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  1. Haarland to City for peanuts. Nunez to Liverpool for a large sum. Kane out of our budget. Whoever we eventually manage to afford will only put us further back from catching City and Liverpool up. I remember when we were picking up and adding the star players to our team. Keano, Stam, Ferdinand, etc... Now United are so toxic and belittled that very few top players would be interested in joining us. Once again the only lure is massive paypackets, not desire and trophies!
  2. Great assist for Zaha from Bruno! Zaha differant class from any United player. Definitely worst season that I've ever watched from United. Not one single player has confidence to score, other than CR7. Bet that United lot were paid at least 4 times what Palace players earned today, Thanks Ed! Let's hope that ETH can at least get the standard up to average in his first season, rather than the current Abysmal standard! Goal differance after 38 games is Zero! Only plus was that Liverpool fans were given a massive hope as City went 2 nil down....but 3 goals in five minutes took it al
  3. Man utd player hooked it from the by line back into the centre near our penalty area. Zaha pounces and scores.....we're even providing the assists for our opponents now......what a load of utter shit. Even as a 7 Yr old I was coached not to play the ball into the danger area when defending. Just sell the fucking lot of them and get some responsible players in.
  4. Six players walking away for free, having cost United £175 million in transfer fees. How is that good commercial business Ed. For that alone you needed sacking. And I thought these Yanks owners were supposedly good financial people. Shame they will not sell their dwindling cash cow to someone who actually knows football and actually enjoys watching it. We've critised Romans Chelsea, but at least he had a passion for the game! My worry is that because we are incapable of being good enough for top four and European competition, the only way we'll persuade quality players to the club is
  5. Just read somewhere that United are compiling a list of players released from their clubs at end of contracts, since ETH will only be given a £100,000 transfer fund due to United failing to make European Cup qualification! If the board had done their jobs correctly we'd be getting transfer fees for Pogba and Lingard for at least two of the outgoing players! How to hamstring a manager eh, just like with Moyes!
  6. W5 nil to Palace. Just to round off the worst season ever for United in Premiership football. Even in the year that I saw United relegated I don't recall being as disappointed as I presently am. For one, the group of players we had then weren't supposedly anywhere near the standard that this group were meant to be. (Apologys to Alex Stephany, Lou Macari, Jim Holton, Martin Buchan, Brian Greenhoff, etc ) The transfer money spent to assemble them wasn't astronomical or the wages paid to them either. It was a working class sport with players getting good wages but nothing like the millionai
  7. Among many other disgusting performances from United this season, a 4 - 1 hammering by Watford who have now been relegated shows the sheer disability of this team and club. There has to be a complete new wage structure, where only achievement and targets and trophies won equates to the payment of stupidly monstrous wages! This lot are earning millions without being bothered to even turn up to play. There is no incentive for performing well, and it relies on the individuals own worth and disgrace of humiliation by lesser quality players to make them outperform opponents. Our whole squad is
  8. RR brings on our greatest striker.....Harry Maquire......proves why he's the worst Premiership manager that United have ever had! All these players need their contracts renegotiated. Humiliation by supposedly lesser players is so normal these days, that it should be reflected in their earnings. Ed the twat Woodward being the main responsibility for vast overpayment to exceeding below average players! OT needs the 'Theatre of Dreams' renaming to the 'Theatre of Disillusionment'.
  9. We make any team look like Brazil.....but our players get paid far more than most opponents ....fuck knows why!
  10. The post has saved a 5th goal, for now. Still lots of time for Brighton to get at least 2 more.
  11. Four nil. Fuck me, Brighton might score 8 if they keep pressing! This is beyond humiliation! United are utterly clueless, just like the Glazers. We have sunk to the utmost. Only relegation could be worse than what United fans have had to endure
  12. Three nil! Utterly fucking outclassed.
  13. If RR doesn't drop this whole team and play 11 youngsters in our last game, he wants sacking. No consultancy role. 5 away defeats out of 5. If RR had been manager for the whole season we'd definitely of been relegated. FFS Cavanis on. Put the fucking ball into the box......if you can't cross when Ronnie and Cavanis in there Bruno, you might as well stop playing altogether!
  14. Every single Brighton player is a whole class above all of our players. Total and utter rebuild needed this close season. Not one of these United players is good enough to be playing for us. Their goalie could have left the ground and gone to the cinema. The nearest we've come to troubling him was Ronnie's free kick that sailed 10 foot above the crossbar. Hurray, United getting dirty. Although Dalot should have been given a free kick. Brighton kill us off.....Too good a team for us.
  15. That surely must be our bad half of the game. It is surely impossible to play any worse than this. If we'd played this badly against Liverpool they'd be 8 nil up by now.....Shocking!
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