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  1. TheExile

    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 2018/19

    Ooh...interesting choice... Hopefully he can turn things around for the remainder of the season. He's a beloved former player and a proper legend so he'll have the respect of the team.
  2. TheExile

    The Jose Mourinho Thread

    Lmao Lol. Seems Pogba deleted the tweet pretty fast.
  3. TheExile

    The Jose Mourinho Thread

    Oh damn. Just saw a notification pop up on my computer as i was working... I've always liked him and all, but things were just not going well and its obviously the right decision, he had to go. So long Jose.
  4. TheExile

    Nemanja Matic

    And its officially confirmed. He's been signed.
  5. TheExile

    Wayne Rooney Thread

    So important a point it had to be said several times.
  6. TheExile

    Wayne Rooney Thread

    I admit in recent years he's not done so great, but given his overall contribution to the club - I'd think he's earned enough respect for people to not be throwing celebrations over his going.
  7. TheExile

    Wayne Rooney Thread

    Given all he's done for the club, I'd think he'd get a bit more respect than people cheering that he's gone.
  8. TheExile

    Wayne Rooney Thread

    Sorry to see him go, but it was the right thing to do. His place in Utd's history is assured as the legend that he is.
  9. TheExile

    Cristiano Ronaldo/ CRexit

    I'd take him back in in a new york minute. He can come back home, where the people still sing his name, unlike the asshole fans are Madrid that booed him and turn on him pretty quickly..
  10. TheExile

    Capital One Cup 3rd Round: Manchester United v Ipswich

    Home game vs borough.... Nice. Hopefully straightforward win there too..... Shame Wilson didn't get a chance
  11. TheExile


    Yes, in a few years Madrid will come a knockin...
  12. TheExile


    I love Marti Tyler s reaction when he scores "YES Welcome to Manchester" lol.
  13. TheExile

    David de Gea 15/16

    Fuk you Madrid. Not getting him for free anymore. Pay a world record fee if you want him. Best case scenario, they fuck off and abandon going after him...
  14. TheExile

    Javier Hern√°ndez

    Goodbye Little Pea. I shall miss you. Great player, always had a smile on his face. Best of luck to him, I hope he starts every game and scores a crapload of goals.
  15. we'll see how good they are when they face a proper challenge against the major teams.....but it is very pleasing he's doing so well.....