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  1. Disgraceful. To think the history of these clubs doesn't mean jack shit. Does it surprise me that The Glazers, Woodward and his cronies would engineer this ... unfortunately not. Football will die
  2. Don't get me wrong JJ not this forum exclusively but in general media and TV Forums as well it's like some matches this season didn't exist. I'll be honest I've never been convinced of Fred he has some attributes but is it what we require for United if we really want to challenge. Can we carry him long term with the mistakes he has in him? I dont want to live in the past and compare but sometimes it inevitable.
  3. I don't want to piss on anyone's parade and I'll be the first to give credit where it's due especially 2nd half yesterday. Nice very nice. The love in though with some of the players like Fred, Lindelof, McTomminay to name 3 though turned my stomach. Remember these are the same feckers that have turned in 0/10 performances for the majority of the season and this is what scares me and gets under my skin the complete fickleness of our support drooling over performances that they should be putting in week in week out not fucking when they fancy it!! We have become so accepting of medioc
  4. A masterclass of movement by the Matador today. Take a bow son Take a bow!!
  5. It's a disgraceful decision having seen it again.
  6. This is a shite Spurs side need to test that poor defence. Everything is just wayward so far no real intent no penetration no clue.
  7. Fuck me he reverts to his wank boys again FredTominay in the middle again. What's the bet it's 0-0 I hate Solskjaer more and more as each match goes by.
  8. Not that it makes any difference to the league but the ref added 4 more minutes to the 3 already given for City V Leeds. Where he found an extra 4 minutes baffles me but again an indication oil pays for everything.
  9. Greenwood needs another trick he can run at players but usually runs INTO them. That will come in time but I get why it's frustrating. James has been backed by Solskjaer as a "proper Manchester United player"....it's a only a vicious rumour that he said that while snorting coke of a lapdancers arse!!
  10. Those cunts from across the road need investigating .. seriously now. Every ECL group stage they get piss easy ties...in the domestic Cups they get drawn to lower league sides all the time. In quarters and semis of any competition it's guaranteed they play the shit sides and now the the fucking refs are favouring them even more than usual and it's happening far too often. Corruption personified!! .... Either that or I'm a bitter red!!
  11. @TheManc unbelievable Hendry still has that stranglehold over White after all these years. Jimmy must be quivering in a corner somewhere thinking will I ever beat this cunt. I think this will be the last time competitively they'll meet. It was fate that brought them together in this round and with it went Jimmy's chance of getting some sort of revenge closure on those horrible experiences he suffered. I personally think this will torture him all over again especially as Hendry hasn't played in over 9 years!! He bottled it.
  12. United this year be like the kid who rarely attends lessons or revises but still ends up as smoking a cigar with top marks!! Shite policy which will eventually turn around and bite you on the asshole!!
  13. Looks like he's played his last game for United. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-9433943/amp/David-Gea-LEAVE-Manchester-United-end-season.html
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