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  1. MikeM

    Spider-Man Ps4

    Miles Morales apparently seems more like an add on pack at full price from the reviews I've seen. Unless it's on PS5, and then the extras such as haptic feedback and ray tracing turn it right up several notches.
  2. Cyberpunk has been discontinued on PS4 apparently.
  3. After all these years (and now it's available to me) I've started watching Gotham on Netflix. In four days I have watched ELEVEN episodes. Superb.
  4. Early team news is that Ole is playing McFred in midfield as he "sees them as his big game" choice. FFS.
  5. Ole is a coward - last week was one weaseling out of a difficult decision after another. Pogba - bottled, Leipzig negative cowardly team, no subs and as for the Derby, Jesus. Trouble is the club are bigger cowards for not doing what needs to be done.
  6. Next season will effectively be 2020.5 no one is going to sink much money into R&D on these cars with a completely new set of rules due in 2022. Unless Ferrari have a punt at it, I can't see anyone else doing it - Aston Martin will probably be using the Tracing Point car again - Vettel might elevate it to a consistent race winning machine however. Red Bull are going to be in a hole because Honda are pulling out, and they're not getting engines off Ferrari or Merc - and Renault would screw them so badly that they'd strike oil. I think Christian Horner would rather eat his own feet anyw
  7. The most exciting game for me right now in terms of exclusives is actually the free Astro's Playroom that is bundled with the PS5. Obviously I'm also excited for the next generation versions of FIFA and Watchdogs Legion the graphics with the ray tracing look insane.
  8. Just heard there's a show happening in Heaven, Diego Maradona just arrived with a ball.
  9. I'll bet the scenes in Argentina will be incredible. State honours for sure.
  10. Pep wants him for City now apparently, so that's the end of that then.
  11. Oh man, that's huge news. RIP Diego.
  12. Just wondering if anyone has made the jump yet? Playstation 5 looks more enticing to me, that DualSense controller sounds amazing. I'm hoping to be in a position to get one in around March or so.
  13. MikeM

    Fifa 21

    Yeah, Konami have all the United legend stuff locked down - EA can only use the badge and kits as part of the EPL licence, otherwise we'd be out of FIFA21 like Juventus.
  14. MikeM

    Paul Pogba

    To be fair to him, the full quote is much more understandable - but there always seems to be something with him and his future. For what little we're actually getting from him on the pitch I feel it's best for us to move on.
  15. If that is his best team, then we are in trouble. We cannot go into every game setting up defensively and hoping for some brilliance to save the day. Happy with the win, but unconvincing from him again.
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