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  1. Oh God, he's starting with Smaldini again, isn't he?
  2. Sorry, didn't mean to make you .... cross.
  3. Serie A Thread 17/18

    I like the look of the boy Chiesa at Fiorentina, very lively and has a good box of tricks to beat a man. Mind you I suppose you can say that Fiorentina are "my team" in Italy so I might be a bit biased. I'd love to see them get back to where they were in the 90's with stars like Batigol.
  4. Big question is over Pogba and Jones and if they play. I'm thinking we'll see something like; ----------------------------------------------De Gea----------------------------------------------- Valencia-------------------Bailly-----------------Rojo-----------------------------Young ----------------------------------------------Matic--------------------------------------------------- ------------------------Mata-------------------------------McTominay/Pogba------------ Lingard--------------------------------Lukaku----------------------------------------Alexis
  5. VAR - yes or no?

    My cat's name is mittens. (Nah, superb points if a little verbose)
  6. Ander Herrera 2017/18

    If Ander gets back to top form, then he can still be very useful for us. However I get the feeling there's something going on with him and wouldn't be surprised if he was gone in the summer.
  7. Scottish Football Thread

    Hamilton V Rangers is mental, it's 2-4 in the 36th minute - neither side is defending at all.
  8. Phil Jones 2017/18

    Apparently (Sunday Supplement) he's injured again. No idea on the nature or severity though.
  9. VAR - yes or no?

    I think in itself the system is a good idea - for years we've been talking about things missed by the referee, or a blatant dive in the box costing us a penalty, in essence this takes that away. Even in yesterday's case had it have been a simple thing it would have been easier to take. However if we're doing this, we need to clear up the uncertainty and the secrecy. I've long advocated following Rugby and having the officials mic'ed up. This will also enforce the players to keep their language in check (and also a captain should be the only one to speak to a ref, unless the ref speaks to a player) How many times has a referee made a decision and we've thought "dunno what he saw there" or "why's he blown up?" with the live audio we can know instantly. Let's say next week that Herrera seemingly clatters Hazard with a great challenge, but Hazard throws himself to the deck - the referee books Ander, yet replays show Ander clearly got the ball. Chelsea take the freekick, and score. We're furious, because we've seen simulation from Hazard basically win Chelsea a goal. Now in a world where VAR works perfectly: Ref: Number 21 red, foul, free kick blue. VAR: Think you should review that, 21 red got the ball. Ref: (Makes TV sign) Correction - Number 10 blue, yellow card for simulation - freekick red. I do think in addition to microphones, that the video should also be played in the stadium, and also a time frame implemented to make the review (say a minute) if in that minute, the decision cannot be reversed, then the original decision must stand. I also think it would be better to have the referee have the screen with him, say strapped to his arm like a mobile phone.
  10. What Movies Are You Watching Right Now?

    Kiss of the Dragon Very enjoyable, superb action sequences and Jet Li is so much fun to watch in full flow.
  11. Yeah but it was such a stupid process, we thought we'd scored - and then five minutes later FIVE MINUTES it gets chalked off - as for the standard of the pictures and the wavy lines, it was a total balls up.
  12. West Brom - Pardiola era

    Nah it's not a general thing, but Evans for some reason has always rubbed me up the wrong way.
  13. Would it not be sweet to have the chance to avenge the derby loss?