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  1. Don't knock it. The received wisdom is that all City have to do to win the treble is show up. Pep has played the second string for the last two games and has lost both. He should have kept the momentum going like Fergie did in 1999 as best he could given that Scholes and Keane were out of the EC final. I don't think we will roll over and I don't think Inter will either.
  2. It was the 1977 side that stopped Liverpool's treble. Choccy was much later. Not in 1977.
  3. They've done a PR job on him all right. But I heard the tape and people like that don't change. Besides, if they did bring him back, the women's team would probably make a royal stink about it. Better to get rid.
  4. The club is testing the waters. My opinion hasn't changed. He's a misogynistic scumbag and should fuck off. Do not want him back at the club.
  5. Couldn't have happened to a nicer lot.
  6. I think Inter will beat them and that we will win the FA Cup. Pep will fuck things up.
  7. Play the following XI: Stepney Nichol Grenhoff (B) Buchan (c) Albiston Coppell McIlroy Greenhoff (J) Hill Pearson Macari Sub: McCreery
  8. The Burmese Harp. One of Kon Ichikawa's best movies. Set in Burma at the end of the war, A Japanese soldier is sent out on a mission. Given up for dead, he turns up at a POW camp dressed as a Buddhist monk and playing on a harp. He decides to stay on in Burma with the sole task of finding and burying his fallen comrades while his former comrades board a ship back to Japan. On route, his former officer reads a letter from his saying once he has buried all teh dead he can find, he may return to Japan. Contrast this with The Emperor's Naked Army Marches On, which is sort of a docu-drama abou
  9. Even Fergie commented on that. Not something he would have done.
  10. Probably, but I think he must be leader of the pack. Bruno is too volatile. Varane isn't fit for long enough, and I wouldn't have a goalie as captain so De Gea is out. I know. Let's give it to Sancho!
  11. I wasn't though, but he would be the PC choice.
  12. You want to give him another season? Just ship him out back to Germany and take the loss. It's the United way.
  13. Rashford will get it. Local lad and all that...
  14. Nobody ever lives up to the "he's the new Edwards/Best/Robson" tag. Not Jones's fault he got crocked but the club should have retired him a long time ago instead of pissing money up the wall in the vain hope that he would recover.
  15. Celtic did that in 1967. Seriously, I don't much care if City win the treble or end up with just the league. We might rekindle the spirit of 1977 when Liverpool were favourites to land the treble. But we had a team spirit then that's absent today. Players like Macari, Pearson, Coppell, Buchan, and the Greenhoff brothers would not roll over for anyone. Could be a surprise win.
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