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  1. Txrt

    Summer Football Tournaments

  2. Txrt

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    There's no rational explanation. Actually he's always had groups of players he likes and he doesn't like. It's not even because of football reasons, it's just hate. He hates Marcos Llorente from way back. Loaned him out, didn't give him chances ever, this year when he came he was being the best Madrid player and inmediately dropped and not even in the squad for some matches, because he just hates him. Like Ceballos, like James, like Reguilón. There is no explanation that makes sense. And he's way too faithful to the group that made him win the CLs, but they're not the same players at all. And he'll end up paying it. Read about it a bit and he's apparently a striker/winger, fast and with goal. Seems big for his age in the pictures. Caribbean parents too. Zaragoza won the whole Spanish league thing this year in that age group I think, so they have to certainly be pretty fucking good.
  3. Txrt

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    LOL sorry, but between work and going out etc, I read your post three hours ago but I took a 3 hour siesta like the disgrace I am. Fucking hell. So, it's obvious. Zidane doesn't like him or Llorente. Neither does he like Reguilón. Told all three as soon as he came that they wouldn't play. Because he prefers his Frenchies and because he's an idiot. Some people are getting a bit sick of his shit, which I'm not surprised about at all. I think he won't last the whole season in Madrid (Zidane). And Ceballos is going to leave for sure, so people have to be clever. He's too good not to take a risk with.
  4. Txrt

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    Please sign Ceballos and Fabian for 50% of the Pogba money and Ed can spend the rest in hookers and holidays for all I care.
  5. Txrt

    Summer Football Tournaments

    Who would have said that Fabian was going to be 10 times better than Pogba Oh yes, someone did. Uhmmm Ceballlos has more talent in one toe than 99% of the footballers in the top leagues. A scandal of a guy. I don't care who for but please let us enjoy the genius he is and the gift he was given.
  6. Txrt

    Summer Football Tournaments

    Ceballos is the best player in the tournament with one leg. Of course he is going to be. He's a fantastic footballer. Let's see how he adapts.
  7. Txrt

    Summer Football Tournaments

    Told you all about Romania before it started. Easy money. Amazing Peru vs Brazil today. VAMOS PERU!
  8. Txrt

    Summer Football Tournaments

    I had no clue either, but I watched them against Croatia and really liked them. Same as Poland vs Belgium. I think that's really positive, they play in Romania in the top tier, compete vs real players, and have probably been doing so for some years now, which gives you a ton of experience, confidence etc, plus they probably know each other from that too. Really well organised as well and with clear ideas. I actually hate almost every single one in the England squad. Like always. How good is Puscasssssss.
  9. Txrt

    Who will leave? - Summer 2019

    We should actually sell everyone.
  10. Txrt

    Summer Football Tournaments

    This is some of the most enjoyable football I've seen in a long time by Romania. Everyone from their midfield on is so good and they have everything so clear. I think they are going to win this.
  11. Txrt

    Summer Football Tournaments

    Is he actually the son of Gica Hagi??? Lol I didn't know that. He is a very good footballer. I love love love these layoffs and goes by these two Hagi & Puscas. So good.
  12. Txrt

    Summer Football Tournaments

    Indeed. With those last names in the t-shirt, you better be good. I liked Hagi a lot. Jesus, that's passion in the anthem. Vamos!
  13. Txrt

    Summer Football Tournaments

    Careful because Hagi and Puscas were really good the other day. Really, really good. Vamos Rumania!
  14. Txrt

    Paul Pogba

    Everyone knew. I am a firm believer that if he goes to Madrid it'll be a failure. That's no Manchester United where you can walk and get away with it. And he isn't even that good, he'll be booed within the first month. Cannot wait for it to happen, as long as we secure a good 120-130M for him. What a favour they'd be doing us.
  15. Txrt

    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 2018/19

    Maybe the money he's given to some of the dross we have in the squad in their new contracts could be used to sign or attract players. It's going to be an absolute disgrace of a season, and when I say an absolute disgrace, I mean much worse than the one we just finished.