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  1. Txrt

    Champions League 2019/20

    VA LEN CIA Rodrigo. Ferran. Kangin. Parejo.
  2. Txrt

    La Liga: 2019/2020

    I am willing to bet a dinner that Mourinho is in charge of Real Madrid before Christmas.
  3. Txrt

    La Liga: 2019/2020

    Tough loss today. Now Getafe vs Barcelona, Barça are certainly not winning. Probably going to lose this. Then later on Atletico vs Madrid. Cannot wait to watch. VAMOS CHOLO, VAMOS ATLETI!
  4. Txrt

    La Liga: 2019/2020

    Ca Zor La. De mi vida. Que bueno eressss.
  5. Our fans going to the match should actually be paid rather than pay for a ticket themselves.
  6. Txrt

    Paul Pogba 2019/20

    LOL At how bad Mathias Pogba is. He's playing for Manchego in Spain now, he is literally the worst I've seen in that division. They show highlights in el chiringuito, where he's working for being Pogba's brother, and because they think Madrid will sign Pogba, and he is literally the worst. What a shame they play in Madrid and not in our group, I would love to break both his ankles in the same tackle.
  7. Txrt

    La Liga: 2019/2020

  8. Txrt

    La Liga: 2019/2020

    Going to Ipurua today to watch Eibar vs Sevilla with friends. 7pm kickoff, we all have free, Eibar is like 35 mins by car from where I live, so we checked ticket prices, we got tickets for 20€, it's a really good match in my opinion, small stadium where you are really close to the pitch and all. Cannot ask for more. After the match some nice tapas and drinking, ideal day. Always a pleasure to watch Banega play too. Plus Ocampos, Oliver Torres, de Jong, Rony Lopes, Reguilón, Jordán, Chicharito, etc.
  9. I mean we'll manage to steal some matches even with the VAR this or that way. Plus most tema drop off after Christmas, and we cannot go any lower than now.
  10. I warned @Piazza before the season we were going to finish 8th. My question was a joke. Actually, I have had something to do most of the times United have played this year, thankfully. I had to endure a couple first halves of us, though, because there was literally nothing else to do or watch. It's like when you go to your closet and you don't have no more clothes and you have to do the washing? Literally because there is nothing else you can do. It's worse than a core, I get really mad and angry and sad and all at the same time, and I am not ready to go through that every week right now.
  11. So I was out training and having dinner. Do you guys recommend me rewatching this later tonight?
  12. Ahahahaa such an idiot you are
  13. Spain gonna Spain made me laugh.
  14. Txrt

    La Liga: 2019/2020

    Santi Cazorla papa y mama.
  15. Txrt

    La Liga: 2019/2020

    I think Atletico will win it in the end. But as for Athletic, very happy right now, and obviously our goal is to get top 4, which is going to be very very difficult to achieve. And if we cannot get top 4, at least play in the Europa League next year. To Leganes midweek, one of the most boring fixtures all year, Leganes away. Probably a 0-0. We are very solid though, and we have a bit of dynamite up top so hopefully we can get a nice win to keep going. AUPA ATHLETIC!