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  1. Nothing questionable. He's an idiot and a coward. Pushing Nunez on the floor was pitiful, when he had been a disaster for 3 or 4 of the goals. It was embarrassing. Meek, timid and completely devoid of any footballing intelligence or mental fortitude. Players like him are systematic of what's wrong with this club. Needs a contract, performance levels rise. Can string together four or five months of good (never great consistently) performances only to fall completely on his face when asked serious questions are asked and times are tough. Fernandes is another one. Embarrassing. Ge
  2. Luke Shaw was an utter disgrace. On one of the worst days ever, he somehow stood head and shoulders above everyone else at being shambolic. Needs to go.
  3. Becoming a state project is really the pits. It's infinitely worse than Ratcliffe.
  4. He's been a flop so far given his reputation and numbers in Germany. A pity.
  5. The poor, poor bastard having to deal with this shitshow. Be happy to give him four years at a minimum to put his stamp on the club overall, no matter where we drop to. This squad needs to be entirely gutted, a new style of play needs to be implemented and players need to be bought to fit into this system.
  6. It has gotten to the stage where I’m just completely numb to what these cunts can throw at me. Three or four years ago, I’d be having a meltdown on the back of that performance. Now, I barely care. Despise almost every single player we have. You wonder sometimes what’s the point?
  7. What are you on about, idiot? Just don't use text speak - it's not that hard. It's against the rules. If you don't like it, i'll ban you now. Your choice, because I for one can't be arsed reading something a 14-year-old would type.
  8. Errr, I’m one of the staff on here numbskull. Use proper English or fuck off. It’s a simple warning.
  9. I've no dog in this argument, but for fuck sake, type you instead of "u" and are instead of "r". It's painful reading txt speak.
  10. United had some ‘mare performances but thankfully Carragher giving McTominay man of the match was the worst thing that I’ve seen or heard today. Imagine being still behind Spurs, even though they’ve a -6 goal difference and a game in hand.
  11. McTominay MOTM according to Carragher? Am I missing something?
  12. How did that moron Jorginho not let that bounce?
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