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  1. PVAD

    The FA Cup thread

    Just watched the highlights of Swansea V Brentford. Dan James for Swansea will be a Premiership player in the very near future. The boys acceleration is phenomenal and he can finish as well. I've not seen anyone that rapid for awhile since Sane burst onto the scene.
  2. Fucking Incey is beaming in the studio never seen the fat fuck more happier...
  3. We need to buy huge in the summer literally 3 defenders a replacement centre half and a right and left back. Lindelof gets a pass the boy is the most improved player.
  4. Matic has been exposed for the fraud he has been for close on 2 years. Overrated Overplayed just Over!!
  5. Young literally ball watching while Maria sneaks behind him. Fucking disgraceful then throws his arms up.
  6. PVAD

    Alexis Sanchez - 2018/2019

    8th highest salary in Europe for a bit part player...mind boggling considering you have truly world class players throughout Europe. Cost so far in terms of 26 Premiership Appearances. Weekly wage £466,000 includes £75,000 for just an appearance. (Source L'Equipe) 26 x £466,000 = £12,116,000 So those 3 sexy Premiership goals has cost an average of £4 million per goal. .... literally stealing a living.
  7. PVAD

    What Are You Listening To?

    R.I P. Cadet
  8. PVAD

    PL Matchday 26: Fulham vs Man Utd

    I've gone completely the other way with Shaw. He is offering nothing going forward and looks lackadaisical at the back.
  9. PVAD

    PL Matchday 26: Fulham vs Man Utd

    Tbf he has to be bullish himself in creating something from nothing like great strikers can do...but yes service not top notch today.
  10. PVAD

    PL Matchday 26: Fulham vs Man Utd

    Get one more and be ideal to bring Pogba off. Freaky!!
  11. PVAD

    PL Matchday 26: Fulham vs Man Utd

    Sorry bruv hadn't scrolled up!!
  12. PVAD

    PL Matchday 26: Fulham vs Man Utd

    I see Smalldini is sporting the Jason Lee look today.
  13. PVAD

    PL Matchday 26: Fulham vs Man Utd

    With due respect mate who gives a fuck about their defence fuck em... Ole in
  14. PVAD

    Phil Jones 2018/19

    If Ole has sanctioned this then it's his first major mistake at the club. You know when you have that moment when you hear something and have to double take that you've heard right well that was me 10 minutes ago. Let this register people...Manchester United have given Phil Jones a 4 year contract with an option of a further year!! They have given this to man who is probably one of the most injury prone, inconsistent, calamitous, unreliable, undeserving and laughable players in this clubs history. What the hell are the board thinking it's a terrible moment in this clubs history yes it is that bad! We have given a 5 year contract to a fucking squad player who has been on a downward spiral for a good number of years now. I'm flabbergasted.