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  1. Officially retired today as a player, to take up the full-time role as Derby manager. Firstly, I suppose I’ll start with what a career! Won it all with the club and probably the best teenage player ever. Frightening what he could do when he first arrived....which brings me on to the second part. Did he ever truly fulfil that potential? He answering being....probably not. Amazing player, but had the talent to be the very best player in the world but just couldn’t break that ceiling for a variety of reason. Still, he’ll be remembered as a legend. Not as big as Giggs, Scholes and Nevi
  2. Bailly’s fitness may be the biggest factor in any potential title charge. If he stays fit, maybe, just maybe we have a slight chance. Without him not a hope, Maguire has far too many limitations that no one else can cover.
  3. That’s some technique from Pogba. The man is a prick but a really good footballer when he wants to.
  4. Rashford has been pitiful. Is he living off those 30 quid school meals himself or something?
  5. If he wins the league, no problem. There’s no danger though.
  6. Neville is having a fucking ‘mare on commentary too.
  7. They’ve been dogshit ffs. I appreciate their shithouse ways but it’s hardly been “better” football.
  8. Martial, hit the fucking target man. This is out first choice striker
  9. Uninspiring stuff so far. Movement is abysmal. Burnley (as usual) basically set up like an away team - which doesn’t suit us at all.
  10. Must win. Absolutely have to. It’s going to be a long night against these fucking shithouses.
  11. Shaw starts every game until the next FA Cup, unfortunately.
  12. At least Bruno got a rest. Small mercies.
  13. Agreed, this guy hasn’t a scooby. Hoping Fletcher is this master tactician that the media are suggesting though and he brings us on in that sense. Mino though. We should have just bitten our tongue and signed him in the first place. He was nailed on for greatness.
  14. It’s okay, I forgive you. Genuine question now, does anyone not think , at this point, that we need a ST as much as any other position. As useful as Cavani is, Martial is muck.
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