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  1. yeah but that was 20+ yr's ago chieftan!? he hasn't done much of note since? but your right- i take it back, I'm an optimist mainly- Ten Hagg gets to appoint who he wants, I hope Mclaren adds value in some way as I really really want it to work out (just so fr*kin hard to have any faith in this clubs decision making until they prove otherwise)
  2. Ten Hagg obviously gets to appoint who he wants- hopefully it works out but decision to appoint McLaren doesn’t fill me with confidence? depends on what your looking for in a no.2? Add authority?/Credibility with players?/build rapport with players?/Tactical nous?/Strong track record? Don’t see any of that in Mclaren? He speaks better English than Ten Hagg maybe? That’s the only thing I can think of -
  3. CB78

    Likeable squad?

    said senior players? I reckon it’s out of Fernandes/Lindelof/Macguire/Bailly/poss Mcktominay plus I’d put money this latest leak came from Lingard via Scholes
  4. Overall I still rate Varane- as much we defo have some liabilities in defence I think it's made to look worse by our non existent defensive midfield? We need to strengthen both defence & midfield this summer But if it's not all happening in one window (likely the case) I'd prob prioritise defensive centre midfield first? I think we may see our defenders starting to look better quite quickly with some proper cover in front of them
  5. Well, first off we need to define “available” it’s one of UTD’s most favourite words re- transfer targets etc. fine line between “available” & an inept boards “failure to attract” & questionable negotiating I’d say that aside though 1- I’d have gone Conte & Enrique over Ten Hagg, big club track records 2- Ten Hagg & Pochetino not much in it for me- they’re much of a muchness 3- If your saying best on paper I’d even say Simone (regardless if you like his style of play or not) comfortably beats Ten Hagg? I really hope Ten Hagg wrks, I like his st
  6. It’s a gamble for me; unproven at big club level, Ajax & UTD very different pressure but I like his football & really really hope he does well. It’s not just down to him though, he needs properly backed & a very good transfer window this summer - 5/6 signings, evidence would suggest UTD board don’t have that in them - let’s see not sure about that-
  7. Then on twitter Carragher has now reminded Neville how he wanted Simone I actually really like Carragher- one of the most tragic things in football that so many of these EX-Utd that I loved as players are actually utter ar*e holes now as pundits
  8. Neville today on social media. Re- Tottenham defensive set up & nicking a draw ystrdy "I respect Conte and his football enormously but this Klopp interview gives the clear reason why he wasn’t the right fit for United," Neville’s deluded if he thinks SAF UTD teams never played it tight defensively & on the counter? - I’d go as far to say it was regular go to tactics against better possession based teams This is the type of gash Ten Hagg can look frwrd to, powerful ex- UTD player pundits talking gash f*k off Neville, can’t stand him- he’s got egg on his
  9. Nah if he was solely a consultant shaking things up behind the scene & limited accountably as a manager then that’s more bad decision making in giving him managers position? May well add value long term but he’s massively part of this mess, no hiding Could another better (big club) manager have got more out of this underperforming squad till end of season? we’ll never know, but I would say yes definitely
  10. Not even thinking about last 10yr’s - in the last 9 months 1- Dilly dallying in delaying sacking Solskjaer (he should’ve been sacked prob 1.5/2 months earlier) 2- Not taking the opportunity with Conte when he was available on a limited risk end of season deal 3- Then taking a risk with unproven (at big club level) Ralf? 4- Even worse, choosing him but not backing him in January? I think that comfortably goes down as the worst big club decision making in premier league history Sorry- not having that; Ralf’s been a failure full stop- this team is massively
  11. Rangnick’s comments (even though he’s been a failure himself) in press conference re- board refusing signings January say a lot you don’t say that type of thing/drop people in it if you respect the people your working with! toxic w**kers behind the scenes from top to bottom
  12. Unspeakably sh*te - all & everything about the whole f**n club
  13. Ronaldo's far from the main problem- Keane put it perfectly there's no logic in letting Ronaldo go at this stage If I was Ronaldo- I'd want some guarantees in what this knucklehead board plan to do in summer? If it's more PR spin, long term plan, has to be the "right" "available" player blah blah I'd advise he leaves asap There's gettable players that need signed quick, get them in/do your job. Some of them will wrk / some of them won't, whether they cost £20m or £80m- that's football Hopefully we now have a coach that will improve incoming players & current squad -
  14. If that last minute Inneous bid for Chelsea has failed (which now seems the case) with a bit of luck they might take a look at UTD that Jim Ratcliffe is a Manc, UTD fan - get him in. In fact I’d like to see someone like him start a hostile takeover- pledge a buy out package which benefits the club & start a fan backed campaign that puts unbearable pressure on the Glazers until they sell
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