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  1. kevthebad

    The only man that can manage Manchester United....

    Well going by history it seems only Scots, ( Busby, SAF ) can get United to be ultra successful. So if there's any brilliant young Scottish managers anymore! Excluding Moyes, of course....Although he was never successful or brilliant, truth be told. Because of Van Gaal, we missed out on probably the two best managers who United should have obtained. Pep and Klopp. But our next manager has to be an advocate of attacking football, possibly utilising fast wingers, which has been part of United's successful DNA. How we could really do with a Bestie, Willy Morgan, Stevie Coppell, Johnnie Aston, Giggsy, Lee Sharpe, Kanchelskis type of flying winger!
  2. kevthebad

    PL Matchday 2: Brighton vs Man Utd

    The only way to get some action is if it starts hitting the profits! And surely it must do. Who would want to proudly wear a United shirt when you have to watch such gross crappiness every week? United are only capable of passing along the back line and then back to the goalie. I said some time back that if you bought the best 20 players from the championship they would be far better than the vastly overpaid shite we've currently got. But with Jose managing them, would soon turn out like Van Gaal's style. Given up on Jose now!
  3. kevthebad

    PL Matchday 2: Brighton vs Man Utd

    Play like this against them and even Spurs will get 5 or 6 goals!
  4. kevthebad

    PL Matchday 2: Brighton vs Man Utd

    I've been there when we did, and we were playing much better football than now!
  5. kevthebad

    PL Matchday 2: Brighton vs Man Utd

    Keep this up Jose and Zinedine will be here before Christmas.....only trouble is season will be totally over for us by then. Might have to temporarily support Liverpool until United stop playing anti football. Never ever seen a team pass back to the goalie so often....maybe if we play him centre forward then we might get some balls into the opponents box!
  6. kevthebad

    PL Matchday 1: Man Utd vs Leicester City

    Good start in securing a win.....but if we are going to compete for the title this year, we will need massive improvement! We have to be ruthless in finishing teams off. Another few minutes and you'd bet on Leicester equilising.
  7. kevthebad

    Sack or Save The Failed One

    Reckon this season will be just like the last. United playing mundane boring football with little threat of attacking the opposition goal, but our back four will pass back and forth to each other sideways and when threatened by an opponent, pass back to the keeper who will boot it forward so the opposition will gain possession and attack our heavily defended goal once again! Could well be Josés last failure at UniTed.
  8. kevthebad

    Edward Woodward

    Dictionary defination. To 'Ed Woodward.' In being unable to complete business deals, especially in football terms of completing players transfers. Doing an 'Ed Woodward' Failing to complete the deal. You're just like 'Ed Woodward.' A failure in being able to see things through to completion, eg not finishing a college course, then starting an aprenticeship but not getting to the end of it. Eg of Usage in conversation. Lewis Hamilton was winning the race with one lap left and then did an Ed Woodward. Meaning that he didn't get over the finish line in the race.
  9. kevthebad

    Pre-season 2018: Liverpool vs Man Utd

    I really don't know why I bothered watching this game. I knew we'd be second best, with nearly all our best team absent, but I wanted to see what potential was there. In ninety minutes we managed one shot on target! It was like Barca playing against 'The Tavern Inn' reserve side. Liverpool were slick and quick passing and the best we could do was passing between our back four and when they were closed down pass back to our goalie who would hoof it upfield for them to have another attack against us! The sad thing is that we have some great youngsters, but whoever turns out for us seems to play in an identical, mindnumbingly boring rigid structural way, very much in a van Gaal anti football style. Like others have commented, perhaps the only way we will unleash our players is if the manager goes, and a new attacking attitude and freedom is allowed. On this preseason showings so far the threat of us winning anything this coming season is remote, but far worse, the chances of us seeing some entertaining, exciting football being played by our team, is totally ZERO!
  10. kevthebad

    Summer - 2018 Transfer Targets

    Well, pre season so far is mostly the reserve team, but thought the youngsters would be more impressive! Need at least one top cb and one quality goalscorer, and removal of much dead wood! Let's hope Fred is miraculous, cos we seem to be less likely to score goals than we did in the later stages of last season.... reckon Liverpool could be very close to title this year, regrettably!
  11. kevthebad

    Summer - 2018 Transfer Targets

    Time's ticking and United look dead in the water in terms of transfers!
  12. kevthebad

    Summer - 2018 Transfer Targets

    I hadn't realised that Lee Grant was Ed Woodwards marquee signing this summer!
  13. kevthebad

    Summer - 2018 Transfer Targets

    Still awaiting a central defender....Jones just showed Edin Hazard how useless he is.....a striker or winger and the marquee signing that supposedly Ed has been lining up all transfer window!
  14. kevthebad

    Summer - 2018 Transfer Targets

    Whats happening with Fred?
  15. kevthebad

    Manchester United Women's Team

    Great news! now we can watch the Men's and Women's teams being beaten by City!