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  1. Since Crystal Palace have a few injuries, I am tempted to think we will just manage to finish 3-1 winners in an unconvincing way of course. Palace haven't lost to a Manchester club in 4 games, so that means it's not going to be easy, but that's the way of United, full stop, these days. The only thing we have on every club in the premiership is that our players get massively overpriced wages! That's why the supposed clearout this summer never happened. Why would players like Jones want to move to another club and actually have to work for a living when they can sit at home on £150,000
  2. Liverpool get Jola, Tiago, and now negotiating a loan move for Dembele, and what the fuck are United doing? Fuck All! Every club in the prem upgrading their standards except one! The yankee owners and their puppet Ed just sucking money out of the club for themselves. If we are going to be mediocre again this year, I seriously would take relegation, ( which has already happened once in my lifetime ), if it meant the end of Glasers ownership!
  3. Why am I not in the least surprised that the latest player to be linked with us has a identity problem! United are by miles the worst team on the planet in transfer negotiations. Don't think they could even get Mickey Mouse bought. And the Glasers have taken more money out of United than any other club has! Always said that we were only a cash cow to them!
  4. I just hope that United don't panic buy in the last week of transfers. Don't understand why United can't just admit that they are penniless and unable to afford any purchases. Full credit to Liverpool for being 100% truthful on that. Of course part of the problem is that we pay our players way over the odds of their abilities which means they will all stay sat at home until their contracts run out, because no other clubs can afford their wages!
  5. Countdown to transfer deadline......and we still need a good right winger, a good centre back, another striker, and a decent left back. If not this new season will be another wasted year, as shown in the friendly game getting beaten by the mighty Aston Villa!
  6. At least with all the superstar young kids we've bought, should be great in 5 or 6 years time!
  7. Josh King wants to return to United and Ole wants to bring him in.....but the sticking point is the £20 million transfer fee. Ed doesn't want to pay that amount....after all he is used to selling a player for £1 million, and spending £90 million to bring them back!
  8. Yep, I hear that Upemecano may be next.....will it mean this song will be sung Dayot, Dayot, Dayot come and de smalling go?
  9. Don't you just look forward to the summer transfer window when your team gets exciting new players to look forward to watching improve the standard no end......I'm talking about Chelsea! If ever a guy needed sacking its Ed, just what use is he in dealing with transfer negotiations? He can't even remove the deadwood from the wages bill, let alone God forbid, buy a player to improve the squad.....I can only think that his strategy is to make us so bad we get relegated and then the Glasiers finally see sense and sell the club!
  10. Pogba got Coronavirus......that's another six months out of action then!
  11. When summer comes Ed hibernates, usually for the whole transfer window, which is not very helpful!
  12. Now United are being linked to Ansu Fati, a young Barca future star for £153 million....how utterly ridiculous a suggestion, when we cannot pay £108 million for a game changing superstar. Surprised they haven't come out that we are going for Neymar!
  13. Scored a good goal in the European cup final, can't see Bayern selling him, but if they did would go to a bigger club than us.
  14. For United to win the league, we would need at least 8 new quality players in the first team alone, not to mention 3 or 4 quality squad players. We desperately need a right winger, a centre back, a left back, another striker, a defensive midfielder, a creative midfielder, a reliable goalie, for starters! But the way we are heading we may get one transfer in.....I can see it now, first game of the season Bruno has cruciate ligament problem that puts him out for the season, and Mata or Lingard takes his place. Season over and much more humiliating results to come, above the deep depths
  15. Ed gets a big ZERO out of 10 for his transfer dealings yet again! They are saying Sancho is too much money to buy.....watch next year when PSG or Real Madridd or Barca stump up towards £200 million and put him in the same league as Mbappe or Neymar! We have to face it that under the Yanks ownership we are another Everton or Newcastle. Destined to be unable to buy the real top stars or game changers and our current strategy seems to pick up youngsters who may in 5 years time manage to push through into the first team, and if by fluke they become world class, can be sold to the big tea
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