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  1. Outside of City (remain top team for me) & Tottenham (whom look certainly going backwards) it’s very hard to say out of Arsenal/UTD/Newc/Chelsea/Liverpool who’s addressed weaknesses better & best placed to kick on? Not reading much into pre-season, UTD as gd a chance as any1- let’s see how it unfolds
  2. haven't watched either of last 2 matches, but last year prob good example of why not to get to up or down with what's happening pre-season if I remember right we looked pretty solid last pre-season then abysmal & humped first 2 games!
  3. aye- your right up with modern street slang you are. Nothing remotely backward about you in the slightest pal
  4. To be fair, think your beyond help - lost cause you are;
  5. Dear oh dear- think I said it before but try Yoga/meditate or something? Do you the world of good
  6. @TheManc is one of the best;
  7. Bit naive all the could’ve got Osimhen / Kane for a few quid more chat - Few on here desperate for nxt stick to beat Ten Hagg, without coming up with better solutions, hoping UTD have a poor season I think large chunk what fee is declared publicly is PR - appeasing fans etc. it’s structure of deal that really matters, a lot of which isn’t made public good signing - anyone who thinks we’re getting much better for much less living in f-wit Ten Hagg bashing cuckooo land
  8. If it continues be interesting to see how quickly (if at all) FIFA try put any controls around Saudi spending in the same way they have with prem league (when it wasn’t quite as big a deal when Italy/Spain were calling all the shots financial clout wise) being the corrupt despicable mthrf**rs Fifa are I think quite unlikely
  9. Big diff impressing in Championship v Prem league Amad deserves more chances/time to impress pre-season but looking another loan more likely
  10. pre-season, hard/pointless drawing too much conclusions but some encouraging signs I’d say likely totally diff team 2nd half
  11. He wouldn't of been my captain that's for sure; but guess what we don't see is how players are interacting as a group behind the scenes?
  12. went through for game yesterday;- hard to gauge. Wasn't much in the way of stand outs? Like the look of Mainoo / Amad had some decent bits of link up play tbf but looked should've taken his chances (haven't seen on TV) Martinez the main standout for me, personally I'd make him new captain
  13. genuinely hope finds form, builds confidence & does well (at another club) he’s still amongst country’s top centre backs - seems honest genuine guy but that Twitter release, similar to his TV interviews, indicative (I think) why lot of fans don’t take to him (& I’d suspect the same with some players) I.e. slightly gushing, shop steward like, long winded, bit too much to say, couple of sentences would have done or even nothing at all + I’d have left out thanking UTD fans? Half of the pathetic twats were booing you pal? Tell them to f*k off & go show yourself at ano
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