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  1. Not slating the guy or anything, but where is he going to be a 40 games PL striker? It would be a massive gamble to go with him as a first choice striker that’s fighting for survival. Just from those near the bottom. Norwich - Not better than Pukki at present imo. Villa - Probably get in here but would be do better than Wesley given how shite they are? Bournemouth - Better than Wilson or King? Watford - I’m battling relegation, I’m going with Deeney. West Ham - May get in ahead of Haller or Antonio but they need a robust frontman given how they play. Maybe gets the spot at Brighton and Newcastle but it’s a hell of a gamble. I’d say it would be championship to be sure that the relegation teams don’t turn to a battering ram centre forward when things get tough.
  2. To put it bluntly, if he was as good as he thinks he is, and his agent thinks, these teams wouldn’t be coming up with an excuses or you wouldn’t have to list them out. Money wouldn’t be an obstacle if he was that good. You can list off the excuses, but if Messi became available tomorrow, all those clubs would at least try and find a way to make it work. They aren’t for him? Why? As for your second par, and the Rooney example. Again, he was absolutely hammered for that. Way worse than Pogba and he literally had guys in masks turn up to his door. Pogba’s hate is pretty mild in comparison. Guy is a bit of a dick, there’s no denying that. Therefore, people call him out on it. We’d be better off doing that AND removing the Pogba circus. Every week there is something new with him, his agent, his brother or some leak. It’s not helping our standing as a club either, our supposed “best player” acting like a dick when we’re already at a low ebb. Stats aren’t everything and he’s taken quite a lot of penalties too for his goals just an FYI. For all that, he’s still not worth 100m and I’d snap your hand off for that if offered. In fact, I’d be happy to break even at this stage and draw a line in the sand under the entire Pogbaback affair.
  3. Each and every player you mentioned performed at levels we could only dream of Pogba producing. Rooney all time record goalscorer, who sacrificed himself countless times for the team in a variety of positions. Ruud, 150 goals in 200 plus games. Four league seasons of 20 plus goals and the only one he didn’t he was injured. Ronaldo - I won’t even comprehend comparing what both have achieved at this club. Hilarious point. Pogba’s overall performances aren’t within a country mile of any of the above. Bruno has already looked a more effective player but it’s far too early to make those judgments. Really don’t understand why you’re putting “bad behaviour” in quotation marks either. Many here have slated Rooney over his behaviour and by many, I mean he was harangued as much, if not more, than Pogba. Ruud is hardly idolised. Ronaldo was following a boyhood dream and even the great man understood letting him go was the right thing to do. Why do you think clubs aren’t queuing up for this superstar? Strange. Pogba’s track record of misdeamours are there for all to see, are you attempting to suggest he’s behaved well? If you are, it’s pure delusion. It’s not worth the hassle. We’re either going to be stuck with him or selling him for a loss. The cult of Pogba is very strange.
  4. No player has ever had as many clowns bending over backwards to defend poor behaviour. The guy has to go, even at a loss, he has to dab his way out the fucking door.
  5. You’d have learnt more playing Rochdale. Absolutely shite.
  6. What exactly has he done to deserve a wage increase? Is it for loyalty? Every week we find a new way to embarrass ourselves.
  7. These wins should be trivialised at present because they have little to no significance. We’d have drawn yesterday only for two horrendous errors FYI. Great for local supporters etc and banter but not worth a lot outside of that.
  8. I find it hard to celebrate a victory that on the grand scheme of anything means fuck all unless it plays a part in us getting the CL. Take for example, we only drew with Everton last week who went on to be humped by Chelsea. Zero consistency. They’re still second. We are 5th. We aren’t in the CL, they are. They’ve already dumped us out of the SFs of the League Cup and won the bloody thing. We need to take perspective of where we’re at. Solksjaer has spent huge money and has improved us but not as much as I would have hoped. I don’t really buy into the cult behind him and think he’s a fraud but would be delighted to be proved wrong. Like I said, Top 4 or the Europa minimum otherwise it’s another disaster of a season. Another one to add to a stacked pile.
  9. Right, we're less shit that LVG. Wonderful. Upward trajectory but only going from 8th to 5th. Top 4 he deserves another season, anything less and he should go. Could have won 4 or 5 nil. Where you getting your Spice sir. I'd relax a little on it.
  10. It's the same thing though, it's just other teams don't rate us enough to bother counteracting it. Sit in, counter attack with pace and hope to sneak a goal. We had like 28 per cent possession at home and were gifted two goals.
  11. Alerts set to the word Rooney on here.
  12. Yeah, sorry my mistake. By back, I meant back training. We’ll see a good April perhaps ahead of France’s international action and we’ll have his droolers suggesting he’s back to his best and we should hold on to him as he spends another summer whoring himself to everyone through his relations and agents.
  13. Back “next week” apparently. Let the good times roll.
  14. We win this weekend, we move to within six of an out of sorts Leicester. Heard they were dreadful tonight. With Bruno in the team, overhauling them becomes a real possibility. Last game of the season v them could be like a cup final.