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  1. Meanwhile, de Jong is still a Barca player, United are still dithering, and August looms large. We never learn.
  2. Why would Ronaldo give a shit about who City and Liverpool sign? He's paid to do a job here. Besides, he's at the fag-end of his career now and knows he won't figure in our rebuilding plans - if we have any. Nothing story.
  3. Phelan's on his way out and doesn't give a toss. I bet he could say a few things about our pampered stars.
  4. What about a defensive midfielder? Have we forgotten that position exists? And don't say either Fred or McTominay can do that job because they can't.
  5. Allegedly, van Gaal told Justin Timber that he wouldn't be selected for the Dutch side if he signed for United. Louis really knows how to stick the boot in.
  6. If there's a morals clause in his contract, the club can terminate his deal without paying the balance. Such things are common in American professional sports where sponsorship plays a huge role; maybe not so much in England. The club seem to be playing a waiting game so perhaps there is no morals clause because, given the gravity of the allegations, they'd have shown him the door a long time ago. But, as @JJtheRed has said, if he comes back, I'm washing my hands of the club.
  7. Avis and Hertz aren't best please with his latest stunt.
  8. It's all about him. Such a narcissist. I'm surprised he stayed beyond 2019 given that Raiola is alleged to have told him back in 2016 that the plan was 3 years at United and then off to Real.
  9. It's a fucking comedy show. Lingard walks when we could have picked up a fee from West Ham, we let Pogba run down the clock on his deal pissing millions up the wall in the process. The ground is in a state of disrepair, the share price has taken a hammering and we're in the middle of a restructuring project after nearly a decade of mismanagement. I don't think things are going to change soon. The Glazers must know that the cost of what's needed overall is far more than they are willing to countenance.
  10. Fabregas transfer saga, part II. We'll spend an age chasing a player who doesn't want to come, we'll end up panic buying someone else, and all the while, the MEN will be telling us that De Jong is "sending messages" to ETH. It's all so tiresome.
  11. You young 'uns. Try writing letters.
  12. Stephen King wrote a book about Wolves? Thought he was a baseball fan.
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