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  1. This is the first year that they’ve introduced the winter break in England. Unlike other leagues it will be in Feb and teams will get 13 to 16 days between games.
  2. Fucking unbelievable. Didn’t watch the whole game but caught extra time and it happened again! Flamengo missed an absolute sitter to take it to penalty’s in the last minute of extra time.
  3. Not the first time this season that they’ve got away with the opposition missing big big chances against them. Title race is over. It’s their year. City were the only team that could compete but they’re too far behind. Leicester were never going to be able to sustain a chase and they were too far behind even before their draw today. What worries me is if they pull off a PL/CL double. Or dare I say it, a treble
  4. Saw a couple of others on twitter too One guy said it’s not a racist stereotype because it’s got nothing to do with his race or colour but it’s because Divock sounds like Big C**k...
  5. Surprised they didn’t put a Suarez t-shirt on him
  6. Ornstein now confirmed Dybala deal is OFF Apparently Juve have decided not to sell but it’s probably agent fees and image rights issues
  7. Official statement from Zenit says the banner was misrepresented in media. Zenit Football Club are aware a banner was revealed by a small number of individuals that read “Thank you leadership for believing in tradition” («Спасибо руководству за верность традициям») and that the meaning of this statement has been misrepresented in various parts of the media, and based on these misrepresentations, incorrect conclusions have been drawn that have no basis in reality.
  8. Phew! Not bothered about Dyabala. As long as the Dybala deal is not off
  9. Aston Villa have confirmed the signing of Marvelous Nakamba for £11m from Club Brugge. What a name!
  10. Apparently they've inserted a buy back clause. At first I thought 'why not just loan him out for a year or two' but this way makes sense for a couple of reasons: 1. The club selling can be more assured that the club signing will help develop the player as they have made an investment so are less likely to stick him on the bench or reserves like what happens with a lot of loanees 2. The club selling get some cash to spend and don't need to pay any wages. Let's hope this now accelerates the Lukaku sale. Not sure how it will affect Dybala though? Are Juve willing to lose two forwards for bringing in one?
  11. I think 'understand' is the wrong word. Replace it with 'wank over' and that would make more sense
  12. Gareth Bale is set to leave Real Madrid to join Chinese club Jiangsu Suning on a three-year deal.
  13. City have signed Rodri. Paid the release clause yesterday, medical and completion of deal done today. No messing about. Wish we were this efficient