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  1. I'd imagine their coaching staff will have watched a video of the Leicester game, and others, in preparation. I bet they're praying that Maguire starts.
  2. I can't stand Gary Neville. I didn't like him as a player and I don't like him as a pundit. He wasn't half the defender Paul Parker was.
  3. In other words, crap squad management. You have to wonder what players like Ronaldo and Cavani, who have played for the best, think of Ole's style.
  4. After that display at Leicester, he needs to go.
  5. That's Dr. Rashford to you sonny. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/oct/08/marcus-rashford-attacks-universal-credit-cut-at-degree-ceremony
  6. Aw come on. We're level on points with City, one behind the Dippers, and two behind the Renties. If we keep this up, we'll finish 4th and we can all party along with Ole and the gang.
  7. He was doing it long before he became ill. When Moyes took over, the cameras were on Fergie at every game looking for a reaction, and that was in 2013.
  8. Sir Matt's refusal to let go contributed greatly to our decline from 1969 onwards. We promoted from within and it soon became clear that Wilf didn't have the support of the senior players who went over his head to Matt when they were given orders they didn't like. Then came Frank O'Farrell. A nice bloke from the West Ham academy whose achievements were (a) getting Leicester to the FA Cup final, and (b) getting Leicester relegated. Matt oversaw that debacle. They hired Tommy Doc, another manager whose teams played good football and who had at least won a trophy. Powerless to stop the rot, he le
  9. Maybe so, but these are top players, used to winning trophies under the best coaches in the game. I don't think they'll tolerate losing piss-ant games or struggling against inferior opposition for too long before it sinks in that Ole is out of his depth. They've probably already sussed that though.
  10. Unless the club follow the established pattern and sack him if we fail to get 4th and we don't qualify for the CL via the EL. However, I think player discontent with Ole will be more evident this season, given the players we've signed. Players of the calibre of Ronaldo, Bruno, Varane, and Pogba are quite capable of forming a cadre to get him out. They want top-level football, not clueless make-it-up-as-you-go-along stuff.
  11. Saving face. Sacking another manager doesn't look good. Doesn't bother other clubs but we do things the United Way, We wait until it's too late to salvage the season before we act.
  12. Villa bench was animated throughout. Their manager was constantly talking to his coaches; at least that's what it looked like whenever the camera was on them. Our bench was mute and statue-like. Ole has no fucking idea how to change a game.
  13. Fuckin' Ada, what a shitshow. It looked like Bruno didn't give a shit and just whacked the ball.
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