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  1. More crying about thread titles. Go outside you sad little man.
  2. Wenger to Resign

    Wenger was a genius. Only an idiot would look purely on Wenger's trophy haul alone. Went an entire season unbeaten in the league. He built the stadium, integrated an phenomenal youth system, change the way scouting networks in the country and how they worked, introduced levels of professional never seen before. He has basically left the club in one of the strongest positions worldwide with his frugal nature and caring for the club. The man should be applauded and recognised as a genius....which in this incidences isn't too strong a word. One of the games great managers and it's been a pleasure to watch him.
  3. Wenger to Resign

    Great idea, a man who sits 5th in the Bundesliga and has these as his collection of honors. Manager VfR Aalen Liga promotion : 2011-12 FC Ingolstadt 04 Liga : 2014-15 Why the hell aren't we in for this quality?
  4. The Jose Mourinho Thread

    Midfield, as a pensioner. Quality management.
  5. FA Cup - Semi-final: Man Utd vs Spurs

    It shouldn't be that hard to work out.
  6. Wenger to Resign

    I personally hope he goes out on a high. He was a brilliant manager.
  7. A sad day for English football. Here is a man who changed football in England forever. A revolutionary, a man full of principal and one of the best managers ever. Regardless of the twilight of his tenure, he was bloody brilliant.
  8. PL Matchday 34: Bournemouth vs Man Utd

    Martial is shocking. A bit of brilliance once in awhile but he’s not that good is he?
  9. PL Matchday 34: Bournemouth vs Man Utd

    Your fascination with Sanchez is unhealthy.
  10. Rafael da Silva Thread Should have never been sold.
  11. Do you trust Mourinho?

    Buzz words, buzz words, everywhere.
  12. Yeah, it's always someone else who's blinded by hatred. Do you ever look in the mirror or just stumble around in your own bubble of delusion? Mourinho is always wrong. Pep is always right. At least I can physically bring myself to at points to say Mourinho fucked up and Pep was excellent. His league record is excellent, but he has spent incredible sums of money. Given English teams performances in that time, it's fairly obvious that it's not. Well, success on the history books will only measure trophies. Zidane has matched him and is on course for a third on the trophies count. Jose also has two and his last CL win is a year before Pep's but because it's Jose it simply doesn't count. Ancelotti has three. Del Bosque with two. SAF with two. So has Hitzfeld. He deserves to be mentioned in that calibre but this far he hasn't outshone any of he aforementioned in Europe. Is Germany that impressive really? It's a glorified Scotland with his club outspending everyone, every single year without fail. Which don't forget barely counts. He was unable to build upon a treble winning side and once again was found out to be tactically inept and incapable of making the tactical adjustments required. City are the most expensive squad ever, if you spend the most money winning titles don't count according to your previous logic. Pep has done that everywhere except for Barcelona. Well he did because success in football is measured on trophies. I don't think when anyone measure Pep's career in the future it'll be based on anything but silverware and possibly his style of football. There will be no mention of semi-final appearances because in the grand scheme of things no one cares. Your shite is worse. I'm still looking for a comment on Pep's inability to deliver in the later stages of the CL? Why is that? 7 years of failure is more than variance for not taking your chances, surely?
  13. Records are all a bit hollow in leagues when you spend more than anyone if you fail to make the grade in the Champions League. I don't see you going too much into detail on Pep's performances on those. I wonder why? Pep appears to be the master of beating lesser teams to a pulp, but when he if pushed over two legs against reasonable sides he's failed to deliver. Pep's only CL wins are arguably with the the best side ever. A side backboned by Messi, Xavi and Iniesta, three of the greatest players to ever play the game. Mourinho has two Champions League wins, with sides who shouldn't have won it, in Inter and Porto. Those achievements with those two side's in my opinion arguably gazump anything Pep has achieved in any league ever. When being forced to pit his wits against top notch opposition, without having access to Messi, Xavi and Iniesta...he's failed. There is no other way to describe it or gloss over it, but please feel free to try. Beating, West Brom or Stoke or FC Ausburg or Mainz in the league and going on to set records is all well and good. But when the chips are down in highly tactical champions league games over the past few years, he's fail and showed himself to be inept. There was no reason for his side not to be able to get past Liverpool in this round, other than his own. Or Monaco last season, other than himself. Or where he turned Champions League and treble winners at Bayern into also rans in Europe. His record in Europe isn't impressive at this point for me and that's what I want to discuss. Mourinho has two Champions League titles without spending others. He has two Champions League titles without access to "the greatest side ever." He also has an Europa League title with Porto without spending more than anyone else, his tactial nous in Europe has shone through and he has outperformed Pep on the continent. Anyway, I want to discuss Pep not Mourinho now, we've done enough of that. Mourinho's failings don't make Pep's any better. "Seven consecutive semis. A round of sixteen. A quarter. No one has a record like that over the same period." To me that's a bad thing giving the squads that were at his disposal. He wasn't able to turn all those appearances into more wins. He had the players. He had them again this season and once again limped out miserably when he needed to change his methods and adjust tactical to secure passage, he wasn't able. He was inept, like he has been since he left Barcelona, the greatest club side ever.
  14. You guys started the most expensive team ever don't forget last season with Jose. I still don't buy too much into it i'm just wondering if it applies now with Pep? Again, they haven't worked on the biggest stage for quite some time, seven years in fact since his last CL win. For a lot of those titles, he has spend incredible amounts of money. Four of the seven were where he spent more than anyone. The four with Barcelona were his most successful and what he should be best acknowledged for. His movement of Messi, the introduction of Busquet the ability to improve both Xavi and Iniesta. He won a poor PL. So poor, that we are absolutely shocking and in second. There hasn't been a team capable of putting a challenge in, but i'm discussing CL here. Funnily enough, it seems to be always these CL ties where they "fail" to take their chances. It's more than a coincidence now at this point for me. He obviously struggles a bit tactically over two legs, highlighted incredibly in these Liverpool ties when he allowed his side get blown out of the water and he allowed a Liverpool team play to their strengths. I have often criticsed Mourinho for shambolic performances. I have yet to see you mention Pep's ineptness once. That's small time and petty if you ask me.