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  1. Watched an interview with Rangnick today, he was explaining his strategy at the RB clubs. Only buying certain type of players, in a certain age range, ability to play in a certain way, only recruiting managers that can play/coach that way. that seems so far off what we’ve done. I wonder what it would be like to support a club that have 1 ounce of football knowledge running the football operation of a football club??
  2. Absolutely! I rate him, he just needs games. Faction of Sancho price.
  3. We can moan about signings but we should have enough to beat palace which lands at the manager! Still NO cohesive press, no trigger points that I can see, no clear attacking patterns of play. yes he’s hampered by a lack of pace to partner Maguire and a RW but he can do better with what he’s got. I’m not even talking about results, I’m talking about the tactical detail and implementation of tactics/game play.
  4. I can’t see it happening. We are an absolute joke and it’s depressing. We know the price. Pay it or sign someone else 2 months ago. They are not giving me a COVID discount off my season ticket! (If I ever get to go again). Fucking clowns.
  5. I would take him IF, he is free transfer/Loan, we pay no more than £200k a week. Running out of options due to our fuck-tard recruitment department!
  6. Watch us go in with a strong £40m up front with £30m add ons if we win the CL and PL!! How could they refuse??
  7. Because we have no transfer strategy and no clear football Strategy for the future. We are Mickey Mouse.
  8. As much as I like him, we will never win a major trophy with Tony M up front.
  9. This lad automatically gives competition in 5 positions. LW,RW, AM, CM which in turn can release Greenwood to challenge Tony up front. He’s a no-brainer for me. With no rest during the summer plus euros, we more quality to rotate.
  10. I certainly don’t rate Ole, but in terms of squad management, he’s pretty much got his hands tied. With exception of dropping DDG, he can no way rest Bruno, for Mata, Greenwood for Jesse or James. He had to play the first team otherwise we wouldn’t have got the points we did to get into this position. mot just shows again, the atrocious transfer activity and lack of direction we’ve had for many years. should Ole go though, absolutely.
  11. Pogba gives ZERO!!! Fucks!! We also don’t deserve top 4, bottom line!
  12. Who the fuck will match his salary? We are stuck with him!
  13. TFM??!! I like him but not LB and not first game of the season!
  14. Matic back to normal now he’s signed the contract! 3 times caught on the ball already
  15. Said before and I’ll say it again. I FUCKING LOVE ROY KEANE!!!
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