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  1. MrSwellman

    Paul Pogba

    I’d imagine there needs to be a certain amount of minutes played to be eligible for ranking, but that’s just a guess.
  2. MrSwellman

    Paul Pogba

  3. Full Name - Alexis Alejandro Sánchez Date of Birth - December 19, 1988 Place of Birth - Tocopilla, Chile Height - 5'5 Weight - 62 kg Position - Forward Number - 7 Facebook Twitter Instagram It's never a good thing when the best thing about a signing has been his announcement video. But since then it's been a very similar situation to Wayne Rooney's fall from grace - his body appears to be done and there is nothing we can do but pay him boatloads of wages in the process. Showed a small bit of form for Chile in the Copa America but in classic modern day United form succumbs to some form of injury. Highly unlikely he'll ever regain anything like the form he showed at Arsenal or Barcelona and couldn't even break into a faltering team in the 2018/19. Certainly not a player to be optimistic about. I suppose at least we have these. And one semi-decent big game. It's sad.
  4. Lacks the bottle or the stones for this job. No way he makes it past Christmas.
  5. MrSwellman

    Player Threads 2019/20

    Good stuff, much appreciated. Any help at all is great. Have a look at some of the others to see the type of thing we are after.
  6. MrSwellman

    Player Threads 2019/20

  7. MrSwellman

    Paul Pogba

    It’s Custis but with Pogba you’re never sure.
  8. MrSwellman

    Paul Pogba

    Fuck it, if we are going to be shite, at least can we be shite with players we can like and respect. A horrible individual and a genuine cancer in the dressing room.
  9. MrSwellman

    Marcus Rashford 2018/19

    I'm all for giving him time but by offering patience I don't expect him to pillage our pockets for a truly undeserved €200,000 a week in the process.
  10. MrSwellman

    Player Threads 2019/20

    @Txrt Could we get you to perhaps take on the La Liga thread?
  11. MrSwellman

    Let's all laugh at Chelsea- Rejected By Everyone

    Troublesome former member, unfortunately he loves us all so much he can't help but keep creating accounts despite being banned (for the third time).
  12. MrSwellman

    Let's all laugh at Chelsea- Rejected By Everyone

    Hi again dickhead, bye again dickhead. You keep joining, i'll keep banning.
  13. MrSwellman

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    City were also linked with Fred, I wouldn't worry, they weren't actually mental enough to pay £50 million on him. Surely at some point we're going to get lucky with a signing who turns out to not be a cunt and semi-decent. Every cunt we buy these days is trash. A website called legit and written by a journalist called Shittu? I for one am sold. I'm supposed to believe this guy, who's probably flooding my junk mail box trying to fleece me for cash? Perhaps a tad racist but fuck it, this club is a joke.
  14. Full Name - Scott Francis McTominay Date of Birth - December 8, 1996 Place of Birth - Lancaster, United Kingdom. Height - 6"4 Weight - 88 kg Position - Central Midfielder Number - 39 One of the few pleasing aspects of last season. McTominay is a monster of a man, a real physical presence in the engine room who has developed and honed his skills in the club's academy. Question marks were raised about him when he was introduced by Jose and given more game-time, perhaps in part due to his cumbersome looking style, but the big Scot possesses a decent array of passing and is incredibly composed on the ball. There isn't a whole lot flash about him but he has been effective, particularly in games when we've been under the cosh. Seemed to thrive in European fixtures. Plenty more to come no doubt and last season's exposure should have brought him on no end. Was back showing the fight and hunger during the summer with some individual training videos of him doing the round. Badly need some of this spirit in the coming year and all around the club at present.
  15. Full Name - Aaron Wan-Bissaka Date of Birth - November 26, 1997 Place of Birth - Croydon, United Kingdom. Height - 6" Weight - 72 kg Position - Full-Back Number - 29 Facebook Twitter Instagram It's been quite awhile since United had a recognised full-back docked in the back four, perhaps you even have to cast your mind back to the days of Gary Neville as in recent years it's been two converted wingers that have deployed by our plethora as managers. One thing for sure this is an improvement to the squad, and should shower up a porous right side a lot given how well AWB has performed defensively for balance. €50 million is a vast amount of money but if he can churn out the performances he's displayed for Palace for the next decade it would probably be by all accounts a shrewd invest. However, offensively the question marks remains? Can he improve his game in the coming season and offer a proper attacking threat going forward. Only time will tell. An exciting signing for sure and his potential is a cause for optimism if nothing else.