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  1. Martinez- saved that, fighting spirit- #player
  2. Wouldn’t go as far as a nothing player as I said, I’d love to see Amad come good, confidence is a big thing/bit of luck, Ten Hagg might effect, great if he turns it around just saying in my view, from what i saw in Scotland, very uninspiring, made no impact, didn’t see anything like enough to think he’ll make it at UTD decent record before coming to UTD I hope he comes gd but got my doubts
  3. Yup - then the videos/GIF’s when your really struggling- yawn- have a good night my friend
  4. Not a hun as it happens - just live in Glasgow (there’s a few Rangers & Celtic supporters up here, - it’s strange I know) you old bigot - resort to toxic every time, it’s a little last decade mate; chill yourself out
  5. Nah Atlanta/Ivory coast stats totally diff subject? don’t believe you watched him enough? could line up 50 rangers supporters & they’d all say same thing- on the bench for a reason goals one thing, he had chances & didn’t take them, showed no glimpses of real form in slightest (we’re talking UTD quality here & he’s already 20) listen - I sincerely hope I’m wrong; seems a shy type (actually used to see him around our area a bit when he was up) I’d love to see young player like him find some confidence & make it - Just can’t see it from what I’v
  6. Love a good comeback & player who turns things round against the odds (& haven’t seen any of what Amad’s doing at Sunderland to be fair) but very sceptical, from what I saw when up here in Scotland no chance he’s making it at UTD. Possibly the worst loan signing ever made by Rangers - bar a glimpse in 1st game he made no impact at all, no signs of form / zilch Elanga’s streets ahead from what I’ve seen
  7. from what seen so far- UTD should line up a January replacement of sorts & get rid fast Ten Haag then use to galvanise this team in the 2nd half of season, - show everyone they don't need Ronaldo. Unless he has some bombshell info that's worth listening to over the course of this week he's done nothing but disrespect team/manager/club/fans since pre-season
  8. be interested to see what other news drip feeds from this during the week - maybe there's more to tell between now & Thursday
  9. if he had some sort of new shocking revelation then fair enough? from what read so far he doesn't & comes across bit pathetic
  10. Draw Wud’ve been fair; disappointing last cpl of games after real encouraging sings Chelsea/Spurs Garnacho- player- seems the real deal!
  11. Really Sloppy - bad lack of awareness from Fernandes & Shaw back to type
  12. Nothing really to back it up (other than the likely obvious effects from crazy world we’re living in) wonder if FSG think prem league has peaked? & no super league involvement now a gd time to cash in can’t see Foreign cash flowing in to the same extent over the nxt decade,
  13. depends what his character is/& he's like behind the scenes- if Ten Haag saying similar they obviously think he can take it & needs a push Would've of thought at his age/stage better a word behind closed doors though -
  14. i think that's a bit pessimistic chief- by no means getting carried away, up's & downs but all in I'm optimistic how Ten Hagg has turned this round from disastrous start. Instilled a bit of grit & fight/results come first approach then we've seen signs of decent football developing Spurs/Chelsea games West Ham wasn't great performance but battled for a result & we deserved the win I'd say - they'll be up's & downs but feels like heading in right direction
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