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  1. PVAD


    25 Years ago today I can hardly believe it's been that long. United battling with Blackburn for the Premiership faced a tricky away trip at Palace. It had been a cagey first half but an incident early in the 2nd went down in the annals of history. Eric was targeted throughout the match by the Palace players which provoked Ferguson to scream "why don't you do your fucking job" to the ref. 4 minutes into the 2nd half Eric snapped aiming a kick at Shaw him with the poor excuse for dreads!! He was sent off. As he walked off Ferguson didn't even look at Eric but something was happening on the touchline close to the dugouts. A fan now known as Matthew Simmons (cunt) shouted racist abuse at Eric. Eric saw the red mist and launched a two footed kung fu kick at him, a roundhouse and a few punches. I loved it I wanted Eric to do him every United fan worth their salt wanted the same. Players piled in Incy of course was there and Schmeichel of course galloped accross the pitch as the stewards broke it up he led Eric off the pitch and some scum threw a drink over him Schmeicks launched his own tirade of abuse at the Palace fans on that side. He loved a bit of aggro did Schmeichel! The incident was explosive I'd never seen anything like it! I remember going to college the day after and literally everyone was talking about it. The press of course had a field day with it.It made headline news that night. The FA of course had no choice and nor did United and Eric was banned for the rest of the season going into next. When interviewed he uttered those famous albeit bizarre words... we all know what they were. The game itself ended 1-1 which paled into insignificance but it did cost United another double that year. Eric of course redeemed himself the following season when he led us to another double. Just an amazing piece of football history... And the only time I saw Eric turn his collar down on the pitch.
  2. PVAD

    The FA Cup thread

    So the Away Team Birmingham playing at their home ground (St Andrews) faced Coventry the Home Team who are the current tenants at Birmingham. Game ended 0-0 so Coventry are now the Away Team.in the replay. We took 15,000 today PLAY UP SKY BLUES!! FUCK SISU!!
  3. PVAD

    Bundesliga 2019/2020

    SEVENTEEN MILLION!! That's all 33 Goals at average of one every 46 minutes - and one every 12 minutes for Dortmund
  4. PVAD

    Formula One 2019 - The game of seats.

    Ferrari teasing ha ha ha!! https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.formula1.com/en/latest/article.ferrari-set-for-theatrical-2020-car-unveiling.1vJQxsJ7xyj34FFJLNw0x4.html
  5. PVAD

    Ed Woodward

  6. PVAD


    I watched that recently on You Tube mate. That cunt Mark Bright had a sly kick out at Choccy when he scored his 2nd.. Incy saw it and shoved the bastard out the way. Classic game...sadly that relentless attacking in the 2nd half is something completely missing with this current outfit. We'd literally grind teams into submission even at 3 zip up the opposition never thought it was enough for them. The fear factor was immense.
  7. PVAD

    Ole Sack Watch

    Crouch "The most damning stat is that they have a squad that cost £100m more than Liverpool. Who is buying the players? They will probably go out now and spend £30-40m on one player. "This squad has to be the worst squad in the last 30 years. Look at it tonight, look at the options off the bench, it is miles off it. It is a sad state of affairs. "There is no ethos. I don't know what a Manchester United player is anymore. Most of the players that Manchester United have bought in the last five years have gone backwards." You can't really disagree with this in all honesty
  8. PVAD

    Nemanja Matic 2019/20

    He's had a few steady games since we were forced into using him. Nothing more than that. As soon as the injured players return he'll be out. Matic has been shocking for 2 years now so a few decent games doesn't mean anything to me. That's the least he should have been doing in the previous 2 years. He's been stealing a wage here. He has to go this summer if we want to a quick high tempo midfield. He simply doesn't fit the bill in my opinion probably hasn't done since he signed.
  9. PVAD

    FA Premier League Thread 2019/20

    Everton and Pickford Lol
  10. PVAD


    Close 10-8 and one away from a Triple Crown My guess he will end on 2 majors that's it.
  11. PVAD


    Just look at 6 of those players in that pic. Disaster Smalling, Calamity Jones, Mercurial Nani, Reckless Rafael, Bit part player Hernandez and Kagawa (say no more) Point I'm making is Ferguson somehow galvanised that 2013 squad and with Van Persie extracted every drop of blood, sweat and tears to win that title. Until a manager is appointed that has similar skill sets in getting 8/10 out of existing average players, gets 5 or 6 very good players signed and gets them playing well we are as Tyrion Lannister put it "the immediate problem is that we're fucked"
  12. PVAD

    2020 Transfer Targets

    I"'m looking at some short term deals" That's Rooney back on his way!!
  13. You can see Keano just wants to get up and knife that scouse cunt on live TV!
  14. PVAD

    2020 Transfer Targets

    At this point he may as well recall Alexis
  15. PVAD

    Serie A 2019/2020

    Ronaldo is now the only player in the top five European leagues to score at least 15 goals in each of the last 14 campaigns. 1st Juventus player to score in 7 successive games since Trezeguet 15 years ago.