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  1. St!mpy

    Sign Three Players

    Fred is extremely underrated on this forum.
  2. No Phil Jones either.
  3. St!mpy

    Paul Pogba 2019/20

    It's all he wants.
  4. St!mpy

    Sign Three Players

    Sancho, obvs. But my favorite would have to be Grealish. We have missed a player like this for years. A maverick, x-factor type, this guy will take us to the next level. Just cut the fucking hair mate. Finally, as we're only doing 3 signings, with Pogba heading out, it will have to be in midfield. Will have to go with Wilfred Ndidi.
  5. St!mpy

    Paul Pogba 2019/20

    Saw an article suggesting that Mino is panicking as there is currently no club who can afford Pogba. No payout for Mino then, could be something in that. Would explain the ridiculous figures currently doing the rounds of €50 million.
  6. St!mpy

    Paul Pogba 2019/20

    Missed this, anything worthwhile said?
  7. St!mpy

    Aaron Wan-Bissaka 2019/20

    Regardless, I think AWB is fairly decent going forward, at least not half as bad as some say. I think he also has a good burst of pace, he often easily gets a yard or two on the opposition player to put a ball in. Would benefit from having a presence of a 9 in the box.
  8. I'd say so, a good shout. Don't think we'll underestimate them, will be the other way round! That's where we are currently.
  9. St!mpy

    Luke Shaw 2019/20

    Guys just found a lifeline, if he can stay fit. Was at fault for Girouds disallowed goal but very comfortable otherwise.
  10. St!mpy

    Eric Bailly 2019/20

    Still the best CB at the club.
  11. St!mpy

    Paul Pogba 2019/20

    SAF was right, Mourinho was right, Klopp refuses to sign his players. Him and Pogba can both fuck off.
  12. St!mpy

    Ole Sack Watch

    Really? I've typed out paragraphs of points explaining why I think we're doing the right things, and this is the reply I get? I feel like I'm at a pro-Trump rally suggesting that maybe Trump isn't president material - conspiracy theories and downright IQ lowering statements like the one quoted above all around. I'm definitely a Woodward PR-plant mate, now quick, straighten that tinfoil hat, your leader 'The Bastard' is hovering about.
  13. St!mpy

    Ole Sack Watch

    Does anyone want me to actually address this bullshit? Or can we just continue with our educated discussion?
  14. St!mpy

    Ole Sack Watch

    Yes, not so simple though. The current setup at United actually supports the long term, as we had done under SAF of course. By this I mean we don't have a DoF because we give the manager full reign - that's all and well if you are planning on sticking with him. We havent. You bring in a DoF to continue the long term values while you chop and change the Head Coach. Not to say our structure can't work, just to say, stick with the fucking manager. The way you get a team playing with passion is through the right culture, as explained above. We have had a disastrously difficult season. There's context to that, for example, City lost Laporte and became a train wreck by their standards. We lost a player who contributed 13 goals and 9 assists last season, and not for a short period either, we lost depth and steel in Scott as well as our best player this season in Rashford, all at crucial times. This on top of an already thin squad subject to a culling and transitional period. We blooded in youngsters, and really struggled with rotation over the festive period - we had to play Andreas in CM ffs. As for our signings, strange to take a stance like this other than what I can assume is just an angle that possibly supports your ideas. Maguire wasn't worth 80 million, not his fault, or ours, but he was never going to be a VVD. He has come into a new team in turmoil, has now established himself as club captain and has had some good with some bad, we should expect improvement. He will improve. Luckily with AWB and James, they're both 22, it's fantastic how potential works, but only a fool will give the ruling on either, especially as the latter is having his first season in the PL. You have a brilliantly easy solution in 'he should be replaced with someone who is good enough, that also fits in with the club philosophy', is there anyone you have in mind? Enlighten me. It also seems you brushed over most of my points stated previously with this point. As I said before, there will be no point to this, you are not willing to try understand what I'm saying. I mean your point on us being able to bring in 'star players' in the last line suggests everything I said blew right over your head. One last thing, what was Hodgson's grand plan? See, the thing with Livepool during those times, is they came up against a Club who had patience, a plan and a long term model. Hmm, yes and no. The vision is easy because that's what has been communicated to us by Ole. The next guy, albeit Poch or anyone else, could come in with their own idea, like trying to 'win again'. Insert short term signings, new systems and more deadwood. Basically, restart again with a long term plan that the fans don't have the patience for and will call for the plug soon after when we aren't Liverpool. Could you point out how we're 'shittily' run? Surely you can't use results, because if we've started this process we might be well run, but are a while off seeing the results of that. We might be seeing the results of being poorly run previously, that's not to say we might not have made strides to fix this, or do you have proof? Nice try, but a rather poor attempt. There are a myriad of reasons as to why we are in this position, I would think that our signings haven't yet proved to be the reason for that, rather what we already have. Andreas, an aging Matic (who's been good for us at times, just lacks the legs), Lingard, Jones, mistakes from DDG, Martial not contributing when needed, Mata having no pace, Shaw being injured, alongside others like Bailly - you know, those who have shown to just not be good enough under previous managers. The signings suggest a proper vision in the type of players, energy, hard working, down to earth, who will fight for their place. You have also conveniently left out Bruno Fernandes, and failed to put any reason into why we might have signed Ighalo, ON LOAN. Very poor attempt on the youth. You'd have seen Sancho shipped off at City. Greenwood has had a very decent first season in the first team, he's at the right place, Williams has also looked a very good prospect indeed. The beauty of youth and potential. People actually don't want to give credit Ole credit in any manner, for anything, LOL. By all means, be critical, but to be so blind as to just ignore EVERYTHING is a sin. Aardvarked is literally delusional on this. Probably been licking balls in Wuhan.
  15. St!mpy

    Ole Sack Watch

    It's not that. It's the entitlement that's the issue. Fans 'expect' us to be the biggest club around, and that's great but it excuses fuck all. Clubs have got money, ordinary clubs can spend. There are restrictions on spending so it's no even that possible to blow everyone out the water anymore, and that's ignoring City, Chelsea and co that could just match you. The truth is we aren't winning fuck all without an actual plan, strategy or long term thinking. Fuck all, because there is nothing that separates you from your rivals. We've thrown the long term out the window - and I don't mean SAF long term or any of that bollocks. I mean long term other than hire a new manager, sign his players, sack him, repeat. Apologies @MrSwellman and @TheManc for the delayed response but here it is. Ole has implemented a plan that's quite simple but addresses fundamental issues at the club. - wage bill/culture. They're one in the same. When we were pursuing Sanchez with City, Pep pulled out for the specific reason - squad management and culture. We offer our big signings big salaries that few others can match. The problem this creates is that you end up with players that are here for only the money. The danger further is that when shit goes wrong, they can just kick their feet up and the manager gets burned. You surrender the dressing room to the players, you bring in egos and effectively you lose the meaning behind the badge. - meaningful youth.There's a difference to just playing youth. In this instance youth fixes the issues brought up in the first point - youth want to be here, for the badge more so. So they set an example like Williams has done, he wants that fucking position, he will fight for the badge and will stay here for his career. They go to war for the club. There's the counter argument, 'are the youth good enough' = that's up to the structural changes made with Nicky Butt and co, and also spending at this level like Mejbri for example. Of course, you cant just use youth, but this signifies longevity, it also seperates us from our opposition models. - transfer policy. We are looking for a specific type of player, we're also looking to sign top British players. Players who are young for the most part, with potential to grow, but also to grow in the dressing room. Put a guy on 80k a week, he can work his way up to 200k a week if he wants it. That in itself is significant. So, I argued with TM about the fact that Ole wasn't at fault for not bringing in more players, simply because he wanted more but more crucially he wanted players here on the right terms. This is difficult and translates into tough negotiations we've seen over the past couple windows. But it also means missing out on some players, apart from players that are just not gettable. At the same time, there is also a pressing need at times for more short term ideas, as experienced by all clubs. Our fundamentals remain the same. The system also falls into place here - we buy players that fit the system, so instead of signing big name player A, you could sign lesser known player B who does the same thing but comes in under the right circumstances. The system = the formation, intended style of play (playing out the back eg), intensity, pressing. As for the Brexit FC claims, last I checked we were a British club , and under SAF we swooped for top English talent often - Rio, Carrick, Rooney etc. A good idea, these players know the league, the country, they don't need to adapt as much. Maddison steps into our team tomorrow. - the rebuild and patience. These fundamentals need time, but patience is needed also to see the fulfilment of potential, in players and then in the system as a whole. Working on 3 seasons; the youngest team in the league matures, and adds the right players to it; but also Mejbri is going on 20, Greenwood 22, Williams 22, furthermore Rashford and Martial entering their peak, as with AWB, Scott, Lindelof, Axel for example. (excluding who ever we bring in under the transfer point). At the end of the 'rebuild' we have a maturing squad, a different culture, a better wage bill, youth and players who want to be here. The reason it has been so bad, apart from injuries to an already thin squad, is because these kinds of fixes don't happen over night and it's a result of short term thinking of a previous 6/7 seasons. Different players for different managers, exorbitant wage bills, player power and egos - unfortunately you need to get rid of all this shit before you can move forward. It was fine, in the past we were the best, we never needed a plan as we weren't just Manchester United, we were Sir Alex FC. When that man left we were the same as any other club. Time for a plan, these are the right fundamentals, they fit the club be it with Ole or manager X, but for god's sake, stick to it or we will go decades without a league win.