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  1. Fucking coward , he’s cost us again , needs to be fucked off out of the club in the summer.
  2. Disgraceful performance, threw the group away , not that we didn’t know it but we’re miles off being a top team.
  3. A sad day for football. what a genius and an absolute joy to watch , my favourite player as a young boy , for me the greatest ever.
  4. Awful second half performance after looking so good in the first. that lack of consistency is frustrating as fuck , story of this club recently unfortunately.
  5. This deal is never happening, missed our one chance to sign a genuine world class talent . this club is a fucking joke.
  6. Pay the money , get the boy in , he will clearly improve the team , fuck the alternative options , go balls to the wall and get this kid in the door.
  7. It was a sucker punch , as good as it was, povetkin was being dominated up until that point ,it was a brilliant finish and shows the quality of povetkin. .
  8. Unbelievable shot , out of the trenches and dillian is eating canvas, one shot is all it takes in the big leagues . povetkin is a class act , technically brilliant .
  9. Dillian taken out with a sucker punch while dominating, feel for the guy , he's been robbed of a world title shot for years.
  10. Pathetic attempt at trolling.
  11. There won’t be a house on Merseyside burgled for 3 days. oh man I’m sickened.
  12. Did very well after a shaky start , good to see him back , needs to stay fit now.
  13. its definitely time to get rid , Riola is a fucking cancer , the club should never do business with the cunt again. €150m hard cash , no swap deals or letting him go on the cheap , it's time the club took control of these situations.
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