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  1. Finally at the end of another totally wasted transfer window, he's thankfully finally GONE! Just like his first window in charge. The one where David Moyes ended up at the last minute with the big haired guy from his old club, and no one else.....when he asked for loads more. This window a half decent midfielder was essential to try and ensure 4th place. What's he done, F all again. Even the masses of players who are costing United massive wages, thanks to Ed, who want to leave this poisoned club. Every one of them are still here, bleeding all the profits, just like the Glasers. And
  2. Ronaldo, Martial, Cavani, Rashford, goal at the death.....fantastic win!
  3. 75 mins gone and one shot only on target all match from Fred! So poor, would be a good win if any of our forwards could score! Bruno can't hit target.....should have scored there. Cavani for Fred.... attacking sub, but 10 mins only left. Martial on....wow, he's likely to score winner......not. McT nearly giving West Ham a breakaway goal
  4. Stupid tackle from Maquire. Unessessary.
  5. First half with neither side having a single shot on target......yawn.
  6. Not really expecting anything from this game. West Ham will be eager to dominate play at OT and know that taking 3 points off us will help them finish above us at the end of the season. Virtually every premiership side has a better midfield than us and is much better organised and more fluid in play. So a 2 or 3 goal defeat wouldn't be a surprise. I just keep hoping that this game will be the one where the real United turn up and actually get their act together, and pull off a surprise win, but as alike to us getting a much needed new midfielder in this transfer window, it's probably
  7. We took our chances. 4 shots on target 3 goals. Brentford though would have won the game in the first half if De Gea hadn't kept three certain goals out. They had 7 or 8 shots on target. We had our 3 top centre-backs playing and we still couldn't keep a clean sheet against Brentford! And after conceding 2 goals in 4 minutes at Villa, who was totally confident we had this game in the bag? Such an enormous way to go to be even a quarter of the SAF days.
  8. Elanga, the youngest United player, on 10 times less earnings than the rest, scores when no other player looked likely to. I say again that we could do much better playing all the kids than the supposed stars!
  9. Half time and Brentford had double the efforts at goal, 3 on target to our zero. How can such a shit bunch of players earn such astronomical wages?
  10. Hard to believe just how shit United are at the moment. Ralf hasn't made any differance at all It's the same total lack of control in every game against every opponent. Like a pub eleven playing Barca at their best every week. If we survive next round of European Cup I'll be absolutely amazed. Just keep watching in the hope that one day I'll see United play a decent game.....but its not looking likely for the rest of the season.
  11. United should be 3 nil down. De Gea being saviour so far. That last one was because Brunos corner couldn't get past the first defender, and not the only one he's failed to get by the first defender.
  12. United played decently for 30 minutes against Villa, which was 20 minutes longer than they have played in most games this season. Then they went back to the antithesis of football and succumbed to easy Villa goals which ruined what could have been a comfortable 2 nil win. I just despair of United at the moment, from the top to the bottom, everybody seems to be pulling in differant directions. Even to Ralf saying Martial didn't want to be involved in the game, and him saying the opposite. There is no unity amongst any of the players and they all are putting little effort in. I hear that Ra
  13. Haven't listened to Ralfs comments. They seem equally as useless as OGS. I reckon Gerrard would do a better job than Ralf, at least he'd kick some of the players lazy arses. Coutinho would have been a good buy. Reckon he'll do better than DVB, Lingard, Fred, Matic, and McT. I thought that we'd get at least one midfielder in this window, but then again the Glasers have taken 11 million out and guess that's much more important to them than whatever United do on the pitch. If we can fail to qualify for Europe for a few years they might start feeling it in their pockets!
  14. I knew Villa would score past us, hell without De Gea we'd have been dead and buried before those two simple goals they scored in last 15 minutes. I don't think Ralf will turn United round, and I don't think United will be challenging for the title until nearly all of the current squad are sold or more likely go for free at the end of their contracts because no other clubs can pay the stupid wages that Woodward has organised. Maybe in 20 years time when City have won the Premier league more times than us. Elanga should be playing every week and perhaps another 5 youngsters in the te
  15. United revert to type.....Villa the better side, really deserved all 3 points. United self destruct. Don't know why United didn't go for Couthino, he's better than any of our midfield players. Fred making goals at both ends and the defence so paper thin. Is Varane really good enough to strengthen us because I don't see confident controlling performances from him. This group of players will never pick up a trophy at United. So shit!
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