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  1. Well, that was a bit harder than I expected. But any win would do for 3 point lead at the top of the table. Just hope that it doesn't encourage Liverpool to come out all guns blazing against us! Apart from his pass to Pogba Rashford had a pretty poor game, although not on his favourite side. Bruno a little quiet too, and Cavani looked a bit off the pace. Hope they are all sharper against Liverpool!
  2. . Well, Burnley should be an easy game for us.....but I wouldn't bank on it. About as much chance us losing as drawing out Liverpool in the next round of the cup......still there's always the Europa left to reach the semis and lose in. Knowing United, Burnley will be tense and difficult, and Liverpool will thrash us twice!
  3. I would play the kids in this one, because if we lose it will relieve some of the fixture congestion, and the Europa Cup too, is a uneeded strain. We need to concentrate on a top four finish in the league, then we might attract the transfers that the squad requires!
  4. Ole has never lost a cup final at United, mainly because he has a 100% semi final failure rate! City were the better team throughout, and always looked the most likely to win. United will possibly make the top 4 this year but will win nothing again this season. We are still 4 really good players away from challenging for the title and getting somewhere in European competition. Dias was better than any of our centre backs, differant class. Our midfield has one creative player in it, Bruno, and we need at least one other world class player in there. Maybe the money we get for Pogba will ena
  5. Full credit to Villa, took us to the very last strand of wire. A bit lucky to get all three points but to be level on points with Liverpool is absolutely amazing! The number of shit performances we've had! Just imagine how we could be if we had a good right winger, and a solid defence!
  6. Rashford has to be taught how to beat offside!
  7. Can we hold on.....we never ever usually do!
  8. Just about all our players are gonna get booked
  9. Tell James to run the ball into the corners!
  10. We just can't live with Villas passing!
  11. Villa gonna score again soon, got to take the ball in their half!
  12. United Rugby tackling Grealish, just stick a man on him!
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