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  1. After that long winded and almost unnecessary post. Have you any proof at all, even a smidgen of Mourinho leaking the story? Actual proof, because if you haven't we are just going to keep going round in circles. This is when Mourinho announced and where you are putting the boot in. You've brought up Mourinho's previous behaviour in the past countless times to beat him down, I didn't realise if the timescale isn't momentarily after the match it doesn't count and doesn't appear as double standards. It's not simply tunnel behaviour, its the media behaviour you've been critical of. Pep says something similiar though nothing is said from you.....why because you're biased as fuck. You think there is a fair balance between your critic between Pep and Mourinho? If you do, honestly you're utterly delusional. Again for the 500th time, I readily admit to having double standards. If I bold it will it actually sink in? I have biased and double standards between Pep and do you. Also, you have double standards and you invent things.
  2. Apparently the referee never mentioned it in his report. This really doesn't wash for me because how many incidents does a referee miss in a game and then there is retrospective action. The irony, is it was probably the Delph sending off. Pep has done plenty of moaning regarding his side being on the end of poor tackles......but when the shoes on the other foot? Nah.
  3. I’ll tackle the initial bit ASAP. Genuinely insanely busy. So to round it all off, you have zero proof that Jose’s leaked the story? Not one shred of evidence other than this suppiosed “link” you’ve created? And you want an apology? Laughable. I’ll just start making stories too and calling them fact. Then start demanding apologises. It’s only fact until it’s proven, everything else is fiction.....just like your story and my insider story. My issue was never with Scholes critic of Jose, although he has some neck given he never went into management. It’s his OTT stuff on Pogba just because he doesn’t like him as a person and I was agreement with backing his player and defending himself.
  4. The FA Cup thread

    Pep had an infinitely better starting block of players than Jose. Silva, Aguero, De Bruyne are all still pivotal players for the club and have been there for years. These are guys who have already won league titles and even defeated the greatest manager of all time in the process. Pep should be quite a bit ahead given his starting point was further ahead of Jose and has spent more. I wouldn’t care no about the cup in that position, just like I don’t mind the brand oil foootball we are playing. Plenty others, like yourself, would use it as a stick to beat him with. Aren’t you the idiot who suggested those who have faith in Mourinho are doing so out of blind faith. Moronic considering he’s one of the it’s successful managers of all time.
  5. Realistic/ acceptable target in the league this season

    Imagine taking every post that’s been ever made at face value.....that’s more RAWK-esque than anything I’ve ever posted. The RAWK thing is cute though, nice of you to try and steal it from Luc. Maybe create your own retorts. Investment does equal improvement. If you can’t spot how even the teams are in the lower part of the league because of the investments they have made then I can’t help you. How about this “metric?” Give your fascination. The gap between 7th and the relegation zone is 10 points. Despite investment Arsenal are stiill a long way off the pace of last year, same goes with Everton. The gap between those clubs and the bottom ones isn’t getting smaller. Every game in this league is now doggedly competitive given must teams can sign players for 20m plus. Spurs are a better team? Well the league metric couldn’t says otherwise. You’re merely going on opinion. Where’s the metric? Again, this is all opinion. Just like mine which seemed to bother you.
  6. Champions League 2017/18

    Agreed, but when someone makes a mistake you have to take the yellow for the team. You’ll be called a cunt by every person on social media but you’ll be a cunt who wins.
  7. Champions League 2017/18

    Crazy, I’m terrible and even I know he has to drag him down or else catch him in the tackle. The ball is secondary. Very poor awareness.
  8. Champions League 2017/18

    Whoever slide in on that ball should never play football again. He has to take Iniesta out there. So so naive.
  9. Champions League 2017/18

    This is a long, long way off the great Barce sides of the past. We’d have hockeyed this Barce team if this wasn’t the team they had in those two finals.
  10. Champions League 2017/18

    I really, really like Willian. Dunno why, but he’s the type of player you’d want at your club.
  11. Champions League 2017/18

    Have you ever seen Kante, that man has lungs like a Dyson Hoover.
  12. Champions League 2017/18

    Bloody good game this. Chelsea have nothing to fear, Messi excluded.
  13. The FA Cup thread

    What second in the league to the most expensive team ever and in the knockout stages of the CL? Abysmal especially considering we finished 6th last season and wasted bag loads of money in the Moyes/LVG era. League and cup competitions are totally different FYI. Sevilla are a decent team, if we get past them it’ll have been a reasonable season in Europe don’t you think? Quite good? It would want to be spectacular after that investment and it hasn’t. There are many ways to skin a cat. I always appreciate good defensive football, just because you don’t or have the nous to understand it doesn’t mean I can’t.
  14. Realistic/ acceptable target in the league this season

    Go on then, what have I said is RAWK like? Name a point that I haven’t backed up. I’ve tried to talk tactics with you before but alas it was pretty evident you haven’t a clue. Well how has the league got weaker? The league has gotten stronger due to crazy investment. There has literally never been more money in the league. If it’s the same why aren’t Chelsea winning the league? No, I’m saying we’ve improved to the point of passing them and the league in general is strong that it’s been for a considerable amount of time. I think the PL team performances in Europe back this up. 5 English teams have made this stage of the CL. How are Spurs for example weaker? They’ve invested and only sold Kyle Walker.
  15. It’s worst than you can imagine, genuinely just one huge kip. College is quality tbf.