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  1. PVAD

    The Scotland Thread

    Horrible appointment but in keeping with the history of appointing sub-standard managers. Vogts, Levin, Burley. Strachan faired better. Heyday was under Brown in modern history. A lot has to do with quality of players any Scotland manager has to choose from. It's a rarity that true international class Scottish players are plying their trade in the top European Leagues. McTominay an exception build it around him! The whole grass roots there needs a shake up imo.
  2. PVAD

    Anthony Martial 2018/19

    Disgraceful. He can't dribble, cross or shoot anymore. Van Gaal must have been pissed he was meant to sign 15 year old Mbappé instead!!
  3. PVAD

    Champions League 18/19

    Remember when Mourinho won a treble for United. I mean The Charity Shield come on that's huge the League Cup equally massive and the icing on the cake the Europa League!! City yearn for achievements like that!! He always gave the 3 fingered salute... We gave him the 1 and 2 finger salute!!!
  4. PVAD

    Champions League 18/19

    Imagine Sterling's emotions though. BWHAHAHAHHAHA!!!
  5. PVAD

    Champions League 18/19

    Shittest Celebration Tweet ever?
  6. PVAD

    Champions League 18/19

    Fuck 'em....bwhahahah!!! They'll never win the treble the fucks!!
  7. PVAD

    Champions League 18/19

    Cunt Ref that sent off Nani. Bastard.
  8. PVAD

    Paul Pogba 2018/19

    Bite the bullet mate get rid his heart is in Madrid. Once we went behind he hid.
  9. PVAD

    Jesse Lingard 2018/19

    Forget about starting him I wouldn't have even let him watch it on TV!
  10. PVAD

    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 2018/19

    Just looking at the match day line ups when we went on that winning streak. DDG Young Shaw Lindelof Jones Matic Herrera Pogba Martial Lingard Rashford Stick McTominay in there instead of Matic, Smalling instead of Jones and Lukaku instead of Martial are the main rotational changes Solskjaer makes. Like I said above there was bound to be a drop of form perhaps as @TFIA said they could have been sticking it to Mourinho, regardless though, the results and style of play were encouraging. The Arsenal away game was the start of this horrible run (maybe the PSG victory fucked up us in retrospect) since then Ole has been tweaking here and there. It's not the only reason but the main one for me is Herrera'a form and then injury and subsequent judas act. He hit form (finally) and was pivotal in that midfield allowing Pogba to roam more who started scoring. We've changed our style of play since so I reckon for these last few games Solskjaer needs to revert to the flair high pressing game scoring goals quickly in the first half dependant on strikers finishing!!. I hope he doesn't stick Matic back in or persist with Young but fear he will. Solskjear will have a summer list in mind but a lot could depend on CL football.
  11. PVAD

    Paul Pogba 2018/19

    I don't know what a sexual fetish has got to do with it.
  12. We had to have 7/8 players on a 8 or 9 performance tonight to stand a chance but got really unprofessional performances. McTominay gets a pass for the night the others just pish.
  13. Lingard is Sheffield United at best.
  14. The club have given 2 of them long contracts the other waster an extension. Wouldn't surprise me if they formed part of our back 4 next season
  15. None of this is on Solskjaer so far. Cunts letting him down. Should have scored with those early chances.