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  1. As a father of a young daughter this shit just makes my blood boil. Anybody trying to defend the little bastard can piss off. The evidence is damning and hopefully he receives a hefty prison stay. Tear his contract up immediately, we all were in our early 20's once and made mistakes, but this is on another level and just absolutely out of order. That recording was one of the most disturbing things I've heard, just absolutely disgusting behavior. That was disgusting. If that ever happened to my baby you better believe I'd be going to jail too. Absolutely despicable what people will do f
  2. Good riddance. Sad it's only a loan but I'm sure they'll be somebody that'll take him off our hands permanently in the summer
  3. I'd love it if we were to sign Mcginn. Think his ankle injury held back his development a little bit, but he's just what we need. Mind you we should be in the market for at least two CM's if Pogba leaves which thankfully is looking like a strong possibility. My dream summer would include us signing Mcginn and Bellingham but don't think Dortmund will let him go this summer with Halaand leaving.
  4. Wonder if they'll still go for a more established striker if they do end up signing him. Don't think we have a shot at Halaand but if Ronaldo and Cavani leave we will need to bring in a striker. Having City out of the market should be helpful.
  5. Pochettino is the new Hector Cuper. We should be prioritizing Ten Haag.
  6. Really thought Dembele would be in the Mbappe/Halaand tier by now. Newcastle next? Seems like the perfect "Robinho" signing for them.
  7. Tempted to bet on Chelsea. They have played Liverpool well the two fixtures this year and I feel they should've won both.
  8. TBF we haven't had a competent midfield since the Scholes/Carrick duo back 15 years ago.
  9. Just De Gea really. Everyone is else has the charisma of a piece of turd or is not good enough.
  10. Literally all I did was offer my opinion, its not my fault at all that my genius take on Mourinho and Evans intimidated you, just because your life didn't turn out at all how you imagined it doesn't mean you should last out at others. Most of my female relatives are pretty fat tbf ?
  11. You're the easiest person to wind up it's hilarious ? I knew you'd bite. You're like a 40 year old toddler ? you're as hilarious as you are pathetic ? so easy.
  12. I'm just sharing my opinion, I'm clearly a person with very high intellect as everyone can see with my accurate assessment of utd legend Mourinho and Leicester's international phenomenon Johnny Evans, no need to feel threatened at all, no one is gunning for your title of the internet's hardest man, relax sweetie.
  13. Should've kept serial winner Mourinho, all he needed was a decent CB. We should've brought back our former defensive superstar Johnny Evans back to the club, that duo would be unstoppable.
  14. Exactly. People need to get a fucking grip. They are getting pissed off over a stupid instagram post yet kid killing cops go unprosecuted and xenophobia is rampant in both the U.S and the U.K. whoever was offended by that picture is nothing but a pussy and probably has deeper problems to deal with themselves.
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