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  1. Wouldn't surprise me if they take this one on the face and keep him on. Ten Hag backed Overmars over the text messages and another Dutch broadcaster for sexual assault so if it his sole decision then I'd say he'll be back next season based on his past thoughts on this type of behaviour.
  2. Wonder what United will do? Will the board take the decision on face value because irrespective of what "you" may think he is judged as being innocent in law. Contracted until 2025/26 so it's a huge call for the club. A lot will depend on what Ten Hag thinks.
  3. Gennaro the psycho sacked by Valencia. There no hope at that club... him being the 10th boss in 9 years to be dismissed. Even Neville got more games in charge than him! LOL!
  4. Hands up how many of you fcks thought Weghorst would be like a cult hero figure at Old Trafford. The hopes that some people hang on these type of shite players baffles me. He was never going to be anything other than sub United standard. It's an embarrassment he has started so many matches so far. If you believe otherwise I'm not obviously smoking what you are!!
  5. Still won't challenge imo for a good while. Fernandez & Mudryk will be thinking what the fuck have we signed up for. Kepa Silva Sterling LOL!
  6. Chelsea remind me of those movies where a couple of old soldiers go around the world recruiting former crack servicemen for one last job in the sun. They'll win fuck all with Potter even if he continues this mercenary revolution. He wouldn't be able to handle all those egos once they start knocking on his door asking to start every week. We'll see no cohesion until well into next season where of course the others around them would have improved in any case
  7. 5th Round Draw Think we play Barcelona then the Carabao followed by a trip to the Bin Dippers so lucky we've got another home tie. Southampton v Luton Town or Grimsby Town Leicester City v Blackburn Rovers or Birmingham City Stoke City v Brighton Wrexham or Sheffield United v Tottenham Fulham or Sunderland v Leeds United Bristol City v Manchester City Manchester United v Derby County or West Ham Ipswich Town or Burnley v Sheffield Wednesday or Fleetwood Town The matches will be played midweek during the week commencing Monday, 27 February
  8. Gets from bad to the ridiculous for the 2 giants. It is the first time in 30 years that both Milan and Juve have lost at home on the same day in Serie A, since March 21, 1993.
  9. Glaringly obvious he can't play in a high line like his mate slab. I hear Tuanzebe returned to training which is a bonus.
  10. Fernandes is a problem for Ten Hag just like Maguire was for Solskjaer. He is legitimately an average midfielder who has progressively got worse since the COVID season particularly reliant on his pens. He has the captaincy essentially as Maguire is out of favour which makes it harder for him to be dropped for Ten Hag it's almost admitting he was wrong with his deputy choice. He needs to show the metal he did when he dropped Maguire as Fernandes does not deserve a starting line up especially in the Premiership. He has gone to shit and is actually an embarrassment with his pathe
  11. Milan's slim and probably none hopes of retaining the title completely disappeared tonight Lazio mauling them 4 nil!
  12. MEN reported this on that horrific life threatening injury De Gea suffered. "In the 86th minute, Nketiah tapped De Gea, who feigned agony. What the cameras did not capture was Bruno Fernandes sprinting into the Arsenal half. If De Gea had the confidence to brush off Nketiah and ping it to Fernandes, he would have been through one-on-one. De Gea played for the draw and that jarred with Ten Hag's mentality" CUNT!
  13. Fat Frank got the tin tack. Poor Frank he's a likeable fella imo. Everton are a horrible club never liked them. Their heydays are long and gone needs a huge rebuild at the club who were regular Premiership Top 6er's when Moyesie was in charge. Think Lampard could do a job at a top championship side needs to take the pressure of himself until he's ready to give it a go again.
  14. Hhhmmm am I going to go there...hhmmmm yeah fuck it why not I can only be honest about my thoughts. 7 assists great that doesn't necessarily mean you've been outstanding. Pogba had 6 assists by 4 matches last season look how that panned out. I don't believe he has really ticked at all in fact I'd say he is past his best another one of those strange United signings we seem to make ..(ahem Weg the Horse...FFS!!) Actually very limited when it's a battle can't tackle and never looked like threading through a decent ball. He has done tremendously well to come back from what he went
  15. Well it's from the sublime to the ridiculous with him. Ding should have smashed him to pieces but he came back from the dead and now so far ahead against Trump and still managed to nearly fuck it up. He's had a purple patch mate players hit that from time to time (Wish Martial fucking would Lol!) Can't see him being consistently good but could be proved wrong tbf.
  16. Doing really well now after a shaky start. 7 goals and a few assists I think. Has he a future at OT ....Amad at this stage in his development far better than bench warmer Elanga ...and maybe Antony. That's right I went there!!
  17. We need a new goalkeeper a proper VDS or Schmeichel. This buffoon threatened to be like them but he is now prone to absolute 3rd rate keeping mistakes and it's been like this since OGS took over to the present time. He has been responsible for proper howlers. His saving grace are and still his super saves some just outrageous. He and United more importantly can't rely on his super saves. Modern goalkeeping is far more than that. Like @hdcantonasaid his command of the area is bad.. just bordering on the cowardice. Even tonight (Arsenal) he punched a ball that just looped in the air a few m
  18. Captain my arse! Goes more AWOL than an Aussie in the outback! Complete fraud!
  19. PVAD


    Spoken like a TRUE KING! Manchester United legend, Eric Cantona has told Al-Nassr forward, Cristiano Ronaldo that he must accept “he is not 25 years old” and follow the examples of veterans Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Ryan Giggs, and Paolo Maldini. Cantona believes Ronaldo could have handled his second spell at Old Trafford in a different manner despite his status diminishing to a squad role at Man United. Ronaldo parted ways with Man United in a bitter exit after stating he felt “betrayed” by the club and had little respect for their manager Erik ten Hag, and former interim coach Ralf
  20. "Football Bloody Hell" Ferguson wasn't kidding was he with that immortal line. By Sunday the gap to Arsenal would have been 3 but is looking more like 11 an absolutely huge swing of 8 points. A title push has never been a true reality due to our squad depth and at least 3 outfield first team starters being sub-standard. Strange to say for a team that have won 9 on the bounce but look at that record in detail the circumstances and you'll get the picture. Notwithstanding all that by Sunday even with those shortfalls referred to above we could have been 3 points behind which
  21. They say Di Canio's volley was one of the best ever...well he's been trumped by Gnonto. Wow just wow! The lad has bundles of talent he'll be snapped up in the summer imo. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/64325521
  22. ROS Robertson Selby all out the World Grand Prix. I'll go out on a limb and say ROS won't win another Tournament this season unless he's waiting the Crucible.
  23. Playing intensely for 2 minutes in the 2nd half after they scored is not good enough. Some players had visually given up thinking they'd win it which is unforgivable for pro footballers. Good run but a blip was in the making. AWB - Goating tonight.
  24. Agree itching to do them. We need to show that 1984/1988 passion and when Scholsey scored that thunderbolt!
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