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  1. PVAD


    It's a great era maybe still a debate if the Borg, Mcenroe and Connors era was on a par. Both era's were/are phenomenal in any case and both have strong arguments. Nadal will win US Open.
  2. PVAD

    Romelu Lukaku 2018/19

    Hopefully he does but he is sloppy as f**k quite often. To become a top top striker he needs to work on that part of his game and I'm sure he can pass his tally of last season. He looked a different beast at the World Cup but one could argue when you have Dembele, De Bruyne and Hazard at your disposal makes it that bit easier.
  3. I find myself agreeing with you. A lot has been said of Woodward and his post match visit to the dressing room. Gary Neville believes that he undermined Mourinho as if he knew what was said during that 5 minutes. That's pure speculation Unless Neville still has "insiders" at the club. I think Woodward is so balls deep into Mourinho that I imagine he backed Mourinho in that dressing room and maybe gave the players a harsh reminder of what it means to play for Manchester United. If that did happen, which is probably more likely than what Neville believes, there is slim chance he will terminate Mourinho's contract. As sad as this is to comprehend I don't believe Mourinho will be sacked even if the club are languishing behind the Top 6 come Christmas. Mourinho saying the season will be difficult has made it that more difficult for the board to dismiss him because it would be vindicating what Mourinho predicted in the summer. I don't believe this United Board have any backbone whatsoever.
  4. PVAD

    Paul Pogba 2018/19

    No mate don't do that...just take a pistol in with you and sit yourself in shooting distance of a Portuguese man with a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp!
  5. PVAD

    Paul Pogba 2018/19

    Yes and its ever since you started watching them live!! You're like a biblical plague!!
  6. PVAD

    Even TFIA doesn't trust Mourinho

    ...Yep it reminded of Sevilla at home..abject.
  7. PVAD

    Juan Mata 2018/19

    I know you admire him and I don't think anyone can quite hate Mata purely of the way the man conducts himself on and off the field. The problem lies in that he is now becoming a weak link in an already poor midfield. His vision may not have deserted him (Shaw - Leicester assist) but he can't run with the ball without being bundled off, quite easily in fact, and his passing is very erratic and I can't remember when he fired one in from distance. We can't protect a player because of how lovely he is I'm afraid. He of course if not the sole problem in the United midfield and I could use the same post for Pogba, Herrera, Martial and even Matic. For the riches we have the midfield is still not a unit.
  8. PVAD

    Juan Mata 2018/19

    When he played for Chelsea I'd shit myself he was in the starting XI he was that influential. Now I just shit myself he starts for United.
  9. PVAD

    PL Matchday 2: Brighton vs Man Utd

    Ya-nited!! Ya-nited! creases me up evertime I see that.
  10. It's like fucking deja vu!! No Mahrez Sané Sterling De Bruyne and still walked it!!
  11. PVAD

    Ashley Young 2018/19

    Suddenly Darmian looks an exciting prospect. Not a compliment just pointing out how poor we are stocked in the full back position I include Valencia in this.
  12. PVAD

    Would Guardiola do any better?

    Thats damming of Mourinho mate but I think I know where you're coming from. I believe he has fallen so far that there is nothing "special" about hiim anymore, hasn't for awhile now. I also understand concerns that some think it's too early to jump on Mourinho's back after 2 games but in reality it's been 2 years especially last year and the rut needs to stop for the sake of United. The question of Guardiola yes it would take time but not as long as we're affording "the fallen one" I think the United Board have small club mentality Mourinho would have been dismissed at Real, Juventus and Barca for sure maybe even Bayern.
  13. PVAD

    Would Guardiola do any better?

    Well yes because no matter how high one holds Guardiola it doesn't necessarily mean that he could magically ignite (in theory) these bunch of clowns in any shape or form. Do you think he would be able to walk into Old Trafford tomorrow and coach the players they way City are playing at the moment. We do have some very very good players and its obvious that Mourinho is so far away from extracting any resemblance of an attacking attractive side. Don't mock the question man without adding any input anyone can make throwaway remarks.
  14. So a straight forward question as it gets would Guardiola do better with this bunch and how quickly?
  15. PVAD

    Even TFIA doesn't trust Mourinho

    Easy option for them but yes you're right Fergie did do that. I wish Mourinho was more candid the fuck.