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  1. Mount Zero goals Zero assists Zero tackles Zero Crosses Zero headed wins How much did we pay for him? Discord app?
  2. Christ, United hanging on, Wolves pulverising us! 7 minutes to hang on, we don't usually manage it! Onana gives a penalty away.....what an utter shit performance from us.....how has that not a penalty? Wolves have played us off the park! Tottenham without Kane will thrash us 5 nil if we don't improve by 95 per cent. That was such a rubbish performance. Every Wolves player was far better than any of our players. That was a smash and grab win. Rasmus is going to have to be better than Harland to get our goal ratio up! Not one United player rated a 4 out of ten and most
  3. Where's own goal when you need him. Bruno so slow. Wolves number nine ten times better than Rashford has been. I didn't expect us to be so bad as this. What's the chances of ETH being sacked this season if he can't get any more out of the team than this? Think we're going to bring Maquire on as centre forward. He has more chance of scoring than any of our forwards! Bruno can't cross a ball, sums up just how bad we've been. Worst United performance since Liverpool game. Wolves have had twice as many attempts on goal as us. Should be three nil up on us. Varane best
  4. If we play this bad against Chelsea or Liverpool we'd be 4 nil down by now. And City would be 6 nil up! If we win this game it will be a flukey 1 nil win. United have had no rhythm or fluidity. Not one United player has played anywhere near even an average standard. Don't know about two more players being bought, need six or seven. Should be hairdryer time from ETH. Mount hasn't enhanced the team at all, and Onana has been no better than De Gea! Wolves walking through us, deserve to be winning, much better team than us. Wolves as good as Barca, we are as bad as a newly formed
  5. United are third best in this game and there's only two teams......really poor, poor game. Wolves need to score to fucking wake us up!
  6. United making Wolves look really good! 10 minutes and we've done nothing. United all over the place at the minute...can't pass to one another. Wolves deserve to be winning this game! Much too slow play. No cohesion or spirit! This has been very poor so far. Onana had way too much involvement. Playing like 11 players who have never met before! Two attempts at goal in thirty minutes, Wolves have had 4!
  7. Should be a comfortable win tonight....at least I hope so. Don't need high stress against a team that have sold a couple of their best players and should be one of the easier games for us! Would have been a great game for Rasmus to have played in, to get integrated with the team. Talk that he could get his first game against Arsenal which would be far from an ideal introduction. Hopefully the Glasers will pull their fingers out of their arses and sell us so we too can spend stupid money on top players.....just how long will this sale drag on? Garnacho to start, could arguably be
  8. Good second half, much more like it! Onana so different to De Gea, but he is very good on the ball. Mount nibbling away and chasing the ball down, but I expect better finishing and more involvement in attacking positions. Shaw, Martinez, Antony, Bruno, and of course Garnacho, all looking good!
  9. That's more like it! Garnacho is the star of this team!
  10. Onana is going to get an awful lot of lobs to deal with this season when he is stood so far out of goal. You need a solid defensive unit that don't lose possesion, and Dalot isn't good enough at that. Beckham would have loved playing against him. He would be able to stand in his own half and score past him! Agreed, looking a problem, but the whole defensive line have to retain the ball and find a midfielder. Dalot had two players to pass to and played the ball in-between them. I think Rashford will play left winger in the first half of games and Garnacho to come on as sub and rip de
  11. Poor poor passing.....need to get their act together sooner rather than later. Dalot gave the ball away. Some exceptional slack play. You kinda ask just what have they been doing in pre season training, obviously playing football not one of the things. To say we are rusty is an understatement. Rashford as centre forward is a waste of time! At least a proper number nine can hold the ball up and win headers. Rashford is just ducking out of headed challenges.
  12. Just hope he gets his act together soon. If he'd have stood still it would have hit his leg and gone in. Amazing miss from Mount! Garnacho our best player so far. That's what's happens when your goalie is off his line!
  13. See that Martial is injured again. Louis Saha previously had glass legs and spent more time in therapy than on the pitch. But Martial has surpassed him and has ice legs, that start melting as soon as he walks on the pitch!
  14. All of this proves just what a shitshow the Glasers are. No one else in the whole world of business could be as pedantic as the Glasers. Just get the whole family/shareholders together and vote whether you want to keep sucking the life out of the cash cow, or take fuck loads of money and do every United fan a favour and fuck off! Just what the hell is holding up the sale, or do the Glasers want to just maliciously screw United for another season by their utter ineptitude!
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