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  1. MrSwellman

    Harry Maguire Thread 2019/20

    Hahahahhhha, two absolute comedians. Leave it out lads.
  2. MrSwellman

    Player Threads 2019/20

    Hyperlinks added to the thread. Only thread that needs to be created is @dualtamac's Ligue 1 Thread. Give us a shout when it's done and i'll pop a hyperlink in.
  3. MrSwellman

    2019/2020: PL Matchday 1 - Man Utd vs Chelsea

    Result wise, fantastic. A real sweet win in what should be a real confidence and momentum builder. Performance wise, we’ll take a few tonkings this season no question but if we are serious about the future we must stick by the young players. Everything broke our way today and we played well. Defensively we look perfect but after that there is serious worries. None of the front three will score 25 goals. However, Lingard impressed me. Thought Rashford was the sloppiest of the three but his goals masked it. Felt McTominay was a man mountain and did the simple things so well. A massive upgrade on Matic. Maguire and AWB were brilliant and delighted for James.....looked like he really enjoyed that goal even if he made a balls of the chance initially and got a huge slice of luck. Anyway, welcome to Backistan, population United.
  4. MrSwellman

    Player Threads 2019/20

    Good shout. I’ll do it ASAP.
  5. MrSwellman

    Marcos Rojo 2019/20

    I’d rather keep him over them two on the provision he is banned from playing LB.
  6. MrSwellman

    Player Threads 2019/20

    I think, and I may be wrong, but that’s a wrap. Thanks to anyone who made the effort to make a thread. It’s a massive help. To those of you who didn’t, i’m not angry, just very, very disappointed.
  7. MrSwellman

    Marcos Rojo 2019/20

    Full Name - Faustino Marcos Alberto Rojo Date of Birth - March 20, 1990 Place of Birth - La Plata, Argentina Height - 6"2 Weight - 85kg Position - Central Defender   Number - 16 Instagram
  8. MrSwellman

    Paul Pogba 2019/20

    Full Name - Paul Labile Pogba Date of Birth - March 15, 1993 Place of Birth - Lagny-sur-Marne Height - 6"3 Weight - 84kg Position - Central Midfielder  Number - 6 Facebook Twitter Instagram
  9. MrSwellman

    Player Threads 2019/20

    @O and @Piazza if you could rattle up Fred and Lindelof whenever ye get the chance that would be swell.
  10. It’s baaaaaaaaaaaaccccckkkk. Few crackers below to whet the appetite.
  11. MrSwellman

    Player Threads 2019/20

    Great stuff guys. I’ll look after Rojo and Pogba, can we get any takers for the other three? EDIT- Anyone willing to start a PL thread for the new season?
  12. MrSwellman

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    Solksjaer OUT!!!!
  13. MrSwellman

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    Coutinho isn’t an upgrade on Matic if we decided to stick him out wide. THE most overrated footballer ever.
  14. MrSwellman

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    Why would you sign for this club as a foreigner if you know you’re going to be managed by a complete novice who could be gone within a few months? As for Llorente, I’d rather we just folded or bring back Zlatan. Remember when we could bring in the likes of Henrik Larsson on loan? Fernando fucking Llorente.
  15. MrSwellman

    Player Threads 2019/20

    I’ll be doing the same in a staggered approach. Should begin tomorrow.