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  1. Good third goal! Greenwood did well from the right. We really make it hard for ourselves though. Got to strengthen some positions. Midfield has got to be better and central defence.
  2. Greenwood from nowhere! Now for fuck sake defend!
  3. This game has been a dire performance from United again. Burnley man for man have won all the physical battles. Tactically Ole hasn't a clue how to beat teams that defend well.....
  4. Come on United! Got to be much quicker from back to front! 20 mins left. Got to be much more threatening. How on earth are Burnley near relegation zone? Been better than City and Liverpool.
  5. Wood is controlling our defence entirely on his own. They just can't handle him.
  6. Scott and AWB both guilty of not putting crosses in.
  7. Need a two goal clear lead to have any chance of winning this.....or a last second goal.
  8. United can't hold on to anything......utter shit defence, all to do again!
  9. If Cavani had been on we would be 2 up. Greenwood missed two chances that Cavani would have scored. Yet again a team with very limited resources controls the first half of the game against us. This could be a really hard game for us. Wood has had about five chances so far looks almost as good as Cavani! They are a strong physical team and at the moment are looking comfortable for a draw. United really have to control midfield much better and be far more creative.
  10. Mata on.....why not Amad? I know the games won, and Granada are far from top opposition, but United have really slumped in the second half. Players like DVB, James, Greenwood, should be looking to really turn it on against lesser competition, but they look as unlikely to score as their opponents!
  11. Be nice to see some youngsters get a little runout. Don't think Granada are gonna cause us any problems. 5 subs allowed.
  12. Good win! With Leicester capitulating again, we have a bit of breathing space for second. I have been disappointed with a great deal of Uniteds performances this season, but really, if we haven't screwed up against some pretty poor teams we could have been dangerously close to City. If we could get a lot more consistency throughout the team and a more creative midfield, jeez, we could be chasing for the title next season!
  13. If Wan could cross a ball wed be winning this game.....why can't someone coach him?
  14. Scott cost us a goal, being petulant and flicking his arm out. Can't see United winning this game unless they actually start playing much better football. Spurs have definitely got United under their thumb. Pathetic!
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