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  1. Nowhere near sold on this guy. If we were to examine his career at United now, it would have to be regarded as a serious failure. It’ll take some serious consistency to turn it around. If he produces and quits the shit in the media through his agent and brother, we might actually remember him for some fond memories. At the moment though, it’s out and out failure from a club going backwards.
  2. We don’t win a PL with him as our main striker. We can pretend and delude ourselves but it’s not happening. It’s a pity but these are facts. He’s useful though, in the sense he could be back-up striker and also an option on the left.
  3. Any time you hammer a team with that wanker Pepe Reina in it, it’s a good day.
  4. You’d hope. Rodgers loves a bottle job too which is nice. That equaliser doesn’t really change much for us. It’s just good they dropped points.
  5. Leaves it entirely in our hands now. We win every game, we get CL. Simple.
  6. Just hard work
  7. That’s James Milner. It’s the most obvious case I’ve ever seen.
  8. They’d literally be outside the top four without him this year. That’s how bad they’ve been.
  9. Ah here. It’s KDB and it’s not even close. Not just because of the system, but because he’s in world’s best player form. There isn’t a player close to him in England anyway, actually there isn’t a player close to what he’s able to do in world full-stop.
  10. Also Atletico. More I look at it, has all the makings of an upset. Truth be told, was a great opportunity for Liverpool, who are fairly overrated but still probably the best team in a poor period for football, to go back to back.
  11. The more I watch City, the less likely I believe they’re going to win the CL this year. Real and Barcelona are only okay too. Juventus for me, the Bayern and maybe, dare I say, PSG could actually win the bloody thing. Our 09 and 11 teams would walk it this year.