. Paul Pogba 2017/18

    Straight from the Fergie textbook!
  13. Paul Pogba 2017/18

    I notice Jose's press conference just now was dominated by Pogba issues. This is exactly the type of distraction/circus Fergie wouldn't tolerate and would have shutdown sharpish. Oh well, different times.
  14. Paul Pogba 2017/18

    So you weren't at all perturbed by pogbunny last season... This was when we were on a run of one win in our previous seven games. Didn't it make you question how hurt the guy really is when we're not performing? Fergie was knocking on Sharpey's door for having a private party, fell out with Becks for marrying a Spice Girl and regularly told his players to get sensible haircuts, wonder what he thinks of Pogba's antics.
  15. Paul Pogba 2017/18

    Jesus Christ and I thought my Keano drive was what they call an agenda. I've got nothing on TFIA 😂