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  1. PVAD


    Archer is a throwback to the deadly West Indian quad attack...Garner, Holding, Roberts and Marshall. Imagine that 4 Archers firing 90 plus deliveries at you all day. Scary Shit!! Bit of of twat for laughing at nearly decapitating Smith yesterday should have showed some class regardless of Smith's misdemeanour. He'll learn.
  2. PVAD

    The Under 23's Thread

    2 out of 2 for the boys. Good start. https://www.manutd.com/en/news/detail/match-report-premier-league-2-u23s-man-utd-reading-16-august-2019
  3. Puki-ng Hell The boy is European Shoe Winner 2020! His manager looks like the Yorkshire Ripper though!! Hahah
  4. PVAD

    Champions League 2019/20

    Jinxed it Celtic OUT!! 90+7 injury time winner for Clunj. Letting in 4 goals at home is catastrophic against that side. Lennon will be tearing some new arseholes in that dressing room.
  5. So Celtic doing their perennial thing of exiting at the 3rd Qualifying Round... Sorry Celtic fans they still have some time to get a goal on the away goals rule. Stop press!! They have equalised and look good to go through!! This baffles me Ajax who were worldly in this competition last year have to also play in this round, that's messed up but nothing UEFA, and their fucked up seeding rules and matches based on 6 years ago, surprises me. Would be a shame if Ajax don't make the group stages.
  6. Bastard Bogey Team!!!...but we win!!
  7. Manchester United has completed a restructure of the Under-23s coaching set-up. The club announced the appointment of Neil Wood as lead coach of the Under-23s; he will be assisted by Quinton Fortune. The restructure also sees Head of Academy Nicky Butt undertake increased involvement in the team’s overall programme. Neil, a former Manchester United youth-team player, returned to the club as a coach in 2014, following a playing career in the English Football League. He has coached across Under-16s, Under-18s and Under-23s during his time at the club. Quinton, who featured 126 times for United, won the Premier League alongside Butt in 2002/03 and recently completed his UEFA A Licence. Nicky Butt said: “The Academy is completely focused on producing well-rounded players for our first team and we believe that this new structure provides the perfect platform to achieve this aim. ”Myself, Neil and Quinton have long-standing connections with Manchester United and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our roles that we will pass on to the young players. It is such an exciting time for the Academy with Ole as first-team manager, who truly believes in the development of homegrown talent. It was a great source of pride that three Academy graduates made their first-team debuts last season. As a group, we will now look to build on this success.” THE FUTURE After a very disappointing season under Sbragia with what was a promising start this season is filled with new enthusiasm under the new management structure. I've decided rather than put my spin on the reports this season I will be as lazy as @JJtheRed (he knows what I'm talking about) and just copy & paste links from the United website!! Great start to the season as we pummeled West Brom! https://www.manutd.com/en/news/detail/match-report-under-23s-west-brom-v-man-utd-pl2 Come on THE YOUTH!!!!
  8. PVAD

    Player Threads 2019/20

    Lazy.. bet you never get on top either!
  9. PVAD

    FA Premier League Thread 2019/20

    When their biggest ever signing is £40 million, peanuts in this day and age, you know it's going to be tough for him. Rafa Benitez worked miracles with that side last year.
  10. PVAD

    Harry Maguire Thread 2019/20

    A mark of a good player is the seamless way they can fit into a new side. Maguire did this and let's not forget into a side probably one of the worst we have for a generation so made his transitiion even more impressive Young Smalling and Jones were (are) a cancer on this club. I'm not getting a huge hard on as many have already about Maguire as defending does not always go to plan but the signs are very very encouraging.
  11. PVAD

    League Cup Thread

    1st Round already under way. The final being on 1 March 2020. Book your hotels fellas!! The draw bizarrely took place in arguably in one of the most strangeest places, at a Morrisons supermarket in Colindale!! At least it wasn't in Bangkok!! I think we should go all out for this get a trophy under our belt be great if we drew Salford.
  12. Worst Chelsea side visiting Old Trafford that I can recall for a long long time and we're making them look like Barca.
  13. PVAD

    What are we doing as a club?

    I genuinely didn't think after SAF left it would turn out like this. Yes there was bound to be a downturn when someone as huge as Ferguson left but after that initial period a club like United, let's not forget still Champions when he left, would with it's resources, knack of winning and ability to attract the best players would have rebuilt within a year or two. The fact it's been over 6 years is perplexing yes we've hired dross and bought dross but I thought the hierarchy wouldn't have let it slide as much as it that's me being forever the optimist but most probably naive. The board have been complicit with this clubs demise. With the neighbours now having 2 Teams capable of challenging the Premiership and with us still struggling to find our best XI it's a certainty we are as close as winning the Premiership as we were under Moyes it's tragic it really is but it's real. We're not talking about a Blackburn or Leicester here who of course were never going to follow their exploits we were a club that had dominated for close on 20 years domestically so the downturn has been chasmic and sometimes beyond comprehension. I think one season it will just click and we may, we may just start another dynasty but we're going to have a lot of factors going for us. Even when Guardiola leaves I don't think they will slide like we have. So for now, although this fan will forever be a romantic, I think we should just chill and accept our plight for what it is. Anything will be a bonus for this club for the next few years.
  14. PVAD

    Europa League 19/20 importance

    Try to win imo. If you seriously think we shouldn't then wake up..this is our clubs limit no matter what you think of the competition this is our fucking current standard.