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  1. Mkhi22

    David De Gea 2019/20

    Hamstring injury for Spain. Is likely to miss the Liverpool game
  2. Mkhi22

    Manchester United Financial Thread “The club have indicated that the filing doesn't point to any change in ownership or voting, nor does it indicate an additional loan against the shares.”
  3. Mkhi22

    The England Thread

    First touch for Rashford is to miscontrol and ball goes out for a throw in
  4. Mkhi22

    Alexis Sanchez 2019/20

    Injured while on international duty with Chile. Dislocated tendons in his ankle and is facing a “spell on the sidelines”.
  5. Mkhi22

    Marcus Rashford 2019/20

    Came on for England with just under 20 minutes to go and made little to no impact at all. Should never be a starter and not showing anything as an impact sub either. He has no footballing brain whatsoever. Deteriorating at an alarming rate this lad
  6. Mkhi22

    The England Thread

    Southgate switched to a 4-2-3-1 formation away from his usual 3 at the back. I think he was trying to accommodate Mount along with Sterling, Sancho and Kane but it backfired. They don’t have the midfielders to play that way which is why they should have stuck with Rice, Henderson and Barkley
  7. Mkhi22

    Angel Gomes 2019/20

    2 goals for the U20’s in a 2-2 draw today
  8. Mkhi22

    What are we doing as a club?

    What are we doing as a club? This:
  9. Mkhi22

    Director of Football

    His CV doesn’t really stand out though; previous clubs are Watford, Cardiff, Coventry, Bahrain and most recently Vancouver Whitecaps of the MLS. As long as he can get these fuckers out of the treatment room and keep them out then I’ll be happy.
  10. Mkhi22

    2020 Transfer Targets

    Glazer PR machine in full flow
  11. Mkhi22

    Ole Sack Watch

    Just can’t see it happening. We can’t even string 5 passes together, we have no style, we’re devoid of any ideas. It’s just an absolute shambles at the moment. Even with some of the players back I just can’t see them hitting the ground running. 0-0 is the best we can hope for but Liverpool will score a couple at least. I’m going for a 0-2 loss. Fabinho and Firmino the scorers. Let’s see if i can make it 2 in 2. In the Newcastle match thread I predicted a 1-0 loss with a Longstaff screamer. Albeit Sean not Matty.
  12. Mkhi22

    FA Premier League Thread 2019/20

    Blatant dive and VAR looks at it and still doesn’t overrule it. Joke!
  13. Mkhi22

    Marcus Rashford 2019/20

    Kane, Sterling and Sancho are the starting front 3 for England. He will be on the bench until the likes of Abraham, Mount and Hudson-Odoi dislodge him. I can even see Wilson and Vardy replace him if they carry on the way they’ve started the season. He needs to buck up his ideas or he’s done. Not only is he bang average, but his confidence is shot, he visibly can’t handle the pressure and is constantly carrying injuries. But the root of it is the dreadful position the club finds itself in due to the owners and Ed. He has been mismanaged by managers and the club putting him on a pedestal and making him one of the main faces of Manchester United. The club has not spent enough and what they have spent, they have spent it poorly due to Ed being in charge and no proper footballing structure. We need top quality players around these young players otherwise I’m afraid even Greenwood/Gomes/Garner will end up the same. Even the best young players needed the right environment and support around them to flourish. Rooney/Ronaldo/Messi come to mind.