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  1. Sell him and when he leaves I hope his Martial FC fanboys fuck off too One decent attempt out of 10 is shit if you ask me His off the ball movement is also non existent which is infuriating! He's another Nani. All the talent but something missing upstairs. Fuck him.
  2. The front 5 take far too many touches on the ball and just ball hog. This gives the opposition the time to get back into shape hence why we always seem to have the play in front of their defence..
  3. Ace-7

    Summer clearance

    OUT: Mata Martial Darmian IN: Creative players who can actually create
  4. His final ball is shit as well
  5. Ace-7

    The Martial situation

    fucking get rid. One decent season out of three thus far.. Hate his attitude on the pitch as well. Struts around the pitch like he doesnt give a fuck, poor movement and his final ball is atrocious
  6. I always had a bad feeling about this Final The result summed up our season
  7. Get rid Hopefully his fanboys follow him
  8. Ace-7

    Michael Carrick 2017/18

    Still our best passer of the ball
  9. Ace-7

    Ander Herrera 2017/18

    He's a decent player just been very average when given the chance this season Hopefully Mourinho continues playing the three man midfield Matic/Herrera/Pogba and he finishes the season strong
  10. Ace-7

    FA Cup - Semi-final: Man Utd vs Spurs

    Atmosphere was great in the United end, from the first minute evevryone around us were on their feet shouting and singing their heads off. The many pre-match piss up joints around Wembley helped I think everyone was well up for this. Players and fans turned up 100%. More of the same for the final please.
  11. Ace-7

    Juan Mata 2017/18

    Probably but not for the most overrated bit
  12. According to the Martial FC brigade he is the next Cristiano Ronaldo.......
  13. Ace-7

    Juan Mata 2017/18

    One of the most overrated players in recent years Would he be missed if he left this summer? no not really would be the answer Pretty much sums it up
  14. Ace-7

    PL Matchday 33: Man Utd vs West Brom

    Typical really. I am not surprised We won our cup final last week...
  15. Ace-7

    Football Italia

    I started watching Serie A in 1995. Best league in the world at the time Baggio, Batistuta and Ronaldo my favourites Miss that time and Channel 4's coverage.