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  1. PVAD


    Ding and Ronnie through via whitewashes tonight ROS in particular in scintillating style. Just begs the question about the Masters still baffling me. No not heard about the Saudi one... suppose the oil money would eventually happen in the sport although snooker not big over there?
  2. PVAD

    Champions League 2019/20

    Ansu Fati makes Champions League history as the youngest goalscorer at 17. Barca's B Team humble Inter although Surarez came on later to set up the winner. That buck toothed fucker still a very good player.
  3. PVAD


    Ding destroyed Maguire in all fairness first tournament win since 2017! Flatters to deceive most times. What you think of ROS pulling out the Masters? Strange things he's been saying stranger than usual saying five the place to someone who cares basically. Turning weird again!!
  4. PVAD

    Bundesliga 2019/2020

    Reckon Bayern will give Hansi the "Flick" interim or not. 7th now
  5. PVAD


    ROS and Selby out mate...put your money on Basildon!
  6. PVAD

    Fred 2019/2020

    . Fred was excellent' Manchester United 2-1 Tottenham Chris Waddle Ex-Tottenham and England winger on BBC Radio 5 Live Fred was excellent tonight. He doesn't get mentioned, he normally gets a lot of stick, but he was good tonight. Tottenham just couldn't match them. They couldn't match their intensity.
  7. Lovely, welcome result and decent performance. Should have scored more profligate again. Rashford back on form. Being Devils Advocate..... The fact they've raised their game to prove a point against Mourinho is a sad indictment of the player's mentality.
  8. PVAD

    Ole Sack Watch

    Brighton sacked Hughton with a record of only 3 wins from 23. That was not acceptable for Brighton so how fuck is it acceptable for the most glamorous club on the planet? It's clearly not!! This can only end one way I'm afraid.
  9. PVAD


    Incredulous "Basildon" Bond has beat him. I watched a bit and just had this strange feeling he'd do it...54 years old showing all his experience. Can't see beyond O'Sullivan now
  10. PVAD

    Champions League 2019/20

    No point starting a new thread.. Messi wins his 6th Ballon D'or ahead of Van Dijk and Ronaldo. Ronaldo didn't even turn up and its the first time in 6 years he drops out the Top 2. Edit: This will kill Ronaldo inside as that was his last chance in reality unless Portugal win the Euro and Juventus the Champions League and he scores in both finals!! Full list of winners: Men's Ballon d'Or: Lionel Messi Women's Ballon d'Or: Megan Rapinoe Yachine Trophy: Alisson Becker Kopa Trophy: Matthijs de Ligt
  11. PVAD

    Ole Sack Watch

    Just looking back at his tenure at Cardiff. The results comparsion is spookily similar. His demeanour was identical post match i.e overly trying to find positives. The Welsh press were scathing of him during his final months... ....this pattern is being played out in front of us. Tan fired the bullet probably too late by then he made 9 new signings!! https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/29251627
  12. PVAD

    The FA Cup thread

    We're fucked Wolves away in the 3rd Round. We never beat those cunts and they'll play as if their mothers lives depended on it!! Scouse Derby and City get fucking Port Vale at home!! Fixed!!!!!
  13. PVAD

    Ole Sack Watch

    I'd completely agree. The buck ultimately stops with the manager but there is a reason why the whole backroom staff 9/10 times get sacked along with the manager when he is fired. They coach as a team on the pitch (or fucking should do) and I see no positive influence Carrick has had on the first-team. Of course we are not privy to see what happens but if any cunt could seriously say that Carrick has has a positive influence then they're fucking burying their heads in the sand. Some have actually had the audacity to say that the coaches should be vindicated in this shit show. Hahahah! I'd throw Phelan out too!!
  14. Mate I can't see why you go with Pereira in your choices most matches he is gash. Yes a good cross today but that's the minimum he should be doing every game. Easy to push off the ball no real football brain. It's pitiful reflection on our club he makes our midfield every week. I would literally start Lingard or Mata in there and I want them shot!! In all seriousness I would start an academy player or Tuanzebe couldn't do any worse!!