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  1. Being linked to Michael Edwards (ex-Liverpool) & Lee Dykes (Brentford), as the new head of recruitment. Edwards would me a massive coup.
  2. Brazil v France in '98 was the first World Cup Final I watched. Great memories. There's something quite strange about this one in December, a Winter World Cup just doesn't feel right to me - nevertheless I'll be as excited as anybody else to watch this. Brazil have really improved over the last few years, if I was asked to pick a team right now I'd fancy them to win it later this year. France are stacked with options for their squad. They'll be leaving behind some quality players.
  3. Thought Newcastle were all over him on a permanent deal. How can we not negotiate a sell here. Fuck sake, at the very least it should be obligation to buy him for £20m.
  4. It's strange to see a fixture list for the month of December so quiet. Strange times with a Winter World Cup ahead. ETH will probably be well overdue a holiday by that stage, after spending a few month trying to coach some of the wasters in this United squad.
  5. Painful. We're not going to be even competing directly with City or Liverpool next season & both of them have already done really good business in this transfer window - to further extend the gap in quality from United. It's worrying when the likes of Spurs, Arsenal, even Villa & Newcastle are all doing good business too. The people in charge of our player recruitment need a serious kick up the hole to get things moving. Can't wait for the inevitable panic-buying at the end of the transfer window.
  6. Eddie

    Paul Pogba

    A contract worth £300k/week is apparently "nothing" to this absolute prick! I actually despise this guy. Should have being booted out when Mourinho called him out on his bullshit - but of course the club couldn't lose their biggest social media influencer.
  7. And here was me thinking we'd finally start seeing some structure & good decision-making in our transfer recruitment, with the recent changes at the club. Pre-season training starts in less than two weeks and it was indicated that we'd make our signings early in the transfer window to allow them time to settle in during the pre-season tour. So are we to expect serious movement in these next 10 days? From all I've read: Timber has decided to stay put at Ajax for the time being, so he won't be joining. We put in a late bid(embarssingly) to try and tempt Nunez from joining Liverpool
  8. I know this thread is more for incoming players this summer, but how good is it seeing the club finally letting go of some the first team squad too. That was also a main priority for the summer. Pogba, Cavani, Mata, Lingard, Matic, all gone. Lee Grant retired. Sounds like Bailly, Tuanzebe, Jones & Brandon Williams, have all being told they're not part of ETH's plans. AWB up for sale too if we get a reasonable fee. A lot of defenders on the move there. We'll definitely need to strengthen.
  9. Interested to see if he's a part of the first team squad under ETH next season or does he get another loan move. I think there's a place for him in the squad, hopefully he has a good pre-season and stays injury free. A player who could develop nicely with some good coaching.
  10. Managed Austria to a 3-0 win away to Croatia, in his first game in charge. Bring him back.
  11. If Barca put him on the market, United will hardly have a straight run at him? I think some fans are getting a bit carried away here. I get the obvious connection with ETH and our willingness to pay new players big salaries, but I just don't see it being a case of - if he's up for sale, he's obviously going to United. I'd imagine he'll generate interest from the likes of City, Chelsea, PSG, Bayern too.
  12. Mainly to avoid any player who doesn't want to join United for the right reasons, especially a player who is openly stating his desire to remain at his current club. Add on to that, his wish to remain playing Champions League football next season. I just think this summer it's important to target young, hungry talent who are excited to join a new project at this club with a good football manager, who has shown he can help develop young talent. I'd like to see the club stabilize an out of control wage bill and make sure we're not taken to the cleaners by players agent's when negotiating co
  13. Look at our weekly wage list from this past season and compare it to other club's. Just have a look at our highest eatners. We pay players ridiculous wages, even in comparison to the likes of City with all their wealth. If we sign de Jong we're gonna end up paying him what Pogba was earning or even more, that's £300k-£400k a week. For a player who likely doesn't want to come here really. Ridiculous. We shouldn't be looking to continue this trend of just offering players stupid wages. Otherwise the club has learned absolutely nothing over these last few years
  14. Eddie

    Paul Pogba

    Very happy this is the end of the Pogba chapter at United. One of our worst bits of business in the transfer market recently, all things considered.
  15. Can't believe he'll be back in the squad again. I've wanted this guy to succeed at United so bad for years. But he's had his chances. Not good enough.
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