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  1. He’s a passenger unless we create chances for him. He’s starting to create other issues too.
  2. He’s off it, but he’s still created the most chances in the league, so he not that bad! Compared to the rest he’s still effective in some ways.
  3. This kid is utter shite! If he wasn’t local and feeding kids, he would be crucified for his performances this season. Abysmal
  4. Welcome to a pressing team Ron! That’s the hardest he’s worked in 10years!
  5. Is Rashford injured? He’s fucking awful!! Just jogging. He’s done if he can’t press properly!
  6. I’m getting hard thinking about watching us play with a direct coherent press and tactics.....
  7. Surely is this not going to happen!! This makes too much sense....
  8. Carrick at the wheel!! He’s amazing!! Here’s the contract and a pen, give him what he wants... 4yr deal, Carrick at the wheel!!
  9. Poch has been my choice for a very long time. Whoever our realistic choice is, we should just get them now, there is nothing that can be done to stop it, IF we are serious about the future of the club. Poch, Rogers. Ten Hag, whoever. However we are a bunch of incompetent twats!
  10. So we are now setting up like a relegation team. 9 behind the ball and hope the front two do something. This set up will Never dominate games and win anything. Nothing changes, although it resets the clock, so if we lose to Atalanta and City he still survives... makes me sick!
  11. I’m cheering on more goals!! Hopefully that gets him sacked!
  12. He’s managed it again, but none of the goals were due to good team play, structure and pattern of play.
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