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  1. PVAD

    Jesse Lingard 2018/19

    Undermining the manager. I know it's a different world from the Robbo's and Keano's but football principles do not die. Number One Rule don't act like a complete cunt. United should sack him. Good Riddance.
  2. PVAD

    Juan Mata 2018/19

    You turncoat you said he was ready for the scrap heap too last season!!
  3. PVAD

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    Was Bisska will fit in brilliantly with all our other defenders. He's started playing the "United Way" already last night. From all accounts Jones has wrapped a arm around him and said "son follow my lead and you'll be as shit as us in no time!!"
  4. PVAD

    Juan Mata 2018/19

    So we have given him a new contract the day Atletico bid on signing Felix. This club and its ambitions!! FUCKING HELL!!
  5. The situation at the Ricoh gets worse and details of the fallout leading to Coventry City playing their home games 2019/20 at St Andrews (Birmingham City) are being leaked. One of the clauses to let City stay at the Ricoh was London Wasps the grounds owners asked Sisu Coventry's cuntish owners to underwrite and pay for any losses London Wasps suffered as a result of taking the case to the European Courts!! City sharing with Brum oh my days!! At least their playing surface will be better rather than have clumps taken out by the Rugby matches at the Ricoh!! Negotiations still ongoing..Coventry City coming to an arena near you soon LOL!!
  6. PVAD

    Jesse Lingard 2018/19

    "The midfielder’s form for the Red Devils has come on leaps and bounds over the last three seasons, becoming one of the team’s big-game players. Since making his first-team debut as an 18-year-old in 2011, Lingard has scored 17 times in 111 Premier League appearances." Yes leaps and bounds indeed 17 goals in 111 appearances. Whoever sanctioned this shit should die a horrible death after being mutilated first.
  7. PVAD


    ODI Cricket is a fantastic watch these days. 350 plus scores were once fantasy stuff but some of these guys make it look easy. ICC CWC has been brilliant so far!
  8. PVAD

    who do we need to get in to win the title

    AGREE but it's summer and these lot have got bored of wanking.
  9. PVAD

    UEFA Nations League

    Depay showing United Form.
  10. PVAD


    Ruiz Jnr. the hero for all the fat blokes worldwide! Lol
  11. PVAD

    La Liga 2018/19

    RIP Reyes Reports saying he was travelling at 120mph when he crashed. Tragic no matter your viewpoint. Real Madrid Legend Canizares has criticised him for being irresponsible.
  12. PVAD

    Champions League 18/19

    Now I know you're definitely Shoot or should that be Spoof!!
  13. PVAD

    Champions League 18/19

    Spurs getting done by simple balls over the top. Schoolboy stuff.
  14. Sbragia gone. They say mutual consent that's just a cute way of saying go or you'll be sacked. Warren Joyce touted about rejoining United. Absolute disastrous season taking everything into context winning only 8 games all season mirroring the first teams fortunes in the last few months. We do have some have exciring talent who should be involved in and around the first team next season but I dont think Sbragia helped the progress of the youngsters. Also throwing a curved ball in as good as these youngsters are they still contributed to this terrible season so although we're willing them on to do well some are clearly not ready for first team action. We can get carried away by isolated performances sometimes. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/05/22/manchester-united-under-23-coach-ricky-sbragia-leavesclub-summer/
  15. PVAD

    Europa League 2018/2019

    I'd like to think so too especially as we will be facing relative unknowns. This is where Solskjaer has to show some balls. Imagine the backlash if our starting XI for those early rounds consist of Darmian Jones Smalling Young Mata Martial Lingard.... even more horrific if those mentioned start the opening Premiership game!! FML!!!