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  1. Didn't watch Dortmund. How did they play? How was Sancho?
  2. I don't know if you say it joking, but that really happens a lot. Magaluf doesn't look like Spain, it's the least Spanish place in all of the country. It's full of Burger King, McDonald's, KFC, etc etc etc and bars etc too are more English style than Spanish style. It's really weird. They get all of what you mentioned except for Spanish people speaking fluent English to them ahahahha. I think it's a good waste to not enjoy some of the things Spanish culture offers, specially when it comes to drinking and eating, but yeah, each will know what they want. A lof of people tell me that I am missing out, but I never even had curiosity when it comes to kebab, which is really weird, because I like to eat anything and everything. Having said this, if I went to Turkey some day, I would probably try some. And yeah, I like pizza or a sandwich or whatever, I've even started cooking pasta etc at 9am inmediately after getting home, but never Kebab! I don't exactly know where it is, but when I go (not this year), if I've tried and like it, I'll follow your advice! It can be what you said, but they have Madrid against the walls and a great chance to win the title with Liverpool and Real Madrid gone (if they eliminate them). It could be a great last service to the club and a great way to leave the club. Anyways, these people get back in form quite fast, so I don't doubt he'll be more than up for it when the season restarts.
  3. Ahahaha I really like De Bruyne though hahaha. I always told you my hatred towards someone has nothing to do with their race whatsoever. You guys never believed. There are plenty of kebabs in Spain as well, and in the Basque Country too, and this will sound very weird, but. I have NEVER even tried kebab, of any kind. Never in my life, not even when all my friends want to eat kebab at 8am after partying when everything else is closed.
  4. I expected something like that from Kane, to be honest. But De Bruyne?!?! And you cut the lower part of the picture, where his knees and thighs look like an overweight guy's. One that will get fast inmediately after quitting football.
  5. If Kane is near the weight with which he arrived to training (based on the pictures seen) then hopefully he starts for our own sake.
  6. Really happy with our choice of this year.
  7. I maintain what I said about Sancho. His match was nothing special. Even you cant deny me. The only argument are stats, which I take as a very important one, btw, it's what makes you win three points, and therefore titles, etc. But I said what I said about Sancho before this match knowing he already had amazing stats in his time in the Bundesliga, I never denied that. However, we'll see when he makes the big move, or when he plays the big matches with the current club in the matches where you have to make the difference. Nothing changes for a match with three goals for me. It's not a short time observation, I said what I said in a 2-3 year time period, when he'll get the big move to a big league he is looking for, and where we will have a much more realistic outcome statistically. Also, I don't really know why you guys say I talked shit about him. I didn't, I said he won't be what he is said to be (the biggest start in european football in the next generation), and that I thought Ferran Torres is going to be better than him. I write this just to remind you that there are many very good footballers that are not the biggest stars in football, so I don't think that's talking shit?! And also, saying Ferran will be better doesn't mean Ferran will be Balon de Oro either, before someone comes with the trolling when the Spanish league starts ahahahah. To sum up, and for all of you that don't want to read all this, fuck off cunts ahahahha. @Canto no meth or anything man, clean as always. A proper man surviving tough times without chemical help ahahahaha.
  8. A pretty bad half by everone in Dortmund, and the team in general. For having 300.000€ as their budget to make signings, pay for players etc, Paderborn are looking more than decent. Sancho very bad too. They are missing the great footballer Dahoud is big time, too slow, predictable and plain.
  9. A 10/10 for Sancho doing stupid shit pre match. Let's see how he does at football now.
  10. Everyone, even the keepers, it's incredible. TV has that, it makes it like it's not even difficult to control the passes or have a good first touch, when the balls are hit at those speeds. And in nowadays stadiums when you get seats higher above the pitch it gives the same impression, then you see it from the same height as the players or like now with the sound and you see how tremendously good they all are. Yesterday I watched the Bayern match, I was SCARED at how good all Bayern players are. It is a given, but the standards clubs of that size have are unreal. Every player that goes to a club like those is unreal. I have always said that Lucas Hernandez is for me one of the best 3 defenders in the world, yesterday it was sooo pleasant to see him, Alaba, Alphonso Davies (who is outstanding) and Pavard on the ball. All of them playing the ball, hitting it hard, great touches, tense balls through lines, it was soo good. And the Kimmich etc with their controls. I really am enjoying this no sound thing. By the way Bayern is right now for me the biggest favorite to win the Champions League.
  11. I really love listening how they talk a lot like everyone in their teams should, and how they call each other. Today in Bayern I heard all kinds of shortenings to all their names. I really think it's great, and I like it when they mix languages or speak to some people in their language. It's something I've never experienced, playing with people from other countries, so it's something that surprises me everytime and I really like. And it definitely makes me miss playing much more. Because it looks like when you play or train, talking nonstop, the sound of the ball even in the shortest passes, like you actually get to feel how difficult it is and how te balls are hit hard and have so much weight on them etc even when given a 3 metre pass.
  12. Don't you guys enjoy listening to players talk? For me it's awesome.
  13. Yeah it is a lot of players, and about it rumbling on... I don't think I will much, I don't log in half as often lately, and I will have even less time from now on, so yeah. I think Sancho is going to soon get back to England, a top team in England, and we all know what happens when this type of prospects play for a big club in England. How many times have we heard the "he had the talent to be the best in the world..."? Well, we'll see. Sancho is now at age 20 suddenly worth 100M and going to tear up Europe with his football and could play for any team in the world, and is going to be better than Messi. But this is not how it works, you don't just have to be good at a great team in a weaker league, you have to be good in tough matches, in matches were you are not vastly superior in every aspect. And I doubt he's ready to be, actually he hasn't been in the ones he's had this year. Against Bayern, against Barcelona in the CL, against PSG, etc. And if he's not ready to be, we know what happens in England with the press and young players that need time, we've heard that story before as well. As for Haaland, I think he's a good finisher. Streaky, it's true that he's been playing in teams that create a lot of chances, but I don't think he'll live up to the hype and I don't think he'll be a top, top, Lewandowski style striker for many years. Apart from beinh weird, I'd say he is an absolute cunt who thinks he's much more than he is. The mocking of PSG before their second leg etc show inmaturity, being an absolute idiot and thinking of himself as more than he really is. In the end, what has he won? Scored a ton of goals in the Austrian league, something Munas Dabbour did too, scoring goals and getting kicked out of the CL in the group stage. Getting to play against proved footballers, scoring two goals in the first leg and thinking the job is done and then getting sent home. He has it well deserved, hope it becomes a trend and everyone follows what PSG players did and laughs in his face at every failure. A shame Bayern players didn't do it after the endless chances he missed the other day.
  14. What? ahahaha. I think I didn't disrespect anyone, and actually tried to explain my point of view on this topic the better I possibly could. Well, I'm sorry if I didn't disrespect the bag of shit Haaland is.
  15. At least in mine he is. I would take Bundesliga stats with a pinch of salt personally. Joao Felix scored a ton last year in Portugal, yet he has scored 4 goals and hasn't had an assist so far here, and I think at least one of the goals was a penalty. Achraf Hakimi scores and assists for fun in the Bundesliga, an ex-player last year like Muller is on like 45 assists, and Haaland scored 10 or so. We all saw Jovic's numbers last year too and he can't even get a minute. I like the German league, but I don't think it's fair to compare stats between that league and others, personally. The stats are insane, yes they are, but I don't want to base my comparison in stats, I never do. I believe Ferran Torres is a better footballer, I sincerely do. It has nothing to do with Sancho being black, or green or orange. I couldn't care less for that, but it's what I think regarding the two. I said and agreed to get a lifetime ban if anyone doesn't agree in some years time with what I said, and I stand by it. I understand the publicity Ferran Torres gets is 1000 times less (at least), than Sancho, and I get that most here never saw him play, but for what I have seen of both I think Ferran is better and is going to be even better. Maybe I watch another season of football and change my mind, I have no problem admitting that; but as for now and based on what I have seen, that is what I think. Pogba also had amazing numbers and a great name, inmense publicity around him, had some really impressive stats for his young age etc, and we all know how that is going. I am not saying the same is going to happen to Sancho, who I rate much higher than Pogba btw, but I just want to say stats and fame are not everything. Bojan was a failure. Muniain is a very good footballer who happens to have a problem, playing for the team he loves. He could very easily play, and start for a team like Sevilla, Valencia, etc. Noone doubts his quality, even after his injuries, but luckily he decided to stay with us and that may hinder him in the way he is perceived. Canales is a very good footballer. Obviously not a Real Madrid starter calibre, but still a very, very good footballer. Noone expects him to be Zidane, but he has had some very good seasons at Real Sociedad and Betis. With Jesé everyone knew what would happen. He's at least going for his 9th child I think, so he's good at other stuff I guess. Deulofeu I have never liked, but even with having a disastrous career for what he could have been, he's not doing that bad. Gayá is the most surprising on this list. Have you actually watched him at all? Because the Spanish Wilshere is the most unfair nickname I've ever heard. Gaya is a very, very top footballer. One of the best footballers for a Champions League team, that always plays well, is always in the lists to be called to the national team. Gaya was a huge prospect and is an incredible footballer. Denis is good but cold, Denis is the biggest wasted talent on this list. Munir is awful. He's really the worst, he's still living off his name, but that will end soon and he won't have much of a career. Asensio has had injuries, but Asensio has won everything there is to be won at club level at his age and has had a terrible injury last year. It's not easy to make it at Real Madrid but he has, we'll see how he returns from injury, but if being Asensio is being a failure, I want to be one. Ceballos is another one like Denis. Extremely talented, and he's at least at very good clubs. I always said he should have stayed at Betis, the move hurt his career massively. Still really young and still going to be very good, it's imposible not to with that talent. Carlos Soler's is another ridiculous statement, he's 23. He's nothing like Koke. He is a vital piece in the Valencia team, he is a top footballer. A starter, in various positions, always one of the best performers on a Champions League team and the team that won the Cup last year. Just finished his cycle with the u-21 and ready for more (and going to be called soon enough), if that's being a failure at 23 years old, then I again want to be one. Brahim I won't even answer because I don't think you're even serious. He's 20 years old.