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  1. MrSwellman

    Champions League 2019/20

    Salzburg are thoroughly enjoyable watch. Literally flick after flick with no fear whatsoever. Brilliant to watch.
  2. We needed Jamie Vardy four years ago.
  3. MrSwellman

    Paul Pogba 2019/20

    Stick him in the ten role with Fred and McTominay behind him and at present that would be a really good 6.
  4. MrSwellman

    Ole Sack Watch

    You both realise we sit in 5th, right? Mainly in part to being unable to beat Sheffield United and Villa. We have won 6 from 16 games. Have the worst scoring difference in the Top 6 and scored the least amount of goals. Standards are clearly very, very low for you guys. Forgive me for not proclaiming him the Messiah just yet. Top 4 should be the minimum objective, produce that and I’ll be satisfied for this season.
  5. Pep is a myth. We’re closer to City than they are to the Scousers.
  6. Periera is absolutely fucking terrible.
  7. Wan Bissaka having his best game for us, by a country mile too. Sterling not having a sniff.
  8. We’re winning this for sure. At what point does Pep get the chop?
  9. MrSwellman

    Paul Pogba 2019/20

    Butler have a week off for that racist crap. In this day and age
  10. MrSwellman

    Ole Sack Watch

  11. MrSwellman

    Ole Sack Watch The Athletic is fantastic for any of you wondering and actually looking for decent writing. Really good piece there.
  12. MrSwellman

    Ole Sack Watch

    Nice of him to be chuckling away as we sit closer to the drop zone than the Top 4. Clown.
  13. MrSwellman

    Ole Sack Watch

    Of course they do when their minion is more than happy to keep spouting their propaganda.
  14. MrSwellman

    Ole Sack Watch

    If I could choose anyone, it would be Erik ten Hag from Ajax. Superb brand of football. Clear ability to improve young players and think he would do well. Bit of a punt but what have we to lose. Can’t believe he hasn’t been mentioned more tbh. I’d even be willing to wait until the summer given he probably won’t walk out mid season. But the wheels have to be set in motion.