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  1. 7 unbeaten against them fuck it ...we win 1-2
  2. Manager since 1985. Win Percentage 47.78% Happy with the appointment. Best thing he has no previous relationships with the prima donna's so can tear them proper new assholes. Hoping he'll strip Maguire of the armband immediately then dissect that awful midfield we have.
  3. Mate Matic is a liability look at the Watford match just as one example he gave the ball away on a number of occasions even under no pressure and yeah we know he's not a CB but it was criminal that he didn't make more of an effort on the last 2 goals. His plodding legs have gone and have been for awhile. You're an astute guy surely you can see he's done at Prem Level. Chelsea as you say are a different beast to the spaniards and I can see them overrunning us if we try to keep it too tight and safe. McFred I'll never be convinced with they can't dominate offensively and when we do nee
  4. McFred and Matic 3 of the most ineffective players this season all playing together?? Come on... has Ole faxed you his chalk-board scribblings before leaving!
  5. PVAD


    Top Red..Welcome to the forum. You remind me of this forums "retired" true legend Salford Red.
  6. PVAD


    He was due ONE at the very least. Doesn't suddenly turn him into a good player but no doubt his fanboys will be crawling up his ass. It's good for the team but equally sad as that guarantees him a start against Chelsea. Carricky will bring back Fernandes and VDB will be sold up the river just like the PE Teacher did. Just shows jack shit has changed or will change. Fred has one decent game and the clamour to praise him is beyond repugnant. Fuck him You don't suddenly forget the goals and shitshow performances he has cost us for the past 2 years now. He is an embarrassment to th
  7. Rio has just tweeted... Get the contract out, put it on the table, let him sign it, let him write whatever numbers he wants to put on there -- given what he's done since he's come in -- and let him sign the contract and go, Carrick's at the wheel, man -- he's doing his thing. Man United are back!
  8. Poch hhmm.. was it the players that bottled him the title that year and the ECL or was it his tactics/man management? If it was the latter has he learnt any lessons because this squad is not going to be an easy ride for him or any manager. I like the philosophy of ten Hag but you have to judge it on a 2 horse league in Holland to be fair. Premiership is a massive step up.
  9. C'mon TF you know that team was sex!
  10. Amad, Elanga and possibly Hannibal would have made a few starts and definitely bench at Barca by the now. Look at the opportunity they gave Ansu and what they're giving Gavi and Pedri who just won the golden boy award which no doubt Gavi will win next year. Amad especially is an exceptional talent wasted under Solskjaer as no doubt he would be with Rodgers.
  11. DDG Dalot Varane Baily Telles Pogba Fernandes VDB Cavani Greenwood The Goat Let the horses run...!!
  12. Agree.. So much for the clear vision he spoke about this afternoon. Either way we're fucked mate.
  13. For Villarreal I wouldn't expect wholesale changes. VDB will be the only "surprise" Carrick would have heard the chants and will be doing anything to suck up to the United faithful Expect the same shit at the back which is horrible there is a case of all the back 4 to be dropped immediately. NONE of them get a pass all 4 of those fucks should be dropped. I'd go for Dalot Bailiy Jones Telles seriously even Jones as shite as he his couldn't be much worse than Lindelof or Maguire. If you say he is you're talking shite. Lindelof and Maguire should be no where near the starting line
  14. I've never wanted to puke more when I heard Maguire and Carrick this afternoon. Maguire spinning shit all were to blame. Cunt should have started by holding his hands up for all the mistakes he has made himself this season the useless bastard. We all know it wasn't good enough by stating the obvious doesn't appease the fans. Nothing more than this cunt getting the captaincy stripped and then dropped immediately would suffice. The fat fuck is a liability. Carrick an even worse cunt who was 100% responsible as Solskjaer for this shit show comes out with the bravado that he has a clear
  15. The best piece I've read for a long time about Solskjaers failings and United in general. Covers everything. Not usually a fan of McNulty. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/59367516
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