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  1. PVAD

    PL Matchday 17: Liverpool vs Man Utd

    Stats Stats Stats... Count for shite on one off games...thing is Mourinho has too many OFF GAMES!! Shocking really. Since the Twat took charge at Old Trafford in 2016: They have faced Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal a combined total of 24 times in the league, but have won only eight matches. In total from those matches, they have collected 31 points from a possible 72. That is a worse head-to-head record than all the other sides in that mini-league except for Arsenal. United have had just 263 shots in the 24 previous meetings against City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Spurs and Arsenal - 51 fewer than the Gunners, who are next on the list. Mourinho's side have faced 102 more shots on their own goal than Liverpool have in the same group of fixtures.
  2. PVAD

    Chris Smalling 2018/19

    Mourinho's parting joke surely. Not good enough for Southgate's new breed England but regular first team starter at the biggest club in the world. 9 years at the club yet some say he has/can improve. Fuckers for that amount of years I expect him to be Baresi, Costacurta and Blanc rolled into one. One of the many reasons why we will behind the Top clubs for years to come. The ambition says it all who next Jones Valencia Young? What a back 4 Fergies old guard start August 2019 as our defence....6 years after he has retired
  3. PVAD

    PL Matchday 17: Liverpool vs Man Utd

    United have a habit of getting a result against the Dippers. Throughout their heyday we always went to the council house and got something. Mourinho to dick Klopp and Klopp will make sex faces after.
  4. PVAD

    The Jose Mourinho Thread

    ....and breathe. Feel your pain buddy.
  5. PVAD

    Phil Jones 2018/19

    THIS!!!! Just an embarrassment.
  6. PVAD

    Romelu Lukaku 2018/19

    A very very poor footballer. Never ever a Manchester United player in my eyes. Tap in's are his strength and he rarely gets that right. Hated the cunt from the start. Even in a decent side this guy would still be shit.
  7. PVAD


    Ronnie storms into yet another UK Final hoping to make it 7. He faces Allen a strong player. Ronnie is just on a different planet sometimes. Edit: Ronnie officially the best snooker player that has played the game. He wraps up his record 7th UK Championship and in total surpasses Davis' and Hendry's triple crown title haul. That's 19 Majors for O'Sullivan now and counting the man is a genius.
  8. I understand your feeling J but the record books just show the winners. The expectation at Old Trafford should always be to compete for the Title getting there with this lot is a pipe dream maybe impossible until 3 true stars arrive or a new manager waves a magic wand even then nothing is certain. At least we can seek solace in that same period Liverpool and Tottenham haven't won jack...and we feel hard done by imagine the anguish for those fucks! LOL
  9. PVAD

    PL Matchday 16: Man Utd vs Fulham

    He should gave been banished from this club a long time ago. The next Duncan Edwards though.....
  10. PVAD

    PL Matchday 16: Man Utd vs Fulham

    Mourinho will lead us to Champion League Glory!! It's written.
  11. Manchester United 2 Middlesbrough 0 United move up to 2nd after a return to winning ways. Goals from Zak Dearnley and Ethan Hamilton secure victory for a less than impressive United. Gomes was on the bench.
  12. PVAD

    PL Matchday 16: Man Utd vs Fulham

    Take a bow son. Rashford on fire confidence coming back.
  13. PVAD

    The Jose Mourinho Thread

    The news (hoping fake) that takes us to our deepest darkest torturous twisted thoughts. Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho is "very happy" and "fully committed" to the club, according to his agent.
  14. PVAD

    FA Premier League 2018/2019

    Imagine Pogba's huge ass landing on your face at full pelt!! Surprised Lacazette's neck didn't snap in two!!
  15. PVAD

    PL Matchday 15: Man Utd vs Arsenal

    It's tragic. At least they knew Van Gaal's number was up with this one it could either be fire him tonorrow or give him a fresh contract!! To coin a phrase the board don't know their arses from their elbows!