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  1. Only 2 points behind City! Chance of second place yet!
  2. After 5 games we're only 7 points off top place! United lucky to get all 3 points. Unconvincing game again.....seriously need 2 creative midfielders. How many goals has Bruno Fernandes scored and created over last season? Can't have been a bad buy for us!
  3. Mata and Matic done nothing this game. Why not play Gomes, and Chong....give them something to worry about!
  4. 6 corners to 3 for Leicester. Anyone would think they were the home team.....pressure building to a Leicester goal.
  5. Dangerous free kick to give away! Can't see us keeping a clean sheet. Need a second goal!
  6. We started off well, but as usual once we score, whoever opponents we play get back in the game and take control. Leicester are hammering on the door and unless we improve and get a second penalty, then in the second half Leicester will inevitably score! I must have the same because it happened to my viewing too!
  7. Might have had a chance if everyone was fit. But with our midfield creativity wiped out totally by Pogba missing, reckon it'll be 0 - 3 to Leicester. Sad state when a half decent team is much better than us! Still, a few years missing Champions league will start biting at Glasers cash cow!
  8. After 4 games of the season it's safe to say that the title is beyond us. For a club with the substantial resources of Manchester United that really is criminal! And it really boils down to mismanagement, from the owners who have used the club as a cash cow, taking huge chunks out, still in unnecessary massive debt, to Woodward who is the most inept controller in possibly the entire history of football. Some of the decisions he has sanctioned are beyond belief. Sell a player for £1 million and a few years later buy him back for £90 million. The transfers of DeMaria, Sanchez, etc. Just getting names in without any conceived pattern or plan. And to top it all paying astronomical wages every week to players who at best, are very average which the performances show. Compare Southampton, Crystal Palace, Wolves, players wage bill to ours. Yet its proven we are no better than they are. The only consolation United players have after every disappointing result is that they take home tons more wages than their opponents. That money should be earned by being elite. Second highest wage bill in football, definitely so far away from second best team. Woodward has purchased players by offering them such a large pot of money that ( Sanchez for example ) no other club can afford to buy and pay them! Is it the fact that United are steeped in history that makes it seemingly impossible for us to buy a relatively unknown player at a normal fee? Or is it the egotistical Woodward who only wants commercial shirt sellers that prevent us from buying at the lower scale. James, has to be the example we should be working towards. A hungry young player who wants to better himself. Compare him like for like with Sanchez at Old Trafford! SAF bought Vidic in at a relatively bargain price. There have to be other players out there that for modest fees, can turn this club around and make the team competitive again......but maybe from the owners down to Ole as manager, it would take a massive change of policy to incorporate that!
  9. To finish in the top half of the table is starting to look unlikely, let alone top four!
  10. Another game following the same trend. Score one, stop threatening, wait for opponents to score an equaliser, then huff and puff and never look like winning. If Ole doesn't change things he'll be sacked by Christmas and Europe will be gone again! For Fucks sake play Gomez, Greenwood, from the start, can't be any worse than we are at the moment One clean sheet in last 19 is pathetic! What about Rafa Benitis for manager when Ole is sacked?
  11. 2 nil to Southampton! More of the same style of play. Lots of defensive possession, pass forward lose the ball, Southampton boot the ball downfield, score. Every mediocre team in the Premiership should be looking forward to playing us. We are just like the big bad wolf huffing and puffing at the piggies brick house trying to blow it down.....not going to happen! Short of ideas, short of creativity, short of talent! And still paying Sanchez £300,000 a week to sun himself in Italy.....disgrace!
  12. Think me and Ole were watching 2 different games, after hearing his assessment. Our first shot on target was in the 89th minute of a game at home against Crystal Palace! As when Van Gaal was in control, possession without any attacking creativity is utterly pointless. Palace scored with their very first attack and exceedingly simply. We had 77% possession in the first 30 minutes but none of it was in their penalty area. It was mostly along the back four and midfield passing back to the back four. Ole wanted 5 players in the transfer window and got only three and that was painstakingly one at a time. Hell, in this game Felliani would have been a Godsend. Herrera would have also made a big difference with some biting tackles. To lose both of them and not buy anyone at all, is ridiculous. And naive if anyone thinks Peirera is the answer. Keep on like this and hopefully Ole will have to play Gomez and Chang and perhaps particularly Garner, as only James seems to have pace to get past defenders. I can't wait for Pogba to get injured and see where the already infinitesimal lack of creativeness is going to come from. Actually making the Champions League this year looks already like a lost cause.
  13. Palace get 1st ever win against us! Think I'll not waste my time watching this shit any more!
  14. 3 more games like this and Ole should be sacked!