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  1. Love this guy & he's been fantastic for us in the last few months - arguably our most important player to the team. But fucking hell, he let the side down today and he's lucky he didn't cost the team the win. Stupid decision getting involved in that situation, where fuck all actually happened. He's gonna be a huge loss over these next 3 games. In another way, Sabitzer is probably going to be thrown straight into the starting XI, so it'll be interesting to see how he does too.
  2. Martinez is the fucking man! Love that Argentinan fucker It looked like we were gonna fall apart entirely there and potentially even lose the game, so thank fuck we held on. Great fight shown from all the players, but it's concerning how pretty much every United player forgot how to pass or keep the ball in tight areas once Casemiro left the field.
  3. Need to sacrifice a forward here now. Get Antony off.
  4. Fucking hell, Casemiro getting a 3 game ban is terrible news. Over a stupid fucking incident where literally nothing happened to Antony, why get involved there. Stupid
  5. I had a feeling for awhile now, that this would happen & the case would fall apart. It was rumoured awhile back that they were still in a relationship together, so obviously then it was such a difficult case for the prosecution team to move ahead. The club will look into all the legal options for the next while I'm sure, so we might not get clarity on his future at United for another while. Ultimately, I just cannot see a situation where he ends up playing for United ever again.
  6. I was just about to post the same thing. I always worried with his injury record, when we left on International duty. He's had his issues. But yes, very good news for United. Let's hope we see him stay fit & healthy for the reminder of the season now. I'm looking forward to seeing him & Martinez solidify that CB partnership again.
  7. Hopefully we get this over the line, looks good at the moment at least. Would be nice to have the option to buy at the end of the season? I'm happy we've acted quickly since the news of Eriksen's injury. I feel like ten Hag has pushed for another deal. Encouraging news.
  8. Yeah, maybe a fresh change is what he needs to rejuvenate his career. He's still got plenty of time on his side anyway. I've just always rated him as a player. Interested to see his next move. Anyway, looks like we're getting Sabitzer. Very encouraging news.
  9. I think the club should make a cheeky bid for Tielemans before the window closes. Out of contract this summer, doesn't look like he's going to sign a new deal with Leicester. A very good midfielder, potentially on the cheap, who's a similar type player to Eriksen. Always been a fan of his. Won't happen, but would like to see us do some kind of deal if Eriksen is out for awhile.
  10. I feel like ten Hag is stuck in a situation where de Gea has to play (because he simply hasn't got a #2 to challenge his position), but ultimately knows he's not the GK he wants in his team. I honestly believe he's going to address this in the summer. You know he'll kick up a fuss if he's dropped to the bench next season, if a new 'keeper is brought in. So I'm not even a fan of keeping him here on a reduced wage. I think we're best advice him to look for another club and move forward without him. I can't exactly pinpoint a replacement I'd like us to sign right now, but there has to be bet
  11. Bit of an eye-opener for anyone getting carried away that we could be genuine title contenders this season. Reality check. Didn't deserve a draw in my opinion, so I feel Arsenal got the deserved winner, as sickening as it was. We just simply didn't show up, especially in that 2nd half. Two poor performances back to back now, while conceding goals on the 90th min+. We still seem to struggle to hold out towards the end of games. Even the games we do manage to hold out for points, we scrape through after having the opposition pile pressure on us in the final 10 minutes of games. It's s
  12. Totally agree with this, especially the bit in bold. Some United fans seem to forget just how much money we've spent in transfer windows under the Glazers. Same fans are the ones hoping & dreaming for a Saudi takeover, so we can 'splash the cash' all of a sudden? We've been spending hundreds of millions from quite some time now. But you're right, it's more about where that money is going on a more efficient & consistent basis. Ratcliffe might just be our best bet.
  13. Arsenal have looked fantastic so far. A near perfect first half display. They are absolutely flying at the moment. Like mentioned by others, you have to appreciate a footballer like Odegaard, he's brilliant.
  14. BT gave Bruno player of the match. lol Not deserving of it at all. I'd add Wan-Bissaka to that list too, I thought he was very good today.
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