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  1. The Guardian is reporting that Gordon McQueen has been diagnosed with dementia. He joins a long list of great players from the past who are falling prey to that dreadful condition. Bobby Charlton has been diagnosed with it, Nobby Stiles died with dementia as did Martin Peters and Jeff Astle. Gordon was one of our best central defenders (how we could do with someone of his calibre today) who learned his trade under Don Revie at Leeds before signing for us along with Joe Jordan. I wish him well. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/feb/23/gordon-mcqueen-former-scotland-defender-
  2. Martial will pay for that. Geordie player looks proper pissed off.
  3. Good ball by Matic but played to the wrong forward. Martial would have had to work a bit to hold on to that and we know what he thinks about work.
  4. Barcodes will win this. Maguire is fucking abysmal.
  5. They won't sack him. It'll be progress. But I don't think we'll finish in the top four.
  6. Coaching. It's all down to coaching. He tries to beat two or three defenders and never looks up to see if there's a teammate (usually Cavani) in a position to score. Oppo defenders know Rashford will attack down the left with Shaw and try to dribble at the corner of the box. Time and fucking time again he does it. No wonder Cavani and Bruno look frustrated with him.
  7. 10 points out of a possible 21 and some people still think we're in with a chance of winning the league. Madness. Come April, we'll be clinging to 4th if we're lucky.
  8. Looks like trouble brewing for Jose at Tottenham. Gareth Bale ruled himself out of the cup tie at Everton because he was 'not feeling comfortable' about some injury or other that Jose couldn't identify. Mourinho's comments are diplomatic by his standards but, reading between the lines, it seems that bring Bale back and forking out half his astronomical wages isn't working out to well. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/feb/11/jose-mourinho-surprised-gareth-bale-absence-at-everton-tottenham
  9. Doesn't seem to fit in, rarely gets the ball. rarely gets into space in the box. So far, a flop.
  10. Moyes. What a glittering career he's had. 23 years in management and won fuck-all. Mediocrity all round tonight. They just threw all the names in a hat and his came out. I thought they'd go for Martial.
  11. The pallor on the faces of our coaches. they all look like they've got a terminal disease. Maguire MOTM. I've seen better footballers wearing leg irons.
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