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  1. MrSwellman

    Ed Woodward

    I must say, I enjoy this chant.
  2. MrSwellman

    Ole Sack Watch

    Of course there is but my point is if you can’t make players who costs serious sums of money perform then that’s is a serious managerial problem. We’ve spent more than anyone over this period which simply isn’t good enough.
  3. MrSwellman

    Ed Woodward

    Now has Neil Ashton working as his personal PR advisor. Ashton, a former journalist, has already being on to a load of his hack friends to condemn the “Build a bonfire”. Scammers like Oliver Holt, Neil Custis et al. Shameless stuff. Ironically enough, the same Ashton wrote:
  4. MrSwellman

    Ole Sack Watch

    For balance, the Glazers have allowed managers spend £840m since SAF retired. In or around £100m a year. I’d like to clarify the Glazers are leeches and have fucked us up but the fact that a serious amount of cash has been wasted isn’t on them. But it’s on Woodward, Moyes, LVG, Jose and Ole. Sacking Ole would mean a serious improvement if we could spend our money well. £840m, with the base of a title winning squad, should have been enough to remain competitive.
  5. MrSwellman

    2019/2020: PL Matchday 24 - Man Utd vs Burnley

    Yeah, he's banned now again.
  6. MrSwellman

    2019/2020: PL Matchday 24 - Man Utd vs Burnley

    Yeah, sad cunt signed up again. I'll ban everyone from now on until this creep dies.
  7. MrSwellman

    Harry Maguire 2019/20

    You really are embarrassing that you keep signing to what is essentially a tiny forum.
  8. MrSwellman

    Ole Sack Watch

    We didn’t deserve this icon.
  9. MrSwellman

    Ole Sack Watch

    And left ourselves with a wafer-thin squad you fucking cretin.
  10. MrSwellman

    Ole Sack Watch

    Turn up at Carrington. Machine gun at hand. Blow as many of these cunts away as you possible can - warn Williams and Fred you’re coming prior. Get your insurance payouts on their perceived valuations. Profit? Then start the rebuild. Put extra bullets in Perriera and Lingard to ensure there’ll be no return.
  11. MrSwellman

    2019/2020: PL Matchday 24 - Man Utd vs Burnley

    I kept pressing send with the pistol cocked in my mouth.
  12. MrSwellman

    2019/2020: PL Matchday 24 - Man Utd vs Burnley

    It’s wrong but they could be using a different definition for shots tbf. Some were tame but they definitely had more attempts on target.