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  1. That was one of the weirdest games I've ever seen! Fulham totally outclassed us and yet we won 3 - 1. De Gea was at his best to deny a couple of nearly certain goals. Our attack was non existent, our midfield were overwhelmed, and our defence were passing back and forth like we were 6 nil up. ETH must really be hoping that we are bought by the Qatars, he must be looking at an almost complete overhaul of the team and squad. If he had any hair he would be pulling it out at the total inability of his players to get control of the game. It is a miracle that he has managed to get us where
  2. McT playing, (thought he was injured ) Fred sub.
  3. This will be a difficult game for us. I would have expected an easier win with Casemiro playing, but Sabitzer and Fred in the middle. Unless ETH plays Maquire at centre half and Martinez in midfield. He has done at his previous club. Do we really want to get to Wembley and face City? It would need a miracle to beat them. I think the Europa Cup is a better chance for another trophy, now Arsenal are out! Anyway, just hope Rashford has his shooting boots on because we don't want extra time and penalties, and he's our likely goalscorer. Don't think Wout will be the deciding striker.
  4. Pellistri being lively. Him and Garnacho could be our best wingers for some time if they continue maturing and improving. Pellistri has more pace, more unpredictable than Antony. We could have been a couple of goals down in this first half. They have been killing our centre backs for pace, and have played the right weight of pass through. Something we have continually messed up. But 0-0 at half time is good enough. I think we will score one at some point in the game.
  5. Thanks HD, hadn't realised it was an early kick off. Wonder how workers can get to games at such an early time?
  6. Just looked at the table and losing 5 points in the last two games has made 4th place by no means certain! Newcastle away could be a major game.
  7. Two points dropped, with 11 men we should have won easily....but Antony and Sancho meant we were only playing with 9 in any case.
  8. ETH goes for the draw.....we could have won this game even with ten men.
  9. At least we've 10 men on now! Ref determined not to give us a pen. 15 minutes, just need one goal
  10. Fingertips saved them then. Goalposts having more action than anything. Come on ETH change it. We could win this with the right subs on. Hurray, he's listened to me.
  11. I'd take Sancho and Antony off and get Garnacho and Pellistri on. AWB trying to give them a goal, shit pass. Southampton will score in next ten minutes if ETH doesn't make a sub.
  12. 45 very important minutes for us. Still think we can win this if we get Sancho off and a pacy winger on. Play Fernandes as his usual number 10 position. We can score on the break if we make the right passes. Casemiro might benefit from a break, he's been looking tired of late. What's up with Sabitzer, is he injured? Fred and Garnacho, or Pellistri for more energy. Got decisions right in first half.....Bullshit, certain penalty. Sancho and Antony don't even make one player combined. Please get Sancho off the fucking pitch. Weghorst might not score often but he chases and
  13. If the player haven't stopped it with his hand would have got straight to Weghorsts foot.
  14. Please bring on Garnacho for Sancho. We can still win this if we make a couple of changes. ETH going defensive. McT on. That should have been a pen. That should have been a pen! Weghorst off and not Sancho? Unbelievable!
  15. Stupid! We are playing with 9 men anyway with Antony and Sancho on the field. Now it's 8.
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