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  1. Fulham are pretty strong at home and if we lose it will be our worst away run since 1950. So it's likely to be another unwanted record that we break. 2 Nil to Fulham, increasing our -1 to -3 goal difference! Which in itself is really pathetic and shows how desperately we need a good goalscorer. Read on BBC gossip that ETH wants to sell Maquire......that will be a massive loss....be lucky to get £10 million for him, compared to what he cost us!
  2. Still got a chance of picking up a trophy then. It has to be this cup or the FA Cup, cos the league is well beyond us and Barca in the Europa is almost certain defeat.
  3. Elanga on the right and Garnacho on the left have made a massive difference to our play.
  4. Dalot has been atrocious in the last ten minutes, but a good goal from him. Shame its in the wrong net. Rashford, the only player who could miss from there Villa have had about 5 attempts on goal against us in two games and have scored every single time.
  5. It's really lucky we're only playing Villas reserve side. Their first team would have won the game by now like the other day. United players just seem to have no faith in themselves or their team mates. They just cannot do the basics right. And the midfield is utterly pitiable. That was one of the most boring first halfs in the history of Manchester United. They deserve to go out of the competition if that's the best they can offer. The Villa goalie could have gone to the pub and stuck a cone in the six yard box and United wouldn't have scored. I can read what's going to happ
  6. 30 minutes in and we are trying to bore the Villa goalie to death, by giving him nothing to do.. If only Fred could pass.
  7. Surprised to see VdB in central creative role after his last performance against Villa!
  8. Don't forget Owen Hargreaves.....he spent more time in physio than he did on the pitch. Kagawa about the best of the bunch. Can't see Sancho improving at all. He'll eventually be sold for buttons!
  9. United take 12 passes and eventually someone lobs the ball in the middle, where Villa can just belt it clear....if you're gonna do that, why not after one pass, but stick the other forwards in the box to maybe get something on it.....cannot understand just what United are trying to do!
  10. To be fair their goalie hasn't had much work to do all game.....but neither has De Gea really, apart from picking the ball out of his net.
  11. Ericsson today has passed more to the opposition than their own players have.
  12. Easy to see why Villa took 4 points off us last year. They can score more than one goal a game.
  13. How long before ETH realises that Rashford is useless on the right hand side.....this must be the 10th time I've said this! Yet he is still played out there...what's up with Antony anyway? £70 million Antony injured. £70 million Sancho dead. £50 million Martial dead. £50 million Varane injured. That's more than the cost of the whole Villa team isn't it? 3 - 1 down but we still play back to our goalie from two thirds up the pitch....is that because De Gea is more likely to score from his own six yard box than any tossers in front of him? Finally De Beek re
  14. Could still get a 6 goal thrashing.....all hope gone now. Midfield still not creative enough and attack non existant.
  15. 45 minutes to score 2 goals without conceding one.....Are United good enough to do that?
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