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  1. A very good recording of the Great Mass. Enjoy.
  2. CPS decided they couldn't convict. It took them long enough to make their minds up but who knows what happened after the CPS initially decided to prosecute. Witnesses change their stories, refuse to cooperate, or give evidence. It's common enough. However, he has been exposed as a degenerate scumbag who treats women disgracefully. I hope he never sets foot in Old Trafford again. @JJtheRedwould have been livid about this.
  3. He's the one with footage of the judge at a gay swinger's party.
  4. Fucking dippers. Brighton have the hoodoo on them. If memory serves, Brighton knocked them out in their 1983 cup run too. Must be a sign.
  5. Red card too. He always seems to go all caveman when he's playing against us.
  6. Andy Carroll is playing. Hard to believe he's still around.
  7. I hate losing to Arsenal but they were worth their win today. It shows you what Casemiro has brought to the team though. Can't trust McT, AWB, DDG, or even Shaw. Top 4 spot isn't guaranteed and we need to get some more business done sharpish if we hope to grab a spot. I'd give Anthony until next season to get bedded in.
  8. Should bring on Garnacho to run at them. They've looked a bit wobbly in defence so far. Fred has done well.
  9. Martial never stays fit. Waterford Crystal are thinking of producing a line of glass footballers named after him.
  10. Lampard surely can't survive this defeat. They'll be calling Rooney as soon as the game's over, if not before.
  11. Even the Guardian isn't following this game, and they normally have something for every United match. Arsenal v Newcastle is preferred.
  12. Maybe that's why the renties are buying Benoît Badiashile from Monaco. Mind you, Fofana is injured so that could be the reason too,
  13. I don't think the club sees replacing De Gea as a priority. When he does eventually leave, we might be left with another 1999 situation. I hope not. Look how long it took to replace Schmeichel with someone close to his level.
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