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  1. PVAD

    The Martial situation

    I love Martial and will him to do well. When he burst onto the scene in that match v Liverpool I thought hey we have have an exciting prospect here something missing since Kanchelskis a flying winger. Unfortunately he hasnt lived up to the hype which is a great shame because he can be sublime on his day. There lies the problem it's the odd day he does that and he is a player that needs confidence. This season up until Sanchez showed up he was doing well and then just gets cast aside. Since then when he has been given the opportunity to start he has bombed. Players like him that need that confidence can't turn it on and Martial I'm afraid to say is no longer a game changer nor will he be unless he starts on a regular basis. He doesn't help himself at times as his attitude is more laid back than Berbatov and that's saying something. The dynamism is lacking in him Mourinho is partly to blame. I would keep Martial as he has shown when given a run he can produce what he now needs to do is turn a match when the chips are down and cut out the laziness.
  2. PVAD

    The Jose Mourinho Thread

    Is he still at The Lowry....and what room? 😉
  3. PVAD

    Memphis Depay Thread

    Mourinho has an absolutely shit record of letting players go that go on to improve...no coincidence. To name a few..Salah, De Bruyne, Bonucci, Luis, Lukaku (Everton not us)...and now Depay. This is what he said when letting Depay go..now before reading consider this who has actually played as an out and out winger for us that he played consistently on either wing. In fact this bullshit is made worse that our "wing" play was non existent this season unless you call Sanchez, Rashford, Valencia and Young's half-arsed attempts as wing play. NONE of them are wingers ffs!!. Martial only but when does he start him?? "If I can find a little reason, it is to say he is a player from one position and the only position where we have overbooking. Wingers are what we have more of, so it is a position more difficult to have chances."
  4. PVAD

    Does anyone trust Mourinho?

    You're coming on leaps and bounds Mickey and now making salient points. Much improved poster. Minnie must be pleased 😌
  5. PVAD

    Sack or Save The Failed One

    To soon......????? Reminds me of Brian Clough, Bobby Robson, Capello, Sven etcetera etcetera... All brilliant managers but father time caught up with them and it became embarrassing in the end. If he leaves now he just about has enough dignity left. With no real prospect of him changing his philosophy can the board continue to be compliict in employing him to change the identity of what this club stands for. There are huge Manchester United people still in the background Ferguson, Charlton, Gill, Robson etc. I can't imagine they have direct influence over Woodward and the Glazers but I don't think for one minute they are happy turning up to United matches watching Mourinho's painfully slow and boring football. Sounds like doom and gloom #2nd Progress but it will be 3 years and counting very soon blame the cunt players all you want the buck stops with the manager he has no plan B and is being out thought by so called lesser managers. Sevilla was his all time low for United and being beaten by all 3 promoted sides away from home. That isn't coincidence by the way that's Mourinhoball. Pep has embarrassed him this season can anyone with their heart say Mourinho is going to improve on a near 20 point deficit continuing to play in the same manner he sets up the team? I want him banished from this club and not because of this FA Cup defeat but for what he stands for. This season in particular he has become cringe with pre and post match rants together with utterly horrible man-management...then there was "heritage" gate. He can't be given any more time in my opinion to inject his ideology in players still capable of attacking instincts. My mind is made up and its not as if I haven't tried to like him and his style of football. I've had it with him.
  6. PVAD

    The Jose Mourinho Thread

    Yeah thing is I can understand that if we were 1 nil up but it was us that needed the goal. Fuck me he's happier to lose by 1 than take a chance and losing by more. At that stage with so little time left you send the whole team up!!
  7. PVAD

    Does anyone trust Mourinho?

    @butler set that one up when Mourinho first arrived!! 😁
  8. PVAD

    The Jose Mourinho Thread

    Herrera with 3 minutes to go of added time looking to get one in the box.... Mourinho from the sideline tells him to pass it sideways... De Gea coming up for a corner in the 4th minute of added time....Mourinho tells him to stay on his line!! This is all you need to know about his philosophy. Fuck him and the horse he rode in on!!
  9. PVAD

    Does anyone trust Mourinho?

    Epic thread.
  10. Finals can go either way I can get over that what I can't and what scares me is that there will not be much change to the starting XI next season. Truly horrible today. The big players all went missing. Brighton West Ham and Watford were the signs literally shit all those games coming into this game and hoping to raise it come Cup Final Day. Cunts.
  11. Still feel 2-1 is on pressure building. Come on you Fucks!!!
  12. We'll win this 2-1!!
  13. Add Dybala and Greizmann!!!