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  1. Been shit this season. But minus DeGea who hasnt?
  2. 2nd season (18 months in) and still cant break into this fuckng team. Telling..
  3. GET REAL. How many FUCKING YEARS do those clowns still need to prove themselves. They need to fucking move on just like you need to. They're flops. Next.
  4. can the clown just fuck off already
  5. not world class anymore. More like a souped up Chris Smalling these days
  6. Lets get this straight Bailly is shit and made of glass.
  7. Ace-7

    Paul Pogba

    Another overrated, overpaid player on the books who should have been moved on years ago. This club is a joke
  8. Overrated lazy twat been living off his first season from SEVEN years ago. Good riddance
  9. Told you Martial is a lazy get. He may be talented but a past his prime Cavani is three times the centre-forward he will ever be.
  10. If he doesnt win the europa cup and has a bad start next season? he's gone
  11. he's only got fanboys because he's a clown. Reckless player
  12. I always said Maguire was an important player for us. Solid and reliable. Without him defence looks spineless. Lindelof, Tuanzebe and Bailly are fucking dogshit
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