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  1. Bingtao > Bingham Gilbert > Higgins Analysis...just got a mad feeling for Bingtao to go all the way. Higgins can't replicate that form shown against ROS. He's shot his bolt I reckon. Gilbert will be buzzing and could be a Denmark 1988!!!
  2. @TheManc Murphy > Bingham Bingtao > Maguire Wilson > Gilbert ROS > Higgins Just one change from yours
  3. On top in January since Jan 2013 been a long time coming. Come what MAY this is a moment to savour for all United fans. We've been nowhere near challenging and there will still be twists but come on every United fan, well male fan, should treat yourself to celebratory tug tonight. We are top of the league say we are top of the league!!
  4. It's the lack of intensity of this team that gets me every time. There doesn't seem to be that urgency at all and that is dictated by the manager to a degree I mean OGS is so placid it reflects on his side no bite until we go a goal down. That is not coincidence and that can't be right time and time again. Dreadful starters.
  5. Kill the FA hierarchy, kill Crouch the lanky streak of piss!!! We get Liverpool at Old Trafford while those bastards over the road get Cheltenham fucking Town. It's all corrupted!!! Edit: If we get through we face either West Ham/ Stockport/Doncaster Rovers in the 5th!
  6. Fucking hell getting trounced by Crawley....and Crawley are taking the piss out of them by giving Mark Wright from TOWIE his debut!! LOL!!
  7. Sad? LOL no...just passionate!! OK mine... Un-Nooh > Bingham Williams > Murphy Selby > Maguire Robertson > Bingtao Gilbert > Perry Kyren Wilson > Gary Wilson Higgins > Allen ROS > Ding
  8. Trunp missing will be a massive advantage for the likes ROS Robertson and Selby. Last 16 Draw Stuart Bingham (1) vs Thepchaiya Un-Nooh (16) Shaun Murphy (8) vs Mark Williams (14) Mark Selby (5) vs Stephen Maguire (9) Neil Robertson (5) vs Yan Bingtao (12) Joe Perry vs David Gilbert (13) )Kyren Wilson (6) vs Gary Wilson John Higgins (7) vs Mark Allen (10) Ronnie O’Sullivan (2) vs Ding Junhui (11)
  9. My Icelandic buddy you dislike those Norwegians. I sense tension. You're right its all ballacks!! LOL
  10. I don't like hating on him but I'm beginning to disassociate myself from what I remember him as club legend. He was a firm favourite of mine. The baby faced assassin. He really grates on me now especially his post match comments. To say we've improved from the 3 semi-finals last year is just ridiculous. Yesterday was bad probably more so than Sevilla where we died that night. His team selections are fucked up.
  11. So what you getting at here? Nudge Nudge Wink Wink
  12. Wanted to throw the TV at him during that post match.
  13. Scandalous Rashford gets caught offside when he clearly see the line. He also is very profligate he really is
  14. Disgraceful that Baily has been dropped.
  15. Mourinho got that touch with this cup. Will be a tough final... If we go through.
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