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  1. he is simply playing to scouse victims mentality. Benitez did the same.
  2. when a draw feels like a loss. ha ha ha always a silver lining where the scousers are concerned. born losers.
  3. Klopp the fraud. scousers wanting him out. "nice fella and all. wil win us fuck all"
  4. nah. wont happen. They are eratic. but long way to go yet.
  5. Delusional lot. Just wont accept that Klopp is not on par with any of the top coaches. In fact he is pretty average. Passion in itself is not sufficient. Could not happen to a better club. Entitled victims and.... Ok. I wont go there.
  6. If Newcastle keep improving and above them, they will be screaming for Rafa to come back.
  7. Klopp losing his head at the end was funny. Cretin.
  8. I first saw that 'kick' in replay and thought he was unlucky. But I understand it was dangerous play. But in any case its the scousers. So fuck em. So a 2-2 draw at home to Sevila. would be loverly to see them in the Europa Cup.
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