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  1. adhityaprianda

    Your Top 10 player of the 21st Century?

    they are not wothy, not to those names I mentioned
  2. adhityaprianda

    Stranger things

    completely agree, I was quite surprised they pulled this one off great. Genuinely thought they bottled this season. Duffer has stated they want at least 5 seasons. Though I agree they should end it there
  3. adhityaprianda

    Your Top 10 player of the 21st Century?

    in no particular order except for number 1, Greatest of All Time 1. Bébé 2. Jonathan Greening 3. Luke Chadwick 4. Roy Carroll 5. Eric Djemba-Djemba 6. Manucho 7. Zoran Tosic 8. Kleberson 9. Victor Valdes 10. Gabriel Obertan
  4. adhityaprianda

    Paul Pogba

    closer to home I suppose? although there is definitely no other reason beyond that.
  5. adhityaprianda

    Paul Pogba

    if that's what it takes to get rid of Pogba, then so be it. wouldn't say no to Isco either
  6. adhityaprianda

    Paul Pogba

    I'd take that cash + Bale offer from Real Madrid
  7. adhityaprianda


    so Kawhi and PG are teaming up in LA..... Clippers
  8. adhityaprianda

    Paul Pogba

    get rid, under any circumstances
  9. adhityaprianda

    Paul Pogba

    that was a cheap move, ship the man off
  10. adhityaprianda


    Who would have thought... Jeremy Lin 1, Carmelo Anthony 0
  11. adhityaprianda

    Paul Pogba

    genuinely hoping him to go to Madrid, although Woodward would be fuming
  12. adhityaprianda

    Real Madrid 2019/2020: The Rebuild

    don't think they are done this summer, looking forward to them selling Isco & Bale and land either one of Pogba or Eriksen
  13. adhityaprianda


    KD will definitely play game 5, Cousins has been laughable and Klay is so essential to Kerr's team. It will either going to be Raptors in 5 or Warriors in 7.
  14. adhityaprianda

    who do we need to get in to win the title

    stopped reading at Smalling £30M
  15. adhityaprianda

    Moneyball - Why don't we adopt it?

    have to agree with SG here, moneyball works well exclusively in baseball because the sport itself is individual-based. Every stats of a player will most likely translate as the same wherever the player plays regardless. There are so many intangible variable in football that cannot be translated into statistics. I believe the most suitable phrase we are looking for is "value in the market", like one of previous manager said years in years out.