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  1. Seems to get off the hook seldom criticised - some of his (& Martial) decision making in final 3rd is awful Both lack composure Not getting at least a shot away minimum (when you should) or picking an obvious easy pass in final 3rd is as bad as a defensive clanger for me
  2. That’s the future under Ole- potentially win us trophies but I agree wanted to see UTD evolve into more than counter attacking team truth is it’s type of football majority of UTD fanbase & ex players pundits want- any manager that comes in tries to develop more sophisticated Possession based tactics won’t last
  3. 0-0 @ Anfield not bad result all in feels like missed opportunity though
  4. Rashford’s better passing from deep so many times when clean through he panics & makes bad decision
  5. Might start beating offside get in behind but little confidence he’ll get shot away or make right pass Both Martial & Rashford’s decision making in final 3rd woeful at times
  6. What does Solskjaer see in Lindelof- just don’t get it
  7. So clear what Cavani gives that Martial doesn’t watching this- night & day
  8. Stones will be giving Macguire another thank you cuddle post match for that 1
  9. Hope Fletcher does well but strikes me as another club yes man type appointment I don’t believe Ole is fully making all decisions, Fergie’s fingerprints all over it, Fletch was a favourite would love to know how involved Fergie still is behind the scenes
  10. No sense there James - should be picking a pass or running into corner
  11. Was never going to be anything else in the current climate- any sensible discussion over context out of the question
  12. Didn’t know much about his era until watched recent documentary about Doc’s spell didn’t get credit deserved & could’ve gone on to achieve a lot more had not been cut short RIP
  13. Rashford so inconsistent with his finishing- shud be getting shot away minimum there
  14. Bar fact haven’t scored this has been as impressive dominating play as seen in long time- (against a good team) looking sharp
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