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  1. Lindelof has read the game brilliantly tonight.
  2. Leaked Team Unchanged for the 5th match in a row ☺
  3. Leaked Team News......... .....Same for the 4th match running.
  4. Nightmare for the biancoceleste. First strike for Milan was outrageous but Ibras penalty was shite keeper fucked it up. Gonna take a miracle now for them to win the scudetto.
  5. As @hdcantona said we've handled him great. He's not always been great when starting but this run has given him lots of confidence going forward. At one stage I thought he'd be that super sub type of player but he has matured and looks set. One thing I like about him is that he can pick a pass as well as scoring goals. I don't think I've seen a United player hit the ball so sweetly since Beckham, Greenwood has that ability to hit the ball with pace and accuracy. The expectations will be high now but as fans we should not expect miracles every week because football isn't like that. What we do have is a precocious talented individual who hopefully will become a legend here.
  6. C'mon mate keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars ☺ I'll donate a score to the forum if it doesnt happen.
  7. I don't know mate they still have tricky ones at Palace and Sheffield always banana skins. They also play Liverpool their last match v Wolves could be vital for us!
  8. 3rd should be achievable with our fixture list. Rogers balloon has burst at Leicester now. They're all over the place and could conceivably drop.out the Top 4 very quickly.
  9. Massive win for Lazio to keep the pressure on. Immobile the monster with 29 goals. Juventus beating Genoa so still game on. GOAT scores his 23rd.
  10. Ballon D'or winner 2023 guaranteed.
  11. Best January signing ever. A proper Manchester United player.
  12. Take a fucking bow! BRUNO!! The passes from Matic and Greenwood were pure filth..