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  1. I can understand all of that, and in a perfect world yes, we'd build that squad. I just don't see us doing that much this summer, reading the tone of answers coming out from the club so far. Certainly we won't be lashing out big money on Sancho, we've apparently valued him at half of what Dortmund will demand.
  2. Only thing that can derail him is injuries. Hopefully Ole will rest him whenever he can.
  3. I think he was actually trying to do too much. Biggest factor about Grealish transfer is if now Paul is committed and playing at his best. Midfield is pretty sorted right now, and to be honest I think Mason now deserves to be part of the front three. Think we will go for a striker, and maybe a defender now. My gut feeling is we'll only do two or three signings this year, with the majority of deals being sales. Probably King, and maybe Ake. Sancho is silly money in the current climate, and as I said - the starting front three pretty much picks itself right now.
  4. There's a lot to make it attractive to buyers for the right price, they've got a good modern stadium for a start. Will need to be a project of a few years and clever investment on the playing front to bring them back to the Championship.
  5. Home and away don't actually look too bad from this. https://www.footyheadlines.com/2020/03/manchester-united-20-21-kit.html The pattern on the home kit is a lot more subtle than feared, and the white stripes are back. Wished they'd done more with the collar. The away looks more black than grey, and looks pretty smart. Looks like we're getting the "dazzle camo" design for the third kit sadly.
  6. Watched a comedy based on Cluedo - had Christopher Lloyd and Tim Curry in it - was pretty funny. It's called "Clue". Also watched Rise of Skywalker finally - I'm glad I read the book first as it did a much better job of explaining the intricacies and a lot of content the film skipped over. I'm not overly upset at how it ended - it wasn't perhaps the banger I was hoping for, but it wasn't Phantom Menace bad either.
  7. 4 goals in 8 games, I'd say it's worth keeping hold of him.
  8. MikeM

    PES 2020

    I think the best way of explaining it is that PES is a lot more involved, and feels more like an actual football match in terms of concentration and working at making openings and defending. FIFA is a lot more pretty to watch and does more for you, and is more like an arcade game. There's great depth in PES, but you have to be prepared to get stuck in to it.
  9. Of course, that's where Fred plays.
  10. I would say Becks, but Jesus 1998 must have been hell to endure. In his position I would have told the FA to stick their England team right up their arse. Also he tore his Achilles tendon clean off the bone later in his career, and that's not a fun experience either. Also married the wrong Spice Girl. I'd like to experience Cristiano's career, but of course we don't know what's to come for him. Not bad so far however.
  11. To be honest I'm more of a fan of the performance and the putting together of the show - although I do love a good angle to hook me in as well. Used to love the car crashes that they'd produce in TLC and Hell in the Cell matches - still do.
  12. You think this is bad, wait till you see the rumoured away and third. The away is green, and the third is black and white "urban camo" type pattern.
  13. The Benoit case damn near killed it. Judging from the ratings, I think the bubble has burst, and wrestling really now is being watched by hardcore fans - and no longer attracting casual viewers.
  14. Part two of 5 on Sunday. This potentially could be the greatest documentary WWE have produced - really hoping Taker writes an Autobiography as well. Also highly recommend Vice's "Dark Side of the Ring" been watching on More 4 and new eps on Youtube. They're covering everything, from Benoit to The Road Warriors.
  15. Made up for Becky and Seth, congratulations to them on their pending arrival.