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  1. Stretford End Phil

    A team built from players from these shores...

    The structure of this paragraph makes no sense to me can you explain the following: What does: ‘British culture is nearly as bad as American culture for its anti-intellectualism’ mean? You do understand the phrase ‘too clever by half’ means flawed shrewdness from overthinking. Its has nothing to do with thinking carefully but a lot more to do with failure in deed or action as a consequence of over calculation. It bears no relationship to intellectualism or even positive thinking. What does: ‘Until intelligence and tactical discipline are valued by coaching staff and management in the UK ...’ mean? Why is it anymore ‘pointless, costly, and counter-productive’ to stock our team with British players than it is overseas players, especially when some of the most expensive players ever to play for this club were from overseas who failed to make the grade?
  2. Stretford End Phil

    A team built from players from these shores...

    It was bizarre, more so because Fergie tramps the halls of business schools lecturing on leadership. Surely a sign of superior leadership is to ensure a painless and trouble free change of management. The maxims Graduates are taught about management is to avoid allowing the boss to write his memoirs, dont let him select his replacement, and don’t build a statue to him while he’s alive.
  3. Stretford End Phil

    A team built from players from these shores...

    LOL Thats the beauty of history, you know the crappy bits have gone. I never wanted him but I have thought that if he hadn’t cleared the backroom, not made panic buys and sold Rooney things might have been different.
  4. Stretford End Phil

    A team built from players from these shores...

    Sharpe played the fool and was sold - Fergie closed the drinking club - he also patrolled the homes - no way Gascoigne was going to join that regime. I would not change any moment in 55 years, the bad bits made us stronger.
  5. Stretford End Phil

    A team built from players from these shores...

    You never can tell when addiction has started. In 1991 he was involved in an incident in a nightclub. He wasn’t the only one drinking like Robson, Merson and Adms but he took it to a ridiculous level. Its also forgotten he was taking massive doses of cocaine to quickly pick up from hangovers. He was a bullet we successfully dodged.
  6. Stretford End Phil

    The FA Cup thread

    Swansea looks well attended tonight - must have clashed with the annual sheep shagging trials.
  7. Stretford End Phil

    A team built from players from these shores...

    Lots of fans did but not for me. It was his behaviour with that ginger twat from TV - it was too much like Best and his fair weather friends who fucked off when he collapsed. I think difficult players were not a challenge for Fergie, as proven with Cantona, but addiction is beyond the normal bounds of discipline. I think that answers your question?
  8. Stretford End Phil

    Even the Almighty made mistakes.

    I might be wrong but I think it was one of Jimmy Murphy’s maxims that the players’ duty was to entertain. Van Gaal - the tragedy of that decision was the evidence for all to see. The early success in his career fuelled a megalomania that nearly destroyed teams. He was a legend within his own press conferences and video management shows. In his first season at Bayern he was excellent but that second season imploded all by his own making. He virtually destroyed a young defender’s career, caused a huge fall out among the coaches, and led to his sacking by Rumenigge on the grounds that footy has to be entertaining. Not only was there a huge sigh of relief when he was sacked from Bayern fans, but those same fans (as well as the Dutch) offered commiserations when he joined us. TBH - I think we got off likely with Van Gaal, it could so easily have turned into a total disaster.
  9. Stretford End Phil

    United YouTube Channel

    Opened with the Chelski match, almost 500K subscribers by today!
  10. Stretford End Phil

    Oh fuck off Carra you scouse cunt!!

    Switch all of them off. Its like listening to a load of women shopping for shoes - after 1 minute its just noise.
  11. Stretford End Phil

    A team built from players from these shores...

    I never wanted Shearer or Gascoigne but loads of fans did. Many fans said Fergie was finished for not buying them. At one time, Ralph Milne was Fergie's top British buy. One of those jaw dropping players who could silence the Stretty with his miss kicks.
  12. Stretford End Phil

    What TV Show are you watching?

    Babylon Berlin - German crime series set in the 1920/30s.
  13. Stretford End Phil

    PL Matchday 28: Man Utd vs Chelsea

    First half we looked disjointed. Jose should have left the squad alone - bringing Sanchez in has not achieved an impact on the tactical level and upset the fragile balance at the strategic. Second half was better. The squad looked right once Sanchez came off and Lingard gave us the movement we needed up front - suddenly we were pressing in their box and winning the ball on the half way line. Pogba, Matic, and Young all looked better. Lukaku looked like a proper striker today, the transformation was complete when Lingard came on. Look how he ran to celebrate with Jesse! Pogba was playing at the intensity he ahould have been playing recently. Tony V intimidated the wing and was quietly excellent. The defence springs a calamity - its always spectatcular! We need to build the re-defence in the summer. I hope this means we fight for second and not spells the end of our season.
  14. Stretford End Phil

    PL Matchday 28: Man Utd vs Chelsea

    If that was any other team defending so pathetically I would be pissing myself laughing for being so amateurish - HOWEVER...!!!