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  1. Summer clearance

    Fair enough but the pundits were of a similar opinion - would you VAR it?
  2. Summer clearance

    Dodgy handball tbf. Chris was so close to the player who knocked it on it was impossible to do otherwise, and I think his facial movements indicated he was very surprised. He had a good game yesterday - credit where its due.
  3. VAR - yes or no?

    There is goaline tech which makes cold decisions of ‘goal’ and ‘no goal’, which we all seem to agree with. We know VAR is operation in the FA Cup, and used in Germany and thanks to Jose also in Portugal - but do we like it? Jose made some interesting comments. Yesterday’s decisions caused a storm, which to my mind was more about English football culture than logical and rational discussion. I myself wanted it for the torrid decisions to be overturned but not at the cost our game. A knee, a large lunch box, a Sir Bobby hairline doesnt seem to me to constitute the basis for reasonable decision making and not in the spirit of the idea. As a consequence I think we need more time to work this out properly. What are your thoughts?
  4. What Movies Are You Watching Right Now?

    Wells’ book, ‘The Shape of Things To Come’, came out a few years before. He was the screenwriter and claimed more involvement in the production than was the case. Watching this and contrasting/comparing with “A Matter of Life and Death’.
  5. What Movies Are You Watching Right Now?

    Things to Come (1936)
  6. West Brom - Pardiola era

    Hmmm, and then there’s the society we live in. The Sun, always so quick to add colour to their stories with ‘ifs’, has made none about drunkeness or whether the players were given a breathalyser. ‘If’ in this case has no substantive grounds other than that they were in a McDonalds which more than likely points to food poisoning. I understand Rooney was breathalysed after being pulled over and then arrested. Comparing captain’s I would judge Rooney’s behaviour criminally irresponsible and would have given him a short term prison sentence - but then I’ve seen first hand how drunk drivers destroy lives. Was the taxi stolen or borrowed? The police seem to have treated this as a misdemeanour. Was the taxi owner paid his fare, no evidence. Was he left out of pocket? Who knows but there are more questions than answers. The entire incident is pathetic but on the facts its little more than a storm in a tea cup. Professionalism and human decency - do they mean anything to modern footballers? I heard last night he was stripped of the captaincy. The chairman has been sacked but Evans stays - dystopia.
  7. Romelu Lukaku 2017/18

    Not sure its tactics, more a case of players unable to always deliver that killer pass. Teams need thinking players to play the pass and we’re woefully short. Ander was doing it last season before he got benched. Mata on his day is intelligent but he can also play like a wooden-top. Interesting how Mata has made several goals for Lukaku which might suggest a budding partnership of sorts Pogba started doing those kind of passes but he dried up. Young was a winger who could pass but has turned into a full back who cant pass. Tony V delivers passes for the kinds of players we no longer have. I am pleased how the lad performed today, but he will be heavily marked again in future games.
  8. Romelu Lukaku 2017/18

    Mata finally gave him a pass that enabled him to express his ability. He runs channels, get it right and he will score. Ask him to go outside of that or push the envelope and he fails. Now we know his limits time we got on and exploited his strengths.
  9. West Brom - Pardiola era

    I don’t get all the self-righteous tosh about a few guys getting pissed and borrowing a taxi to get home. Sounds like Essex or Shoreditch in East London in the twilight hours of a Sunday morning, except they didn’t stab some stranger or throw acid in a woman’s face. Given the more serious issues in the game like pedophiles, serious drug cartels, gang related gambling on games, rapes of young women, alcoholism, it all seems a storm in a tea cup. The guys tonight on TV were not impressed, nor expect is anyone else, but the level of fuss is way over the top.
  10. Chris Smalling 2017/18

    I have never hated any United player, and he is a good defender but he is prone to making calamities.
  11. FAC - 5th Round - Huddersfield vs Man Utd

    Second verse includes the Berties and Scouses....glad to see we’re maintaining our standards.
  12. FAC - 5th Round - Huddersfield vs Man Utd

    Yes it was, Sir Bobby said so and he’s the most honest man in footy.
  13. FAC - 5th Round - Huddersfield vs Man Utd

    Excepting refs back-handers and gambling on the games they ref.
  14. FAC - 5th Round - Huddersfield vs Man Utd

    We have it in Germany, it suits a culture that is still analysing Geoff Hurst’s goal!
  15. FAC - 5th Round - Huddersfield vs Man Utd

    The ref is supposed to be the decisive decision maker in that situation and instead he bottled it. A glorious device to save the jobs of crap refs.