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  1. Romelu Lukaku 2017/18

    So what you saying 😂
  2. Serie A Thread 17/18

    Disaster for Napoli in Europa tonight wonder how this defeat will affect their League form.
  3. Do you trust Mourinho?

    That's the good news what's the bad?😁 Joking aside I'm inclined to agree. To succeed next season and for the rest of this he needs to stumble across a formation that works for these players. More importantly he needs to stop relying on average players that are still hanging around from the Ferguson era.
  4. Summer clearance

    Ferguson era: Carrick Smalling Jones Young. They've all hung around too long and every year we make the same rickety ass excuses for them...Although Young may warrant a pass. Moyes: Fellaini the rest Van Gaal shipped out already together with Ferguson's squad lolz Van Gaal: Darmian, Herrera Mourinho: Ibrahimovic, Lukaku (for shits and giggles)
  5. WWE/TNA

    Undertaker v Cena confirmed as yet?
  6. FA Premier League 2017/18

  7. Do you trust Mourinho?

    Threads on 🔥
  8. Do you realise that all the positive quotes on Keane were made while he had his hand around their throats!! 😁 😁 😁
  9. Paul Pogba 2017/18

    Everton away when Mourinho played a 3 in the middle was his last real performance. I've got to say though many greats have been asked to play out of their less favourable positions but still got involved and influenced matches. Injury (which has been denied) or a rift with Mourinho who knows but even his staunchest supporters can see he is very flaky at the moment.
  10. Do you trust Mourinho?

    A huge majority of United fans that know about the culture of this club echo those thoughts as you say so my only conclusion is Mourinho hates to be proved wrong and will stick to this line up until it works then say I told you so...by that time it'll be too late. I've said it once and I'll say it again he is stubborn for stubborns sake I'm right you're wrong. Cuntish attitude to have when the stakes are so high.
  11. FA Premier League 2017/18

    You bastard T you left out Lukaku 😁 in the debate.
  12. Huge crowd at Villa Park today. I will be really pleased for Brucey if they go up.
  13. Is Mourinho doing enough?

    Why doesn't Martial try the chip he is good enough. His decision making is questionable at times. I think that was far too entertaining HD we can t have that!! I think that was far too entertaining HD we can t have that!!
  14. Is Mourinho doing enough?

    No he isn't doing enough. After the match today (Newcastle) he didn't give the impression of a manger who had witnessed a poor performance. I don't see any passion it seems he waits for things to happen he is more reactive rather than proactive by that time it's too fucking late. I'm led to believe that he spouts shit to the pressers and another to the squad behind closed doors. If that is to believed then he literally isn't getting any response from them after these "secret bollockings" Why are they not reacting to what he is telling them behind closed doors.. Has he lost the dressing room?? We conceded the Spurs performance was dire so why the fuck did he play the same side again when we needed to attack this afternoon he brought on 3 midfielders with Rashford nowhere to be seen. No he isn't doing enough and is becoming a bit of an annoying twat. ..and where is Ibra!!
  15. Chris Smalling 2017/18

    You're spot here mate but food for thought a manager who has managed the likes of Lucio Samuel Terry Ramos Carvalho Pepe all superb central defenders believes Smalling especially (and Jones) can be trusted. Smalling is literally playing Maidstone form no scrub that even they wouldn't want him back!!