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  1. Pleased for him that he's turned it around. Got far too much grief from people, but finally now showing why we bought him.
  2. Or to a lower Premier League side. Although if he impresses in pre season (whenever that is) he might stay.
  3. Really got into "Forged In Fire" on Discovery channel. Blade smithing is insane to watch.
  4. I wonder if it might be more of a case where the league itself and the style of play is just better suited to their games. I don't think it's Dortmund themselves. Some players just don't thrive in the Premier League, remember Seba Veron.
  5. Perfect transfer window : Richarlison, Grealish and Ndidi in, Pogba, Jones and JLingz out. Gone for Richarlison over Sancho, as we have a drastically bad record with signing players from Dortmund. Plus Liverpool apparently are overwhelming favourites to sign Sancho and the money will reach Pogba figures. On current form, I wouldn't mind Adama Traore, but I'm leary of it simply being a purple patch for him.
  6. MikeM

    Ole Sack Watch

    For sure, my point was that if it was only the FA Cup - which is what Louis Van Gaal delivered (mind you I suspect they'd lined Jose up already at that point)
  7. MikeM

    Ole Sack Watch

    Will be interesting to see if a victory in a cup, but failing to finish top four will be enough. As much as I feel there are better options out there such as Poch, I still feel perhaps we need to see this plan come to fruition - as for as much as the results are not coming - there is lots of evidence to finally suggest there is a final template he is working towards. And like it or not, we have been f*cked by injuries this season - although of course it's on the manager to make sure we have a strong squad.
  8. I think around 2009 was when Fergie really lost the edge he had that saw him be utterly ruthless. I think he was getting sentimental about the academy lads like Cleverley and Gibson - and not simply that they weren't good enough. I've said enough about him letting Rooney run rings around him before. But yes, letting Tevez go was a dumb move - we should have signed him permanently, regardless of what West Ham wanted. He clearly wanted to stay at United and was performing well. For all of that, he did hold the team together for another few years - but the quality once the 92 lads had retired just wasn't there. And the car crash of the last few years simply added to the problems.
  9. Bruno new contract in 3,2,1. Or they sell to City for silly money.
  10. Picking a fight with a TV pundit is not a good sign. He's starting to let the pressure get to him, and that's not a sign of someone who can handle the scrutiny and the nature of the role.
  11. Tatih just can't handle the big boys league, looks far too lightweight and his mind is probably somewhere else anyway. A stiff breeze takes him off the ball.
  12. For the right money then I'd take a gamble - provided he's coming here through choice and not lack of options. Summer I'd do what it takes to get James Maddison from Leicester, or Reuben Neves from Wolves. Mind you, something seems to happen to Eriksen at Old Trafford, so maybe he'll be great for us. Constant menace when we play them.
  13. Nothing's changed for me, either he wants to be here - in which case he needs to knuckle down and play for the team, or he doesn't - in which case he knows where the door is.
  14. Biggest issue I see at the moment is the attitude. I don't think it's tactics that makes us better against top sides. Too many in this squad don't understand that they have to work hard against everyone be that Barca or Brentford. As for Ole, I think he's doing a lot right, he definitely knows the United ethos - but part of me still thinks we should be going for someone like Pochettino whilst he's free and move Ole to DOF.
  15. Trippier would be a good shout.