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  1. Txrt

    Champions League 18/19

    Ex Athletic he had to be. Shat my pants, thought the cunt would rule it off.
  2. Txrt

    Champions League 18/19

    Fernando madari, porque eres la pera, LLO - REN - TEEEE.
  3. Txrt

    Game Of Thrones

    Part of what I wrote in the previous posts spoiler part.
  4. Txrt

    Ruben Neves

    It's just that teams have too much money; they buy too many players. West Ham is the perfect example of this. Arnautovic, Lucas, Yarmolenko, Felipe Anderson, Antonio, Chicharito, Carroll, Nasri, Snodgrass, Lanzini. All of them great players, but who has improved since joining there? It's impossible, there's no continuity whatsoever, there are sooooo many players for 3 positions it's impossible to make the team always or with regularity. It's ridiculous. All of them are worth less money than when they first signed for them, and most would agree they've regressed since joining there. How many CBs we had when Blind was here? It's very difficult to get the needed form and confidence point when you don't play as often as you have been used to, and you should. It happens in many teams in England.
  5. Txrt

    Ruben Neves

    Still, it happens to too many players in this league. Look how many very good players come and never show their level and leave again. Look at the squads West Ham, Everton, Southampton etc have. I'm really glad he is playing well, and I'm glad he made the best decision for himself.
  6. Txrt

    Ruben Neves

    Why shouldn't have we sold Blind? It's fine that he was in our team, a very likeable guy, and I think we all liked him. But things weren't working for him here, I'm glad he's moved and he's enjoying success right now! I really like him, and he's in the best he can be for himself and for his football, and I'm delighted with it. Does anyone think if he continued at United he'd be able to give the level he's giving right now? Not at all, wouldn't have been played enough, when he was played he played in multiple positions... Coming and going from the lineup, it's not the best way for someone to show his full potential. I'm glad he realized, he moved, and he's happy and playing really well, because he deserves it!
  7. Txrt

    Game Of Thrones

    Night King is going to attack Kings Landing instead of Wintefell though, if he's not too stupid. A fresh number of people without dragons to add to his army, and no reason to stupidly sacrifice his dragon vs two bigger ones.
  8. Txrt

    Paul Pogba 2018/19

    Far from the best in the world in his position.
  9. But the thing is not to kick for the sake of kicking. It makes sense to tackle hard or even grab or whatever, send him to the ground many times. Everytime Messi is back to goal, it should be an inmediate tackle. No yellow in those, ever, and you break all the rhythm. Plus if you don't, he's fucking us alive every time. Turning like he pleases.
  10. You couldn't get 10 feet from him if you were playing.
  11. Immediately, when he receives back to goal. Foul.
  12. Wait until they catch Liverpool.
  13. Dear lord. 4 I said, it's gonna be more.