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  1. After sending off I thought change of shape & 1st 2 subs made sense - Lingard on for Fernandes could see the thinking- Lingard’s fresh legs/runs from deep with Ronaldo still up top could’ve worked? But taking Ronaldo off at same time don’t get? after that it was mess- all stems from a weak midfield for me, DVB, Fred, Matic not good enough. Pogba is but doesn’t do his job properly when playing deeper. + questionable management/decision making- still early days though. Mcktominay coming back hopefully make difference
  2. Cavani is class - movement / instinct, but don’t think he’s as fast as Ronaldo? poss the 1st against Newcastle not so sure he would’ve got on the end of 2nd Newcastle & one tonight as quickly?
  3. makes his own luck though - scrappy goals but gets himself in positions other players wouldn’t- All 3 of his goals so far no way we’re scoring them last season - not due to finishing more because no other current players clever enough movement to get in those positions
  4. ------------------------DDG-------------------------- Dalot-------Macguire----------Varane-------Shaw ----------------Pogba----------DVB------------ Sancho------------Lingard----------Martial ---------------------------CR7------------------------------ Don't know much about young boys to be fair- but if not strong we should defo be rotating a little. Keeping similar sort of spine though;
  5. no incoming midfielder- can't see us switching to 4-3-3 will be 4-2-3-1 I think outcomes this season (amongst other things) will largely be dependent on Pogba doing his job properly in a deeper midfield role. Trying to be optimistic, hopefully winners/no shit takers like Varane & Ronaldo joining could actually bring out the best in Pogba- he has a stonking season only to join Madrid on free next yr.
  6. Funny reading much of the media re-action I.e. quickly seeing - “Glazers PR signing” / past his best / desperate etc. etc. had he signed for City no doubt would’ve been “City coup” / “UTD missed out” type chat
  7. Like any signing he might wrk out or might not but at price he was available for, on a 2yr contract total no brainer His recent stats are still excellent Will defo add more value than at least Martial/James/Amad He’s a winner/leader exactly what this team lacks + he’ll be so up for this, stage is set perfectly- no trophies won in 4yr’s thank f*k UTD turned it round
  8. Best current midfield option I would say- if he's out for prolonged period surely they'll bring someone in.
  9. love Roy Keane - but he's become a bit pantomime. It's over exposure, on the Tele too much now where it was just now & then before. Normal that it starts to get boring As for Neville- he needs to retire & get to f*k. Wants to lecture the world on absolutely everything.
  10. Ill always try & be optimistic start of season but if transfer window closes with no further midfield signings we’re looking short again more evidence of Solskjaer’s inability to manage up & he’s not strong enough to manage UTD
  11. Thought Fred was tidy today- looked sharp - standout midfielder for me; DVB didn't do much wrong but can't see him pushing anyone out of team either based on today
  12. Mmm that’s bit diff then; thought he was out of contract- depends what we can get him for
  13. On a free I’d happily take Trippier- can’t claim to have watched him loads recently but from what I have seen better attacking delivery than AWB. good squad addition minimum, prob an outright upgrade if wrks out - on a free transfer with bigger priorities to spend money on in other positions it’s a no brainer for me
  14. if Kane is only available for astronomical amounts of money (which is likely the case). Which then means we can't strengthen in other areas? that's a conundrum for me what's the biggest priority? Sancho/Varane/Rice/Trippier & Ronaldo (still plenty to offer) that would be a good summer for me- Go after Kane or another next year
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