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  1. I have no clue. The afro guy is good? And the number 8? The number 8 looks like he doesn't know where he is ahahha.
  2. Their players look much better on the ball though, faster and more clever. Ours are absolutely massive but yeah... I can't say much more so far.
  3. LOL. You can even appreciate the scouse accent when they are screaming. Even I notice it. I know what the reply is (racist) but our captain is absolutely awful.
  4. Their number 2 and 8 look quite good so far. Ah okay, I didn't know Tranmere were from Merseyside. I didn't even imagine it.
  5. Pretty shambolic start to be honest. I'll tell you if I like someone, the number or something. Where's this stadium? It really is not well, but the stadium looks big and good, is it a youth side's? Jesus, we are awful if that's what we usually do.
  6. Fucking shit, I can't watch it because it's blocked in Spain.
  7. Marca have said that Guardiola was peacemaking there, because someone of his staff was getting heated with the opponent manager, and that he was just trying to take the Wigan manager to the dressing room and calm him. Don't know if true, but Marca being a 100% Anti-Pep propaganda machine, it would surprise me big time if it wasn't. Has there been anything in the press in England talking about it?! It might explain why he's not been charged. What did the Wigan manager say?
  8. Wouldn't say we're not playing that, but I am certain Pogba's not going to start in a double pivot. I think we'll go Matic and Herrera, personally. They are going to go for N'Zonzi & Banega now that's it's certain that Tucu Correa is healthy to play this; I think Banega and N'Zonzi with Franco Vazquez, Correa and Sarabia with one of either Muriel or Ben Yedder up top (probably Muriel). I think we'll have a fair amount of the ball, as they don't need it much. They will play with intensity though, and they'll pin us against our box in the start of the game for sure. It's vital not to concede. I think Lukaku's hold up play will be much more important than the service he gets; we'll need him to hold the ball, get fouls, have good layoffs in order to breathe and take that pressure off us and don't concede too much space to them. It will be absolutely key, I think, so he better be ready for it. I think Pogba's going to play further forward rather than in the double pivot for that reason too; another one that can win the long balls, and another option to start playing from without risking much in the back. They both are capable of doing it, as we all know, but let's see if they can tonight. Pogba and Herrera owe us more than one (and more than 20) performaces. If anyone's interested and has time to spare and nothing to do; here's a video of the Sevilla vs Atletico match from this year's Copa del Rey. The start was incredible, first play and they already scored an incredible goal. It's in general the chance to get an idea of what they do and how they play for the ones that haven't seen them that often.
  9. Europa League 17/18

    Spartak fans landing in the Basque Country from Monday apparently. The biggest security protocols ever in Bilbao for a match are going to be in place tomorrow, apparently. Received endless warnings and notes and everything by everyone from club to TV to Radio to whatsapp voicenotes saying this are no idiotic nazi's coming, but experienced arm traffickers and paramilitary people that just want to fight and cause chaos. They apparently know the bars/pubs people gather at before matches in all areas of the city (they've marked them with their ultra firm sticker), and they have studied the modus operandi of what match going fans do here. Thankfully, Russia has sent policemen too to keep them under control. 2.500 fans are travelling, and they've sent 3 policemen. Three. Anyways, hope it's a safe one and there's nothing bad happening; I also hope that we are not a bunch of troglodytes and we don't fall into their provocations.
  10. I mean do when it comes to what are we going to try to do on the pitch. Sit deep, go trying to impose our game, or what our plan will be. I'd honestly expect something similar to what we did at Vigo last year, I wouldn't be too mad if we pulled it off to be honest. However I think Sevilla are a different beast. To be honest, if I had to say who the favourite to win this is for me in Nervión, I'd say Sevilla are. I wouldn't consider a loss bottling it, I think they are the favorites in their home. Having said that, I fully expect us to compete and fight and show that we have "the better players", or at least on paper. I don't really know what we're going to do. I think your 3-5-2 is a good idea, mostly because it means overcrowding the middle of the park, which I think he will definitely do. Pogba is not going to play alongside Matic tomorrow in a double pivot (at least I hope so), and I don't think the lineup will be as attacking as it's been sometimes lately.
  11. So, I'm so fucking nervous about this match. Watching other matches and seeing a lot of favorites win their matches makes me even more nervous. I think all of us could more or less imagine the match Psg, Chelsea, Barca, Bayern, Tottenham, Liverpool etc would play. However, and despite watching United more than any other team (bar Athletic), I have no clue of what we are going to do tomorrow and what we are going to do tomorrow.
  12. Champions League 2017/18

    So, all in all, pretty surprised with the match Barcelona played. Not because of the football they have played, because it's a constant under Valverde, but for the lack of depth and the lack of variants to their football the showed tonight. I never saw Valverde do something like this. It's true they controlled the ball most of the time, but I don't think they controlled the match at all, too many transitions and just not enough depth. I think playing just Suarez with Messi off him against those 3 CBs + Kante didn't work too well, there were never spaces, and they didn't manage to find depth through Alba and Sergi Roberto all match, which is where most of their chances come from. I didn't really understand the Aleix Vidal change much either, I mean I would if it changed something, but he played the same area as Paulinho and I don't know what he was expecting with the sub. In the end they got a 1-1 result and they're very much alive for the second leg, but today could have got ugly for them had one of Willian's previous two gone in. A big experience for Valverde in his first CL knockout with Barcelona. A good result in the end away from home, but a lot of work to be done yet to go through in the second leg in Barna. Today has been the opposite to what he has experienced in his Athletic time; always lacked that touch of lack or that touch of quality in certain things (penalty shootouts, calm in a final, just that player that puts it in when the game is on the line ((despite having Aduriz))), and now he has all that with Barcelona, where when the matched looked worse and without creating a chance, they have Iniesta and Messi that leave this 1-1 for the second leg.
  13. Champions League 2017/18

    Oh 200%, you have to take Iniesta's leg out if needed there. Like Busquets did later on with Hazard, in a play that was going nowhere and still in the halfway line, but better stop it before it's too late, just in case. In a situation like that, even more. Foul on the edge of the box, if they score the free kick, just clap them and tell them fair play, if not, 1-0.
  14. Champions League 2017/18

    It's always the same, but then that play happens in the other box, and Willian is the one in place of Messi and that keeper stays up and saves it. Christ knows how but he can't miss one of those for his life. The pass is prison-worthy too. You can't hit that melon in your edge of the box, hard and with no direction.