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  1. Good strike from Elanga but embarrassing from Matic as the Bees equalise. He's contracted until 2023 someone should rip it up now.
  2. United will have spent just short of £400m on players since Solskjaer was appointed manager on a permanent basis in March 2019. That eclipses the outlay of Manchester City (£298m), Chelsea (£262m), Tottenham (£255m) Arsenal (£243m) and Liverpool (£119m) in the same period. Jesus hadn't realised it added to that much just shows no matter what you throw at a club if you haven't got a manger that possesses the technical guile, motivation, can utilise and bring the best out of a squad you're back to square one. Title has to come home this season no more excuses now Ole. Don't
  3. Women's Beach Volleyball tomorrow gents PS How the f does Softball make it into the Olympics?
  4. In First ...Too soon??? Ball hasn't been kicked in anger yet but I'm already getting the heebie-jeebies! Edit: I know it's pre-season but this is Solskjaer all over post match came on and I swear smiled all the way through. This is the culture he is breeding at the club it's OK to lose irrespective of the nature of the match and personnel. No passion and it's not if they were all young un's lots of experience against a very very average Championship side that wasn't at full strength.
  5. PVAD

    New kit

    Wear it with pride bruv. You deserved it ...let's see what will happen this year!
  6. Are we still big mate?
  7. Just horrifies me that apart from Sancho it's been a shite window so far. If PE Teacher seriously thinks we can mount a challenge with Lindelof Mata Matic Lingard Fred and fucking Jones yes fucking Jones still in our squad we're fucked sideways. The fact Jones is still here is an indication of the progress United have really made since Ferguson any other elite club and the list above would have been culled years ago. No fucking ambition happy to meander through season after season. There can be no excuse for him this season United have to sustain a challenge this season actually NO
  8. Matterface ok-ish but Dicko NO! NO! NO!
  9. Won't Tyldsely get the gig?
  10. Just Googled how many times have Italy won the Euros.....Google responded1968 and 2021. Fuckers are the illuminati what do they KNOW!!! Lol
  11. Just need a striker, right back, centre half and another 2 midfielders!!
  12. Germany were a fucking disgrace got what they deserved. Glad Joachim is going shite tactics all tournament got jammy against a poor Portugal side. Flick will transform these fuckers get rid of the dinosaurs and win the World Cup 2022. Just remember you heard it here first!!
  13. Great game for the neutrals
  14. Absolute Scenes...although Pogba goal deserved the win
  15. Pogba in the middle purrs for France another reason why Solskjaer should be shot for insisting on his 2 holding bastards in the middle.
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