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  1. This has aged well! Hendo an England international and Keiran a fuill Irish international! Loved the attitude from Hendo from his recent interview, I am sure he will make it to the top some day!
  2. Personally Morata, hes the closest player that plays the ibra style imo, and also a perfect mould as a Jose-type striker
  3. I think height-wise the three of them are pretty solid as a keeper, think they are all above 1.90 cm? but yeah I agree despite having a similar height JCP looked a bit more physical as a keeper (dont know how to word it lol). If Hendo can get more lower league game time under his belt and get used to the intensity and physical side of the game in league 1 or even championship then it will benefit him so much. Would really love to see Hendo make it, gutted to see him being benched for England u20s, was a massive chance for him to shine and show the world (mainly Jose) what he is capable of
  4. I'm pretty sure even if he was not away with the england u20s Jose would still have picked JCP, just for the fact that he favours him more, possibly as a compatriot. But personally I would have picked Deano all day, for the fact that hes a united fan since day1, local lad and generally a better keeper (his positioning and handling are slightly ahead of the others, I think O'Hara is physically the strongest and has better reflexes though)
  5. yes mate 100% agreed. Henderson especially is a massive united supporter makes me (at least) so desperate to see him make it to the first team, and he did particularly well in his loan at Grimsby Town, shame he was recalled back to the team to cover for JCP's injury, and had to play u23s for the rest of the season. Should he had played his full second half at the Town then Im sure he would have gained some really valuable first team minutes and experience. As you have said I agreed he is a huge character too, plus hes a local lad (not quite manchester but still an englishman) I would really want him to be competing for the #1 spot for England in the future as a a regular for United. Not sure if you have seen his mistake (wasnt quite 100% his fault but he could have dealt it much better) at the U20s world cup the other day. Mistakes like these in the big stage during his early career could be very useful to build up an even stronger mentality to succeed in the future. Speaking of O'Hara I think hes slightly behind Deano and JCP right now, but who knows what holds for his future? Think he will be covering for the u23s next year, while JCP should be promoted as the 3rd or 2nd choice keeper for the first team. I do hope Deano would be promoted too but if not he should definitely at least get loande to a League one team, just to get more first team minutes under his belt, and compete with JCP once he's back
  6. Always prefer academy players (even local lads) to takeover rather than spending loads to buy replacements. Not sure when was did we last have a local englishmen as our regular number 1 but I always thought Deano would have made it to the first team, doesnt seem likely to me anymore haha clearly hes out of favour as our third keeper, JCP has a greater chance (think Johnstone will be gone after this season, had a great half season on loan with Villa and he definitely will have a decent career should he leaves united. No point staying as a our third keeper at the age of 23) Just notice the typo in the title lol *Kieran O'Hara*
  7. yet considering we have young Shaw/CBJ and even young Joe Riley (though I cant really see his future here in United) Mitchell has got himself some real competitors for the position. Like Shaw, Mitchell likes bombing forward and create space for the left winger to cut in and make plays (fits perfectly for our current right-footed left wingers) CBJ is a more composed and all rounded left back but he lacks that bit of aggression in the final third, especially when he plays for the first team he often looks to find the safest option to secure a pass, rather than taking on a defender or putting crosses in. That annoys me a bit given he has one hell of a left foot that can put in nice crosses. would be interesting to see who gets a nod in the future (dont forget Blind/Darmian/Rojo/Young can still play their part in the position too)
  8. you could kind of feel that from their interviews, knowing that Jose doesnt really favour 'young amateur' players, or as you said, those who arent the finished article yet. The whole point of Jose not playing young players is more about him not giving them time to develop and progress into the team, more than handing out numbers of debuts and then disappear from sights after that. Im not really optimistic about most of their futures to be honest (Tim F-M and Axel look set to be a regular squad player, JCP has Jose's words backed to be the best keeper of his generation, other than that I dont see his patience on developing McTominay/Harrop/Mitchell/Wilock or even others in the reserves team) He did not even praise any of them during his non-exist post match interviews. Would be nice for him to at least say a word of appreciation for their effort but he did not. Wasnt really pleased for that
  9. Screenshotted this weeks ago when Harrop uploaded it to his instagram account means even more after today!
  10. McTominay Demi and Josh such humble lads Gomes sounded nervous really hahah
  11. hi guys its Matt, just got started in this forum haha enjoy following news and progress from our young lads in the academy and reserves. Current fav player in the squad Carrick maybe? All time has to be Vidic/Ruud and Scholsy yeah thats it really lol
  12. would be a good lecture for Mitchell to come up against Zaha on the left flank to be honest haha and yeah agreed Gomes would probably hope for a 10 minute cameo for the last 5-10 minutes for a taste of prem football/cheer/reward for his YPOTY award. Not sure if Harrop would start and I guess either Willock/McTominay will be starting alongside Pogba and Carrick (Jose did mention something about keeping the experience and structure in the midfield) Pereira is a 100% starter tomorrow, so does Tuanzebe. Just cant wait for tomorrow to be honest, been a while since I was so excited for a lineup prediction haha
  13. yeah i was thinking if Darmian/Blind are reserved for Wednesday then surely Jose will start someone else at left back, but then will Jose really start 4/5 youngsters at once? Would be really great to see that ofcourse but given his lack of trust (saying something like hes forced to start the kids they are not prem-ready blah blah blah) it looks like a 50/50 to me my guess would be start either one and sub Mitchell in half way through perhaps haha
  14. been waiting for Harrop's debut for a few years now haha would die to see him play just for a min tmr tbf but yeah given hes out of contract this summer (i think so?) this will probably be his first and last first team appearance. Hes been phenomenal for the u23s this year given all the injuries and loaned/promoted players Actually surprised that McTominay was given the nod a few weeks back. tbf hes just a bit too average to me as a youngster ( or at least a striker) havent seen him playing in the midfield much but hes apparently a work ethic box-to-box midfield (the Mourinho kind of type midfielder i assume haha) Thought Lee O'Connor would be given the chance too but yeah overall just cant wait to see the young boys getting their chance to shine on the big stage tmr My team tmr would be Pereira Tuanzabe Smalling Bailly Darmian (?) McTominay Carrick Pogba Mata Rashford Maritial Harrop/Gomes might come on as subs if we are up 1-2 goals at the second half