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  1. I enjoy the Zatoichi films too. You'd think they would have become formulaic but they really didn't. Katsu did some other good stuff like Hanzo the Razor and he stole the show in Kobayashi's 'Inn of Evil' turning a minor role into a tour de force. He even outshone the great Tatsuya Nakadai in that one. His brother was great in Lone Wolf and Cub and as the Wicked Priest.
  2. Maybe they want a sale or nothing. It;s not like Newcastle are skint.
  3. Me neither. Maureen had him pegged. Shaw was heading in the right direction until he got his leg broken and it's been fits and starts ever since.
  4. Three massive egos there. Mbappe will go to Madrid, Neymar is a certified nutter, and Messi is at the fag end of his career. Martial is all but gone. I'd rather have Sancho and Rashford.
  5. Ole's arrival was likely Fergie's doing. We needed a caretaker quick but Ole's name is not the first that springs to mind for most people. His appointment to the job full-time was an emotional response to winning in Paris. Fucking stupid decision. There was nothing to lose by letting him see the season out then re-evaluating. Instead, Ole gets a contract and we go on a losing run. We are run by total incompetents. They can trawl for sponsors all they like and rake in the money but doing the basic things is beyond them. When we're floating around mid-table, paying a fortune out in wages, and no
  6. True. Unforced errors handed us that 2-0 lead. Villa were better all round, especially in midfield. Matic and Fred were spectators for large chunks of the game and Ralf, for all his vaunted tactical nous, copied Ole's trick of chucking on late subs to no effect. FFS, when the midfield two and knackered and getting overrun, bring on reinforcements from the bench and protect the lead. What was he thinking?
  7. True. As long as those gimps are running things, it won't matter who is the manager. It will always be business first, football second. Which wouldn't be long. Does he speak English? If not, he'd be in a world of trouble with the English contingent, most of whom can't speak it themselves. The current squad would be marching in lock-step to get rid of him. I can't think of a single player of ours that would run through a brick wall for any manager.
  8. The Silent Samurai. Good jidaigeki series from the early 1970s starring Tomisaburo Wakayama (Lone Wolf and Cub) and his real life brother, Shintaro Katsu (Zatoichi). Some serious swordsmanship in this.
  9. It was a league title though but that's neither here nor there. Morale at United is low so unless the players go out there and play out of their skins, Villa could beat us.
  10. You're well fucked if your local food bank goes tits up. Rashford has a long memory. You'll have to do your best Oliver Twist impersonation to get a bowl of free gruel.
  11. Most of our players can't walk and chew gum at the same time let alone do six things. What does the board want then?
  12. I just hope that the club have identified the next manager and have some kind of deal in place so that when he come, Ralf has sorted out many of the problems we have the new man can begin to shape the squad. If not, it won't matter who come in because the problems will still be there. Moyes, LVG, Jose, and Ole all kicked the can down the road. Jose would have probably cleaned house but he was stabbed in the back. Ole was too happy-clappy for me. The players got away with murder with him. We need a no-nonsense man who doesn't pander to egos and I can't think who might fit the bill.
  13. That's putting it mildly. De Gea probably thought he was facing a firing squad.
  14. My old teacher once told me a story. During the war, he served in the RAF and had some rank. He was posted to a squadron that had major discipline problems. Early returns, half the men off sick, and far too many mechanical problems on the aircraft. On his first day, he made sergeants clean out the latrines, corporals were put to work whitewashing stones, and AC1s were made to peel spuds and clean out the kitchens. These were all tradesmen. He told the men that anyone who didn't like it could apply for a transfer and those who disobeyed could leave the RAF and either go down the mines or into t
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