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  1. Cobbs

    Calamity or Catastrophe.

    Yes, though let's not forget about all the background staff that were omitted from the club when Moyes joined. That can't have done much for our stability. Won't deny that we have missed SAF badly. I would go as far as saying that had Shaw not received his leg break, or we had brought in a decent covering left back then we would have qualified for the Champs League this season. At the start of the season Luke Shaw looked fit, hungry and was performing well and gave us much needed width and pace down that left side. Having him in the team more often this season would surely have given us the extra points needed for a top 4 place.
  2. Cobbs

    Football Manager 2016

    It can depend on each saved game that you create. Well known players will tend to have most of their stats already laid out, so that they mimic as closely as they can to the real life player. Lesser known players may have some stats but others will be created randomly from 0-20. So again, in your game they could turn out to be very good - in mine neither did very well and are no longer in the game from what I can tell. That said, all young players will improve mostly from game time and nothing else. Yes, training can and will help, but the players stats will improve more slowly. By giving them game time from about 17-18 years and onwards until they are ready for a spot in the full team is the best route to getting their stats improving the fastest. Loan deals for your up and coming players can be a good thing, though I only pick the ones with highly rated training facilities. Walking away with my Man Utd game, in year 2024 I think now and the team and backroom set up I have is about the best I have ever managed to get and we are now winning practically everything. The AI managers/teams in the game seem to have given up the ghost and accepted defeat now.
  3. Cobbs

    Next United Manager

    Well from the performance last night he can sure put on a good half time team talk. Was an impressive second half. Three Europe League wins is very impressive. For all those who are touting for Mourinho being our next manager, well I think you are all mad quite frankly.
  4. The miss by Sturridge at the end of the first half for me was the first proper nail in Liverpool's coffin, just like Andy Grey used to often say on Sky Sports TV "every team will gets their chances and when they come around you have to take them". Sevilla's goal 17 seconds into the second half was essentially a major body blow for Liverpool and from then on I actually thoroughly enjoyed watching the game. Though leading up to the match my decision to it live on TV worried me, for the thought of wasting 90+ mins only for Liverpool to have won would have been too much to bear, especially so with Champs League on offer. Thankfully Sevilla didn't disappoint - would watch Liverpool play games like that every week. 10/10 from me.
  5. Cobbs

    PL Matchday 25: Chelsea v Manchester United

    Zouma's leg bent back the wrong way there- ouch!
  6. Cobbs

    Next United Manager

    Pochettino may have said that, but how many times do we hear one thing this week and another thing the next? He would get my vote above Blanc or Mourinho. I like the football his teams have played since seeing him start with Southampton and then onto Spurs. But maybe you are right and for all we know he could just be waiting for a shot at Barca or Real?
  7. Cobbs

    Next United Manager

    Really? Read one of their articles today about what club he should join and Crystal Palace are amongst them. Seems the rags are the same the world over if you ask me.
  8. LvG has to, we are short on Strikers and Fellaini is essentially our 2nd/3rd choice Striker this season.
  9. Cobbs

    Louis van Gaal

    Do you sack him and risk that the upheaval means we do not end up in the Champs League next year, or not sack him and still run the risk of us not getting into the Champs League next season? Quite a dilemma! It would seem as though the players are rapidly losing faith with the manager now and if he loses to Norwich the pressure is only going to build up even further. Feel for him, he has done better than Moyes. But can't help but feel we should stick with him until the summer and grab ourselves a more long term manager.
  10. Cobbs

    PL Matchday 16: AFC Bournemouth v Manchester United

    Still plenty of time left yet, got to believe!
  11. Papers reckon he has been offered a chance to go to China.... hoping he takes the option up come the summer.
  12. Cobbs

    Europa League

    Agreed, but still a way into the Champs League next season though.
  13. Cobbs

    CL Group Stage MD6: Wolfsburg v Manchester United

    I already have and doubt it feels any better.
  14. Cobbs

    CL Group Stage MD6: Wolfsburg v Manchester United

    Well LvG did promise we would score this evening.
  15. Cobbs

    CL Group Stage MD6: Wolfsburg v Manchester United

    Never!!! Drawing for 1min 20sec ffs!