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  1. kevthebad

    Pre-season 2019/2020: Man Utd vs Leeds

    Good work out. Comfortable win. Lots of positives. The youngsters all looked good. Loads of pace. Still would be keen for at least 2 more transfers before window shuts. Last year José was demanding a new CB and yet we are still waiting. Fernándes been on the cards for all of window, but nothing moving, and let's face it, if Pogba goes, or stays and gets injured, the midfield is fucked. The wages these players are on here seems to have priced all of the deadwood from being able to be afforded by any of the other clubs, so the needed clear out is looking impossible!
  2. kevthebad

    Pre-season 2019/2020: Man Utd vs Leeds

    Unlike Perth who I thought should have been an easy walkover, Leeds will be so much more competitive! These are the sort of games we need, to get a glimpse of what the new season could hold. Amazed at how shite our transfer dealings have been to date but with Woodward at the helm, maybe only to be expected. CB and midfield still need addressing and the cut off date getting nearer. Assume Pogba and Lukrapa to be staying, along with Darmian etc!
  3. kevthebad

    Pre-season 2019/2020: Perth Glory vs Man Utd

    We'll get a much better impression of where we are when we play Leeds! Friendly game and Leeds Utd, just doesn't work. I was born and grew up in Leeds and watched the great Leeds team with Gray, Lorimer, Hunter, Bremner, Reaney, big Jack, Clarkie, Sprake, etc. And yes, as Cloughie said, they were a dirty team. But football was a hard game back then, and tackles were tackles. As a lad though, my favourite footballer was Denis Law, and Georgie Best, hence Man Utd is my team!
  4. kevthebad

    Pre-season 2019/2020: Perth Glory vs Man Utd

    Not a bad first touch of the ball!
  5. kevthebad

    Pre-season 2019/2020: Perth Glory vs Man Utd

    Ha ha. Laughing at what the commentator just said. United played a friendly against this team in the sixties. Best got a hat trick and made 2 more. Dennis Law got sent off! Now that was a great and competitive team! Unlike this modern day team......yawn, yawn.
  6. kevthebad

    Pre-season 2019/2020: Perth Glory vs Man Utd

    This first half performance will have Liverpool ( Chelsea, and every team in the premiership ) quaking in their boots......with laughter! The total lack of creativity from midfield has been consistantly obvious for the last couple of is still needing to be addressed. The commentator said that in awful conditions Chelsea only managed a 1 nil against Perth some years ago. But for 11 players trying to press for a run in the first team not one of them showed anything! Let's hope the second half 11 are much more impressive!
  7. kevthebad

    Squad overall

    I think it's fair that United have re-evaluated Pogba's transfer fee to £180 million. If a player who has played only nine first team games in his career is valued at £50 million! Yet a derisory bid of £9 million is made for Matic.....what a joke!
  8. kevthebad

    Daniel James 2019/20

    Well if nothing else he is nearly as fast as Bolt, so if we get a midfield that can pass a ball he should be able to stay onside.
  9. kevthebad

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    United are getting as boring in the transfer market, as they have been on the pitch! So many transfer rumours. So little action. Time really is ticking now and we haven't shifted any of the deadwood out, or addressed the CB, the midfield or prepared in case Pogba, or Lukaka leaves. Ridiculous that transfer market isn't uniform across Europe....but that's another story. What has happened with Fernándes? We have been clear runners to buy him, yet still haven't! And why can't United find some relatively unknown players who would be worth buying at a fair price. ie like Vidic who was a brilliant fair price buy.
  10. kevthebad

    Alexis Sanchez - 2018/2019

    Sanchez injured before start of season......what a surprise! 500k a week to sit on your arse and do nothing. How stupid are United?
  11. kevthebad

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    I thought this transfer market was going to be exciting, but Woodwards making it as enjoyable as having your teeth pulled out. He seems to be incapable of more than one transaction at a time and even that is so long winded! Message to Ed. Transfer window shortly running out!
  12. kevthebad

    who do we need to get in to win the title

    Perhaps an Arab buying the Glasiers out would be the best hope that we have. Think Woodward should be kept well away from the football side of things. He's a shit negotiater when trying to buy players! Makes Gill look like an absolute superstar!
  13. kevthebad

    Realistic expectancies for 2019/20

    Seriously, next season has the potential to be identical to this one. Shit football, errors throughout the team, unable to string 6 passes together without giving the ball away. Losing to lots of lesser quality teams....etc. Unless there is an enormous transfer activity buying and selling, and with Woodward in charge even getting a minor player in is long winded! The question is how far from the relegation battle will we be? Will Ole even survive the season if things turn similar to his managerial time at Cardiff?
  14. kevthebad

    How far off are we?

    Liverpool have moved light years ahead of us and they and City could rule the Premier league for at least the next ten years! We have to start taking steps in the right direction, and gradually build up to challenging for the top four every year and unfortunately youth development is the way forward. I say unfortunately because it's a process that would take 5 years plus to start showing benefits. The justification for it is that you get a team of players who want to win for each other and the club. What is immediately needed is to bring the players wages down to the standard that the club are currently at and that is so highly unlikely when the strategy to obtain players at this club is to offer them higher wages than anyone else in order to get them. That is partly the crux of the problem as we see week in and week out. Win or lose, immense effort or going through the motions, they are still taking massive wages and lets face it we'd all do as little as possible if we're still getting huge salarys regardless of results!
  15. kevthebad

    Squad overall

    Still waiting for Ed Woodward to pull his finger out of his arse and start buying and selling! Or are we gonna wait until Champions leagle final is over and Spurs and Liverpool can join in the transfer scramble? Or his he waiting to find out if he can buy Bale on the last day of the window!