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  1. peterswellman

    Paul Pogba 2018/19

    It's times like this I wonder why I bother reading your posts? It's my fault. I know it'll be shit but once, just once, I pray there might be a gem. 7k attempts later, I still wait.
  2. peterswellman

    PFA Team of the Year: 2018/2019

    Genuinely reckon he’s had a fine season in a pretty average Chelsea team. Their problems haven’t been defensively.
  3. peterswellman

    PFA Team of the Year: 2018/2019

    De Gea Doherty Van Dijk David Luiz Robertson Fernadinho Pogba Bernardo Silva Sterling Aguero Salah
  4. peterswellman


    Class mate.
  5. peterswellman

    PL Matchday 30: Arsenal vs Man Utd

    It's fucking Arsenal, we have never feared this cunts and I won't be starting now. We'll win and with a couple of goals to spare.
  6. peterswellman

    UCL - Last 16 - PSG vs Man Utd (2nd leg)

    Oh, don’t worry, that poster was canabalised by these guys.
  7. Let’s get over the season first and reassess. Our ability to attract the very best players, your Sanchos and De Ligts could come down to CL. A few shrewd signings, more young players stepping up and we certainly could give it a real crack. The whole mood of the club has changed and that result tonight could be the turning point after a dour last few years. Sure, it was lucky but it was backs to the wall and a show of immense spirit.
  8. peterswellman

    UCL - Last 16 - PSG vs Man Utd (2nd leg)

    The catchphrase is quality.
  9. peterswellman

    Marcus Rashford 2018/19

    I was coming to this thread to type the exact thing. Replace swingers with stones though. Buffon in front of you. Away from home with moany French cunts and pricks like Veratti trying to put you off. Just smashed it home. Hero.
  10. peterswellman

    PSG too confident

    A nicely cushioned header by Mendes and Ole blasts home.
  11. peterswellman

    Liverpool 2018/2019: CHAMPIONS!

    In other news, here’s some RAWK goodness.
  12. peterswellman

    Liverpool 2018/2019: CHAMPIONS!

    I thought they walked on through the wind and the rain.