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  1. CB78

    Ole Sack Watch

    scraping into top 4 at 66 points doesn't really get massive vote of confidence from me- very lucky to make top 4 with that points total, confirms for me how badly incoming & outgoings have been managed. Players that came in January should've been here last summer But, you need luck- Ole's achieved bare minimum, still chance of winning Europa & earned his right to kick on from here. Don't see the point of not backing him at this stage, played some decent football last couple of months get the right 3/4 players in this summer UTD every chance of being back in the mix next season
  2. CB78

    Ole Sack Watch

    Agreed - no Jack Humphries fan & BT sports (although improved) overall production & pundits are rubbish but that High performance podcast is brilliant- well worth the listen, insightful. Robin Van Persie one in particular, haven't listened to Ole yet
  3. CB78

    Thiago Alcántara

    yeah I'd prefer Van De Beek as well- (or Niguez/Ndidi) but none of them will come cheap? Think after Sancho (which seems likely) there will be limited funds left to play with- why I think Thiago around about £20-30m could be good option;
  4. CB78

    Thiago Alcántara

    he's a central- / defensive midfielder isn't he? Fck knows- I haven't watched him enough if I'm honest. I go by whoscored stats Although what I have seen of Thiago I like - at £20-30m would seem like a decent deal to me?
  5. CB78

    Thiago Alcántara

    think he'd be decent back for Matic as well- more creative/eye for a pass than current other options wasn't aware he was injury prone though
  6. https://www.whoscored.com/Players/74939/Show/Thiago at £28m think we should be in for Thiago- I know he doesn't fit current younger profile but if going ahead / signing Sancho, can't see UTD having the budget for significant further midfield signings (Niguez / Ndidi etc. won't come cheap) Thiago would make sense
  7. As much as I’ve disliked Pogba - when he’s on form he’s an asset - unless UTD have replacement can’t let him go Roy Keane spot on - he’s not a leader & prob doesn’t want to be- Enough of right players around him though he’s class Do wonder why he needed to do an interview though- if he’s still not/unsure if fully committed long term to UTD (as he kindof indicated) shut the fck up / stay off the TV & let his football do the talking (Even if his main motivation is to impress Real Madrid)
  8. CB78

    Ole Sack Watch

    If Ole makes top 4 @ circa 70 points & thereabouts a final / winning a Trophy it’s no fluke & successful season for me. I’d still question his squad management (January signings shud’ve been in last summer) & players poss benefitting less pressure no crowds etc. But none of that matters- I’ll happily eat my words, you need luck. He’ll have produced, teams looking good, he deserves all the plaudits he gets & Kick on from there What I’d say Ole has benefitted from hugely (& I find bit sickening) is massive support from ex United players/pundits in the media. Massive underrated factor, kept there criticism down, the fans on side / pressure off Board & management team. Previous recent UTD Managers deserved more of that. FCK it though, don’t really care, enjoying watching UTD for 1st time in long time last Few wk’s - onwards & upwards
  9. As much as I've grown to dislike him, if he's 100% committed & willing to sign new deal then keep him;- he's still a world class talent who'd be an asset (if) he's committed If not, this defo the summer to get rid/cash in
  10. don't think Bale is the perfect answer- but if can't get other top targets & can get Bale at reasonable price- then i reckon he could still make an impact for a year or 2;;
  11. more I think about it as much as it's not the long term answer, if could get couple of good midfielders in January, i.e. Eriksen / Vidal / Rakitic type level A decent deal for Pogba - which included a part swap for Bale (if Bale came at fair price) Pogba out / Bale/Vidal/Erikson (or similar quality midfielders) in- would make sense & put us in a better position to kick on 2nd half of season