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  1. never forget, you were all warned.
  2. This Van de Beek situation is so, so strange. Won’t even bring him on to time waste.
  3. Fuck me, Dan James. How is this guy at our club? He’s fucking AIDs.
  4. Our midfield three have all been poor, I think. Shaw is some baller.
  5. Remember when this fixture used to have Kaka, Pirlo, Ronaldo, Rooney, Scholes? I don’t even think Bruno from this lot would break into either of those two teams.
  6. It’s like there is some kind of force field around his foot that makes it bounce in unpredictable directions. Like Maguire’s heading at corners.
  7. James with hilarious control. You’d laugh if you saw it at Sunday league.
  8. Our great leader won’t make a sub. A strange decision especially with Rashford. Greenwood has had a fine game. Couldn’t fault him.
  9. Dan fucking James. How a professional football can fuck up that situation is beyond me.
  10. We should be thankful, because if they had a go they’d batter us. For some unknown reason, he seems to fear is much more than he needs to.
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