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  1. How are we getting £30 million for him? Actually feels like robbery - this isn’t my club.
  2. You had us all worried but welcome home!
  3. We’re going to win the fucking League.
  4. This isn’t anyone lads, it’s the greatest player that’s ever lived. His numbers are still insane.
  5. Forgive me Father for I have sinned. He is not willing to take a substantial wage cut and it’s not like he has too many options.
  6. Dear God, I’ve had a ‘mare.
  7. Give it to Dirty Leeds Sancho ‘81
  8. Piss off you fat, ugly, uneducated, inbred loser. Rashford has achieved more in his life than you ever will. ^^Absoluteky thrilled England we’re beaten because of POS like the above.
  9. All the while fasting for Ramadan. It’s actually insane the performances he’s putting in.
  10. Not a chance. Ole will probably go full strength because top 4 is safe.
  11. Van de Beek can’t even get a minute? So, so weird.
  12. Cavani, Pogba and Fernandes. If our entire squad was their level we’d be back winning leagues. Shaw too.
  13. Solksjaer is unquestionably the luckiest manager that’s ever lived.
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