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  1. For this game and Liverpool I'd change the line-up. This would never happen with Ole, but this would be my team. DDG Dalot Lindelof Maguire Shaw Donny AWB Scott Lingard Cavani Rashford Assuming Varane is unfit. Subs Bench Hendo, Bailly, Telles, Ronaldo, Bruno, one of Elanga, Sancho, Matic. Sell Pogba, and use Fred only if no one else is fit in midfield. AWB holding midfield, where he doesn't have to cross balls in box. Trying to avo
  2. Apart from the game against Leeds, when we looked impressive, it's the same, week in, week out. WHY? Every player has no idea what he is supposed to be doing. The cohesion is non existent. Tactics, planning, study of oppositions strengths and weaknesses. No point even looking at them until you have some structure in your team. At the moment the only plan is hoping that one of the great goalscorers can produce some magic and score. If we had the best 11 players in the world, in their positions in this team, we would still be playing clueless of what to do. I don't know wh
  3. Oh, please God. On current form they will thrash us 8 nil without trying!
  4. Seventy million for Sancho, who made or scored at least one goal every game and United have coached him to be as good as Pogba!
  5. Outclassed, outplayed, outhought, outmanaged, not a clue what they are doing. Marvellous coaching to take the best attack in the league and turn them into total losers!
  6. Sell Pogba, he is useless, along with the whole midfield. 15 seconds to concede after scoring......Ole OUT! Lingard should start! 4 goals.....put the youth team in.....would be better than this shite.
  7. Liverpool 8 nil win against us. CITY 7 nil win. Ole sacked!
  8. Think I'm going to stop watching United. They have had one good game this season against Leeds and have been pathetic ever since.
  9. De Gea saving us from a 6 goal thrashing. But Leicester still far too good for our shambles.
  10. Pogba and Matic have been non existent today. Tielemans has been much better than both of them.
  11. United lurch from crap game after crap game. At least Ole is really consistent. Scott, Donny, doing a great job in Uniteds midfield today.
  12. Can't wait to see how United cope against Liverpool and City with our non existent midfield and karmakazi defence. Leicester have been ripping us to shreds and they are nowhere near the same class! We will be out of the title chase by the end of our next three games. Can't see anyway that this team and managers tactics can even salvage a draw in any of these games!
  13. Two mediocre teams but one of them has cost 100s of millions more and is paying its players 5 times more! Tielemans is 5 times better than all of our midfielders put together.
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