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  1. Just watched Wales get thrashed by Denmark, and to be honest Dan James isn't good enough for Championship. All he does is run fast, don't think he put a single cross either past the first man or anywhere near a teammate. Got subbed again, and to be honest he will never reach Man Utd reserve standard. Total waste of money!
  2. With Woodward still in charge, ( last time though, thank god ) I can see already the plan. With Jadon and Trippier. We'll offer less than clubs want for them, mess about for the whole transfer window, by which time some other club will have bought them or we'll end up rebuying Fellini! How I long for the past when Gill would have transfers done and dusted, without the press even having a clue who we're buying.
  3. Pogba wanting bigger wages to commit, otherwise he'll run his contract down and go for nothing next year.....that is his commitment to a club that paid 89 million for him.....selfish bastard! I'd sell him NOW! Let's face it, for a supposedly world class player, he's not in Brunos league, and losing him and getting Grealish instead would take us to another level.....might even be able to beat teams like Villareal.
  4. Really strange seeing England 11 without a single United player starting! Not sure if I want to watch it with none playing, what about you? Will watch Bruno play for Portugal and CR7.
  5. Would love to ask Woodward the question of how come United players are paid 4 times as much as Villareals when they aren't any better, let alone 4 times better and have cost 4 times more in transfers. Still, a man who can sell a player for a million and bring him back two years later for 80 million says it all! Ed has used obscenely large financial incentives to bring standard players in, bar Fernandes. Thank christ his days are numbered. Mind you, this is his last transfer window in charge so he can spend all summer chasing Kane, only for him to go somewhere else and leave us missing out
  6. Apart from Leeds and Southampton United have never played well for more than 20 minutes or 30 minutes in any game that they have played. The number of games that we have conceded the first goal, generally from opponents first attack, has been recurring and any decent manager should be resolving this. Ole doesn't seem to be able to alter anything, and certainly can't tactically change things. I hate how United have been since SAF left. I don't even want us to win things but to play more attack minded football more regularly. Leeds United under Bielsa have been great to watch. 100 pe
  7. This United lot are just a set of bottlers, and under Ole always will be!
  8. It shows how really poor the Premier league is when a mediocre team like United finishs second, and can't even beat Sheffield United or the seventh best team in Spain.....won't even get through the group in champions league again!
  9. The team that beat Wolves wouldn't have done any worse!
  10. De Gea last fuck up for United, Hendo should have been on for pens. De Gea worst goalie in world for pens, but we already knew that, surely Ole should have. Oles failure continues!
  11. United disgracefully poor, cant even win the second competition. Need Kane and Grealish for next season, but we'll probably get neither and keep Martial and Pogba!
  12. Scott could have taken a pen couldn't he?
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