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  1. I like this dea of an 'outsider' coming into the club with no previous ties or affiliation with United. Someone with great character, who has no problem with making the tough decisions while integrating his philosophy on the team. Encouraging signs we're making positives steps in the right direction with this appointment. Like most people have already stated, it's the position Ralf Rangnick takes up in a consultancy role next year which is most exciting. But for now, what a tactical upgrade this is on Ole. Have been in similar position over the years getting excited & opti
  2. This is really encouraging. I wasn't sure about how much truth their was to his part in a consultantcy role when the news first broke, but now it looks like he's got definite guarantees from the United board that he'll be involved in key footballing decisions moving forward. Otherwise he wouldn't be taking up this interim manager role at all. This could be the start of something really, really exciting for United fans.
  3. Surprised the United board have came to this decision, but really excited by it. More so the consultantcy Ragnick will take on after - that could be potentially huge for the future of this club. This is the exact type of appointment we needed to see the season out and have foundations in place for the next man, with a clear philosophy on how we want to play. Maybe, just maybe, we can be optimistic about the clubs success moving forward now.
  4. You can imagine the job Pochettino has trying to get some work-rate out of that front three. I've seen Mbappe track back a couple of times, but Messi & Neymar are a disgrace out there. Just strolling around.
  5. Ernesto Valverde wasn't a name I was expecting to hear in relation to becoming an interim manager at United. But there does seem to be some truth that the club have contacted him directly to discuss the role. Of course he'd have to work with the current coaching team already here. So best of luck to any interim willing to to join that.
  6. In recent performances we're starting to see more consistent spells of his attacking qualities in games. He's got so much ability on the football and definitely suited to a more quick passing, give & go approach from wide positions. I feel players like Bruno & Cavani link-up best with him. Encouraging signs of late and definitely much more to come from Sancho.
  7. Not looking forward to this fixture whatsoever. We've already had to endure humiliating defeats to both Liverpool & City. Everything points to this being another one if we continue form.
  8. Delighted for Sancho. He's done well tonight.
  9. Positive substitutions have paid off. Totally different game before the introduction of Bruno & Rashford.
  10. Ronaldo's record in the Champions League is outrageous.
  11. Bruno's hardly on 5 minutes and we look far more of an attacking threat. Nice play from Sancho too.
  12. Crying out for Bruno to come on here, our only chance of winning is if he's on the pitch.
  13. Nah, it's too late for that. These players should be absolutely breaking their balls to get in the faces of the opposition and show some bit of fight & desire for the shirt. They have to try and at least show they care, even if they don't. The first half was snooze-fest, too many players coasting & hiding. No fear of the manager.
  14. Boring first half performance. So much for the 'reaction' from these players.
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