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  1. Pogba in the semis- written in the stars, would love to see him back at OT & soundly beaten
  2. poss the funniest thing I’ve ever read on this forum PVAD -
  3. BBC days are no.d I’d say; sickening being forced to pay/subscribe to a supposedly non biased public broadcaster? When, they’ve clearly recently appointed a right wing leaning pro-government Director General, & previously they had a left wing leaning director general? Rarely I’d watch BBC? Online content, News coverage & programs are average, so concerned on being PC / appeasing left/right extremists it’s becoming irrelevant
  4. Lineker situation Totally blown out of proportion, didn’t say anything that bad from what I saw But, although i’m not a fan of cancel culture, for me you have to be consistent. My biggest gripe with woke / xtreme left type people is some of them want to pick & choose / lack consistency I.e. ok to blow out of proportion, cancel/end someone’s career for poor choice of words when it suits there political agenda, other times not so much anyway, only MOD pundits I rate & would miss is Richards & Wright Linekar & the rest can jog on! Not funny, his chat is ab
  5. probably - I wouldn't say I hate him but agree he's easy not to like! I'd happily see him go, he's very replaceable I'd say -
  6. I have to say regardless what i think of Bruno, Ten Hagg's handled this current Bruno situation brilliantly Suspect he may have had a bit more to say to Bruno (amongst others) directly behind closed doors, but backing publicly pre & post match is spot on Won't win any friends in the dressing room by criticising players in public- needs togetherness & Bruno firing for rest season. What happens at the end of season gets dealt with then (convinced Bruno doesn't fit the preferred Ten Haag mould long term)
  7. UTD better 2nd half but Betis also very poor, completely fell away don’t care though - good win after Sunday exactly what UTD needed kick on again from here
  8. Errmm - He cud definitely of missed that from what I’ve seen
  9. Criminal - could of been the goal that puts us through selfish & stupid
  10. Playing lot better 2nd half to be fair; 1st half was a scrappy mess
  11. Putting same team out, give them a chance to prove Liverpool game was a one off & quickly get on track again is gd shout for me that aside though, not like there’s amazing options to rotate with!
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