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  1. That Cancelo pass though delicious!
  2. Benzema up to 7th on the all time La Liga list now will probably finish up 4th by the end of the season. If he continues for the next couple of seasons will cement 3rd overall behind the GOAT and Messi respectively. Great achievement as there were times where he was off form and had that case hanging around him. Has had a resurgence these last few years especially. At 34 & still the main striker for the 3rd biggest club in the world is admirable. Fergie was in for him at one stage.
  3. No! I'm not having this... the boys a genius!! .. but keep asking me the question it might change week to week!!
  4. Not getting carried away only a fool would. There is some semblance of organisation but 2nd half we did look tired at times even though we scored a brace. Ropey wins to get us started but need to kick on now. Arsenal played well but once the 2nd went in and they made the triple change they were dead. There are too many players that are giving half appearances and may get caught out in other matches. Ten Hag also needs to be telling them to be on the front foot faster when they are in front. There were times they went back into their shell which leaves counter attack their only o
  5. Imagine Casa and Ronaldo ahead of fucking McT and Trashford. FFS! WHY IS HE DOING THIS??!!!!
  6. Oooeereeer Friend United Friend.... Get @hdcantonawith the posh title!
  7. De Gea Dalot Varane Martinez Malacia Casemiro Eriksen Antony Fernandes Sancho Ronaldo = Sex 3-1 United Old Trafford will be rocking!
  8. Garner gone to Everton 15 million.
  9. Fully agree with this. The starts are promising but teams can stretch us and we only have the counter to play with. I'm not knocking 3 wins on the spin though, god we needed that, but like I said earlier there are about 5 players that can't control an entire match or have massive lapses. Casa and Antony will be in for Mctominay and Elanga I'd say but Rashford Eriksen and Fernandes all look ropey. We can stick in Martial for Rashford (who would have thought) and VDB for Eriksen but Fernandes at this stage is basically undroppable irrespective of how he plays.
  10. Why is he continuing with Elanga McTominay & Rashford FFS! Tell you what he has balls but picking those lot every week is going to cause heartache down the line mark my words..even Fernandes, Sancho and Eriksen are lucky fuckers.
  11. Omari Forson an attacking midfielder has been doing really well for the U21 this season. Netted 4 already and one to watch
  12. Decent draw the way Villa are playing & Gerrard definitely won't play most of his first team. 6 all Prem matches so good chance of a run in this competition. We need a trophy these players need a trophy even if it's the League Cup Caraboa Cup 3rd Round Ties to be played from 8-10 November Leicester v Newport County West Ham v Blackburn Wolves v Leeds Nottingham Forest v Tottenham Manchester United v Aston Villa Bournemouth v Everton Liverpool v Derby Burnley v Crawley Bristol City v Lincoln Manchester City v Chelsea Stev
  13. Fernandes McTominay Rashford, Eriksen & Elanga. 5 players that are could be easily be replaceable and fairly swiftly imo. They offer nothing if you look at the entirety of a match. The odd goal the odd tackle the odd pass. But this is it with a lot of the United fan base, because they do those things occasionally, they are glorified and its almost as if all the shit that they have done before that is forgotten. "Some" United fans are probably the most fickle I've ever witnessed. Of course give credit where it's due and I can't hate on individuals but praise of those players is o
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