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  1. Suspended until April 3rd at the earliest
  2. Emergency Premier League meeting Friday morning. Arteta has it, full Arsenal squad now in isolation. Benjamin Mendy also in isolation as a family member of his was admitted to hospital with symptoms. A few Leicester players also in isolation with symptoms. Highly likely that all fixtures this weekend will be suspended.
  3. Mikel Arteta tested positive for Coronavirus. The full first team squad now in isolation
  4. Because a number of Arsenal players are in self isolation after meeting with the Forest owner after the Olympiakos game. 14-day isolation period since the encounter ends on Thursday.
  5. More to do with European leagues needing time to complete their domestic seasons than the risk of the virus spreading. They’re considering postponing it to next summer.
  6. Oh just fuck the fuck off Liverpool
  7. It was a genuine question, seriously Just wanted to see how both compare in terms of goals (minus pens)
  8. What is Rashford and Martial’s goal tally minus penalties? Would be interesting to see.
  9. Come on man, this is getting boring now. Have some faith now that Bruno is one of the spokes in Ole’s wheels!!
  10. Players are going to enjoy playing with this lad. You can tell he understands the game. Always pointing and telling other players where they should be. Massively lacked that sort of leadership on the field. If he continues like this he will gain big respect from rest of the players. Can already envisage him as a senior figure in the dressing room.
  11. Disgraceful! Massive lack of respect for the club and players who are preparing for probably the biggest game so far this season. He won’t play again for this club. I’m Pogba’s biggest fan and have been defending him and giving him the benefit of the doubt where I can but the shit Raiola pulled off today is sickening. If I put myself in his shoes and my agent comes out with that shit just before a massive game I’m telling him to f*** right off. Doubt the players heard about it but if they did then well done
  12. The thing is, as fans we have lowered our expectations... to finishing in the top 4 and playing half decent football that is at the least enjoyable to watch. With our current squad no Utd fan that I know expects us to be challenging for titles and playing the amazing attacking free flowing football of old. Yes, that’s where we should be and that’s where we all want to be and want to get back to, but the majority (I hope) of fans understand that we are nowhere near that but with good planning and management structure we should get there in time. What we absolutely can’t do as a fan base is lower our expectations so low that we end up accepting mediocrity and a club with no vision or plan to get back to where we need to be. Top 4 is the absolute minimum we should accept for now and that’s what the board, management and players should be judged on. Anything lower cannot and should not be acceptable.
  13. All 3 subs made. Fernandes still on the pitch.