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  1. Just watch the bastards sign Mbappe next summer.
  2. Looks knackered and could do with a couple of sub appearances if required.
  3. Anyone watch "DES" on ITV? David Tennant is getting an award for that for sure. He plays Denis Nilsen - a notorious serial killer in the 1980s who murdered 15 young men. True crime dramas are usually good, and this is one of the better ones.
  4. Lazio: We would like to offer- Woodward / Judge: "That doesn't work for us, we want two million more plus Milinkovic-Savic.
  5. Monaco v Strasbourg is bloody nuts. Monaco were 2-0 and then 3-1 up, have lost 2 men and Strasbourg now are chasing an equalizer as of the 80th minute - currently 3-2.
  6. The Terminator - Brad Fiedel's score with Stan Winston's VFX. Yes it was a terrible film, but the score made some scenes epic. Danny Elfman - driving to the Batcave,
  7. Latest is apparently his people have been discussing a move with several clubs, but Jesse hasn't seen anything to make him want to leave - United also haven't received any bids.
  8. My days of co-ordination are behind me sadly.
  9. Balance, I ain't a fucking tightrope walker!!
  10. Which should be Saturday. But won't be because Ole's scared of upsetting David.
  11. Just waiting for Newcastle to bust out some superstar signing and the humiliation will be complete.
  12. Reports now that we actually cannot afford Sancho, because the club have to service the debt and make sure shareholders get their dividends. Not sure if true, but if so - fucking joke.
  13. That, and the fact Woodward would offer 10p and a packet of fruit polos.
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