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  1. These fckrs have too much time on there hands No Glazer / Woodward fan but protests today bit of a farce really - got a lot wrong but spent £1billion since Fergie retired. ESL wasn’t solely about Glazer personal greed, it was as much about nxt level security for UTD (all be it in a misguided very selfish way) Hypocrite fans whinge about getting rid of current Billionaire owners only for another set of Billionaires to come in? Gary Neville thinks he’s Arthur Scargill or something? Like greed / financial unfairness is a new thing? Don’t think so Gary
  2. not getting to excited; so much recent re-shuffle & senior appointments made at UTD, fully expecting an internal promotion rather than new face-
  3. Matic & Fred total liabilities in midfield- might get away with 1 alongside Mcktominay but playing both at same time asking for trouble
  4. "I’ve been part of a team that has scored in injury time in Europe myself from a set-play," Ole Gunnar Solskjaer I can't think of any manager or club throughout Europe (don't watch many foreign press conferences to be fair) that constantly refers to the past so much? Gaffer this/SAF that, 1999- sick of it-
  5. Give James his dues- definite improvement. Absolutely fantastic getting a bit carried away? I’m still far from convinced
  6. No Lingard fan - but looking at the impact he’s had at West Ham? Why did Ole let him go? New signings obviously aren’t ready for 1st team? Clearly doesn’t trust DVB? Getting nothing from Martial? Bruno & Rashford showing signs of burnout wk’s ago? Why loan Lingard out? Seems more poor squad management from Ole to me
  7. From brief glimpses I’ve seen Shoretire looks closer to 1st team than Amad for me
  8. Scholes trying to say Lindelof’s flying karate kick for disallowed goal wasn’t a foul!? not a big Scholes fan but I’ve just warmed to him
  9. Teams clearly targeting a weakness in UTD defence from set pieces not clearing properly or winning 2nd balls
  10. Curious what promises were made that persuaded Henderson to stay at UTD rather than go to Chelsea? If he can’t get a run of games ahead of De Gea on current form he’s been lied to surely?
  11. Need to see again but not sure Jugheed could’ve done too much more with that header to be fair more the lack of awareness / 1st to 2nd ball around him
  12. Used to think that with Bailly- until the Fulham game 1st goal good at times but really as much of a liability as the rest & a so injury prone
  13. Januzaj showing us what we’re missing tonight- It’s all LVG’s fault
  14. Januzaj needs to shut up; nothing more pathetic than always blaming other people cause he didn’t make it Wasn’t just Van Gall (whom has decent track record in promoting youth) had his chance at Dortmund & under Mourinho -
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